McIntire Cemetery

aka Catfish Ridge, Blair Township, Blair County, PA

McIntire Cemetery, Blair Township, Blair County, PA

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Kimberly P. Albright, 5/20-21, 1968

Isaac J. Bell, 5/21/1876-9/11/1913  Elizabeth Bell, 3/3/1889-10/6/1932

Walter E. Brumbaugh, 4/3/1915-10/19/1976

Herman S. Colbert, d. 8/7/1857, Pfc. US Army World War II, Purple Heart

John S. Cox, 9/28/1885-10/31/1911

Ralph E. Fleegal, 1910-1992  Bessie M. Fleegal, 1908-1979

Harry H. Hale, 2/15/1869-4/13/1942  Anna M. Hale, 7/10/1885-10/11/1918

Robert C. Harkins, 1921-1982, World War II Army Air Corps

Harry Hoover, 1908-1966

Clyde Kough, 1926-1947, s/o Ruby M. Kough

Ruby M. Kough, 1907-1952, m/o Clyde, Daniel, Jesse & June Kough

Elsie D. Kuhlman, 1896-1969

G. Elias Lyons, d. 2/2/1905, a. 48y 30d  Priscilla Lyons, 1859?-19??

George E. Lyons, 1904-1981  Verna F. Lyons, 1909-1978

Abram McIntire, 11/28/1843-4/4/1864, Pvt. U, 13 Pa. Cav.*

Blair I. McIntire, 1883-1962  Ida M. McIntire, 1888-1946

Homer A. McIntire, 1898-1937, Pvt. Co. A, 70 Engineers, World War  Mabel I. McIntire, 1899-1962

Ralph E. McIntire, 1906-1998  Beatrice A. McIntire, 1912-1955

Edward B. Nash, 1893-1965  Rachel B. Nash, 1888-1951

Willard M. Nash, 1928-1942

Carl A. Peterson, 1898-1975  Ethel C. Peterson, 1903-1976

Dorothy M. Peterson, 1929-1965

Eldon E. Rhoades, 10/6/1936-9/15/1967

Violet V. Rhoades, 11/30/1908-3/25/1983

Mary Rhodes, 1843-1914

Betty I. Ringler, 1924-1952

George E. Ringler, 4/30/1893-10/24/1962  Anna M. Ringler, 2/9/1897-6/8/1988

Richard W. Ringler, 1/16/1934-7/12/2000, s/o George & Anna Ringler

Maxwell B. Robison, 1889-1975  Daisy D. Robison, 1889-1972

George C. Slippey

Roland Smallwood, 1906-1971  Mary E. Smallwood, 1906-1982

Eldon J. Snowberger, 2/9/1916-11/30/1992  Mary P. (Lyons) Snowberger, 7/26/1918-8/22/2006

* data from Floyd G. Hoenstine, Soldiers of Blair County, 1940

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