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Robert L. Marlett, 1840-1928 Pvt. I, 54th Pa. Inf.

Thomas D. McCaulley, 5/8/1835-7/13/1905 Artemesia McCaulley, 5/_/184_

B. Ruth McCoy, 1906-1982

Jones W. McCoy, 1866-1954 Minnie F. McCoy, 1870-1960

Paul Fasic McCoy, 1897-1976

Bertha (Barclay) McCrea  Contributor: Kat McGuire

McGuire  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Arthur N. McGuire  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Ida Ann McGuire, 1913-1919  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Kenneth R. McGuire  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Frank E. McMillan, 4/3/1878-5/4/1945  Contributor: Kat McGuire

John McMillan, 5/6/1847-9/6/1911 S. McMillan, 1849-1917  Contributor: Kat McGuire

William E. McMinn, 1889-1977 Lena M. McMinn, 1893-1970

Albert Mason Medling, 1879-1938, s/o John & Nettie (Godfrey) Medling  Contributor: Kim Williams

Audrey Adair Medling, d/o Albert M. & Nancy I. (Sipes) Medling,  Contributor: Kim Williams

Bonna Mary (Kelly) Medling, 1919-1974, d/o Frank & Margaret (Delozier) Kelly  Contributor: Kim Williams

James Henry Medling, 1907-1979, s/o Albert M. & Nancy I. (Sipes) Medling  Contributor: Kim Williams

Nan Irene (Sipes) Medling, 1879-1970, d/o James H. & Clara (Dishong) Sipes, w/o Albert M. Medling  Contributor: Kim Williams

David George Meek, 1870-1962 Anna Fasick Meek, 1882-1971

Barbara Ann Megahan, 7/14/1934-10/7/2003

Sara J. Mikesell, 5/1/1906-9/13/1906

Anna E. Miller, 1893-19893 George F. Miller, 1898-1898 Babe Miller, 1897

Joseph H. Miller, 11/22/1822-3/27/1900  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Wallace R. Miller, 1885-1902

John E. Moore, 1899-1967

William A. Moore, 1866-1946 Barbara E. Moore, 1872-1947

William H. Moore, 1906-1961, 1st Sgt. 628th Tk. Des. Bn. U.S.A. World War II

Martha G. Morris, 1912-1993

Thomas V. Morris, 1876-1958 Amelia M. Morris, 1877-1955

Vernon F. Morris, 1894-1964, Pvt. 18th Ord. Co. US Army World War I

Emily McCoy Morrow, 1900-1972

Roland C. Musser, 1865-1941  Jane L. (Smith) Musser, 1867-4/23/1948*  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Pietro Mussuto, 1894-1922

Clarence Nale, 1881-1958 Caroline E. Nale, 1878-1941

John C. Norman, 1861-1924  Georganna Norman, 1857-1920

Jean M. Northsen, 8/8/1927-8/31/1987

David J. Orr, 8/15/1915-8/17/1916  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Frank J. Orr, 3/5/1865-3/8/1931  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Harry S. Orr, 1868-1926 Alice M. Orr, 1867-n.d.  Contributor: Kat McGuire

James C. Orr, Died 6/20/1924  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Jane P. Orr, 3/17/1865-7/1/1925  Contributor: Kat McGuire

John Kyle Orr (2), 1837-1914 Caroline Orr, 1844-1912 Lillie M. Orr, 12/17/1822/8/17/1896  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Lillian Orr, 4/8/1900-2/8/1904 William Orr, 2/19/1905-2/20/1905  Contributor: Kat McGuire

North W. Orr, 1881-1918  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Susanna Orr, 9/26/1827-7/8/1919  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Theodore Orr, 4/5/1907-4/12/1907  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Anna M. Owens, 5/1/1878-6/30/1936  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Glenn R. Parker, 11/29/1911-4/15/1974 Charlotte Waite Parker, 1/31/1911-3/1/1977

Joseph M. Parker, 1892-1919


Annie M. Patterson, 1849-1911

Elizabeth J. Patterson, 1859-1951

Isabella? Patterson, 1821-1903

James C. Patterson, 1863-1933

John K. Patterson, 1857-1901

Margaret Patterson, 1864-1942

Margaret Patterson, 1894-1993

William H. Patterson, 1847-1923


Caroline E. Pheasant, 1862-1916

Ella Pheasant, 1865-1903, w/o D. C. Pheasant

U. Grant Pheasant, 1864-1917

Mary E. Powell, d. 5/20/1904, a. 58y

Joseph J. Rauch, 1/21/1958-8/25/1985, US Navy, Vietnam

Robert N. Rigg, 1882-1938

Zachary T. Riley, 1850-1920 Mary E. Riley, 1854-1936

George W. Ritchards, 7/31/1859-6/6/1905

Jennie M. Rossman, 6/16/1888-3/18/1944

John Sidney Rossman, 3/7/1882-12/17/1945

Rhoda F. Rossman, 7/16/1876-10/22/1943

William H. Rossman, 2/25/1877-7/30/1948

Allen W. Rothrock, 1874-1939

Lawrence S. Rothrock, 1872-1946 Maria C. Rothrock, 1875-1955

Margaret J. Rothrock, 1872-1952

Mollie Rothrock

Unknown Rothrock

William Rothrock, 1824-1905  Catharine M. Rothrock, 1834-1906

Ruth A. Russler, 1929-1933

Frank P. Saleme, 1860-1944 Marion L. Saleme, 1858-1934

Harold C. Saleme, 1900-1903

Paul J. Saleme, 1892-1949, MM 1/C US Navy World War

Mildred C. Schafhirt, 1901-1978

Richard Schafhirt, 1898-1933

George D. Schuchman, 6/7/1898-9/12/1898, s/o G. & E. Schuchman

Selders (2)

Byron L. Selders, 1888-1900(?) Mirian C. Selders, 1901-1901 Mira P. Selders, 1908-1909

Charles Roy Shoenfelt, 11/24/1886-11/26/1980 Agnes H. Grove Shoenfelt, 1886-1962

Samuel J. Shoenfelt, 12/23/1854-1902 Susan Snider Shoenfelt, 9/4/1858-8/27/1945

Daniel I. Shultz, 1873-1908

Edith M. Shultz, 1901-1922

Vivian D. Simmers, 1912-2000, d/o Mary Bell Wilson

A. Sipes

Donald L. Sissler, 6/23/1906-2/__/1966, Pennsylvania SK3 USNR World War II

Edwin M. Sissler, 9/21/1872-10/12/1917 Lutie A. Sissler, 3/14/1872-6/25/1962

Mina M. Skipper, 2/10/1886-11/8/1907, w/o R. G. Skipper

Mabel Smith, 11/21/1893-1/28/1974  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Ryan Allen Smith, 8/2/1987

Thomas C. Smith, 1909-1962

Verona (Liebegott) Smith, 10/8/1873-3/18/1898, w/o & inf/of F. W. Smith

Paul G. Snyder, 1893-1944 Mary R. Snyder, 6/14/1898-8/1978  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Yvonne L. Snyder, 4/29/1947-12/7/2007  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Pearl E. Stahl, 6/30/1895-5/4/1901, d/o W. H. & M. Stahl

Audrey E. Stehley, 6/1/1921-11/18/1922

Joseph C. Stiffler, 1867-1926

Laura G. Stiffler, 1874-1933

Benjamin Stine, 8/9/1829-9/20/1909 (?), Mus. D, 151 Pa. Inf.**

Bernice M. Taylor, 1/24/1914-6/23/2007  Contributor: Kat McGuire

John T. Thompson, 1858-1922  Contributor: Jeff Thompson

Oliver D. Thompson, 1872-1917  Contributor: Jeff Thompson

Thomas A. Thompson, 1821-1900  Contributor: Jeff Thompson

Amanda H. Thorpe, 1867-1950

Hazel A. Tipton, 1912-1913 Martha W. Tipton, 1914-1915, inf. d/o of William C. & Mabel G. Tipton

John A. Tipton, 1855-1943 Sarah E. Tipton, 1861-1934

Mathew D. Tipton, 1851-1938

Charles B. Troy,** 1884-1925

Ellen A. Troy, 1907-1997

Unknown: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5a, 5b, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, Luke Unknown, William Unknown

C. Wayne Waite, 1909-1941

Norman E. Waite, 1878-1947 Rhoda A. Waite, 1878-1963

Robert C. Walters (2), 3/7/1926-7/3/1994, S1 US Navy World War II

Lillian T. Weakland , 1891-1972  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Wesley E. Weise, 1938-1938

Mary Ellen Wertz, 10/15/1850-11/21/1931

S. Homer Wertz, 1/7/1875-9/17/1881

Samuel Calvin Wertz, 11/20/1848-5/31/1935

Ruth C. Weyandt, 5/28/1894-9/14/1972


Effa Katherine (McCauley) Wills, 1871-1919, w/o W. W. Wills

Emma Wills, 1877-1904

Samuel E. Wills, 12/28/1882-6/12/1957

Thomas M. Wills, 1900-1900

W. W. Wills, 1867-1937

Frederick J. Wilt, 1829-1865 Sarah A. Wilt, 1831-1910  Contributor: Kat McGuire

J. Scott Wilt, 1859-1938 Ida M. Wilt, 1861-1934  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Josiah A. Wilt, 1853-1916 Caroline Wilt, 1860-1919  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Donna J. Wolfe, 12/10/1950-7/9/1998

Joseph B. Wolfe, 1926-1990 Phyllis A. Wolfe, 1927-2002

Arda (Wills) Woolson, 9/2/1910-1/1/2001

Betty Wyandt, 2/14/1918-11/27/1994

James D. Wyandt, 1881-1954 Ruth G. Wyandt, 1886-1946

Geo. Edward Wynekoop, s/o W. H. & C. Wynekoop ****

Ida Bell Wynekoop, d. 9/1/?

Elizabeth E. Troy Yingling, 1884-1930

Marjorie I. Zeigler, 9/1/1916-7/31/1917, d/o E. M. & M. F. Zeigler

* data from Altoona Library's Altoona Mirror Obituary Index
** Hoenstine, Floyd. Soldiers of Blair County. Hollidaysburg, PA: Author, 1940.
*** data from Social Security Death Index
**** 1880 census

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