Geeseytown Cemetery

Frankstown Township, Blair County, PA

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Robert L. Baker, 1869-1953  Ellen N. Baker, 1878-1915  

Ronald Benton, 1947-1999 

Andrew H. Bice, 11/11/1835-3/26/1916 

Calvin Bice, d. 3/27/1899, a. 38y 9m 29d 

E. M. Bice, d. 3/13/1907, a. 29y 9m 16d, s/o A. H. & Nancy Bice 

James S. Bice, 4/1/1860-12/21/1924 

John S. Bice, 10/1/1905-2/26/1906 

Nancy Bice, 5/28/1838-5/10/1914, w/o A. H. Bice 

Mary Ellen Blackstone, 1873-1942 

Robert Blackstone, 1911-1969 

Wesley S. Blackstone, 1867-1961, Pvt. Co. B 17th Inf., Spanish American War 

Alexander B. Brua, 8/8/1922-6/14/1982, Sgt. US Army, World War II & Korea 

Jacob B. Brua  Jessie E. Brua  Henry F. Brua  Mary Knorr

Clara Coy Caldwell, 1/21/1893-9/26/1906

(Mother/Wife) Caldwell(?)  Stone near Thomas & Margaret Caldwell 

Thomas N. Caldwell, 1873-1965  Margaret M. Caldwell, 1884-1953

Christopher Carles, 3/4/1831-4/3/1914, s/o William & Mary (Harpster) Carles.  Annie (Casner) Carles, 2/24/1833 -2/20/1926, d/o Solomon & Susannah (Dilling) Casner

John H. Carles, d. 10/29/1865, s/o Christopher & Anna Carles

Mabel Carles, 1891-1891  Walter M. Carles, 1897-1897  Russell Carles, 1899-1901  Oliver S. Carles, 1892-1914

Susan Carles, 1838-1905, w/o William Carles

William Carles, d. 11/3/1865, s/o Christopher & Anna Carles

William Carles, 1836-1915, s/o William & Mary (Harpster) Carles 

William & Susan Carles


Cartwright, b. 1900

Annie E. Cartwright, d. 1/4/1902, a. 71y, w/o David Cartwright  Erected by her son James in memory of his mother.

Clara Cartwright, 10/2/1864-8/29/1915

Homer Cartwright, 12/29/1882-10/17/1918

Martha Cartwright, d. 3/15/1909, w/o Wm. Cartwright

Minerva Cartwright, 1879-1932  Thane Cartwright, 1896-1954 

William Cartwright

William Cartwright, 1832-1912  Margaret Cartwright, 1832-1915

Blanche Chilcoat, 1894-1913  Adda Wilson, 1890-1908

Charles E. Chilcoat, d. 10/4/1902, s/o Harry and Mary Chilcoat 

Eva M. Chilcoat, 1887-1947

Harry E. Chilcoat, 1899-1951  Mary C. Chilcoat, 1896-1927

George W. Clapper, 1848-1901  Catharine Clapper, 1836-1907  William Clapper, 1838-1906  Mary Clapper, 1833-1908 

Margaret J. Clapper, 4/28/1896-9/9/1911

Oliver Clapper, d. 5/18/1904, a. 36y 7d, s/o J. & M. Clapper  R. Viola Clapper, 1876-1939

Samuel Colbert, 1860-1917  Catherine Colbert, 1858-1915

Christ Cruse, 1858-1926

Elizabeth Cruse, 1860-____

Ethel Esther Cruse, d. 7/25/1898, a. 2y 8m 13d, d/o H. M. & L. Cruse

Oscar Cruse, 12/28/1862-8/22/1936

Samuel Cruse, d. 2/3/1901, a. 76y  Nancy A. Cruse, 1829-1915

Baby Dean

Joseph E. Dean, 1883-1857  Clara G. Dean, 1881-1971

Russell H. Dean, 1902-1948

James B. Delozier, 11/16/1919-11/11/1992, Pvt. US Army 

Charles E. Dunmire, 1889-1940, s/o Ephraim & Susan Jane Dunmire 

Edith E. Dunmire, 1892-1961, w/o Charles E. Dunmire

Ephraim Dunmire, 4/27/1848-9/23/1906, h/o Susan (Carles) Dunmire 

(Infant son) Dunmire  s/o C. E. & Edith Dunmire

Leo W. Dunmire, 3/10/1896-10/15/1913

Oden W. Dunmire, 1911-1933, s/o Charles & Edith Dunmire

Susan J. Dunmire, 6/28/1854-3/23/1927, w/o Ephraim Dunmire, d/o Christopher & Anna (Casner) Carles

Dean M. Eicholtz, 1891-1950, Cpl. 14th Con. Co. Air Ser., World War 

Jerome B. Fawkes, d. 7/24/1905, Pvt. Co. B, 125 Pa. Vols., Civil War

Gertrude Fayad, 8/7/1881-5/2/1956

Joseph Fonner

Henry Fox, 5/28/1815-7/1/1898

Edith Gates, 1881-1961

James Gold, d. 3/11/1896, a. 72y 11m 15d  Contributed by Jan Kuhn

Charles W. Grove, 1914-1955

Archie C. Gunter, 1896-1948

Bessie L. Hainsey, 8/3/1889-3/8/1968 

Harry Hainsey, 1873-1934, Pvt. Tr. B. 5th Cav. Sgt. Co. I 2nd Inf., Spanish American & World War 

Joseph H. Hamilton, 1874-1946  Cora J. Hamilton, 1875-1937


Adda M. Harpster, 2/3/1868-1/29/1919

(Father) Harpster

John Harpster, d. 2/14/1901, a. 67y 10m 14d  Ellen J. Harpster, 5/9/1841-9/17/1921

Julia Harpster, d. 2/13/1903, a. 46y 1m 6d, w/o Wm. Harpster

Mary J. Harpster, 5/12/1909-6/14/1909

(Mother) Harpster

Ruth E. Harpster, 4/5/1895-4/26/1900, d/o M. & Ella Harpster

John S. Hartzell, 1861-1950  Clara E. Hartzell, 1880-1939

Melvin S. Hartzell, d. 9/8/1902, a. 2w 3d, s/o J. S. and C. Hartzell

Elizabeth Heller, 9/8/1868-6/9/1929

Thomas F. Heller, 4/3/1852-7/28/1916

Mayberry Hileman, 1862-1943  Clara May Hileman, 1866-1944 

William Hippensteel, 4/21/1898, Pvt. Co. I, 165 Reg. Pa. Vol. [Pvt. I, 55 Pa. Inf.**], Civil War 

Kathryn M. Young Holland, 8/20/1902-1/29/1924 

Abraham Isenberg, d. 11/30/1903, Pvt. Co. D, 122 Pa. Inf.,** Civil War

Catharine Isett, d. 3/4/1877, a. 83y 4m 6d  Contributor: Deb Fisher Riley

Jacob Isett, d. 2/14/1853, a. 73y  Contributor: Deb Fisher Riley

S. W. Johnson (2), 1838-1913,  Pvt. Co. M, 3rd Regt. Pa. Vol., Civil War 

Jacob H. Koon, 1855-1906  Emma E. Koon, 1860-1949 

George F. Kroll, 1898-1972  Mary E. Kroll, 1892-1972 

[unreadable] Kuhn 

Howard D. Lang, 1908-1967


Eliza J. Larson, 1817-1906

J. S. Larson, 1828(?)-1899

Rachel E. Leamer, 8/12/1836-10/26/1899

Samuel J. Leamer, 1863-1955  Margaret A. Leamer, 1864-1952 

William Leamer, 2/6(?)/1829-1/21/1921

James Lindsay, 9/23/1848-2/1/1911  Mary A. Lindsay, 9/10/1854-10/13/1889

Garnet E. Lingafelt, 12/29/1892-9/1/1967

John B. Lingafelt, 7/5/1861-2/27/1941

Orvis C. Lingafelt, 6/20/1902-10/28/1961

Virginia F. Lingafelt, 1867-1926

*data from Altoona Library: Altoona Mirror Obituary Index
**information from Hoenstine, Floyd G.  Soldiers of Blair County.  Hollidaysburg, PA: [Author], 1940

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