Carson Valley Cemetery

Allegheny Township, Blair County, PA

A Project of Blair County USGenWeb Archives

A Project of Blair County USGenWeb Archives

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Samuel Brubaker, 1840-1928  Pvt. F, 203 PA Inf., Civil War  Contributor: June Weston

Catharine A. Burkey, 9/15/1844-3/19/1901, w/o Aaron Burkey  Contributor: June Weston

Alex L. Burkhart, 1846-1868  Contributor: June Weston

Magdaline Burkhart, 1814-1900  Contributor: June Weston

S. P. Burkhart, 1835-1911  Contributor: June Weston

Calvin Clapper,, d. 12/28,1873, s/o C. & A. E. Clapper  Contributor: June Weston

Daniel Clapper, d. 8/11/1847, aged 75y 3m 2d  Contributor: June Weston

Susan Clossin, d. 2/27/1910, aged 93y 11m 16d  Contributor: June Weston

John H. Closson, 1848-1925  Jemima Closson, 1849-1936  Contributor: June Weston

Paul S. Crain, 1917  Esther S. Crain, 1919  Contributor: June Weston

Elizabeth Gailey, Daughter of Wm & Martha Gailey, Died August 13, 1868, Aged 28 Years   Contributor: Jan Kuhn

Amanda Hart, d. 12/3/1850   Contributor: June Weston

Ezra Hart (2), d. 12/25/1851, aged   Contributor: June Weston

Henry A. Hart (2), d. 5/18/1862, aged 6y 6m 2d, s/o E. & H. Hart  Contributor: June Weston

Hetty Hart (2), d. 6/14/1873, aged 51y 3m 3d, w/o Ellis Hart  Contributor: June Weston

Mary Hart (2), d. 3/11/1889, aged ?9y 10d, w/o Ezra Hart  Contributor: June Weston

Sarah Hart (2), d. 9/10/1827, w/o Ezra Hart  Contributor: June Weston

Caroline Isett, d. 1/21/1894 aged 84y 11m, w/o S. Isett  Contributor: Deb Riley

Simon Isett, d 1/26/1877 aged 70y 5m 12d  Contributor: Deb Riley

Elizabeth Koon, d. 3/2/1875, aged 93y 1m 24d, w/o Samuel Koon  Contributor: Jan Kuhn

Samuel Koon, d. 5/1/1886, aged 76y 5m 4d  Contributor: Jan Kuhn

Anna J. Maines, 1837-1908, w/o Isaac Maines  Contributor: June Weston

Isaac Maines, d. 10/12/1912, aged ?6y  Contributor: June Weston

Silas W. Piper (2), 2/5/1841-5/17/1921  Anna M. Piper, 1/27/1845-12/30/1917  Contributor: June Weston

Allen James Reed, 3/7/1855-1/25/1930  Margaret E. (Rupp) Reed, 3/8/1859-7/25/1929  Contributor: Allen R. Wissinger

Adam Reep, d. 12/9/1911, aged 67y, Pvt. H, 110 Pa. Inf.  Contributor: June Weston

Charles R. Riley, PA SGT 308 Ambulance Co 77 Div WWI, 01 Dec 1895 - 04 Dec 1970.  Contributor Louretta Private

Henry M. Stiffler (2), 1838-2/9/1925, Pvt., Late Co. A, 55 Reg. P.V. Inft., Member S. C. Pots Post 62 G.A.R.  Jane E. Stiffler, 1842-19[28], w/o Henry M. Stiffler  Contributor: June Weston

Brian P. Stiver, 1/24/1963-8/13/1996  Contributor: Krissy Amyx

Wilt-Crain  Contributor: June Weston

Mary Wilt, 1819-1905, w/o John C. Wilt  Contributor: June Weston

Wissinger Family  Contributor: Allen R. Wissinger -
Clarence Leon Wissinger, 2/27/1908-1/22/1920
Marian Louise Wissinger, 9/2/1913-10/24/1931
Marilyn A. Wissinger, 5/22/1922-9/20/1923
Ralph Valentine Wissinger, 2/14/1903-10/1/1922
Raymond Allen Wissinger, 11/10/1904-4/10/1905
Robert Alleman Wissinger, 5/22/1917-12/19/1922
Thelma Julia Wissinger, 2/3/1910-4/29/1910

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