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Tyrone Township

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John H. Maffet, 1875-1955  Alice J. Maffet, 1873-1942

Graham McCamant (2), d. 6/18/1851, a. 63y 10m 28d

Mary McCamant, d. 1/7/1877, a. 75y 1m 9d

Mary J. McCamant, 1843-1910

Mame McCauley, 1876-1964

Anna B. McCormick, d. 7/17/1827, a. 7y 9m 20d

Anna M. McCormick, 1848-1931

Clara J. McCormick, 1861-1915

Infant sons of J. & I. McCormick

James A. McCormick, 12/14/1867-1/29/1896

Ira D. McGeary, 8/1/1918-5/1/1980

Mary M. McGovern, 2/27/2894-3/15/1901, d/o Thos. & Mary McGovern

Ralph McGovern, 2/1/1892-4/11/1896, s/o Thos. & Mary McGovern

Thomas W. McGovern,  4/12/1896-8/?/1896, s/o Thos. & Mary McGovern

Samuel McMillen. 10/?/1816, s/o Thomas & Mary McMillen

Samuel McMillen

Sarah McMillen, d. 10/1/1846, a. 53y 2m 24d, w/o John McMillen

Thomas McMillen (2), 1756-11/?/1836, Lieut. Lancaster Co. PA Militia Revolutionary War

John McPherran (2), d. 8/10/1860, aged 71y 7m 1d  Elizabeth McPherran, d. 3/16/1848  Contributor: John McPherran

Andrew McPherren, 1755-7/16/1829, Pvt. Church's Co. 5 Pennsylvania Line, Revolutionary War  Contributor: John McPherran

M. J. Mentzer, 1844-1915

Ora D. Mentzer, d. 3/25/1891, a. 20y 1m 5d, d/o D. & M. J. Mentzer

James C. Miller, 1846-1910  Mary Ellen Miller, 1849-1926

James N. Miller, 1906-1976  Lenora E. Miller, 1924-2001

John H. Miller, 1877-1950  Myrtle M. Miller, 1885-1965

Mary K. "Kate" Miller, 1908-1992

Thomas C. Mingle, 1896-1973  Marie W. Mingle, 1886-1978

James Mitchell, d. 3/11/1819

[unknown] Moore

Agnes J. Moore, d. 11/28/1871, d/o P. & N. Moore

Alice Moore, 8/7/1867, a. 24y, d/o Perry & Nancy Moore

Ann Moore

Betty Jane Moore, 1920-1999

George W. Moore, d. 7/27/1879, a. 66y 11m 5d

Col. James Moore, d. 3/10/1842, a. 78y

Joseph Moore, d. 12/2/1872 [1852***], a. 39y 5m 2d

Lila Morton Moore, 1905-1943

Margaret Moore, d. 1/4/1827, a. 5y

Mary Moore?, d. 1850?

Nancey C. Moore, d. 4/16/1869, w/o Perry Moore

Perry Moore, d. 1/31/1885, a. 68y 4m 1d

Vincent Moore, d. 2/27/1858?, a. 1m 28d, s/o G. W. & A. J. Moore

William P. Moore, 1882-1952

William P. Moore, 1937-1977, Lt. US Navy

William R. Moore, 1848-1911  Alvenia Wray Moore, 1848-1913


Agnes Parker Morrow, 1846-1931, w/o Alexander C. Morrow

Alexander C. Morrow, 1851-1931

Alexander Dysart Morrow, 4/23/1844-11/10/1914, Co. G, 11 Pa. Cav.

Alice E. Morrow, 3/2/1847-1/27/1904

Anna M. Morrow, 1814-1896

Annie M. Morrow, 1859-1923

Charlotte A. Morrow, 1862-1898, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth J. Morrow

Clara M. Tussey Morrow, 1858-1927, w/o Joseph H. Morrow

David A. Morrow, 1904-1978  Mary B. Morrow, 1905-1994

Dr. David A. Morrow III, 1935-2005

Elizabeth J. Crawford Morrow, 1829-1885

Elizabeth Jane Morrow, 1865-1881

Ellen Morrow, d. 1/9/1871, a. 56y 4m 17d, w/o Matthew Morrow

Ellie V. Morrow, d. 8/29/1880, a. 23y 5m 11d, d/o M. & E. Morrow

Emma J. Crawford Morrow, 1848-1929, 1848-1929, w/o William H. Morrow

Fanny Morrow, 11/19/1855-2/25/1945, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth J. Morrow

George W. Morrow, d. 2/25/1866, a. 57y 29d

Grace M. Morrow, 1882-1943

John B. Morrow, 1844-1927

John H. Morrow, 5/26/1812-6/23/1898

John H. Morrow, 1887-1922  Myrtle F. Morrow, 1869-1947

Joseph Morrow, d. 3/18/1857, a. 40y 8m 10d

Joseph C. Morrow, d. 1902, infant son

Joseph H. Morrow, 1855-1932

Joseph M. Morrow, 1854-1929, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth J. Morrow

Joseph M. Morrow, d. 7/27/1870, a. 26y 8m 25d

Katharine Ann Morrow, 1924-1936, d/o W. C. & M. G. Morrow

Maggie M. Morrow, d. 11/10/1871, a. 30y 20d, d/o Matthew & Ellen Morrow

Margaret Morrow, 1858-1932

Margaret C. Morrow, 1842-1913

Margaret Ellie Morrow, d. 5/3/1898, a. 47y, d/o Joseph & Mary Morrow

Mary Morrow, d. 3/12/1856, w/o G. W. Morrow

Mary Crawford Morrow, d. 4/6/1882, a. 57y, w/o Joseph Morrow

Mary E. Morrow, 1846-1931

Mary J. Morrow (2), d. 8/26/1888, a. 58y 3m 5d, w/o Mathew Morrow

Mary J. Morrow, d. 5/17/1906, a. 68y

Mary M. Morrow, 1876-1958  Dorothy H. Morrow, 1882-1966

Matthew B. Morrow, 1843-1913

Nancy Morrow, d. 10/20/1854, d/o G. W. & M. Morrow

Nancy Morrow, 1853-1913

Nancy Morrow, d. 5/21/1885, a. 82y 8m 4d

Nancy Morrow, 1863-1908, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth Morrow

R. Crawford Morrow, 1852-1885

Rebecca Morrow, d. 3/19/1861, a. 6y 12d, d/o G. W. & M. Morrow

Robert Morrow (2), 1804-1892

Robert Morrow, d. 8/3/1842, a. 33y

Robert Morrow

Robert Morrow, 1840-1932

Robert P. Morrow, d. 7/26/1873, a. 24y 9m 14d, s/o Mathew & Ellen Morrow

S. Alice Morrow, 1859-1918

Samuel Morrow, 1819-1882

Samuel B. Morrow, d. 6/13/1873, a. 24y 1m 28d

Thomas G. Morrow, 1940-1997

[unknown] Morrow

William Crawford Morrow, 1898-1972, Pvt. 4th Co. A.T.C. U.S. Army World War II  Mary Glenn Morrow, 1897-1965

William C. Morrow, Jr., 1922-2003

William H. Morrow, M.D., 2/22/1857-2/4/1943, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth J. Morrow

William Gibson Morrow, 3/16/1849-4/19/1896, s/o Matthew Morrow

Sarah D. Mutersbaugh, 8/16/1834-4/13/1901

Elizabeth E. Myers, 1849-1920

* data from Altoona Library's Altoona Mirror Obituary Index
** Hoenstine, Floyd.  Soldiers of Blair County.  Hollidaysburg, PA: Author, 1940.
*** Blair County Genealogical Society, Sinking Valley Presbyterian Church, Tyrone Township, 1853-1958, Hollidaysburg, PA: BCGS, 1991, 2005.
****Social Security Death Index

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