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James Adams, d. 12/19/1818***

June V. Anderson, 2/13/1923-2/23/1989

Ovah C. Anderson, 1892-1975  w/o Stuart A. Anderson

Stuart A. Anderson, 1880-1945

Thomas W. Anderson, 1875-1967  Spanish American War, World War I

John Armstrong, d. 6/10/1795, a. 75y

Jane (Hess) Babe, 5/9/1925-1/25/2000

Michael Joseph Babe, d. 3/11/1974

Mary Belle (Thompson) Bailey, 1875-1926

Alexander Baker, 7/6/1818-3/6/1891

Martha A. Baker, 1/17/1837-3/7/1860

David Bard (2), d. 3/1816 [3/12/1815], a. 71y  Elizabeth Bard (2), d. 12/12/1824, a. 72y

Susan Irvin Bathgate, d. 12/2/1857,*** a. 19y

Matthew James Battipaglia, 1/1/1988-1/1/1988

Anna Bell Bean, d. 1/31/1870, a. 2y 1m 15d***

Nettie M. Becker, 1884-1980

Herbert F. Beere, 1910-1999  Leona F. Beere, 1931-1990

Mary A. Beere, 1914-1954

Alonza T. Bennett, 1876-1957  Annabelle T. Bennett, 1879-1971

Irvin S. Bennett, 1921-1950, S/Sgt. 341st Bmb. Sqdn. A.A.E. World War II

John Henry Bennett, 1910-1945

Caleb E. Berry, d. 1/30/1823, a. 21y 2m 14d

John Berry (2), d. 4/2/1820, a. 28y 6d

Margaret Berry, d. 6/5/1823, a. 3y 8m, d/o John & Mary Berry

Shirley M. Blontz, 1950-1986

Charles L. Boyd, 1891-1978  Kathleen B. Boyd, 1895-1969


Edna Grace Bridenbaugh, 1889-1920

George W. Bridenbaugh (2), 12/22/1847-2/18/1930  Fannie E. Stover Bridenbaugh, 12/2/1848-3/30/1884  Lyda M. Louder Bridenbaugh (2), 3/8/1858-3/1/1901

J. Raymond Bridenbaugh (2), 1/10/1893-11/1/1942

Herbert B. Briggs, 1884-1960  Sadie Briggs, 1886-1973

John F. Brisbin, 1943  Betty J. Brisbin, 1919-1943


Alice M. Burket, 1871-1918, w/o John W. Burket

Elizabeth B. Burket, 1904-1974

John W. Burket, 1870-1950

Ross C. Burket, 1904-1974

Hannah Burley, d. 10/20/1906, a. 91y

John Calderwood (2), d. 12/3/1849, a. 68y 3d

Mary Calderwood, d. 7/5/1842, w/o John Calderwood, a. 54y 5m 22d

J. W. Cameron, 5/6/1813-7/24/1879, a. 66y 2m 18d

Rebecca Cameron, d. 2/24/1852, a. 41y, w/o J. W. Cameron

Simon R. Cameron, 1845-1884, Co. B 12 Reg. Pa. Cav.

Elizabeth Canan, d. 12/23/1884, a. 61y 7m 7d***

Mary Ella Canan, d. 6/12/1856, a. 3y 6m, d/o H. & N. M. Canan***

Moses Canan, d. 4/26/1872, a. 75y 4m

Robbie M. Canan, d. 4/27/1857, a. 1y 11m 15d, s/o H. & N. M. Canan***

Miles G. Carper, 1876-1957  Ella J. Carper, 1874-1958

Bessie E. Chapman, 1915-1995

Andrew C. Christofic, Jr., 1915-1985

Betty M. Christofic, 8/19/1923-7/27/2001

Annie C. Clarke, d. 7/19/1852, a. 29y 11m 12d,*** d/o W. & E. Clarke

Arthur H. Clarke, 4/19/1856, s/o W. & E. Clarke

Matilda O. Close, d. 2/11/1881, a. 30y 7m 6d,

Linda T. Coleman, 5/1/1865-3/9/1943  Mary E. Tussey, 3/29/1851-4/22/1915

R. Bruce Corbin, 1904-1986  Ruth E. Corbin, 1909-1974  Donna L. Corbin, 1932-2002

John Coudriet, 1925-1997, US Army World War II

Crawford (2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Alma W. Crawford, 1882-1973

Anna Mary Crawford (2), 1858-1892

David Crawford, 1820-1903

Dorothy D. Crawford, 1909-1996

Elizabeth Crawford, 4/15/18??-2/18/1902

Elizabeth Stoner Crawford, 1832-1879, w/o John A. Crawford

Ella K. Crawford, 1858-1911, e/o J. A. & Elizabeth Crawford

Eunice Crawford, d. 4/4/1886, a. 89y, w/o James Crawford

Fanny Crawford, d. 3/9/1874, a. 78y 5m 9d, w/o William Crawford

Foster Crawford, 1831-1895

Foster Crawford, 1908-2003  Evelyn Crawford, 1909-1996

Helen M. Crawford, 1880-1968

James Crawford, d. 8/31/1822, a. 73y

James Crawford (2), d. 1/27/1838, a. 23y 10m 29d

James Crawford, d. 1/28/1848, a. 68y

James Crawford, d. 9/13/1886, a. 64y, s/o James & Eunice Crawford

James B. Crawford, 1913-1969

James Wilson Crawford, 1/31/1843-5/17/1885

John A. Crawford, 1834-1916

John D. Crawford, 1879-1958

Jordan W. Crawford, 1832-1909

Joseph Crawford, d. 12/9/1885, a. 69y 8m 11d

Julie Suzanne Crawford, d. 7/4/1981, d/o R. Stanley & Susan E. Crawford

Kathryn Lauder Crawford, 1914-1991

Lavinia S. Crawford, 1860-1952, d/o John A. & Elizabeth Crawford

Louisa M. Crawford, 1842-1923

Margaret Crawford, 1807?

Margaret Fleck Crawford, 1827-1911

Margaret J. Crawford, d. 4/3/1857, w/o John Crawford

Ross E. Crawford, 1936-1977, Airman 3/C US Air Force Korea

Ross F. Crawford, 1875-1955

Sarah Crawford (2), d. 1794?

Sarah Crawford, d. 12/10/1826, a. 24y***

Sarah Lowder Crawford, 1850-1904, w/o John A. Crawford

Thomas Crawford (2), 8/21/1803, a. 25y

Walter S. Crawford, 1867-1889, s/o J. A. & Elizabeth Crawford

William Crawford, d. 7/16/1833, a. 47y 2m 14d


[unreadable] Dean

Clarinda A. Dean, d. 8/7/1858, a. 19y 5m, d/o R. & R. Dean

Rebecca Dean, d. 6/28/1843, a. 28y, w/o Robt. Dean

Harriet Dengate, 1826-1859, w/o J. Dengate

Aaron S. Dickson, d. 9/21/1856, a. 4y 3m

Adam L. Dickson, 1862-1934, 2nd Lt. Sheridan Tp. Pa. Cav. Spanish American War

Anna Dickson, d. 11/18/1861, d/o G. & Jane Dickson

George M. Dickson, 1889-1891

Hayden A. Dickson, 1895-1895

M. Ellen Dickson, 1851-1936, w/o A. L. Dickson

Maria Dickson, d. 10/13/1854, a. 43y 2m 16d

Robert L.E. Dickson, d. 11/8/1851, a. 3y 1m 11d, s/o D. & M. Dickson

Samuel Dickson, 1846-1920  Rachel Dickson, 1850, 1922  Melissa Dickson, 1878-1900  Alma Dickson, 1884-1904

Grace W. Donnelly, d. 5/24/1869, a. 2y 10m 16d, d/o S. & K. Donnelly

Jane Duncan, d. 1912, a. 18y, w/o Wm. S. Duncan

Margaret Duncan, d. 10/12/1865, a. 73y***

Samuel Duncan, d. 5/17/1864, a. 81y 8m***

Wm. S. Duncan, d. 1908, a. 78y, Pvt. E, 1 Mo. Art.**

Alexander Dysart, d. 2/8/1850, a. 81y 9m

Alexander Dysart, d. 3/37/1866, a. 57y

Eleanor Dysart, d. 9/1827, a. 58y

Lucinda Crawford Dysart (2),1821-1841, w/o Joseph Dysart

Elizabeth Wallace Eldredge, 1886-1910

George F. Espy, 1875-1951  Katie M. Espy, 1872-1973*

Lester E. Espy, 11/30/1911-9/27/1991

Wayne K. Ferrone, 1941-1995

Rachel Fink, d. 4/12/1822, a. 20y 5m ?d

Fisher (2)

Benjamin F. Fisher, 1889-1967, Pvt. 305th Inf. US Army World War I

Cloyd Fisher

David M. Fisher (2), 10/10/1829-5/28/1897  Sarah A. Fisher (2), 10/10/1835-6/12/1913

Emma E. Fisher, 1854-1916

Evert H. Fisher, 1882-1884

Frank C. Fisher, 1875-1894

George W. Fisher, 1854-1943

Jack L. E. Fisher, 1894-1973

John M. Fisher, 1850-1910  Hannah M. Fisher, 1847-1922

Lucy B. Fisher, 1892-1987

Mae Fisher, 5/15/1888-7/31/1981

Samuel Fisher, 1855-1936  Ada M. Fisher, 1865-1946

Sidney J. Fisher, 1878-1936

William J. Fisher, 10?/28/1911, a. 2y 8m 15d, s/o Jesse & Ethel Fisher

Alton Fleck

Annie C. Fleck, 1877-1950

Ard Fleck (2), d. 4/28/1870, a. 8m 2d***, s/o G. & S. A. Fleck

Charlotte Fleck, 1853-1952

Chester H. Fleck, 1914-1972  Alice M. Fleck, 1916-1975  David Black Fleck, 1940-1996

Orlando G. Fleck, 1855-1914

Ruth Fleck

Florence K. Flick, 1916-1975

E. Margaret Fleck Folk, 1907-1953, w/o Blaine P. Folk

Mary Jane Fuller, 1921-1984

Maude Miller Gates, 1879-1956

Calvin R. Gensimore, 1899-1946  Mae B. Gensimore, 1899-1973

Donald C. Gensimore, 1922-1995  Barbara M. Gensimore, 1925-1998

Edward C. Gensimore, 1870-1949, Sheridan Troop, War with Spain

Frederick W. Gensimore, 1902-1983  Fannie M. Gensimore, 7/13/1903-2/13/2006****

Gary Gensimore, 1945-1946

Harry E. Gensimore, 11/18/1919-4/26/1995 

Margaret A. Gensimore, 1876-1931

Sandra J. Gensimore, 1941-1942  Florabell Gensimore, 1930-1931

James Gifford, 7/26/1816-11/4/1895, Serg. Batry 1 PA Lt Arty Civil War

Lucinda Kephart Giles, 1895-1966

Anna C. Gingerich (2), 1861-1951

Carl H. Gingerich, 1925-1941

Carl L. Gingerich, 1902-1941

Dorothy E. Gingerich, 1907-1941

Kenneth S. Gingerich, 7/17/1915-4/2/1917

Robert E. Gingerich (2, 3), 1883-1960  Bertha S. Gingerich, 1884-1964

Roland D. Gingerich, 1857-1935

Anthony J. Giordano, 2/18/1931-1/13/1993 US Army, Korea

Anna Mabel Gordon, 1896-1987

B. Fay Gordon, 1931-1952, Cpl. USMC 2nd Div Korea

Chalmers F. Gordon, 1899-1952, Pvt. US Marine Corps World War


Clara A. Gosnell, 1858-1927

Flo Gosnell, 2/21/1897-4/21/1911

James B. Gosnell, 1859-1943

Mary E. Gott, d. 3/12/1858, w/o Christopher Gott***

F. Blair Graffius, 1872-1943  H. Jennie Graffius, 1873-1927

Richard I. Graffius, 1865-1952  Fannie M. Graffius, 1871-1938

Thomas Gurley, d. 1/8/1864, a. 79y

* data from Altoona Library's Altoona Mirror Obituary Index
** Hoenstine, Floyd.  Soldiers of Blair County.  Hollidaysburg, PA: Author, 1940.
*** Blair County Genealogical Society, Sinking Valley Presbyterian Church, Tyrone Township, 1853-1958, Hollidaysburg, PA: BCGS, 1991, 2005.
****Social Security Death Index

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