Albright Cemetery

aka Albright Church of the Brethren Cemetery

Roaring Spring, Blair County, PA

All photos contributed by Michael S. Caldwell unless otherwise noted.

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David M. Adams, 6/22/1875-3/8/1951  Hattie Adams, 8/14/1875-3/1/1937

Elmer Adams, 11/30/1896-5/19/1948

Albert Albright, 1858-1935  Regga M. Albright, 1854-1935  Celia E. Albright, 1888-1915  Wilmer W. Albright, 1898-1958

Albert J. Albright, 1879-1937  Mary E. Albright, 1881-1944

Amanda B. Albright, 5/16/1855-1/21/1910, w/o George L. Albright

Andrew Albright, 6/7/1875-1/28/1914, a. 38y 7m 21d

Anna E. (Smith) Albright, 1884-1933, w/o Robert S. Albright

Barbara B. (Beightel) Albright, d. 3/18/1904, a. 71y 8m 14d, w/o G. B. Albright

Barbara E. Albright, 1863-1931

Catharine (Cowen) Albright, d. 11/18/1895, a. 79y 22d, w/o S. B. Albright

Charles R. Albright, 1876-1937  Annie L. Albright, 1876-1967

Albright Children - Leroy, 1891-1895, Edna, 1893-1895, Elsie, 1896-1897, Chester, 1904-1905

Albright Children - Clair W., 9/3/1928-9/21/1934, Wilfred E., 6/23/1924-9/28/1934

Cleveland Albright, d. 5/14/1891, a. 4y 5m 25d, s/o S. R. & S. Albright

Daniel T. Albright, 11/30/1870-2/26/1910

David Albright, 1863-1917

Earl D. Albright, 1896-1968  Vivian A. Albright, 1900-1949

Edward R. Albright, 1876-1947

Elizabeth (Reininger) Albright, 5/11/1833-5/25/1906, w/o L. B. Albright

F. Orville Albright, d. 5/24/1903, a. 1y 1m 17d, s/o A. A. & L. Albright

Frances Elmira Albright, 5/18/1916-8/30/1921, d/o Isaac & Mary Albright  John Regis Albright, d. 5/29/1909

Frances Elmira Albright, 9/16/1888-4/22/1971

Frederick Albright, 1837-1901  Elizabeth Albright, 1840-1911

George Albright, d. 2/14/1905, a. 73y 11m 7d

George C. Albright, 6/17/1857-5/26/1934  Sarah Elmira Garber Albright, 11/19/1851-6/6/1938

Harris R. Albright, 1885-1955  Sadie P. Albright, 1883-1959

Jacob C. Albright, d. 12/16/1890, a. 51y

Jennie C. Albright, 1873-1942

Jesse W. Albright, 1890-1967  Minnie E. Albright, 1893-1970

L. (Levi) B. Albright, b. 4/4/1834-7/10/1905

Levi R. Albright, 1884-1954  A. Naomi Albright, 1884-1954

Lloyd G. Albright, 1868-1938

Martin B. Albright, 1869-1933  Josephine K. Albright, 1863-1939

Miles B. Albright, 1869-1943  Mary M. Albright, 1861-1933

Milton H. Albright, 1893-1934

Minnie P. Albright, d. 9/23/1885, a. ?, d/o A. R. Albright

Obadiah L. Albright, 1868-1911  Annie B. Albright, 1872-1972

Rheuanna (Burns) Albright, 1864-1939

Robert S. Albright, 1886-1965

Samuel B. Albright, d. 9/14/1902, a. 85y 5m 12d

Samuel C. Albright, 1847-1931  Mary Albright, 1844-1925

Samuel R. Albright, 6/22/1856-7/1/1908

Silas C. Albright, 1898-1941

S. Isaac Albright, 1881-1966  Mary M. Albright, 1893-1971

William Albright, 8/19/1842-2/16/1923  Tressa Albright, 9/16/1846-1/25/1916

Wilmer W. Albright, 1893-1958

W. Orville Albright, 1905-1925  Arvilla P. Albright, 1907-1984

John E. Aungst, 1878-1959  Hattie M. (Smeltzer) Aungst, 1879-1946

Elvin H. Barnett, 1891-1934  Ella B. Barnett, 1894-1980

John Barnett, 1882-1950

Samuel Barnett, 1/17/1838-6/28/1920, Co. I, 149 Reb. P.V.

Sarah Ann (Cashman) Barnett, 3/23/1842-12/9/1885, w/o Samuel Barnett

Sarah Jane Barnett, 4/18/1844-12/10/1923, w/o Samuel Barnett

Jno. O. Beightel, d. 9/4/1901, a. 70y 7m 27d

Margaret Ellen (Otto) Beightel, 11/21/1839-12/11/1896, a. 37y 20d

Mary Beightel, d. 2/6/1905, a. 62y 6m 14d

Susan Beightel, d. 3/2/1903, a. 73y 8m 29d

Levi C. Brown, d. 12/3/1907, a. 30y 10m 2d

Esther (McGee) Burket, 2/15/1886-10/22/1918  Infant children: Bertha Mae, 1911, Harvey William, 1916

Henry A. Burket, d. 1884

James D. Burket, 1856-1938  Lydia A. Burket, 1847-1941

Samuel D. Burket, 1860-1912  Jane H. Burket, 1861-1921

Samuel H. Burket, 1879-1937  Naomi J. Burket, 1881-1945

William Burket, 1852-1921  Maryian, 1859-1931  James Stewart, 1877-1881  B. Mae, 1892-1918  Daniel, 1896-1918  Matthew, 1899-1958

William F. Burket, 7/17/1901-9/8/1954  Arminna V. Burket, 10/3/1900-2/3/1991

Samuel Clapper, 1833-1905

Susanna Clapper, 1840-1936

Charles W. Colbert, 1905-1952  H. Jane Colbert, 1906-1981

Edward Cowen, d. 1/29/1863, a. 73y 6m 4d

Frany N. Cowen, d. 2/8/1861, a. 69y 3m 15d, w/o Edward Cowen

George O. Deterline, 1899-1948


Alice Dick, d. 7/3/1887, a. 1y 10m 19d, d/o Fred. & Hannah L. Dick

Ambrose H. Dick, 1878-1951  Amanda A. Dick, 1880-1938

Anna M. Dick, 1912-1963

Clarence E. Dick, d. 12/11/1906, a. 18y 5m 23d, s/o J. & C. Dick

Clayton E. Dick, 1887-1961  Laura I. Dick, 1892-1941

Daniel P. Dick, d. 2/25/1917, Co. G, 205th Reg. P.V.

David L. Dick, 1874-1935

David P. Dick, 1826-1897  Catharine Dick, 1830-1909

Ella Dick, 5/7/1917-9/12/1917

Ellenor A. Dick, 1874-1938

Elmer H. Dick, 1885-1954

Elsie Mae Dick, 1900-1962

Ezra E. Dick, 1879-1970 Margaret L. Dick, 1882-1970

Fred Dick, 2/27/1855-7/31/1907

George P. Dick, d. 12/3/1886, a. 40y 5m 11d

Hannah Louise Hale Dick, 1866-1946

Harvey B. Dick, 1875-1952  Elizabeth Garber Dick, 1879-1928

Henry B. Dick, 1870-1956  Susanna G. Dick, 1867-1945

Irene Dick, 1873-1953  Irene Dick, 1906-1918

Irvin H. Dick, 1872-1945  Leah B. Dick, 1881-1945

Jacob C. Dick, 11/23/1892-10/27/1993  Frances R. Dick, 7/15/1832-7/18/1912

James Dick, 1892-1932  Elizabeth M. Dick, 1890-1974

John B. Dick, 4/30/1866-9/6/1960  Clara Dick, 11/30/1867-8/1/1941

John B. Dick, 11/20/1910-12/22/1910

Lester D. Dick, 1896-1970, Veteran World War II

Madoline R. Dick, 2/24/1890-4/29/1911, w/o Claud R. Dick

Margaret (Helsel) Dick, 8/29/1850-11/29/1931

Mary B. Dick, 1835-1918

Mary C. Dick, 1906-1941

Michael C. Dick, 1831-1910

Michael P. Dick, 2/16/1840-6/12/1909

Mollie Dick, 1876-1951

Oscar J. Dick, 2/1/1902-1/1/1992

Plomer B. Dick, 1871-1947  Emma A. Dick, 1875-1958

Porter B. Dick, 1879-1943

Ramey L. Dick, 1902-1997

Robert Dick, 1921-1962  Herbert Dick, 1921-1941

Samuel B. Dick, 1854-1916

Susan G. Dick, 1850-1919

U. Grant Dick, 11/13/1869-10/24/1915

Wayne N. Dick, 10/21/1925-4/15/1930, s/o Ramey & Elsie Dick

Wilford Dick, 5/30/1913-11/28/1921, s/o C. E. & L. I. Dick

Zachariah L. Dick, 1/28/1856-9/8/1894

Irene L. Dilmore, 1900-2000

Joseph R. Dodson, 1872-1950  Viola H. Dodson, 1881-1945

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