Altoona Tribune


March 14, 1916


Selected Advertisements

Altoona Trust Company, Corner Twelfth Avenue and Twelfth Street, Altoona

Bartle's Stationery and Art Store, 1327 Eleventh Avenue, Altoona

M. Berman, Reliable Jeweler and Optician, 1311 Eleventh Avenue, Altoona

The Bon-Ton, Altoona

Canan-Knox Supply Company
1712-1720 Margaret Avenue, Altoona
Second Avenue and Tenth Street, Juniata


"The Consumptive Fly"


John N. Drass, Real Estate, 410 Allegheny Street, Hollidaysburg

Wm. F. Gable Company, Eleventh Avenue, Altoona

Gamble Theatre


M. R. Keesey, Insurance, First National Bank Building, Altoona

Dr. King's New Discovery


Mateer's Drug Store, Eleventh Avenue, Fourth Floor, Altoona


H. W. McCartney Stationery, 1107 Eleventh Avenue, Altoona

The Merit Store, 1428 Eleventh Avenue, Altoona

The Lilac Domino, at the Mishler Theatre, Altoona

Fighting for France, at the Mishler Theatre, Altoona

Olympic Theatre, Altoona



Peightal's Bread


Penn Loan Company, 1312 Eleventh Avenue, Altoona


Pennsylvania Railroad, Altoona Station



M. Poet & Sons, 1722 Union Avenue, Altoona



George V. Rollins, Funeral Director, 1218 Seventh Avenue, Altoona

The G. W. Shaffer Stores, Altoona


Shomberg's Drug Store, Twelfth Avenue and Twelfth Street, Altoona


Spectacle Bazar, Corner Eleventh Street and Green Avenue, Altoona


The Standard, 1407 Eleventh Avenue, Altoona


T. H. Suckling, Men's Wear, Kitzinger Building, Hollidaysburg

Whitbred, Florist
1126 1/2 Eleventh Avenue
6th Avenue and 30th Street


G. W. Williams, The Big Store, Hollidaysburg



W. R. Williams, Monuments, 955-57 Seventeenth Street, Altoona

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