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Volume 3



Dedicated to Reverend James Francis Hanlon, A.M.


Class Flower: Crimson Rose



Right Reverend John J. McCort, D.D.


Class of '28


John Hacala, President

Rita Phalen, Vice President

Catherine Smithmyer, Secretary

John Larmer, Treasurer


Frances Batist


Mary Jane Behe


Elelyn Bliss


James Breslin


Andrew Buechele


Martha Clear


Helen Cupples

Helen "The Great"

George Datris


Paul Dawson


James Drass


Irma Exler


Robert Farabaugh

"Fair Beau"

Margaret Fellinger


James Finn


John Finn


Mary Garvey


John Gebhardt


Anna Greiner



John Hacala


Paul Hatch


Helen Hoover


Marcella Howell


Charles Jones


Simon Kirsch


Robert Koeck


Herman Koenig


John Larmer


Mary Agnes Long


Clara Love


Mildred Lumadue


Dorothy Luther


Marie Agnes Luther


Francis McCormick


George Meyers


Jeanne Moore


Evelyn Myers


Eugene Neff


Beatrice O'Brian


Bridgie O'Toole


Richard Parrish


Martha Pfister


Rita Phalen


Marie Porta


Eulalia Quinn


Hannah Sheehan

Catherine Smithmyer


Hugh Spangle



Gerald Stevens


Leonard Tremmel


Bernard Vogel


Paul Waring


Marian White






Marcella Quirin



Joseph Gallagher



Business Staff


James Finn Hugh Spangle John Hacala Bernard Vogel



Freshman Class - Girls



Freshman Class - Boys



Sophomore Class - Girls



Sophomore Class - Boys



Junior Class - Girls



Junior Class - Boys



[Unidentified] Girls Group





Our Alumni


Officers of the Alumni Association:

Sibley Culp, '26, President

George McMullen, '27, Vice-President

Martha Barron, '26, Secretary

Gilbert Schmittle, '27, Treasurer


At St. Francis College, Loretto, Pa.:

Robert Ansman, '26

Joseph Berger, '26

Eugene Bradley, '26

Raymond Cupples, '26

John Kilcoyne, '27

Edward McConnell, '26

Frederick Miller, '27

John O'Leary, '26

Charles Rodgers, '26

Joseph Ronan, '26


At Notre Dame University, Notre Dame, Indiana:

William Clear, '26

John Hoffman, '26

Edward Lee, '26

Charles McAleer, '27

William McAleer, '27

Terence Wharton, '27


At Villanova College, Villanova, Pa.:

Donato Alamprese, '26

James Kilcoyne, '26

Nicholas Irvin, '27

Ralph Mannion, '26

Francis Stevens, '26


At Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pa.:

John Corless, '26

James Dillon, '26

James O'Donnell, '27

Gilbert Schmittle, '27


At Carnegie School of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pa.:

Marcellus Kirsch, '26


At Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa.:

Leo Dodson, '27


At Westinghouse Electric Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.:

Lee Hoofnagle, '27


At Pitt University, Johnstown, Pa.:

Gilbert Adams, '27


At Lock Haven State Normal, Lock Haven, Pa.:

George McMullen, '27

Mary McMullen, '26

Regina Meyers, '27

Helen Ryan, '27

Frances Sullivan, '27


At Indiana State Normal, Indiana, Pa.:

Mary Catherine O'Toole, '26


At State College, State College, Pa.:

Mary Grace Kirsch, '26


At Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pa.:

Mary Adams, '26

Delphine Airhart, '27

Grace Cowan, '26

Bernice Gill, '27

Genevieve Moran, '26


At Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa.:

Mary Taylor, '26


At Mercy Hospital, Johnstown, Pa.:

Kathleen Washington, '27


Among the Alumnae who have been "chosen and set apart" to serve the Divine Master in Religion are:

Dorothy Lyman, '26, Sisters of Charity, at Greensburg, Pa

Collette Leahey, '27, Sister of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, at Scranton, Pa.

Elizabeth Moore, '26, Sister of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, at Scranton, Pa.

Marian Doran, '27, Sister of St. Joseph, at Baden, Pa.

Bertha Geisler, '26, Sister of Mercy, at Cresson, Pa.

Anna Hauk, '27, Sister of Mercy, at Cresson, Pa.

Helen Hollenshead, '27, Sister of Mercy, at Cresson, Pa.



Once in a Blue Moon

Senior Play of the Class of '28


The Cast


Moon Lady   Josephine Halley
Attendants   Betty Hoffmann, Hilda Drenning, Anacita Kibler,

Grace Landolfi, Julia O'Leary, Matilda O'Leary

Mrs. Montgomery   Catherine Smithmyer
Sylvia Montgomery   Mary Agnes Long
Leatrice Montgomery   Helen Cupples
Mr. Babbitt Morton   Hugh Spangle
Betty Morton   Bridgie O'Toole
Mrs. Lila Lavender   Irma Exler
Billy Maxwell   James Finn
George Taylor   Richard Parrish
Sir Percival Chetwood   Paul Dawson
M. Rene Le Mon   John Hacala
Suzanne   Evelyn Myers
Hop Sing Hi   Gerald Stevens
Skylark Roams   George Meyers
Mooney   Bernard Vogel
Chorus   Senior and Junior Classes



Football Team


Football Results


Altoona       Opponents
0   Osceola Mills   6
6   Spangler   0
7   St. Francis Prep   0
34   Nanty-Glo   0
7   Williamsburg   (Away) 0
6   Carrolltown   6
0   Johnstown C.H.S.   13


Individual Scores


Player   No. of Touchdowns   Points after T.D.
Bradley   7    
Eckenrode   2    
Conlon       2
T. Irwin       1
Burke       1
Snyder       1





Altoona   45   Spangler   13    
    51   Saxton   26    
    67   Carrolltown   21    
    24   Saxton   20   Away
    53   Cambria Rowe   29    
    30   Alumni   23    
    34   Juniata College   22    
    46   Beaverdale   21    
    21   St. Francis Prep.   27   Away
    59   Mount Union   39    
    47   Dusquesne Prep.   27    
    38   Renovo Catholic   25   Away
    26   Lock Haven   23   Away
    41   Lilly High   25    
    18   Beaverdale   34   Away
    35   Pitt Jr. College   33    
    36   Johnstown Catholic   28   Away
    35   Sigma Phi Sigma   31    
    53   Mount Union   49   Away
    51   Lock Haven   31    
    44   Lilly High   43   Away
    48   Renovo Catholic   27    
    61   Clearfield Catholic   9    
    36   Pittsburgh Tech   25    
    29   Pitt Jr. College   40   Away
    60   Jersey Shore   25    
    47   Theta Kappa Phi   55    
    11   Jersey Shore   15   Away
    49   Johnstown Catholic   34    
    63   Penn Central   49    
    42   Hibernians   38    
    37   Catholic Big Five   29    
    34   Hibernians   38    
Totals   1371       974    


Individual Scores


Name   Individual Scores   Total Points
R. Irwin (Capt.)       455
G. Meyers       288
P. Dawson       238
E. Roessler       169
D. Bradley       100
L. Grimme       49
J. Day       31
T. Irwin       15
R. Farabaugh       12
D. Snyder       10
F. McCloskey       5
R. Conlon       5
K. Wimer       1




Colonial Hotel

Mr. Jerry Crist

Mr. John Dughi

Mr. M. A. Fox

Gaver's Pastry Shop

Haberstroh's Confectionery

Mr. John Haller

S. A. Hite and Son

Mr. George Jacobs

Mr. Adolph Koehle

Mr. Paul Kuhn

Mandel's Fur Shop

Meredith's Drug Store

Mr. Francis Meyers

Dr. J. O'Donnell

Mr. Roy Osman

Mr. Elwood Raugh

Mr. John Ritchey

Welsh Brothers



[several pages cut or missing]


Morgan Drug Co.

1204 Eleventh Street, Altoona

Cor. 12th Ave. & 16th St., Altoona

1700 Eighth Avenue, Altoona

603 Fourth Avenue, Altoona

315 Allegheny Street, Hollidaysburg


W. F. Sellers & Co.

1408 Eleventh Avenue, Altoona


Fordham University

190th Street and Third Avenue, Bronx, New York


Duquesne University

Pittsburgh, Pa.



A Preparatory School Conducted by the Jesuits

Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin


Mount Saint Mary's College

Emmitsburg, Maryland


Mount Saint Joseph College

Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia


Villa Maria College and Academy

West Eighth Street, Erie, Pa.


Mount Aloysius Academy for Girls

Cresson, Pa.


Compliments of Anthony O'Toole, Alderman, Third Ward, Altoona


Compliments of The Union Bank


Penn Central [utility company]


Altoona Leather Store

1509 Eleventh Avenue, Altoona


L. A. Bettwy, Plumbing, Electrical Service, Heating

840 Seventeenth Street, Altoona


Herff-Jones Co., School and College Jewelry, Indianapolis


Leo C. Cassidy

Supplied Invitations for Class of '28

1930 W. Chestnut AVenue, Altoona


William Friehofer Baking Company

923 Twenty-eighth Street, Altoona


Independent Gasoline


George Meyers Hardware and Radio

1419 Fourth Street, Altoona


D. G. Puderbaugh, Registered Architect

Myers Building, Altoona


Bender's [Meats]

306 1/2 Allegheny Street, Hollidaysburg


Altoona Builders' Supply Co.


Carl H. Gliechert, Meat and Groceries

1516 Thirteenth Street, Altoona


Dolheimer's Sheet Metal Works


Hoffman's Dairy


United Home Dressed Meat Co.


F. J. Hoover, Wholesale Dealer in Cigars . . . .


C. Casanave Estate, Horse, Dog, Bird Furnishings . . . .


James B. Finn, Electrical Contractor, Hollidaysburg


Myers Brothers, Florists

1016 Green Avenue, Altoona


Klevan Bros., Shoes

1300 11th Avenue, Altoona


Shaeffer Studio, Photography

1117 Eleventh Avenue, Altoona


Meyer Jonasson & Co.

1226 Eleventh Avenue, Altoona


A. W. Weidner, Blanche I. Hake

Upholstering, Interior Decorations, Slip Covers, Window Shades, Linoleums, . . . .


Wolf Furniture Company

1501-1503 Eleventh Avenue, Altoona


Twelfth Avenue Women's Shop

Leonardson, Davis & Ward Co.

1423 Twelfth Avenue, Altoona


Capitol and Olympic Theatres

Where the Better Pictures Always Prevail


George M. Bitner, Jeweler

J. W. Miller, Optometrist

713 1/2 Twelfth Street


Geo. Beck, Butcher

1312 Thirteenth Street, Altoona


McGuire . . . .

Coal and . . .



Hatch Brothers


Star Printing Company, 1305 Eleventh Street


Red Hill Service Station

Stephen Kirsch


J. Kilcoyne, Realtor and General Insurance

Room 319 Central Trust Building, Altoona


L. William Borland, Realtor

Union Bank Building, Altoona


Klesius' Little Plumber, Jno M. Klesius


Canty's 12th Ave. Men's Shop

1421 Twelfth Avenue, Altoona


The Spence Electric Store

1310 Twelfth Avenue, Altoona



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