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A Souvenir of Our School


Let fate do her worst, there are moments of joy,
Bright dreams of the past, which she cannot destroy;
Which come in the night time of sorrow and care,
And bring back the features that joy used to wear.
                                                           - Moore
                               Compliments of Your Teacher
1896 * 1897

"Ah me! those joyous days are gone!
I little dreamt till they had flown,
How fleeting were the hours."
Name Guy Hainley
Days present 29; Days Absent, (blank)
Taylor Township, Blair County, PA.

Stephen McMaster
Earl Biddle
Emory Horton
Fannie Carper
Helen Madara
Mertie Carper
Roy Biddle
Russell Hainley
Albert McMaster
Ralph Biddle
Cora Feather
Clara Treesh
Charles Wisler
Guy Hainley
Charles Wyant
Rudolph Points
Irvin Ott
  Lizzie Stern
Anna Hay
Mary Feather
Charles Hainley
Lizzie Hay
May Stern
Elmira Ott
John Wisler
Robert High
Laura Ott
Norman Ott
Ruth Replogle
John Elder
Minnie Treesh
Myrtle Horton
Allen Beegle
Elvin Hoover


Lyman Hay, Jacob Carper, Frank Wood, Calvin Yingling, 
Peter Clapper, Elmer Umbower

H. S. Wertz, County Superintendent

H. C. KENSINGER, Teacher
H. G. Phillips, Publisher, Williamsport, Pa.
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