St. Paul's United

Methodist Church Cemetery

Geigertown, Berks County





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Doc. Abel T. ALLISON 9/9/1794-4/4/1858, aged 63y 6m 25d

Hannah L. ALLISON 6/11/1811-2/24/1883, aged 77y 8m 13d, wife of Dr. A.T. Allison, daughter of Amos and Mary Lewis

Clyde E. AMMON 12/29/1909-8/12/1967, with Alice E. AMMON 8/5/1904-4/19/1988

Elizabeth Jane AMMON 9/14/1758-10(?)/15/1831(?), aged 75y(?)

George AMMON 11/10(?)/1792-3/29/1847, aged 54y 9m (sic)

Isaac AMMON 6/1(?)/1797-10/19/1826, aged 30y

John AMMON 1755-4/25/1827, aged 72y, Revolutionary War Veteran

Joseph AMMON 10/25/1822-6/20/1884, aged 61y 7m 26d, son of George And Sarah Ammon

Sarah AMMON 5/8/1801-11/24/1831, aged 30y, wife of Geo. Ammon

Shannon Elizabeth BEAM 9/19/1976-10/16/1983

James L. BENNER 1897-1941

Lewis H. BENNER 1872-1930, with Mamie I. BENNER 1872-1916

William L. BENNER 1900-1940, with Grace A. BENNER b. 1906

Abigail Ann BITLER 8/28/1845-1847

Britton A. BITLER 1872-1957, with Minnie E. BITLER 1872-1955

Catharine BITLER 4/25/184?-4/5/1860, aged 18y(?) 11m 11d, daughter of ? and Christiana Bitler

Charles BITLER 1812-1846, with Christiana BITLER 1822-1908

Daniel BITLER d. 7/15/1822, aged 56y

Elizabeth BITLER 6/?/1824(?)-7/26/1826(?), aged 2y 1m, daughter of Jacob and Margaret Bitler

Elizabeth BITLER 10/?/1770-3(?)/?/1846, aged 75y 4m 22d

William H. BITLER 3/14/1844-3/1/1924, with Lucinda K. BITLER 3/2/1845-1/20/1916

Margaret E. BIXENSTINE 1901-1963

William C. BIXENSTINE 1894-1953, Pvt. 71st Engineers WWI

Abraham BOICE  d. 7/13/1832, aged 71y(?) 9m 16d, with Hannah Wells BOICE

Daughter BOYER infant daughter of L.S. and Sallie E. Boyer

Ellen May BOYER 7/10/1873-5/28/1876, daughter of L.S. and Sallie E. Boyer

Margaret E. BOYER d. 11/11/1852, aged 1y 6m 14d

Matilda R. BROWN 12/9/1817-10/10/1915

Peter BROWN 3/24/1815-4/11/1874, aged 59y 18d

Catharine CRAMP 5/15/1789-2/3/1866, aged 76y 8m 18d

Catharine CRAMP d. 1816, aged 55y(?) ?m 15d, wife of Charles Cramp

Charles CRAMP d. 1823(?)

Jacob CRAMP d. 7/5/????, aged 60y

Caroline DAVIS 

Mary Ann DAVIS 12/22/1819-2/9/1898, aged 78y 1m 17d, wife of William Davis

William DAVIS 9/15/1816-8/18/1884, aged 67y 11m 3d

Rev. William DeMOUR d. 1776, organized the first religious society at the Old Forest Church now St. Pauls M.E. Church about the year 1776

Adaline GEIGER 1/15/1842-11/11/1923

Ann GEIGER 4/14/1820-6/29/1856, aged 36y 2m 15d

Catharine GEIGER 9/23/1790-10/7/1874, aged 84y 14d, wife of George Geiger

Catherine GEIGER d. 11/22/1851, aged 20y, daughter of Paul and Hannah Geiger

Charles Washington GEIGER 10/22/1848-8/19/1860, aged 11y 9m 27d, son of Jacob and Susan Geiger


Elizabeth GEIGER 10/18/1826-11/13/1828, aged 2y 26d, daughter of Jacob and Susan Geiger

Elizabeth Palsgrove GEIGER d. 3/3/1862, aged 56y 7m 6d, daughter of Paul and Sarah Geiger

George GEIGER 

Hannah S. GEIGER d. 2/19/1847, aged 46y, wife of Paul Geiger Esqr.

Jacob GEIGER d. 12/?/182?, aged 7m

Jacob GEIGER   View of Plot   8/1/1799-2/24/1876, aged 76y 6m 23d, with Susanna GEIGER  3/15/1801-3/4/1880, aged 78y 11m 20d

Jacob B.(?) GEIGER  View of Plot  11/6/1819-7/30/1880, aged 60y 8m 24d, next to Sarah Ann Geiger

Sarah Ann GEIGER  View of Plot  2/17/1824-1/14/1910, aged 85y 10m 27d, between Jacob B.(?) and John Lybrand Geiger

James GEIGER 11/26/1803-7/31/1884, aged 80y 8m 5d

John Lybrand GEIGER son of (and next to) Jacob and Sarah A. Geiger

Joseph GEIGER   View of Plot   11/9/1816-2/7/1886(?), aged 69y 2m 28d, with wife  Mary Z. GEIGER  10/31/1822-8/28/1898, aged 75y 9m 28d

Lavina GEIGER 8/6/1827-12/15/1857, aged 30y 4m 9d, daughter of George and Catharine Geiger

Mary E. GEIGER 9/28/1799-11/25/1865, aged 66y 27d, wife of James Geiger, daughter of John and Jane Ammon

Paul GEIGER Esq. 8/27/1793-8/8/1863, aged 69y 11m 12d

Paul GEIGER b. 12/29/1768, aged 54y 9m 25d, son of John Paul and May E. Geiger

Paul GEIGER 1818

Sarah GEIGER 12/8/1807-1/15/1832, aged 24y 1m 7d, wife of E. Geiger

Sarah GEIGER 3/1772-6/18/1828, aged 56y 3m, wife of Paul Geiger

Susanna GEIGER 2/22/1834-8/29/18??, aged ?y ?m 5d, daughter of ? Geiger

Susannah GEIGER   View 2   View 3   View 4   d. 11/19/1838, aged 22y 3m 13d, wife of Jacob Geiger, daughter of Geo. And M. Z-----

---llia GEIGER 3/?/1828(?)-11/17(?)/1828(?), daughter of Jacob and ? Geiger

Lewis I. GUEST 8/12/1880-12/10/1933

Lydia A. GUEST 4/1/1857-10/14/1945

Thomas H. GUEST 11/11/1851-1/16/1894

William H. GUEST 8/12/1880-12/15/1918

Charles M. HAAS 1932-2005

Charles W. HACKETT   View 2   11/6/1869-4/2/1887, aged 17y 4m 27d, son of Michael and Christina Hackett

George H. HOHL 1899-1971

Oakland L. HOHL 1897-1971

Rev. David HUFMAN 1818

Albon INGRAM d. 2/17/1897, aged 59y, Co. F. 124th Regt. P.V. Inftny.

Isaac JACOBS 3/3/1852-2/2/1931, with Martha J. JACOBS 10/20/1858-5/6/1934

Roy L. JACOBS 11/30/1907-2/1/1909

Harriet JENNINGS 12/30/1811-6/9/1877, aged 65y 5m 15d

John Howard KERST d. 8/31/1856, aged 7y 6m 4d(?), son of Samuel and Sariah J. Kerst

Margaret Delila KERST 7/23/1857-11/24/1857, aged 1m 1d, daughter of Samuel and Sariah J. Kerst

Mary Elizabeth KERST 6/7/1854-7/4/1857, aged 3y 27d, daughter of Samuel and Sariah J. Kerst

Samuel H. KERST 12/22/1858-3/19/1860, aged 1y 2m 19d, son of Samuel and Sariah J. Kerst

Samuel H. KERST grandson of James and Mary E. Geiger

Samuel Z. KERST 6/1/1825-10/16/1897, aged 72y 4m 15d

Sariah J. KERST 9/4/1829-3/11/1896, aged 66y 6m 7d, born Geiger

Elmer S. KOCHEL 4/12/1899-12/28/1966, with Edith P. KOCHEL 3/29/1902-10/10/1996

Lester E. KOCHEL 12/27/1921-12/3/2003

George KULP d. 2/7/1893, aged 79y

Lydia KULP d. 10/1889, aged 77y, wife of George Kulp

Christiana LEWIS 11/19/1820-5/23/1875, aged 54y 6m 4d, daughter of ? and ? Lewis

James LEWIS d. 2/10/1898, aged 79y 4m 23d

Susanna LEWIS 11/9/1828-10/10/1864, aged 35y 11m 1d, wife of James Lewis, daughter of John and Mary Kachel

George MARQUART 8/5/1800-8/9/1827, aged 27y 4d, m. 12/30(?)/1821 to Mary E.---mon

Frank U.(?) MATTHEW 1(?)/19/1858-3/16(?)/1858, son of Samuel and Maria Ann Matthew

John W. MATTHEW 6/18/1853-10/9/1856, aged 3y ?m ?d, son of Samuel and Maria Ann Matthew

Maria Ann MATTHEW 4/8/1818-12/28/1866, aged 48y 8m 22d, wife of Samuel Matthew

Samuel MATTHEW 10/26/1810-3/26/1881, aged 70y 5m

Allison McGOWAN d. 5/31/1897, aged 39y 9m 18d, with Louisa McGOWAN d. 2/22/1917, aged 64y 2m 8d

Allison B.(?) McGOWAN d. 10/5/1881, aged 6m(?) 29d, son of Howard G. and Amanda E. McGowan

David L. McGOWAN 1945-1945

Elizabeth McGOWAN 10/31/1815-10/15/1895, aged 79y 11m 14d, born Geiger

Emily McGOWAN 4/26/1853-3/9/1856, aged 2y 10m 13d, daughter of John and Elizabeth McGowan

Emma Elizabeth McGOWAN d. 2/8/1891, aged 18y 8m 23d, daughter of John and Veleria McGowan

George McGOWAN d. 6/24/1904, aged 74y 2m 22d

H. Preston McGOWAN 1895-1946, with Bertha M. McGOWAN 1892-1972

Harry L. McGOWAN 4/28/1916-11/10/1977, with Emma M. McGowan 6/17/1915-10/18/2003

Harry R. McGOWAN Jr. 12/8/1936-6/27/1989

Heber D. McGOWAN 3/21/1909-12/9/2003, with children

Howard McGOWAN 12/7/1890-11/1/1976, with Ruth K. McGOWAN 2/1/1900-5/1/1995

Howard G. McGOWAN 9/8/1858-10/27/1942, with Amanda E. McGOWAN 3/10/1858-4/15/1909

James McGOWAN 5/2/1838-1/24/1917, with Annie McGOWAN 1/30/1842-4/7/1889

John McGOWAN 4/2/1807-10/18/1886, aged 79y 6m 16d

John McGOWAN 1/7/1764-7/7/1848, aged 84y 6m

John B. McGOWAN 10/9/1833-11/22/1918 aged 85y 1m 13d, with Valeria A. McGOWAN 11/28/1842-1/4/1917 aged 74y 1m 6d

John H. McGOWAN 1857-1936, with Belle R. McGOWAN 1870-1940, and Elmer R. McGOWAN 1899-1951

John H. McGOWAN 1874-1944, with Emma A. McGOWAN 1879-1968

Nathan McGOWAN   View of Plot   with William and Unknown McGowan's

Richard John McGOWAN 7/1/1942-9/24/1944, son of Heber and Esther McGowan

Sarah Ann McGOWAN d. 5/22/1917, aged 85y 1m 10d

Unknown McGOWAN next to Nathan and William McGowan

Unknown McGOWAN next to Nathan and William McGowan

Walter E. McGOWAN 4/8/1918-12/15/2000, with Pauline I. McGOWAN 2/12/1927-2/20/2001

William McGOWAN   View of Plot  with Nathan and Unknown McGowan's

Allison J. McGOWEN d. 12/27/1881, aged 11d, son of A. F. and Louisa McGowen

Howard L. McGOWEN 2/12/1872-1/15/1876, aged 3y 11m 3d, son of A. F. and Louisa McGowen

Lydia MEE 6/23/1798-5/7/1874, aged 74y 10m 14d

Daisy M. MILLARD 12/7/1888-9/14/1891

John A. MILLARD 1858-1940, with Annie E. MILLARD 1864-1946

John F. MILLARD 1883-1949, B/M U.S.S. Rochester WWI

Milby MILLARD 2/15/1865-10/22/1889, aged 24y 8m 7d

Milby MILLARD 1890-1963

Rudolph N. MILLARD 4/15/1856-2/7/1920, with Emma J. MILLARD 2/4/1856-5/15/1936

Sarah MILLER 6/26/1798-1/27/1870, aged 71y 7m 1d, wife of John Miller

Monocacy Lenape/Railroad Memorial   In memory of the Monocacy Lenape Indians buried here 1773-1780 and W. & N. Railroad migrant workers who died from typhoid fever and buried here 1866-1870

James B. MORRISON 7/5/1857-11/13/1930

Lydia A. Guest MORRISON 4/1/1857-10/14/1945

Valeria S. MYERS 2/8/1841-5/9/1862, aged 21y 3m 1d, wife of David Myers, daughter of Joseph and Mary Z. Geiger


O'NEAILL Children   View 2  View 3   children of M. O'Neaill

Fanny O'NEAILL d. 1/20/1887, aged 53y 8m, wife of Hugh O'Neaill

Hugh O'NEAILL 9/13/1809-9/2/1891, aged 81y 11m 19d

James O'NEAILL d. 8/8/1840, aged 77y, Veteran

John O'NEAILL d. 2/9/1836, aged 28y 1m, son of James and Mary O'Neaill

Lou Irene I'NEAILL d. 1/3/1885(?), aged 2y 2m 4d, daughter of Hugh and Mary Ellen O'Neaill

Mary Elizabeth O'NEAILL 5/1/1779-4/11/1859, aged 80y 11m 10d, wife of James O'Neaill and daughter of John and Christiana Clingman

Mary W. O'NEAILL 11/30/1812-3/17/1867, wife of Michael O'Neaill, daughter of Mark and Sarah Wolf

Michael O'NEAILL 2/12/1807-5/1/1885

Hugh O'NEILL   View of Plot  1844-1926, with Mary E. O'NEILL  1849-1929

Roy E. O'NEILL 1889-1960, with Bertha M. O'NEILL 1890-1971

Elizabeth PLATT 1/1/1855-1/18/1884, aged 28y 11m 17d, wife of Benjamin Platt, daughter(?) of ? and Mary Ann Da----

Charles V. SMALE 6/26/1927-6/5/2006, US Army Veteran

James F. SMALE 2/4/1920-1/29/2004 Veteran, with Mary Jane SMALE 4/16/1926-1/11/2001

John SMALE 9/2/1858-11/28/1918, with S. Jane SMALE 12/16/1858-11/27/1930

L. Clarence SMALE 8/22/1921-4/22/2004

Lyman F. SMALE 1891-1976, with Eva May SMALE 1895-1982

Mary M. SPONAGLE 3/7/1858-3/26/1871, aged 13y 19d, daughter of Samuel and Margaret D. Sponagle, granddaughter of James and Mary E. Geiger

Charles L. STERLING 1859-1860, with Elizabeth M. STERLING 1878-1879

Danl. STUBBLEBINE 1/12/1833-1/22/1875, aged 42y 10d

Brooke Samuel TEMPLIN 6/13/1887-3/21/1959, with Laura Trace TEMPLIN 8/12/1887-5/22/1971

Clemmie Harlan TEMPLIN b. 4/8/1895, son of Ellwood and Valeria Templin

Elwwod TEMPLIN 1861-19--, with Valeria TEMPLIN 1862-19--, John F. 1883-1925, Luther 1900-1908, Clemmie H. 1895-1897 and Hunter b. 1906

H. Glenn TEMPLIN 1948-1948

Harry F. TEMPLIN 1901-1970, with Clara M. TEMPLIN 1920-1988

Hunter L. TEMPLIN 6/1/1907-1/16/1971

Luther Leo. TEMPLIN d. 3/20/1908, aged 7y 9m 19d, son of Elwood and Valeria Templin

Walter H. TEMPLIN 1962-1971

Anna Mary WAMSHER 10/6/1860-12/3/1863, aged 3y 1m 27d, daughter of Robert and Ellen Wamsher

Edward WAMSHER   Stone 2   View of Plot   3/11/1827-8/1/1883, aged 56y 4m 20d, Co. A.(?), 3rd PA ? A.

Ellen S. WAMSHER 10/11/1838-6/15/1890, aged 51y 8m 4d, wife of Robert Wamsher

Infant WAMSHER son of Edward and Sarah Wamsher

Jacob S. Franklin WAMSHER 9(?)/6(?)/18??-12/5/18??, son of Robert and Ellen(?) Wamsher

Joseph Ellsworth WAMSHER 6/11/1862-1/5/1865, aged 2y 6m 24d(?), son of Robert and Ellen Wamsher

R. Bentley WAMSHER 1864-1933

Robert Blano WAMSHER 1/3/1834-10/6/1913

Sarah WAMSHER 11/25/1825-11/25/1897, aged 72y

William J. WAMSHER d. 2/15/1881, aged 30y 8m 2d

Allethia L. WEYMAN 7/7/1859-12/8/1861, daughter of Dr. H.H. and S.M. Weyman, "Leave I Must And Go To Mother"

Herman H. WEYMAN 1/16/1808-9/12/1879, aged 71y 7m 26d

Jacob Elmer WEYMAN 11/23/18??-1(?)/5/18??, aged 1m ?d, son of Jacob and ? Weyman

Paul F. WEYMAN 1/6/1851-3/11/1857, with Valira A. WEYMAN 10/17/1847-10/26/1847, children of Dr. H.H. and S. M. Weyman

Sarah M. WEYMAN 9/20/1824-8/8/1861, aged 36y 10m 18d, consort of Dr. H. H. Weyman, daughter of Paul and Hannah Geiger

Allison WOLF 11/21/1833-6/11/1913, with Matilda I. WOLF 9/19/1835-8/16/1900, same stone as Wm. D. Wolf

Bertha WOLF 2/5/1861-9/21/1862, aged 1y 7m 16d, daughter of A. and Matilda Wolf

George L. WOLF 10/3/1856-?/27/1856, aged ?d, son of A. and Matilda Wolf

Wm. D. WOLF 2/9(?)/1870-5(?)/1901(?), same stone as Allison and Matilda Wolf



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