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Wilson D. ANDERSON  1920-1998   Full View  of Rhodes, Anderson, Simpson and Holder monument

John BARNES  d. 10/23/1810, aged 83y

Sarah BARNES  d. 5/31/1815, aged 14y(?)

Howard BAUSCH  1892-1967, with Florence W. BAUSCH 1894-1961

Joseph BOOHER  5/9/1810-9/14/1870, aged 60y 4m 5d

George BOYER  d. 6/16/1852, aged 17y 5m 13d, son of John and Margaret Boyer

George BOYER  d. 4/17/1???, son of William(?) and Sarah Boyer

John BOYER  d. 9/11/1854, aged 79y 22d

Margaret BOYER  d. 11/16/1850, aged 49y, wife of John Boyer

Sarah BOYER  d. 7/4/182?, daughter of John(?) and Margaret Boyer

Sarah Jane BOYER  ?/?/18??-3/12/188?, aged 2?y 11m(?) 12d, wife of William Boyer

Unknown BOYER 

Unknown BOYER  d. 1/16/1832 aged 2m(?)

Ann R. BRINLEY  3/20/1809(?)-2/16/1842, aged 31y 10m 24d

Catharine BRINLEY(?)  wife of John Brinley(?), located between Mary Neiman and Ann Brinley

Elizabeth BRINLEY  6/7/1818-2/23/1943, aged 24y 8m 16d

Isaac BRINLEY  son of John and Mary Brinley

James BRINLEY  son of John and Mary Brinley

John BRINLEY  1/31/1781-3/8/1855, aged 74y 1m 8d

John C. BRINLEY  d. 1/6/1839, aged 26y 5m 12d, son of John and Mary Brinley

Mary BRINLEY  b. 6/14/1776, aged 57y 11m 29d, wife of John Brinley

Mary Maria BRINLEY  12/3/1808-9/7/1870, aged 61y 9m 4d, daughter of John and Mary Brinley

Rebecca BRINLEY  daughter of John and Mary Brinley

Ross BRINLEY  d. 1/25/1854, aged 29y 5m 26d

Adelaide BROADBENT  d. ?/25/1872, aged ?y 4m(?) 28d

Joseph BROADBENT  d. 5/21/1886(?), aged ?y 17d

Mary Elizabeth BUCKWALTER  d. 10/30/1858, aged 32y 3m 8d, wife of David M. Buckwalter

Rebecca BUCKWALTER  9/29/1839-1/31/1840, daughter of Martin and Margaret Buckwalter

Ann CLYMER  d. 8/8/1832, aged 70y

James CULBERTSON  d. 1/?/1850, aged 78y(?)

Elmira DALZELL  6/27/1839-6/1/1919

Catharine DAMPMAN  d. 10/2?/1823, aged 63y(?), wife of Peter Dampman

Catherine Criley DAMPMAN  aged 96y, wife of John Dampman

David DAMPMAN  d. 9/21(?)/1826, aged 5m 20d, son of David and Mary Dampman

David DAMPMAN  3/10/1795-6/20/1858, aged 63y 3m 10d, Contributor:  Harry Habbersett

John DAMPMAN  d. 5/1/1814(?), aged 3?y

Mary DAMPMAN  12/22/1798-5/29/1886, wife of David Dampman, Contributor:  Harry Habbersett


Thomas DAMPMAN  11/28/1832-9/13/1850, aged 17y 9m 16d, son of David and Mary Dampman

Ann DeHAVEN  d. 2/27/1882, aged 72y

Ann DeHAVEN  d. 3/2/18??, aged 91y(?) 2m 18d, wife of James DeHaven(?)

Azariah DeHAVEN  d. 6/5/1900(?), aged 79y 11d

Harriet DeHAVEN  d. 2/17/1893(?), aged ?2y 7m 13d(?)

James DeHAVEN  d. 8?/21/18??, aged 75y 4m 20d

Phillip DeHAVEN  9/28/1808-2/7/1871, aged 62y 4m 10d

Rachel DeHAVEN  d. 4/23/1817, aged 58y

Anna Dora DELZELL  d. 2/27/1852, aged 1y 6m 7d

James Ross DELZELL  Views of plot:  1  2   2/26/1806-10/14/1881

Patty Ann DELZELL  5/4/1809-1/30/1894, wife of James Ross Delzell

Rebecca K. DELZELL  12/21/1832-7/26/1892

Abner James DENGLER  d. 4/25/1852, aged 11y 8m 23d, son of Jacob and Sarah Dengler

Jacob DENGLER  d. 4/18/1881, aged 83y 7m 9d

John DENGLER  d. 6/7/1831, aged 75y 3d

Mary Magdalene DENGLER  d. 9/8/1838, aged 89y(?) 3m 8d, wife of John(?) Dengler

Sarah DENGLER  d. 10/11/1861(?), aged 54y, wife of Jacob Dengler

Sarah DENGLER  d. 9/20/1851, aged 60y

Ann DRUMELER  3/1/1826-1/5/1881, aged 54y 10m 4d, wife of John Drumeler

John DRUMELER  9/15/1813-2/8/1861, aged 48y 4m 23d, GAR marker

Hiram E. EBELHAR  4/11/1839-10/7/1860

John EBELHAR  d. 1/15/1879, aged 86y 14d

John H. EBELHAR  4/15/1866-1/14/1867, with Samuel C. 9/22/1868-10/30/1878, M. Ellen 12/27/1875-11/8/1883, and Clarence 7/29/1886-9/18/1887

Lorenza M. EBELHAR  1872-1877

M. Elizabeth EBELHAR  7/6/1804-10/17/1897, wife of John Ebelhar

Oliver P. EBELHAR  4/16/1841-6/26/1843

Samuel EBILHAR  d. 2/17/1859(?), aged 33y 11m 17d, son of John and Elizabeth Ebilhar

Ann EVANS  d. 10/2/1838(?), aged 76y 13d

Ann Jones EVANS  10/20/1811-4/19/1885, wife of John C. Evans

Anna Jane EVANS  2/23/1848-1/17/1939

Charles E. EVANS  1/18/1834-12/5/1892

Eliza Douglass EVANS  12/12/1838-10/17/1928

Esther T. EVANS  9/25/1830-6/10/1910, with Mary EVANS 3/13/1828-1/17/1914

Harriet EVANS  d. 4/21/1817(?), aged 11y(?) 11m 24d(?), daughter of ? Evans

John B. EVANS  d. 8/22/1857(?), aged 3y 4m 22d, son of John C. and Ann Evans

John Clarkson EVANS  6/22/1805-2/5/1879

Joshua EVANS  d. 3/7/1857, aged 66y 10m 29d, son of ? and Ann Evans

Rachel B. EVANS  View 2  d. 12/?/????, wife of William Evans

Samuel EVANS  d. 6/16/1883, aged 88y 3m 15d

William EVANS  d. 5/7/1856, aged 63y

William EVANS  d. 6/5/1831, aged 78y 13d

Catharine FINGER  d. 5/3/1874, aged 66y 4m, wife of David Finger

David FINGER  9/24/1778-6/9/1854, "Husband, Father, Friend", GAR Marker (this may be incorrectly placed - date of death prior to Civil War)

David FINGER  d. 3/10/1868, aged 63y 2m 15d(?)

George H. FINGER  d. 10/4/1860(?), aged 10m, son of Saml. and Eliza A. Finger

Harriet FINGER  1823-?/20/1843(?), daughter of John and Elizabeth Finger

John FINGER  12/23/1780-10/30/1823, aged 42y 11m 23d

Lettia FINGER  11/15/1808-7/9/1905, aged 96y 7m 24d, wife of David Finger

Samuel FINGER  1830-1877, with Eliza A. FINGER 1838-1916

Barbara FRY  d. 11/26/1856, aged 66y

Ellen GABRIEL  d. 8/2/1871, aged 69y, wife of James B. Gabriel

Hannah K. GABRIEL  10/11/1829-6/20/1862, daughter of James B. and Ellen Gabriel

James B. GABRIEL  d. 4/12/1853, aged 57y

Margaret GABRIEL  3/14/1791-6/?/18?3, aged ?y 2m 21d

William GABRIEL  d. 7/22/1850, aged 65y 22d

William GAULT   View 2   d. 8/20/1845, aged 67y 10m 5d, Revolutionary War Veteran

George ? 

Robert GILMER  d. 4/19/1846(?), aged 7m 5d(?), next to Robert Gilmer (d. 1849)

Robert GILMER  d. 8/4/1849, aged 48y 7m 23d

Sarah Allen GILMER  d. 4/5/1883, aged 79y 5m 15d, wife of Robert Gilmer, Jr.

William Hunter GILMER  d. 10/12/1894, aged 58y 8m 4d, son of Robert Jr. and Sarah A. Gilmer

Emily R. GLAUNER  1886-1918, wife of J. Clare Glauner

Evans Carroll GOODLING  1910-1993, with Eleanor R. GOODLING 1912-2001

Catharine GORDON  next to Isabella

E. Hiram GORDON  d. 9/28/1875, aged 73y

Elizabeth GORDON  d. 4/30/1828(?), aged 67y

Isabella GORDON  d. 9/25/1875, aged abt. 78y

Margaret GORDON  "Our Mother"

Unknown GORDON  d. 8/20/1845(?), aged 3y, son of Ephrain(?) and Margaret Gordon

Unknown GORDON  child of Ephrain(?) and Margaret Gordon

Isaac GRAHAM  1/18/1813-2/18/1891, aged 78y 1m

Maria H. GRAHAM  2/13/1823-9/5/1894, aged 71y 6m 23d, wife of Isaac Graham

Mary H. GRAHAM  2/25/1858(?)-9/2/1869(?), daughter of Isaac and Maria H. Graham

Daniel(?) GRUBE  d. 6/2?/1868(?), aged 4y(?) 19d

Levi D. GRUBE  d. 6/19/1910, aged 74y 10m 8d

Rueben(?) GRUBE  d. 187?, with Eliza A. GRUBE d. 4/11/1871(?), and Jacob W. GRUBE d. 3/8/1876(?), children of Levi and Sarah Grube(?)

Sara M. GRUBE  d. 2/3/1915, aged 74y 7m 5d

Ann HAMILTON  1833-1906

Charles R. HAMILTON  5/8/1867-4/12/1899, aged 31y 11m 4d,  Contributor:  Pat Brown Hamilton

Frances Hester HAMILTON  d. 9/6/1861, aged 1y 5m 1d, daughter of ? and Ann Hamilton,
Contributor:  Pat Brown Hamilton

James HAMILTON  View 2   d. 12/28/1838, aged 76y 2m, War of 1812 marker,  Contributor:  Pat Brown Hamilton

Margaret HAMILTON  12/14/1788-9/25/1866, aged 77y 9m 11d , wife of William Hamilton,
Contributor:  Pat Brown Hamilton

William HAMILTON  d. 4/11/1835, aged 22y 7m 12d, son of James and Ann Hamilton,
Contributor:  Pat Brown Hamilton

William HAMILTON  10/14/1827-7/12/1897,  Contributor:  Pat Brown Hamilton

William HAMILTON  2/10/1784-11/12/1860, aged 76y 8m 2d,  Contributor:  Pat Brown Hamilton

William Hearvey HAMILTON  d. 4/23/1862, aged 5m(?) 26d, son of William and Ann Hamilton,
Contributor:  Pat Brown Hamilton

George HANNA(?)  ?/15/1762-?/18/1826, aged 64y 5m(?) 1d

Unknown HANNON  d. 4/1835

Sarah HART  d. 5/10/1889(?)

Infant HAWK  son of J. and M. E. Hawk

John S. HAWK  d. 5/3/1912, aged 75y 11m 12d, son of William and Jane S. Hawk

Mary E. Gilmer HAWK  d. 7/1/1885, aged 47y 1m 2d, wife of John S. Hawk, daughter of Robert and Sarah Gilmer

James HINTON  View 2    View 3   d. 1/24/1842, aged 57y, Veteran

Caleb HUDSON  d. 10/29/1843, aged 2y 8m 10d, son of Lesst(?) and Hannah Hudson

Elizabeth R. HUGHES  5/1807-9/15/1826, wife of ? Hughes, daughter of Davis and Alice Talbert(?)

Ruth HUGHES  5/26/1778-7/17/1849, widow of Wm. Hughes, "She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church near 40 years"

Elizabeth HUGHS  d. 9/13/1826(?), aged 84y(?)

George HUNTER  d. 3/14/1807(?), aged 31y 10m 3d(?)

Jacob JENKINS  d. 1/12/1847, aged 75y, Revolutionary War marker

Caleb JONES  12/19/1805-4/9/1871, aged 65y 3m 21d, Contributor:  Harry Habbersett

Jehu JONES  View 2   1/22/1778-11/24/1864, aged 86y 10m 2d, War of 1812 marker

Margaret JONES  d. 6/28/1855, aged 33y 7m 11d, consort of Caleb Jones, Contributor:  Harry Habbersett

Rebecca Happersett JONES  7/21/1808-2/10/1887, aged 78y 6m 19d, Contributor:  Harry Habbersett

Joshua KAMES  d. 12/13/1901, aged 69y

Sarah E. Jenkins KAMES  8/10/1828-11/19/1910, wife of Joshua Kames

William KEPPLE  4/23/1830-9/20/1914, Private ---- Regt. Pa. Cav., GAR marker

Alexander LAVERTY  d. 1794, aged 52y

Mary LAVERTY  d. 5/19(?)/1832(?), aged 5?y, wife of Samuel Laverty

Robert LAVERTY  d. 9/1?/1838(?), aged 9m 20d, son of Robert and Rebecca Laverty

Samuel LAVERTY  d. 9/30/1825, aged 1y(?) 2m, son of Robert and Rebecca Laverty

Samuel LAVERTY  d. 11/19?/1???, aged 8?y

William LAVERTY  d. 9/20/1803, aged 71y, Revolutionary War marker

Mary LEWES  d. 7/15/1805(?), aged 46y

Mordecai LEWIS  d. 2/19/1845, aged 73y

Susanna LEWIS  d. 6/2/1834, aged 29y, wife of Samuel Lewis

Ann B. LINCOLN  2/14/1809-9/24/1894, aged 86y, daughter of James and Elizabeth Lincoln

Elizabeth Jones LINCOLN  d. 11/16/1872(?), aged 43y 8m 14d

George Jones LINCOLN  3/16/1854-7/14/1855, aged 15m 28d, son of David I. and Mary Eve Lincoln

Hannah LINCOLN  10/16/1793-4/2/1869, aged 75y 5m 17d, wife of John Lincoln

James LINCOLN  d. 12/11/1860, aged 94y

John LINCOLN  4/5/1795-7/17/1867, aged 72y 3m 12d

M. Elizabeth LINCOLN  d. 12/28/1830(?), aged 68y(?), wife of J.?. Lincoln

Samuel LINCOLN  d. 4/25/1882, aged 83y 9m 12d

Unknown LINCOLN 

Margaret A. Lincoln LONG  7/4/1800-3/11/1871, aged 70y 8m 7d, wife of John Long and formerly
relict of Caleb Lincoln

Mary J. 

Mary Jane ?  d. 1/3/1858(?), aged 31y 1m 13d(?), wife of Thomas ?

Hannah MENGEL  5/14/1789-7/10/1867, aged 78y 1m 27d, wife of Henry Mengel

Henry MENGEL  3/14/1786-7/27/1861, aged 75y 4m 13d

Henry MENGEL  9/11/1825-4/13/1838, aged 12y 7m 2d, son of Henry and Hannah Mengel

Mary Ann MENGEL  d. 4/2/1816, aged 3y 10m, daughter of Henry and Hannah Mengel

Peter MENGEL  11/22/1810-12/4/1850, aged 40y 12d

Son MENGEL  Stillborn son of Henry and Hannah Mengel

Rebecca MILLARD  d. 4/29/1827, aged 83y 7m

Abigail MORGAN  d. 11/21/1804, aged 29y

Annie MORGAN  1844-1923

Benjamin MORGAN  d. 8/4/1829, aged 23y 6m 17d

David MORGAN Esquire  d. 8/19/1842, aged 64y, Revolutionary War marker

David MORGAN  View 2  Soldier

David MORGAN Jr.  b. January(?), son of David and ?

Fr---- MORGAN  d. 8/?/1818, aged ?y, located between Abigail and Joseph Morgan

Jacob MORGAN Esquire  View 2   d. 11/11/1792 aged 76y, with wife Rachel MORGAN d. 12/19/1791 aged 68y

Jacob F. MORGAN  6/4/1820-1/1/1888, aged 67y 5m 27d, GAR marker

Jane MORGAN  d. 1/23/1872, aged 68y, wife of David Morgan Sr.

John MORGAN  d. 10/27/1820, aged 49y(?), GAR marker (would appear to have been placed in error based on date of death)

Joseph MORGAN  d. 10/8/1795, aged 20y

Louisa MORGAN  d. 11/9/1841, aged 4m 2d, infant daughter of David and Jane Morgan

Margaret MORGAN  d. 12/30/1830, aged 78y 7m 19d

Margaret MORGAN  d. 11/2/1816, aged 46y(?), wife of John Morgan

Martha Jenkin MORGAN  d. 3/22/1838, aged 7y 5m 12d, daughter of David and Jane Morgan

Thomas MORGAN  5/14/1846(?)-4/4/1853(?), son of David and Mary Morgan

Agnes Effinger MORRIS  d. 8/5/1904, aged 89y 8m 23d, wife of James Lewis Morris

Daniel MORRIS  d. 5/19/1830

Eleanor MORRIS  d. 10/6/1822, aged 49y 9m 1d, consort of William Morris

James Lewis MORRIS  d. 3/25/1849, aged 39y 10m 18d

William MORRIS  d. 3/27/1847, aged 72y 11m 23d

Wm. H.(?) MORRIS  d. 9/4/1820

Barton(?) -eder NAGLE  son of ? and ? Nagle, located between James and William Hamilton

Mary Morgan NEIMAN  10/4/1828-7/23/1853, wife of J.(?) Neiman and daughter of David and Jane Morgan

Anny OTENKIRK  d. 4/19/1807, aged 10y

John OTENKIRK  d. 9/?/180?, aged 2?y

Ann OTTENKIRK  d. 2/20/1866, aged 94y

Catharine PAINTER  11/4/1818-7/29/1840, aged 21y 8m 25d, wife of Ezekiel Painter

Elizabeth PARKER(?)  wife of Jacob Parker(?)

Jacob PARKER  d. 4/27/????, GAR Marker

Unknown PARKER(?) 

I. Morris PAWLING  6/10/1844-10/3/1914

Ida F. PAWLING  1858-1943, wife of I. Morris Pawling

J. Morris PAWLING  1882-1934, with Jeannette M. PAWLING 1884-1967, and Jeanne M. PAWLING 1913-1995

Thomas M. PAWLING  1892-1928, with wife Helen A. PAWLING 1895-1976

Henry C. PENNYPACKER  1847-1922, with wife Clara Kames PENNYPACKER 1855-1929

Elizabeth M. PLANK  9/24/1826-5/23/1913, wife of Jacob Z. Plank

Jacob Z. PLANK  2/10/1824-8/8/1900

Ellen PRESTON  d. 6/11/1851, aged 44y 6m 23d

Wm. PRESTON  1842-1862, GAR marker

Elizabeth REESE  d. 11/1/1846, aged 63y

Benjamin RETTEW  View 2   with Mary RETTEW d. 3/4/1841(?) aged 53y(?)

Charles RETTEW  d. 12/8/1833, aged 5y 8m 10d, with Ruth Ann d. 12/23/1833 aged 5y 3m 25d, and Harriet d. 12/13/1833, aged 1y 8m 12d

David L. RETTEW  7/6/1847-6/24/1882, aged 34y 11m 12d, son of Benj. T. and Mary Rettew

Mary Dampman RETTEW  7/27/1827-6/15/1853, aged 25y 11m 15d, wife of Benjamin Rettew, daughter of David and Mary Dampman

Louise C. RHODES  1945-1995   Full View  of Rhodes, Anderson, Simpson and Holder Monument

Eleanor RIGG  widow of George Rigg

Eliza RIGG  1802-1843, with still born twins 2/9/1842, same stone as Samuel, Ellen, Reuben, Phebe and Mary E. Rigg

George RIGG  d. 2/6/1824, aged 47y 9m 24d

Mary E. RIGG  1844-1848, same stone as Samuel, Ellen, Reuben, Phebe, and Eliza & stillborn twins

Robert C. RIGG  d. 4/26/1836, aged 24y(?) 8m 15d

Samuel E. RIGG  1806-1870, with Ellen RIGG 1807-1846, Reuben 1833-1838, Phebe Ann 1840-1841, and Infant Son, same stone as Mary E. and Eliza and stillborn twins

Leonard E. ROBERTS  View of plot   1/26/1832-9/9/1909, next to Margaret

Margaret A. ROBERTS  9/12/1829-12/3/1891, aged 62y 2m 21d, next to Leonard

Rebecca G. ROGERS  d. 5/31/1849, aged 23y 9m 29d, wife of William H. Rogers, daughter of William and Rebecca Gault

William ROSS  d. 2/9/1818, aged 45y 3m 25d

John M. RUTHERFORD  View 2   d. 9/22/1861(?), aged 45y(?)

John M. RUTHERFORD  5/15/1820-9/28/1894, aged 74y 4m 13d

Elizabeth SANDS  11/21/1824-8/5/1905, daughter of John and Hannah Sands

Hannah Morgan SANDS  10/21/1799-6/13/1880, aged 80y 7m 22d, wife of John Sands and daughter of John and Margaret Morgan

James SANDS  d. 10/11/18??, aged 14y(?)

John SANDS  View of plot   6/22/1799-9/27/1887, aged 88y 3m 5d

Mary SANDS  d. 1/?/1847(?), aged 74y

Mary Ann Syphard SHAEFFER  d. 7/9/1837, aged 32y 6m, wife of Peter B. Shaeffer, daughter of John and Elisabeth Syphard

Christina Elizabeth Wamback SHAENER  10/11/1767-7/26/1832, aged 64y 9m 15d, a born Wamback, Intermarried w/Matthias Shaener 4/18/1786

Matthias SHAENER  d. 6/11/1834, aged 72y 6m

Franklin B. SHINGLE(?)  d. 2/18/1856(?), aged 9y 2m 29d, son of John and ? Shingle(?), located between Joseph Booher and James Culbertson

Kate M. Drumeler SIMMERS  View 2View 3     1/29/1862-5/27/1880, aged 18y 3m ?d, wife of Howard Simmers, daughter of John and Ann Drumeler

Jack N. SIMPSON  1914-1994   Full View of Rhodes, Anderson, Simpson and Holder Monument

Margaret SLOAN  d. 4/2/1867, aged 65y 8m

Anna Eliza SMITH  d. 3/12/1844 aged 6y 8m 7d, with Mary Jane SMITH d. 3/?/????, daughters of Davis and Ann Smith

Susanna Steel SMITH  d. 7/11/1853, aged 35y, daughter of Davis and Ann Smith

Unknown Soldier  Revolutionary War

John A. STERNBERGER  1888-1945 Soldier, with Matilda W. STERNBERGER 1887-1972

Jane Moore SYMONS  1/23/1812-4/30/1890, aged 78y 3m 7d, wife of Nicholas Symons

Elisabeth SYPHARD  d. 3/26/1850, aged 80y 3m 9d, wife of John Syphard

John SYPHARD  3/18/1770-8/26/1856, aged 86y 5m 8d

Alice TALBOT  d. 5/24(?)/1818(?), aged 38y(?) 1m 4d

Benjamin TALBOT  d. 6/3/1838, aged 73y 1m(?)

Mary TALBOT  d. 6/29/1851, aged 86y less 21d, wife of Benjamin Talbot Esq.

L.E.(?) TOWNSEND(?)  d. 8/25/????

Daniel UBIL  d. 10/1/1840, aged 69y 10m

Daniel B. UBIL  12/24/1805-3/17/1859, aged 53y, b. in Chester county, d. in Philadelphia

Esther UBIL  d. 2/16/1849, aged 75y(?) 10m, consort of Daniel Ubil

John T. UBIL  1/4/1803-12/23/1856, aged 53y 11m 19d

Joseph T. UBIL  View 2  View 3     11/26/1809-1/28/1865, aged 55y 2m 2d

Unknowns:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7

J. Reuben WANNER  1864-1932, with Fannie G. WANNER 1865-1947

June G. WANNER  10/21/1925, daughter of John and Lucie Wanner

Susan WARFEL  d. 9/2?/1858, aged 14y 4m 22d(?), daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Warfal

Eliza A. WEAVER  1845(?), and Emily E. WEAVER 1849(?)

Hannah WEAVER  b. 11/26(?)/1817, wife of Jesse Weaver

Jennie V. Grube WEAVER  d. 4/26/1899, aged 22y 27d, wife of Martin Weaver

Jesse WEAVER  4/11/1814(?)-4/14/1867(?), aged 53y 3d(?)

William H. WEAVER  View 2  View 3

Wilson J. WEAVER  1840

George WELSH  d. 2/?/1867(?), aged 71y 11d

Rees WELSH  d. 5/25/1900, aged 74y 3m 7d

Ruth May WELSH  d. 5/30/1879, aged 81y 7m 24d, wife of George Welsh

James WILSON  1815-1891, with Mary WILSON 1825-1890

James Howard WILSON  d. 5/13/1876, aged 21y 10m 3d, son of James and Mary Wilson

Charles YOCUM  d. 4/4/1858, son of Robert and Ann Yocum



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