Rock Baptist

Church Cemetery

Rock Church Lane

Morgantown, Berks County






May 2007


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Jonathon Paul AMOLE 11/22/1998, beloved son of Jeremiah and Helen

Anna Mary d. 10/13(?)/1876(?), aged 2m 2d, daughter of Eli and ------ A. -------

Mary A. BARCLAY 2/28/1847-4/17/1871, aged 24y 1m 20d

Barbara BEILER d. 4/15/1858, aged 29y(?) 6m, wife of George Beiler

Infant BEILER d. 6/10, aged 6d, son of George and Barbara Beiler

George BYLER d. 7/?/1860, aged 32y(?) 5m 12d

John M. DALTON 1932-2003

Elizabeth DEWALT 10/16/1818-12/28/1908, aged 90y 2m 12d

John DOYLE 7/3/1902, aged 75y

Johnathan C. GRILL 11/12/1970-3/9/1984

LeRoy O. GRUBB 10/20/1914-8/5/1936

Oscar GRUBB 1889-1948, with Lydia B. GRUBB 1888-1982

M. H. 

Walter O. HAMM 5/2/1930-11/16/1995

Charles Frank-- HOFFMAN d. 5/2/1861, aged 6m 6d

David HOFFMAN b. 2/5/1831

Elizabeth HOFFMAN 9/22/1819-11/16/1892, aged 73y 1m 24d, daughter of of Peter and Margaret Hoffman

Elizabeth HOFFMAN d. 10(?)/29(?)/1859, aged ?y 5m 9d, wife of W----- Hoffman

John W. HOFFMAN d. 9/5/1861, aged 28y 8m 6d, GAR marker, died in the service of his country

Magdalena HOFFMAN d. 1/4/1862, aged 48y ?m 17d(?), wife of William Hoffman

Margaret HOFFMAN d. 3/17/1846, aged 50y, wife of Peter Hoffman

Mary HOFFMAN d. 4/2/1852, aged 91y 8m 21d, wife of George Hoffman

Peter HOFFMAN d. 6/19/1884, aged 90y 9m 11d

William HOFFMAN d. 10(?)/17/1890(?), aged 80y(?) ?m 17d

Clarence D. HUYETT 8/7/1925-10/9/1996, with Lillie M. HUYETTA 10/2/1928-3/12/1996

Jacob F. KENNEY d. 10/4/1877(?), aged 35y(?), G.A.R.

Sarah M. KENNEY d. 1877(?)

Cyrus KEPHART 8/29/1830-11/18/1864 aged 34y 2m 19d, with wife Catharine KEPHART 10/22/1839-5/5/1913 aged 73y 6m 13d

George KEPHART 12/23/1800-11/3/1871, aged 70y 10m 10d

Jennie KEPHART aged 7y

Sarah Belle KING 5/5/1873-2/14/1947

Infant KOCH d. 6/20/1880, aged 2d, son of Wm. And Rachel J. Koch

William KOCH 5/19/1856-6/23/1856, with Rachel J. KOCH 8/10/1848-2/16/1926, and daughter Mary Olivia d. 12/29/1901 aged 19y 10m 15d

Cyrus MARSH 1/29/1812-5/24/1875, aged 63y 4m 25d

Henry G. MARSH 1848-1925, with Louisa J. MARSH 1857-1936

Henry Warren MARSH d. 8/8/18??, aged 6y 7m(?) 10d, son of Henry and Louisa J. Marsh

Margaret MARSH 1847-1932, with Sarah MARSH 1845-1933

Mary Palsgrove MARSH 9/17/1809-7/8/1894, aged 84y 9m 21d, wife of Cyrus Marsh

Samuel P. MARSH 4/11/1842-10/13/1919

M. McC 

Martha McCORMICK 1767-3/4/1851, aged 84y 4m, wife of Francis McCormick

Harry D. McLEOD 1890-1983

Sarah E. McLEOD 1892-1971, nee Syphard

Sarah MERVINE d. 7/20/1896, aged 83y 6m 24d, wife of George W. Mervine

John D. MILLISOCK 1918-1987, with Elizabeth M. MILLISOCK 1919-1996

Tom H. NELSON Jr. 12/13/1913-3/25/1977

Edwin PATTON d. 9/11/1900, aged 9m 22d, located next to building

James PATTON 7/14/1851-5/18/1937, with Elizabeth PATTON 3/12/1852-8/22/1927

K. M. S. 

Daughter SEIVERD d. 8(?)/3/1861

Hanna Hett SEIVERD 6/28/1844-8/14/1892, aged 48y 1m 16d, wife of Jacob Seiverd

Jacob SEIVERD 5/4/1836-7/30/1911, aged 75y 2m 26d

George K. SEIVERD 1866-1918, with Mary A. SEIVERD 1875-1913, and Walter R. 2/14/1894-2/20/1894

Ray SHEPHERD 3/24/1927-9/23/2006

Willard SHEPHERD 12/31/1918-3/30/1996

John R. SHINGLE 1928-1997

Barbara Ann SMITH d. 10/10/1864, aged 37y 8m 8d, wife of Joseph Smith

Barbara Emma SMITH d. 8/10/1861, aged 4y 1m 16d, daughter of Joseph and Barbara Smith

Clara Frances SMITH daughter of Joseph and Barbara Smith

Elmira Lousia SMITH 9/20/1850-11/30/1923, daughter of Joseph and Barbra Smith

Joseph SMITH 4/10/1817-10/17/1878, aged 61y 6m 7d

Annie SPOTTS d. 5/7/1898, aged 65y 9m 7d

John SPOTTS d. 12/16/1860, aged 31y 5m

Joseph SPOTTS d. 1/9/1859, aged 5m 20d

Frank S. SYPHARD 1871-1915

A. T. 

Ann TEINNY d. 11/1875, aged 74y

Cornelius UXLEY Co. A 53D PA. INF.

Rufus VAN PRUITT 1/10/1925-10/14/2004, CPL US Army WWII Korea, Purple Heart

Unknown Veteran 

Isaac WHITAKER 10/1/1801-10/28/1850, aged 49y 27d

Mary WHITAKER 11/19/1798-5/8/1859, aged 60y 5m 19d, wife of Isaac Whitaker

William T. WITMAN d. 7/28/1879(?), aged 4m 27d



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