Morgantown United

Methodist Church Cemetery

Morgantown, Berks County


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Dan Lindley


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Note that all visible/legible stones in the cemetery were

photographed.  However, there are many no longer standing,

stacked up in piles as shown in these photographs:  1  2  3  4



Unknown AMES

Hannah S. BALLENTINE   5/17/1806-5/28/1881, aged 75y 11d

Thomas L. BALLENTINE   1850-1899, with Jacob BALLENTINE 1847-1930

William D. BALLENTINE   11/15/1815-2/18/1898, aged 82y 3m 3d

Daniel BUCKWALTER   d. 9/?/18??

Elizabeth BUCKWALTER   d. 3/6(?)/18?5, aged ?6y, consort of Daniel Buckwalter

Hannah BUCKWALTER   d. 7/24(?)/1875(?), aged 53y(?) 8m

Lewis BUCKWALTER   d. 4/11/1905, aged 68y 2m 5d

Samuel BUCKWALTER   d. 11/22/1847(?), aged 22y ?m 10d(?), son of Daniel and Elizabeth Buckwalter

Sarah A. BUCKWALTER   d. 10/11/1898, aged 67y 10m, wife of Lewis Buckwalter

Seth BUCKWALTER   d. 12/31/1878, aged 60y 4m

Wm. Lewis BUCKWALTER   d. 4/10/1876, aged 6y(?) 7m, son of Lewis and Sarah Buckwalter

George CLINGMAN   d. 1/4/1898, aged 68y, Co. A. 88 Reg't PA Vol.

Susan CLINGMAN   6/2/1837-1/27/1884

Mary DEARMAN(?)   d. 1/4/1853, wife of David Dearman(?)

Adam DEIHM   2/15/1826-4/7/1854, aged 28y 1m 21d

Althea DEIHM   d. ?/20/18??, aged 5m 18d, daughter of ? and Elizabeth Deihm

Barkley DEIHM   d. 3/22/185?, son of William and Elizabeth Diehm

Elizabeth DEIHM   d. 6(?)/28/1868, aged 33y(?) 9m 20d

Peter(?) DEIHM  

Mary Emma DIEHM   d. 10/24/1869, aged 25y 2m 9d, daughter of ? and Elizabeth Diehm

Unknown DIEHM   d. 18??, aged ?y 8m 6d(?)

Florie Bell FOREMAN   d. 7/25/1873(?), aged 2m 22d, daughter of ? Foreman

Gracey FORMAN   d. 7/8/1878, daughter of Abram and Sallie Forman

Mary FRY   d. 11/25/1889, aged 77y 3m 18d, wife of Daniel Fry

John B. GABEL   d. 11/23/1890, aged 47y 10m 22d

John HAYES   d. 3/23/1844, aged 6m 12d, son of Benj. and Sarah Hayes

Elizabeth HOFFMAN  View 2   12/26/1809-4/19/1875, aged 65y 3m 24d, wife of ? Hoffman

Hannah HOFFMAN   d. 1/1871, aged 77y, wife of John Hoffman

John HOFFMAN   d. 10/8/1846, aged 25y

John HOFFMAN   d. 4/12/1864(?), aged 71y

George JOHNSTON   12/19/1818-1/7/1887, aged 68y 11m 19d

John LEE  View 2   d. 9/12/1872, aged 54y, GAR, a native of Yorkshire England

Jane M'COLOUGH   d. ?/8(?)/1857(?), aged 34y 8m 15d(?)

Elizabeth MILLER   1845-1870

Harriet MILLER   1816-1879

James MILLER   1809-1859

Unknown MILLER   d. ?/24/1809(?), son(?) of Mary Miller

S. P.   located in pile of stones near building

Sarah PECK   d. 10/27/1904, daughter of John and Ann Peck

John PIERSOL   d. 4/2/1894, aged 78y 8m 3d

Mary Ann PIERSOL   d. 6/6/1901, aged 71y 5m 28d, wife of John Piersol

Clara(?) --- PLANK   d. 2/3/1868, aged 4m 19d, daughter of G.H.(?) and S.?. Plank

George H. PLANK   d. 4/3(?)/1871, aged 65y(?) 5m ?d

Samuel PLANK   9/?/1801-4/10/1883, aged 81y 7m ?d

Sarah PLANK   d. 8/22/1860(?), aged 47y 1m 2d, wife of Samuel Plank

Unknown PLANK   child of Samuel and Sarah Plank

Rachel   located near Planks

Thomas SHAFFER   d. 5/12/1899, aged 68y 11m 4d GAR, with wife Phebe SHAFFER d. 10/13/1896, aged 64y 9d

Unknown SHAFFER   child of Thomas and Phebe(?) Shaffer

James H. SMITH   1867-1923

Margaret A. SMITH   11/30/1839-3/24/1909, aged 69y 3m 24d

William H. SMITH   8/5/1865-9/17/1915, aged 50y 1m 12d

Adaline THOMPSON   4/13/1834?-3/6/1908, aged 63y(?) 10m 21d

UNKNOWN   located near Forman



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