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Johanna ACKER 3/11/1839-11/2/1857, aged 18y(?) 7m 19d, daughter of John Judith Acker

John ACKER 4/25/1794-5/13/1869, aged 75y 18d

Judith ACKER 3/9/1800-8/12/1859, aged 59y 5m 3d, wife of John Acker, nee Dankel

Peter BAUMGARDNER 3/1/1844-8/29/1880

Emma BIERY 7/19/1849-11/30/1872, aged 23y 4m 11d, wife of Uriah Biery, daughter of John and Maria Fritson

Geo. Ellsworth BIERY 6/12/1872-7/18/1872, aged 1m 6d, son of Uriah and Emma Biery

Alfred BORTZ 4/12/1850-9/20/1887, aged 37y 5m 8d, son of Jonas and Helena Bortz

Jonas BORTZ 4/22/1826-5/11/1897, aged 71y 19d

Milton BORTZ 12/6/1883-12/4/1888, aged 4y 11m 26d, son of Jonathan and Adaline Bortz

Sallie H. BORTZ 3/13/1879-3/8/1936

Solomon BORTZ son of Jonas(?) and Thelena(?)

Thelena BORTZ 1/12/1823-5/2/1900, aged 77y 3m 20d

Jonas BRENSINGER d. 2/2/1858, aged 7y, son of Henry and Esther Brensinger

H. Alfred BUTZ 10/24/1851-1/3/1877, aged 25y 2m 9d, son of Jonathan and Mary A. Butz

Harvey BUTZ 4/13/1862(?)-7/?/1863(?), aged 1y 2m 22d(?), son of ? And Margaretha Butz

James Milton BUTZ  View 2  View 3  son of Jonathan and Maria(?), with Jonathan BUTZ

Elisa CRIST 1826-8/31/1894, aged 68y

Susanna CRIST 1/6/1802-12/13/1866, aged 64y 11m 7d, wife of William Christ, nee Danckel

William CRIST 9/9/1787-9/24/1848, aged 61y 15d

Daniel DANCKEL 1/26/1846-5/13/1859, aged 13y 3m 18d(?), son of Georg and Judith Danckel

Emeline DANCKEL d. 10/31/1849, aged 8y 1m 10d, daughter of George and Judith Danckel

George DANCKEL 12/9/1769-4/3/1848(?), aged 78y(?) 3m 25d

Maria DANCKEL 4/21/1781-10/12/1851, aged 70y 5m 18d, wife of Georg Danckel

Carl DANKEL 7/?/1853-1/2?/1854, son of Solomon and Elisabeth Dankel

Irwin S. DANKEL 10/5/1870-11/11/1917, with Lorena A. DANKEL 6/13/1873-2/21/1953

Johan Christian DANKEL 12/27/1765-9/12/1810, aged 54y 8m 16d

Maria Catharina DANKEL 4/2/1773-8/15/1857, aged 84y 4m 13d, wife of Christian Dankel, nee Breinig(?)

Unknown DANKEL 3/?/1848-1/1?/1852, aged 3y 10m(?) 13d(?), daughter of ? and Elisabeth Dankel

Helena DANKLE 1833-1864

Jacob DANNER d. 5/17/17??, aged 71y(?)

Johannes DANNER d. 10/25/1774, aged 7m 5d, son of Jacob Danner

Maria Margreta DANNER d. 5/24/1785(?), aged 2y ?m 7d, daughter of Jacob Danner

DERR Children Mabel E. 1900-1900, Paul R. 1901-1903, Percie N. 1909-1909, Earl W. 1911-1911, Jannie L.A. 1910-1910, William H. 1907-1912, Annie 1914-1915, Curvin 1916-1916, and Myrtle 1918-1921

George DEVONSHIRE b. 1/26/1807

Albert H. DIEHL 9/17/1865-11/3/1926

Heinrich DORMEIER 12/21/1773-9/28/1800

Magdalena DORMEIER 4/15/1730-12/2/1822, aged 83y 7m 17d

Elizabeth DRUCKENMILLER 4/8/1827-3/4/1911

John DUNSTAN son of William and Elizabeth Dunstan

Lizzie Jane DUNSTAN 3/30/1873-3/7/1881, aged 7y 11m 7d, daughter of William and Elizabeth Dunstan

Philip N. DUNSTAN 1861-1933, with Rosina M. DUNSTAN 1867-1935

Emma ECK 9/1/1856-10/3/1921, aged 65y 1m 2d, wife of Wilson J. Eck

Peter F. ECK 9/23/1886-4/31/1913 (sic), aged 26y 7m 7d

Wilson J. ECK 8/15/1858-1/13/1886, aged 27y 4m 28d

Caroline ECKERT 12/20/1823-7/4/1871, aged 47y 6m 14d, wife of Marks E. Eckert, daughter of John and Rebecca Flamer

Anna Christina FENSTERMACHER 2/29/1772-8/20/1843, aged 71y 5m 20d, wife of Christian Fenstermacher, nee -uler(?)

Christian FENSTERMACHER 7/2/1762-3/30/1846, aged 83y 8m 28d

Jacob FOGELE 10/2/1833-2/16/1835, aged 1y 4m 14d, son of Cornelius and Anna Fogele

Judith FOGELE 11/3/1820-10/9/1835, aged 14y 11m 6d, daughter of Christian and Catharina Fogle

Charles FOLK 11/15/1820-2/6/1905 aged 84y 2m 21d, with Rosalinda FOLK 3/12/1832-7/14/1912, aged 80y 4m 2d

Daniel FREDERICK 10/8/1808-8/1/1889, aged 80y 9m 23d

William FRIEDERICH 5/4/1836-12/12/1838, aged 2y 5m 8d, son of Jacob and Christina Friederich

Elisabeth FRIEDRICH 3/18/1774-12/19/1858, aged 84y 9m 4d, wife of Jacob Friedrich

Elisabeth FRIEDRICH 9/3/1813-9/24/1848, aged 35y 21d, daughter of Jacob and Elisabeth Friedrich

Jacob FRIEDRICH 1/13/1781-2/13/1857, aged 76y 1m

Rahel FRIEDRICH 1/5/1812-11/24/1871, aged 59y 10m 19d, daughter of Jacob and Elisabeth Friedrich

Unknown FRIEDRICH child of ? and Marielle Friedrich

Henry FRITSCH 8/30/1781-8/20/1850, aged 68y 11m 20d

John FRITSCH 11/7/1806-1/24/1889, aged 82y 2m 17d

Manoah FRITSCH 10/5/1854-10/16/1858, aged 4y 11d, son of John and Maria Fritsch


Sarah FRITSCH 5/14/1840-5/28/1862, aged 22y 14d, daughter of John and Maria Fritsch

Valatin GEIST 4/4/1821-9/25/1823 aged 2y 5m 21d son of Valatin and Sussanna Geist, with M------- GEIST 3/31/1816-9/26/1823 aged 7y 5m 25d

Valentin GEIST 10/3/1762(?)-12/28/1849, aged 87y(?) 2m 25d, Veteran

Catharine GEIST 7/2/1762-2/9/1850, aged 87y 5m 11d, wife of Valentin Geist, nee Dornmeier

Jacob GEIST 2/2/1794-9/25/1841, aged 47y 7m 23d

Unknown GEIST b. and d. 10/24(?)/1861, son of Dvid and Maria Geist

Wilhelm GEIST son of Jacob and Rebecca Geist

Susanna GEIST 9/22/1804-1/30/1829, aged 24y 4m 8d, wife of Benjamin Geist, daughter of M------ Schwartz(?)

John GINKINGER  Full View  2/2/1788-9/30/1861 aged 73y 7m 28d, with Elisabeth GINKINGER 11/20/1796-5/26/1870 aged 73y 6m 6d wife of John Ginkinger, and --uctan(?) GINKINGER  7/31/1835-11/12/1859 aged 12d son of John and Elisabeth Ginkinger

Catharina HAAS 4/16/1791-3/8/1890, aged 99y 10m 22d, wife of John Haas

Esther HAAS 1/9/1821-10/27/1822, aged 1y 9m 18d, daughter of Johann and Catharina Haas

Hanna Catharina HAAS 12/2/1811-10/24/1822, aged 10y 10m 22d, daughter of Johann and Catharina Haas

Johannaes HAAS 12/24/1822-7/15/1829, aged 6y 6m 20d, son of Johann and Catharina Haas

Sarah Ana HAAS 1/18/1815-10/5/1816, aged 1y 8m 18d, daughter of Nathan and Eleise(?) Haas

Harvey Richard HERTZOG 11/30/1861-5/3/1862, aged 5m 3d, son of Nathan and Mary Ann Hertzog

Joel Richard HERTZOG 1/23/1860-?/19/1861, aged 1y ?m 26d, son of Nathan and Mary Ann Hertzog

Magdalena HILLEGAS 7/16/1791-1/16/1817, aged 25y 6m, daughter of Balatin and Catharina Geiss

Oscar F. HOWERTER 6/3/1867-7/8/1931

W. T. K. 

David KAYSER 5/12/1805-11/24/1833, aged 28y 6m 12d, married Catharina 1828, also son William Kayser(?) 2/7/1829-11/20/1833 aged 4y 8m 13d

Christina KIEFFER 8/13/1772-10/22/1861, aged 89y 2m 9d, wife of Johannes Kieffer

Elizabeth KIEFFER daughter of Goerge and Hannah Kieffer

George KIEFFER 3/10/1814-2/28/1893, aged 78y 11m 18d

Hannah KIEFFER 2/21/1822-6/21/1893, aged 71y 4m

Johannes KIEFFER 3/9/1765-11/25/1848, aged 84y 8m 16d

John KIEFFER b. 7/14

Peter KLEIN  Original Stone  1731-1813 Immigrant, with Christina KLEIN 1727-1789 nee Martz

Margarita KLOTZ 3/1/1794-3/10/????, wife of Casper Klotz

A. Maria LANDER 2/16/1795-2/23/1867, aged 72y 7d, wife of Georg Lander

George LANDER 2/10/1790-1/7/1861, aged 70y 10m 27d

Carl LANG 1/24/1815-3/30/1888, aged 73y 2m 6d

Christina LANG 2/20/1802-5/1/1886, aged 84y 2m 11d, wife of Carl Lang, nee Diener(?)

Elizabeth LANG 

James LANG 8/3/1837-4/14/1858, aged 20y 8m 11d, son of Carl and Christina Lang

Catharina LEIMBACH 10/2?/1748-4/21(?)/1805, aged 56y 5m 20d(?)

Johan Gottl-- LEIMBACH 12/15/1730(?)-1/5/1831, aged 90y(?) 18d

Emeline LEVAN 1/23/1833-9/25/1906

J. Harvey LEVAN 1/1/1860-1/7/1882

I. P. 

Clinton A. REINERT 8/2/1853-5/8/1927, with wife Sallie A. REINERT 3/13/1856-11/10/1931

Merlin REINERT d. 7/4/1900, aged 27d

Unknown REINERT 12(?)/30/184?-3/?/1874(?), wife of Samuel Reinert, nee Ader(?)

Anna REPPERT d. 3/19/1838, aged 23y(?) 6m 4d, wife of Joseph Repper and daughter of the former(?) of Samuel Cox

Ellen A. ROMIG 11/14/1855-10/1/1930

Simon P. ROMIG 5/31/1846-2/17/1917

S. J. S. 

Catharina SANDS 5/6/1795-2/2/1825, aged 29y 8m 26d, wife of Samuel Sands, nee Lescher(?)

Jacob SANDS 9/22/1819-1/15/1847, aged 27y 3m 24d

Samuel SANDS 4/28/1782-2/2/1833, aged 50y 9m ?d, married Catharina Lescher(?) 1811

Elizabeth SCHELL d. 4/14/1890, aged 60y

Caspar SCHMICK 11/?/1795-8/18/1876, aged 80y 9m 20d

Charles SCHMICK 

Maria SCHMICK 12/8/1804-9/27/1837, aged 33y 9m 19d, wife of Caspar Schmick

Elizabeth SCHONTZ 2/2/1785-11/1/1810, aged 25y 8m 29d, daughter of Ballintin and Catharina Geist

Charles SCHWARTZ 9/27/1862-10/4(?)/1862, son of Levi and Sarah Schwartz

Levi SCHWARTZ 1/3/1814-5/2/1889, aged 75y 3m 29d

Sarah A. SCHWARTZ 1/3/1820-1/20/1900, aged 80y 17d, wife of Levi Schwartz, nee Weiler

Sarah Judith SCHWARTZ 10/20/18??-8/28/????, daughter of Levi and Sarah A. Schwartz

L---- SCHWARTZ 6/14/1855-4/4/1872, aged 1?y 9m 20d, daughter of Levi and Sara A. Schwartz

Baby SHIREY b. and d. 6/15/1909, daughter of Daniel and Alice Shirey

Wm. H. SHOEMAKER 6/19/1840-10/12/1911 aged 71y 3m 23d Co. I 128 Regt. PA, with Mary E. SHOEMAKER 1/9/1851-2/25/1932 aged 81y 1m 16d

Ephraim SWAVELY 9/5/1825-1/30/1884, aged 58y 3m 25d

Jacob SWAVELY 3/15/1863-9/24/1887, aged 24y 6m 9d, son of Ephraim and Mary Swavely

Peter TROLLINGER 7/4/1767-9/20/1852, aged 85y 2m 16d

Barbara VOLK 3/29/1740-7/8/1806, aged 66y 3m 9d, wife of Joseph Volk

Carl WAGENHORST  View 2  6/21/1814-11/15/1883, aged 69y 4m 24d, next to H. W.

Catharine WAGENHORST 6/10/1819-?/?/1873, aged ?y 7m 27d, wife of Carl Wagenhorst

Jacob WAGENHORST 1/29/1822-12/27/1851


Amanda Louisa WALBERT 11/11/1854-10/1/1860, aged 5y 10m 20d, daughter of David and Maria Walbert

David WALBERT 4/22/1813-4/19/1893, aged 79y 11m 27d

Maria WALBERT 2/6/1829-11/20/1905, aged 76y 9m 12d, nee Smith

Anna Caroline WEAVER 4/30/1827-9/16/1846, aged 19y 4m 16d, wife of Balentin Weaver, nee Everter(?)

Caroline WETZEL 7/21/1845-4/7/1861, aged 15y 8m 16d, daughter of Georg and Lea Wetzel

Catharina WETZEL 4/4/1802-2/4/1890(?), aged 87y(?) 10m, wife of Daniel Wetzel, nee Berger

Catharine WETZEL 11/3/1855-5/12/1861, daughter of Georg and Lea Wetzel

Daniel WETZEL 9/11/1792-8/11/1870(?)

Levi WETZEL 1/24/1858-5/14/1861, aged 3y 3m 21d, son of Georg and Lea Wetzel

Lovina WETZEL 4/27/1851-5/17/1861, aged 10y 20d, daughter of Georg and Lea Wetzel

Maria WETZEL 7/6/1842-4/1/1861, aged 18y 8m 16d, daughter of Georg and Lea Wetzel

Sara Anna WETZEL 9/26/1834-4/4/1860, aged 26y 6m 8d, wife of Solomon ?, nee Wetzel

Carl XANIER 1/23/1815-2/1/1883, aged 68y 8d


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