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David BITTENBENDER 10/27/1819-5/22/1859, aged 39y 6m 22d, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Elizabeth BITTENBENDER 5/18/1877-1/25/1898, aged 20y 8m 7d, daughter of Henry and Louisa (Rauch) Bittenbender, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Franklin H. BITTENBENDER 12/6/1859-6/21/1888, aged 28y 6m 15d, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Henry H. BITTENBENDER 5/10/1847-6/28/1913, aged 66y 1m 18d, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Jacob BITTENBENDER 6/3/1791-5/17/1859, aged 67y 11m 14d, husband of Susanna Jung Bittenbender, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Kate A. BITTENBENDER 10/27/1818-5/27/1905, aged 76y 7m, nee Berky, wife of Samuel Bittenbender, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert,   View 2 , Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Lucinda G. BITTENBENDER 7/9/1854-12/21/1933, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

M. Louisa BITTENBENDER 9/13/1847-8/8/1928, aged 80y 10m 25d, wife of Henry H. Bittenbender, nee Rauch, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Samuel BITTENBENDER 7/4/1824-2/22/1908, aged 83y 7m 18d,  Contributor:  Ramona Rickert
View 2   Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Sarah BITTENBENDER d. 6/2/1895, aged 66y 2m 29d, daughter of Jacob and Susanna Bittenbender, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert,    View 2  Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Susanna BITTENBENDER 10/11/1792-6/14/1874, aged 81y 8m 13d, wife of Jacob Bittenbender, nee Jung, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Minnie M. BUTZ d. 5/14/1907, aged 31y 7m 11d, wife of Harrison F. Butz, nee Moll, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

David CARL 10/4/1788-2/12/1867, aged 78y 4m 8d, Veteran, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Maria CARL 12/16/1787-9/30/1871, aged 83y 9m 14d, wife of David Carl, nee Heimbach, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Michael CARL 3/18/1790-8/2/1870, aged 80y 4m 14d, Veteran, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Susanna CARL 11/11/1795-5/12/1877, wife of Michael Carl, nee Minker, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Judith DELONG 2/23/1810-7/18/1858, aged 48y 4m 23d, wife of Benjamin Delong, nee Hoffman, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Anna FOX 10/25/1795-5/3/1879, aged 83y 6m 8d, wife of John Fox, nee Berkey, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

John FOX 7/15/1793-4/22/1875, aged 81y 9m 7d, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Samuel S. FOX 1886-1972, with Katie S. FOX 1889-1937, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Catharine GEHRIS 12/28/1810-12/28/1860, aged 50y, wife of Abraham Gehris, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Daniel GERHART d. 1813, with Barbara, parents of 11 children, erected 1958 Gerhart Family Reunion, organized 1911, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Aaron GERY 10/12/1817-4/6/1883, husband of Lydia (Wieand) Gery, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Allen GERY 9/7/1856-3/6/1917, aged 60y 5m 29d, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Amelia GERY 6/25/1848-7/30/1909, aged 61y 1m 5d, nee Bittenbender, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Calvin S. GERY 3/31/1878-6/6/1914, aged 36y 2m 6d, son of Charles D. and Amelia Gery, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Charles D. GERY 5/8/1847-1/22/1929, aged 81y 8m 14d, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Charles N. GERY 10/28/1827-2/5/1917, aged 94y 3m 7d, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Elizabeth GERY 1/24/1827-12/26/1895, aged 68y 11m 2d, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Elizabeth GERY 1/12/1788-12/24/1878, aged 89y 11m 12d, wife of Jacob Gery, nee Gregory, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Glancy Milton GERY 8/13/1887-7/6/1915, aged 27y 10m 23d, son of Milton M. and Sallie E. Gery, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

James L. GERY 2/26/1848-11/25/1902, with Elizabeth GERY 8/3/1848-2/19/1937 nee Warmkessel, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Jefferson W. GERY 12/7/1846-1/17/1926, son of Aaron Gery, brother of Milton W. Gery, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

John H. GERY 1870-1938, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Lizzie GERY 5/17/1854-6/20/1919, wife of Erwin C. Gery, nee Baus, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Lydia GERY 4/6/1816-1/30/1899, wife of Aaron Gery, nee Wieand, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Mary A. GERY 6/21/1859-1/19/1947, wife of Milton W. Gery, nee Ziegler, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Mary L. GERY 8/26/1862-7/9/1955, aged 92y 10m 13d, nee Bittenbender, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Michael Treichler GERY 2/22/1795-8/17/1870, aged 75y 5m 25d, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert,
View 2  Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Milton M. GERY 11/26/1848-1/17/1923, aged 74y 1m 21d, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Milton W. GERY 2/7/1856-12/22/1925, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Robert E. GERY 1891-1951, with Maggie M. GERY 1893-1976, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Sara GERY 3/7/1795-7/25/1844, aged 49y 4m 18d, wife of Michael Gery, nee Nusz, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Sarah E. GERY 9/20/1847-7/21/1929, aged 81y 10m 1d, nee Bittenbender, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Mary Gery GOVELY 8/23/1824-10/14/1907, aged 83y 1m 21d, wife of David Govely, daughter of Michael Treichler & Sara (Nuss) Gery, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Fianna D. HERTZOG 3/3/1863-4/12/1884, aged 21y 1m 9d, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Sarah R. HERTZOG 9/19/1885-10/25/1932, aged 67y 1m 6d, wife of William R. Hertzog, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

William R. HERTZOG 7/4/1839-1/10/1918, aged 78y 6m 6d, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Susanna HOFFMAN 1/24/1819-2/15/1873, aged 54y 22d, wife of Henry H. Hoffman, nee Moll, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Catharina HUFF 12/22/1815-11/26/1???, wife of Johannes Hoff, nee Rohrbach, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Friedrich HUFF 4/17/1777-10/8/1854, aged 77y 5m 21d, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Johannes HUFF 7/3/1816-11/2/1861, aged 45y 3m 30d, son of Friedrich and Barbara Huff, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert,    View 2  Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Edwin H. KLEINSMITH 5/26/1908-12/8/1991, with Luella E. (Rohrbach) KLEINSMITH 12/27/1911-8/28/1997, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Anna MECK 10/25/1785-3/9/1873, aged 87y 4m 12d, wife of Samuel Meck, daughter of Charles and Catharine Cramp, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Samuel MECK 9/13/1785-10/6/1874, aged 89y 23d, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Anna MOLL d. 4/12/1842, aged 33y, wife of George Moll, nee Fox, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Angelina MOLL 3/2/1842-4/14/1911, wife of Franklin F. Moll, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Catharina MOLL 11/16/1812-1/20/????, wife of Jacob Moll, daughter of Adam Bossert, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Catharina MOLL 8/23/1805-6/7/1887, wife of Johannes B. Moll, nee Huff, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Christopher MOLL 11/15/1814-1/16/1881, aged 66y 1m 2d, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Elisabeth MOLL 6/15/1780-4/23/1842, aged 61y 10m 8d, wife of John Moll, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Elisabeth MOLL 4/16/1805-4/?/1838, aged 33y, wife of George Moll, nee Siesholtz, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Emma MOLL 3/24/1854-9/26/1931, aged 77y 6m 2d, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Emmalinda E. MOLL 8/23/1847-2/6/1911, aged 63y 6m 13d, wife of William B. Moll, nee Gery, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Eve Miller MOLL 1783-1842, aged 61y (sic), wife of George Moll, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Franklin F. MOLL 9/19/1838-9/2/1907, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

George MOLL 1774-1855, aged 81y, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

George MOLL 6/27/1802-3/16/1877, aged 74y 10m 19d, son of Johann and Elizabeth Moll, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

George F. MOLL 7/13/1844-12/14/1913, aged 69y 5m 1d, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Hetty MOLL 10/23/1809-3/25/1876, aged 66y 5m 2d, wife of Jacob Moll, nee Gehris, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Johannes MOLL 10/11/1775-2/6/1860, aged 84y 3m 26d, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

John MOLL 8/21/1807-6/23/1878, aged 70y 10m 2d, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

John F. MOLL 3/24/1835-8/15/1874, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Maria MOLL 3/18/1804-4/11/1877, aged 73y 24d, wife of George Moll, nee Lichtenwalner, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Susanna MOLL 2/2/1844-9/22/1863, aged 19y ?d, daughter of Christopher and Susanna Moll, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Susanna MOLL 3/12/1812-10/6/1881, aged 68y 8m 24d, wife of Christopher Moll, nee Repp, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

William B. MOLL 2/1/1843-10/2/1919, aged 76y 8m 1d, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Charles Freeman RADER 10/27/1864-10/8/1932, with Emma E. (Gery) RADER 12/21/1867-11/13/1933, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Charles A. RAUCH 12/30/1850-8/21/1924, aged 73y 7m 21d, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

David B. RAUCH 12/23/1842-11/10/1922, with Elizia Ann R. RAUCH 5/3/1846-4/4/1917, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Hannah M. RAUCH 11/26/1854-3/3/1930, aged 75y 3m 7d, wife of Charles A. Rauch, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Conrad REPP 8/22/1773-4/4/1845, aged 71y 7m 13d, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Carolina ROHRBACH 10/5/1839-7/16/1915, aged 75y 9m 11d, wife of Franklin Rohrbach, nee Frey, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Enoch L. ROHRBACH 2/8/1884-3/6/1954, with Almeda A. (Rader) ROHRBACH 6/1/1889-9/7/1977, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Franklin ROHRBACH 10/19/1840-4/30/1911, aged 70y 6m 11d, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Glancy Charles ROHRBACH 3/5/1916-8/13/1922, aged 6y 5m 8d, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

James A. ROHRBACH 4/30/1882-6/27/1945, with Sallie Ann ROHRBACH 3/14/1880-5/25/1934, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Oscar L. ROHRBACH 10/1/1894-5/20/1945, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Johannes ROLAND 12/11/1799-2/15/1880, aged 80y 2m 4d, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Susanna ROLAND 7/19/1798-4/26/1875, aged 76y 9m 7d, wife of Johannes Roland, nee Eschbach, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Catharine E. ROTH 8/21/1858-2/17/1906, aged 47y 6m 27d, wife of Dr. J. A. Roth, nee Gery, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Eva SALLADE d. 4/22/1837, aged 66y, wife of George Sallade, nee Kintner, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

George SALLADE 2/4/1766-4/1/1852, aged 86y 1m 28d, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

William H. SALLADE 1839-1912, with wife Sarah E. SALLADE 1844-1929, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Catharine SCHALL 3/9/1805-8/24/1873, wife of David Schall, nee Endy, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

David SCHALL 5/25/1801-1/22/1877, aged 75y 7m 28d, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Sallie SCHALL 2/8/1850-12/20/1873, aged 23y 10m 12d, wife of Alfred Schall, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Gery, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Lovina SCHELL 12/26/1839-3/6/186?, wife of Addison W. Schell, nee Huff, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

Catherina Heinlen SCHULER 9/19/1806-3/3/1867, wife of Jacob Schuler, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Jacob SCHULER 12/5/1798-1/24/1878, husband of Catharine Heinlen Schuler, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Catharina SCHWOYER 4/16/1836-5/8/1859, wife of Daniel H. Schwoyer, daughter of Jacob and Susanna Bittenbender, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Adam R. TROLLINGER b. 4/5/1844, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Emaline W. TROLLINGER 9/9/1842-1/4/1915, wife of Adam R. Trollinger, nee Gery, Contributor: Kitty Pherson

Solomon WENDLING 5/1/1809-5/17/1891, aged 82y 16d, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert

John ZIMMERMAN 4/6/1794-10/9/1878, aged 84y 6m 3d, son of Abraham and Anna Zimmerman, Veteran, Contributor:  Ramona Rickert


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