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Lucy A. ANGSTADT 9/5(?)/1847-8/13/1910, aged 82y 10m ?d

Theobald BIEBER 6/2/1756-5/13/1826, aged 69y 11m 11d, Revolutionary War Veteran

Nathan BOWER 11/25/1823-9/12/1905, aged 81y 9m 17d

Maria Barbara CONRAD 1/26/1794-3/21/1854, aged 60y 3m 26d

John DE LANG 3/27/1723-11/22/1813, aged 90y 7m 27d, Revolutionary War Veteran

Susanna DE LANG 9/4/1775-8/26/1808, aged 32y 11m 22d, wife of Joseph De Lang, nee Weberin

Anna DELONG 7(?)/1(?)/1805-5/6(?)/1883

Barbara DELONG 7/18/1756-1/18/18??, wife of Michael Delong, Bollebach

Caroline DELONG 8/12/1851-5/6/1880, wife of A. B. Delong, nee Hoch

Elisabeth DELONG 10/22/1798-12/19/1863, aged 65y 1m 28d, wife of Daniel Delong, nee Delong

Godion DELONG 10/29/1800-5/30/1821, aged 20y 7m 15d, son of Joseph Delong and Susana(?) nee Wayne(?)

Maria DELONG 9/5(?)/1810-3/15/1821, aged 10y 6m 10d, daughter of Joseph Delong and wife Susanna nee Butz

Michael DELONG 1/4/1792-8/2/1881, aged 89y 6m 28d

Michael DELONG 11/26/1739-1/26/1819, aged 79y 2m, Revolutionary War Veteran

Rebecca DELONG 9/10/1798-10/2/1864, aged 66y 22d, wife of Michael Delong, nee Lobach

Jacob DIENER 10/5/1782-4/18/1864, aged 81y 6m 13d

Maria DIENER 3/7/1787-9(?)/17/1865(?), wife of Jacob Diener

James A. FEGELY 9/23/1842-8/17/1881, aged 38y 10m 24d

Mary Anna FENSTERMACHER 9/5/????-2/24/????, aged 86y(?) 5m 19d, nee Schac--

Unknown FENSTERMACHER 8/11/1819-7/12/1877, aged 57y 11m 1d

Eleanora GRIM 10/9/1813-1/12/1835, wife of Ruben Grim, nee Ziegler

Emma P. GROSSCOP d. 2/?/1896(?), aged 4y 6m(?) 7d, daughter of Daniel and Susanna Grosscop

Jacob HAAK 7/6/1773-9/30/????, son of Jacob and Margaretha nee Dubs

Jacob HAAK 5/3/1744-1/26/1829, aged 84y 8m 23d, Revolutionary War Veteran

Margaretha HAAK 11/26/1746-8/24/1826, wife of Jacob Haak, nee Dubs

Sallie HAAS 10/27/1826-11/3/1889, aged 63y 6d, wife of John Peter Haas, widow of Samuel Kercher

Johann HAUS 6/14/1835-10/15/1868

Maria Catharina HOCH 8/16/1759-?, wife of Daniel Hoch, nee Scharadin


Margaretha HOFFMAN 10/22/1779-10/23/????, wife of Jacob Hoffman, nee Welcker

Jairus HOTTENSTEIN 6/30/1828-2/2/1877 aged 48y 7m 2d, with Eliza J. HOTTENSTEIN 5/4/1840-3/29/1923 aged 82y 10m 25d nee Wagenhorst

Johannes KARCHER 1/29/1758-3/2/1824, aged 66y 1m ?d, Revolutionary War Veteran

Jacob KELLER 12/4/1871-7/26/1899, aged 18y 7m 22d, son of Jacob and Mary A. Keller

Jacob KELLER 4/13/1824-5/9/1910, aged 86y 26d

Mary Ann KELLER 2/26/1826(?)-12/28/19??, aged 74y 10m 2d, nee Stoner(?)

Benjamin KERCHER 1854-1876

John Martin KERCHER 7/4/1848-11/30/1884, son of Samuel and Saly A. Kerchner

Benjamin KERCHNER 1818-11/19/1870(?), aged 52y(?) 8m 28d

Friederich KIEFER 5/4/1762-9/2/1845, aged 83y 3m 28d

Jacob KIEFER 4/1/1795-8/11/1862, aged 67y 4m 10d, Veteran

Peter KIEFFER 12/14/1756-11/30/1845, aged 78y 11m 16d, Revolutionary War Veteran

Hanna KUTZ(?) 9/7/1804-?, wife of Johannes Kutz(?), nee Diener

Samuel T. LANDIS 12/3/1820-10/25(?)-1867(?), ---ster ---- Co. F.(?), Veteran

Anna Catharina LOBACH 3/13/1774-1/?/1821(?), wife of Friedrich Lobach, nee Diener

Johann MERKEL  View 2  2/15/1842-11/2/1866, aged 24y 9m ?d, son of Jonathan and Judith Merkel, Civil War Veteran

Judith MERKEL 5/21/1818-9/16/1877, aged 59y 3m 26d, wife of Jonathan Merkel, nee Fenstermacher

Elizabeth REPPERT 11/15/1805-1/7/1888, aged 82y 1m 22d, wife of J.(?) Melchor Reppert, nee Schriver(?)

Peter REPPERT 7/14/1843-1/14/1916, aged 72y 6m, son of Melcher and Elizabeth Reppert

Johannes SAND 1/23/1852-10/2/1858, aged 6y 8m 8d(?), son of Johannes and Elizabeth Sand

Jacob SCHIRADIN 1/8/1761-1/9/1822, aged 61y 1d, born in Maxataw

Maria Anna SCHMIDT 7/13/1851-7/14/1868, aged 17y 1d, daughter of Jacob and Sara Schmidt

Barbara SELL 4/?/1???-6/18(?)/1???, aged 88y 9m 28d

George SELL 1/10/1770-2/22/1853, aged 83y 1m 12d

John SICHER 3/15/1837-10/18/1908, aged 71y 7m 3d

Philip SICHER 1807-1889

Susan SICHER 1811-1891, nee Wagner

Catharina STERNER 3/11/1777-4/14/1851, aged 74y ?m 3d, wife of Heinrich Sterner, nee Schantz

Unknown STERNER 2/22/1807-9/?/1849, aged 41y 6m 15d, daughter of Heinrich and Catharina Sterner

Henry STOUDT 3/?/1827-9/2/1879(?), aged ?y 6m ?d

Otillia STOUDT 12/12/1827-8/3/1877, aged 49y 7m 21d, wife of Henry Stoudt, nee Reppert

Elizabeth STROHME wife of Peter Strohme

David WEISER 4/19/1841-8/17/1867, aged 26y 3m 28d, son of William and Elizabeth Weiser

Andreas ZIEGLER 11/30/1744-2/28/1800, aged 55y 2m 28d

Andreas ZIEGLER 1/18/1773-5/10/1849, aged 76y 3m 23d

Henrietta Sophia ZIEGLER 7/25/1749-8/5/1829, aged 80y 10d, wife of Andreas, married 1768(?), nee Reidig

Magdalena Anna ZIEGLER 11/9/1775-4/6/1845, aged 69y 4m 28d, wife of Andreas Ziegler, nee Meier

Nathan ZIEGLER 7/25/1810-2/11/1847, aged 36y 6m 17d

Peter ZIEGLER 3/30/1788(?)-10/12/1834, aged 51y 8m 12d (sic)

Susanna ZIEGLER 6/21/1788-7/24/1842, aged 54y 1m 3d, wife of Peter Ziegler


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