Allegheny County, PA

Turner Cemetery

a.k.a. - Mary S. Brown United Methodist Cemetery

a.k.a. - Memorial Methodist Cemetery

a.k.a. - Squirrel Hill Cemetery

3424 Beechwood Blvd.

Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA

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(contributed by Rich Boyer)

Cemetery is administered by the church, but it was never a church cemetery.  The Cemetery was given to Peebles Township by John Turner:

Mary S. Brown-Ames Memorial United Methodist Church
3424 Beechwood Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
(412) 421-4431

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(partial survey)

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Bell, William C., died 06 July 1851, age 38, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Clark, John D., Co. D, PA Inf., (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Craig Family, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Ebdy, Edward Schenley, died 21 Apr 1880, in the 23rd year of his age, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Little, Joseph, died 25 Oct 1860, age 72, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Patterson, Jonathan, son of Geo. & Anna Patterson, born 07 Feb 1857, died 12 Feb 1860, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Schmeltz, Edward, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Schmeltz, Robert, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Tomkins, Thomas, Native of Wales, died 30 Mar 1851, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Turner, John, died 20 May 1840, aged 85, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Turner, Susanna, died 01 Apr 1833, consort of John Turner, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Winders, Ann, wife of James Winders, daughter of Thomas Tomkins, died ?? Mar, 1850, aged 27 years, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Zschoegner, Infant Son of Traucott & Barbara Zschoegner, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

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