Allegheny County, PA

African-American Military Cemetery

Cemetery Lane

Ross Township, Allegheny County, PA

(partial survey)

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(contributed by Rich Boyer)

     Directions: From Babcock Blvd. heading south, make a right onto Cemetery Lane; up the hill approx. 1/4 mile, on your left is a dirt road. You can drive up but not advised (rocky, uneven, narrow), the mud quickly turns into grass/ground cover. There is a level spot in the middle of the hill that looks like a car could use it. In 2006 this cemetery was reported in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to be owned by United Cemeteries where records may be available (contributed from Norm Meinert's Page).

Tombstone Photos

(partial survey)

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Transcribers Note: There are a ton of unmarked graves and there might be a few more markers buried in the grass, it is very high.

Hill, Elizabeth, (view 2), wife of William Hill, 18?? - 1921, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Jones, Walter, Horseshoer Supply Co. 369th Inf., Enlisted 18 Sept 1917, Discharged 15 Apr 1919, born 1891, died 12 June 1932, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Payne, Josephine, 1010 - 1995, Behm Funeral Home, Inc., (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Scroggins, Mary S., 1850 - 1910, mother, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Scroggins, Norman H., Corporal, Co. D, Repl. Tr. Centre, enlisted 22 Aug 1918, discharged 11 Dec 1918, born 21 Apr 1893, died 01 Nov 1938, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Scroggins, Oliver L., Pvt. 6th PION Inf., enlisted 02 Aug 1918, discharged 15 Oct 1919, born 24 Mar 1889, died 12 June 1942, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Scroggins, W. H., (view 2), U.S.S. Nansemond, 21 Dec 1916, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Stephens, Christopher C., Pvt. 565th Casual Det. U.S. Army, enlisted 24 Sept 1918, discharged 07 Dec 1918, born 06 Nov 1892, died 09 Sept 1963, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Unknown, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

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