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Foreign Nations War Veteran Markers

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Foreign Nations War Veteran Markers

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D. A. V. K. V. - Germany

D. A. V. K. V.

 found on graves of German veterans of WWI in Blair County Cemeteries



Haller's Blue Army - Poland

Haller's Blue Army

     Cross of Polish Soldiers from America (Krzyz Zolnierzy Polskich z Ameryki). The cross was instituted by order of Jozef Pilsudski in 1920, to honor Polish volunteers from Canada and U.S.A. who came to Poland to defend the newly emerged Republic.
On the picture you can see a bronze arrow cross with flames between the arms holding the names of the places where American volunteers were present SZAMPANIA (Champagne) : LWOW (Lviv) : WOLYN (Volyn) : POMORZE (Pomerania). The arms themselves bear the following inscription SWOIM ZOLNIERZOM Z AMERYKI OSWOBO DZONA POLSKA - The Liberated Poland To Her Soldiers From America).

     The Haller Army, the Blue Army (Błękitna Armia), and also as the Polish Legion in France. This Blue Army (they wore horizon blue French uniforms) was the Polish-American contribution to the forces on the western front in WWI. Made up of volunteers of recent Polish immigrants to the United States, they initially fought under the French, but they later fought in the name of Poland and for the ultimate goal of Polish independence. By the war's end this force was officially recognized as the independent Polish Army and their leader was General Jozef Haller (please see for additional information)



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