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Rotterdam via Plymouth to Philadelphia
Qualified September 30, 1732

The following lists have been published in Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808 by Ralph B. Strassburger and William J Hinke (Norristown Pennsylvania German Society, 1934; reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co. and Picton Press).
There are three sets of passenger lists:
The "A" lists are the Captains' Lists of passengers being imported (these are usually the most inaccurate of the three); The "B" lists are the Oaths of Allegiance to the King; the "C" lists are Oaths of Abjuration from the Pope. An individual being transported may be found on one or all of the three lists.
[List 26 A] A True List of all the Passengers on board the Dragon, Commander Charles Hargrave, from Rotterdam. [Qualified Sepr. 30th 1732.]
Wilhelm Kyjer, sick           Johann Kyjer             Simon Basserer, dumb
Andreas Beetel	              Hans Georg Kroner        Ulrich Bare
Peter Matern	              Dietrich Kraner          Georg Hayl
Michael Dirr	              William Tsiegler         Georg Uhlman, sick
Martin Wytknecht	      Johannes Shryok          Ludwich Syp
Christoph Hoffman	      Nicolaus Muller          Frans Syp
Jacob Lypersberger	      Christian Hoober         Henrich Zowck, sick
Georg Adam Bender	      Daniel Steinmetz, sick   Laurence Bechtle, sick     
Wendel Laaber	              Philip Hoffman           Jacob Tups, sick
Georg Roodt	              John Hayea, sick         Wolfgang Birle, sick
Adam Romich	              Jacob Hayea, sick        Hans Georg Soldner
Federich Romich	              Georg Hayea              Friederich Engelhart
Leonhard Schlosser	      Simon Peltzner           Christoph Basserer
Leonhard Muller	              Philip Shlowch           Dietrich Boocher, sick
William Franck	              Andreas Shlowch          Jacob Byerle
Peter Rowdenbosh              Michael Rysner           Michale Nusloch, sick
Henry Rowdenbosh              Rudolph Illick           Georg Tsober, sick
Jacob Shark	              Martin Kopler            Henrich Klein
Henrich Groober               Henrich Baasler          Jacob Klein
Peter Wolff	              Ludwig Schitz            Felix Bronner
Johannes Hearburger	      Leonhard Pence           Georg Fawntz 
Johan Wittman                 Michael Graaf	       Tobis Paul					
George Adam Hayl              Peter Schlosser          Georg Dirr                                       
   Men           70
   Women         53
   Children      62
   Total        185		         
A True List of Passengers entered from on Bord ye Ship Dragon.
Pr. Charles Hargrave.
"At the Courthouse aforesaid, Sepr 30th , 1732.
Fifty five Palatines, who with their families, making in all
One hundred & seventy Persons, were imported here in the
Ship Dragon, Charles Hargrave, Master, from Rotterdam, 
but last from Plymouth, as by Clearance thence."  From the 
Minutes of the Provincial Council, printed in Colonial Records,
Vol. III, p. 458.

[List 26 B] Palatines imported in the Ship Dragon, Chas.
Hargrave, Mr , from Rotterdam, but last from Plymouth p.
Clearance thence.  Qualified Sepr 30th  1732.
Peter (O) Matern	      Leonard (O) Miller       Hans Martin Kappler
Hans George (O) Dirr          Johan Wilhelm Franck     Felix Brunner  
Martin Weidknecht             Heinrich Raudenbusch     Henrich Bosller
Christian (O) Hofman	      Hans Jacob Schörck       Hans Rudolff Illig	
Jacob (X) Lypersburge         Henrich Gruber           Frantz Seib
Hansh (O) Laabour	      Hans Peter Wolff         Hans Michell Reisner
Hans Adam Bender	      Johannes Heerburger      Ludwick (O) Sipe
Earick (O) Road	              Johannes Witmann         Andreas Schlauch	
Johann Adam Romich	      Jacob Klein              Georg Seib
Johann Friedrich Romic        Henrich Klein            George (X) Hoyle
Leonard (O) Slosser	      Johannes Geiger          Sio Belser [?]
Johann Georg Gruner	      Jerg Ludwig Schütz       Johann Philipp Schauch
Johann Dietrich Grune         Lenhart Bentz            Jans Jergi Hegi
Peter Schlosser	              Michael Graaff           Hans Jerg Heill
Hans Wilhelm                  Ziegler [Tobias] Ball    Johann Pett[er] Hofman
Johannes Schreyiackh	      Gerg Fantz               Has Ulrich Beer
Johan Nicklaus Müller         Johann Jacob Beyerle     Christoff Beser
Christian Huber	              Hans Gerg Soldner        Peter Raudenbusch
Mich! Dirr
[List 26 C] Palatines imported in the Ship Dragon, Chas.
Hargrave, Mr. Qualifd Sepr. 30th  1732.
Peter (O) Matern      	      Jacob Klein              Hans Gerg Soldner
Hans Gerg Heill               Hans Georg (O) Dirr      Henrich Klein
Michel Dirr	              Johannes Geiger          Felix Brunner
Martin Weidknecht	      Johann Georg Gruner      Frantz Seib
Christoph (O) Hofman	      Johann Dietrich Gruner   Ludwig (O) Sype
Hans Georg (X) Leipersberger  Peter Schlosser          Christopher Beser
Hans Wendel (O) Lahber	      Hans Wilhelm Ziegler     Johann Jacob Beyerle
Hans Adam Bender	      Johannes Schreyiackh     Georg Fantz
Hans Georg (O) Road	      Johan Nicklaus Müller    Georg Seib
Johann Adam Romich	      Christian Huber          Tobias Ball
Johann Friedrich Romich	      Johann Pett[er] Hofmann  Michael Graff
Leonhard (O) Schlosser	      Hans Jergi Hegi          Georg (X) Hayl
Leonhard (X) Müller	      Simon Belsner            Johannes Widtmann
Johann Wilhelm Franc          Johann Philip Schlauch   Lenhart Bentz
Peter Raudenbusch	      Andreas Schlauch         Johannes Widtmann
Henrich Raudenbusch	      Hans Michell Reisner     Jerg Ludwig Schütz
Hans Jacob Schörck	      Hans Rudolf Illig        Johannes Heerburger
Henrich Gruber	              Hans Martin Kappler      Henrich Bosler
Hans Peter Wolff

September 30th  1732.
At the Courthouse before the Govr & sevl of the Magistrates
the foregoing Qualifications were taken & subscribed by those
foreigners whose Names are contained on this Leaf.
Robt Charles, Cl. Con.

Passenger George Ludwig Schutz is ancestor of contributor 
Robert T. Scheetz 

Correspondence 2/7/02 passenger Wolff
I am a direct descendent of Hans Peter Wolff, from the Bavarian Swiss
Alps, coming on the ship "Dragon" as a Pallatine emigrant to Phildelphia. He 
paid his own passage. Two brothers came later.  Hans Peter received a Land 
Grant from King George, signed by William Penn. I have a copy of the original
Land Grant. Hans Peter and his sons  later sold their land in eastern
Pennsylvania and moved to the Washington County area, living near each
other. To eliminate confusion of "who lived where", on son chose to spell
his name Wolfe, but the other (Jacob - my ancestor) continued the
traditional spelling of Wolff.  Father Hans Peter at first refused to
denounce his sworn allegiance to the King who granted him land in his new
country, but as son Jacob rode off with others to serve in the
Revolutionary War, he changed his mind and joined with other Patriots in
the revolt for the freedom he came here for.

There is an historical marker near where Jacob's  "Wolff's Fort" was
located, and he is written about in a number of histories of
Pennsylvania, including those of the Pennsylvania Historical Society. 
His "fort" was actually a rock house surrounded by a stone wall, more
impervious to Indian attacks and arrows than the cabins of nearby
families, and when the infrequent, but scary, reports of marauding
Indians came, neighbors would rush to his "fort" for protection until the
fighting was over.

Jacob Wolff's "fort" lay on the route to the Western Territories and was
a stopover point for travelers from Philadelphia to their plantations in
what was later West Virginia. He was a Justice of the Peace, and it is
said that after he was called upon to perform a marriage, he would put
his hands in his pockets, smile jovially and say "Now, vere ish mine

Jacob's descendents continued West into Ohio and Tennessee, Alabama,
Illinois and Colorado, and continued on, taking the Wolff name westward
to the shores of the Pacific Ocean before the Bicentennial Anniversary of
our great country!  Anne Wolff O'Brien

Correspondence 11/19/02 passenger Wytknecht
MARTIN  WYTKNECHT is from my ancestry list of the earlier ones who came 
to the USA.  I have his lineage clear back to Hans weidknecht. My own 
gr grandmother was Mary Catherine Whitenack. She lived all her life in 
Pike Twp of Jay Co, Indiana.  Her husband was a military man with honors.  
Her own son's mother in law married her brother when his wife died.  He 
was Willam Whitenack.  

Mary's father was Isaac (Ysak) Whitenack and his father was Cornlius Weidknecht 
and  Maria Collins, Weidknecht,  before him was Cornelius and Rachel Servey, 
Weidknecht. For more information contact Kathy Strine 

Contributed by Robert T. Scheetz
for The Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild.

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