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PRIOR TO 1810.

Volume I.

Clarence M. Busch.

State Printer of Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Volume 8.

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1685 — 1689,

[In volume II of this series of Archives are contained such records of marriage licenses, issued by the Provincial authorities, as were found in the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth. Since then, the following paper has come into the hands of the Editors, which affords a fitting preface to the marriage records forming this and the succeeding volume. To the historian and the genealogist, as well as to the people of the State generally, these records will be of great value, and appreciated accordingly.]

1684, ___ ___, Thomas Baldwin, and Mary ______ of Chester.

1684-5, Feb. __, William Clayton, and Elizabeth Beazer, both of Chichester, Chester county.

1685, April 15, Andrew Briscome, carpenter, and __ Dole, of Philadelphia.

1685, May __, David Morris, carpenter, and __ Philpin, both of Philadelphia.

1683-4, Mar. 4, Jacob Simcock, of Ridley, Chester county.

1685, Sept. 17, Charles Brigham, of Philadelphia, and Hannah Runneger.

1685, Nov. 9, Isaac Pearson, of Philadelphia, blacksmith, and Elizabeth Hall, of the same place.
[6] 1685, Nov. 10, Philip Parker, and Hanna Sessions.

1685, Nov. 12, George Emlen, of Philadelphia, husbandman, and Ellener Allen.

1685, Dec. 17, John Marten, of Philadelphia, taylor, and Elizabeth Simms.

1685, Dec. 7, Thomas Masters, of Philadelphia, carpenter and Hannah Hurd.

1685, Dec. 10, Nathaniel Walton, of Philadelphia, taylor, and Martha Bonell.

1686, April 8, Thomas Harding, of Philadelphia, planter, and Mary Bullon.

1686, April 3, Richard Ormes, of Philadelphia, cordwainer, and Mary Tidder, of Radnor.

1686, May 5, Philip Howell, of Philadelphia, taylor, and Jane Luff.

1686, May 3, Benjamin Chambers, of Philadelphia, yeoman, and Hannah Smith, of the same place.

1686, May 23, John Moon, of Philadelphia, merchant, and Martha Will.

1686, May 24, Jonathan Adams, of Philadelphia, taylor, and Alice Mays, widow.

1686, May 28, Richard Roberts, of Philadelphia, carpenter, and Ellen Holdin, of same place.

1686, June 18, Nathaniel Sikes, of Philadelphia, carpenter, and Eleanor Paine, of the same place.

1686, July 24, George Scotson, of Philadelphia, cooper, and Elizabeth Coombes, of Philadelphia, spinster. At the house of Christopher Taylor, in High street. Philadelphia.

1686, Aug. 5, Robert Kent, of Philadelphia, shoemaker, and Margaret Thompson, of Philadelphia, widow. At public meeting.

1686, Aug. 28, Thomas Langstone, of Philadelphia, bricklyer, and Sarah Header, of the same, widow. At Christopher Taylor's, in Second street.

1686, Sept. 4, Daniel Howell, of West New Jersey, and Hannah Laking, of Philadelphia, spinster. At Isaac Piereson's in Mulberry Street.

1686, Aug. 12, William Hudson, of Philadelphia, bricklayer, and Ann Wayes, of the same, spinster. At the meeting-house.

1686, Nov. 17, Thomas Bowles, of Tinicum Island, gent., and Mary Gibons, of the same, widow. At the house of Robert Tirrill, in Philadelphia.

1686, Nov. 30, Thomas Hooton, sonne of Thomas and Eliza Hooton, of this town, and Elizabeth Stanley.
[7] daughter of Wm. Stanley, dec'd. At the meeting-house.

1686, Dec. 8, Philip Oxford, of Philadelphia, cordwainer, and Sarah Jones, daughter of Henry Jones, of Moyamensen. At the house of Henry Jones.

1686, Dec. 7, Zackary Whitpaine, son of Richard Whitpaine, of London, and Sarah Songhurst, dau. of John Songhurst, of this place, carpenter.

1686-7, Jan. 28, Thomas Duckett, of Schuylkill, (sic) and Ruth Wood, widow, widow of Richard Wood.

1686-7, Feb. 4, John Ironmonger, husbandman, and Sarah Lakin, spinster, both of Philadelphia.

1686-7, Feb. 7, William Fisher, and Bridget Hodgkins, both of Philadelphia county.
____, ____, __, Thomas Maddox, husbandman, and Jane Lee, spinster, both of Philadelphia county.

1686-7, Jan. 16, Daniel Street and Hannah East. At the house of Hannah East.

1686-7, Mar. 3, Abraham Hooper, joyner, and Philitia Greene, spinster. At the house of John Moon, in Philadelphia.

1686-7, Mar. 8, Henry Jones, of Moyamensen, merchant, and Rachel Warner, widow. At the meeting-house.

1686-7, Mar. 9, Henry Labin, husbandman, and Anne Lea, widow.

1687, April 15, Benjamin Howard, cordwainer, and Mary Paine, spinster, both of Philadelphia.

1687, April 27, George Buntin, carpenter, and Anne Lee, spinster, both of Philadelphia. At the house ot John Harris.

1687, May 3, Jan du Plouny, baker, and Weyntie Van Janen, both of Philadelphia. At the meeting-house.

1687, May 31, Isaac Rickatt, snuf-maker, and Elizabeth Palmer, spinster, both of Philadelphia. At the meeting-house.

1687, June 27, Jacob Preig, sawyer, and Elizabeth Mayo, spinster, both of Philadelphia. At the house of Edward Smoote.

1687-8, Jan. 3, John Holme, of Philadelphia, and Mary More, widow, of Greenspring, Philadelphia county.

1687-8, Feb. 2, William Bethel, bricklayer, of Amboy, East Jersey, and Helena Claypoole, dau. of James Claypoole, late of Philadelphia.
1887-8, Feb. 2, Thomas Peart, whitesmith, and Anna Wilson, spinster, both of Philadelphia.        At the house of Thomas Peart.

1688, April 4, Joshua Tittery, glass-maker, and Cecily Wolley, spinster, both of Philadelphia. At the meeting-house.

1688, Oct. 11, Francis Cooke, of Newcastle county, and Mary Claypoole, of Philadelphia. At the house of William Hare, Philadelphia.
1789, April 4, [sic] Daniel Hodgson. Physician, and Hannah Holme, daughter of John Holme. At Green Spring, the house of John Holme, Philadelphia county.

1689-90, Jan. 14, William Carver, living near Poetqulsink creek, Philadelphia county, and Jone (sic) Kinsey, living near Neshaminy creek, Bucks county.

1689, Oct. 18, Francis Rawle, of Philadelphia, merchant, and Martha Turner, of the same place, spinster. At the meeting-house, Philadelphia.

1693, May 11, Edmund du Castel, and Christina Boone, both of Philadelphia.




[The Record of Marriages for the years 1723-4-5 are lost.]

[Listing is alphabetical for brides and grooms. Year of marriage proofed for this page 9/2002.]