Soldiers of the Great War

Fallen Pennsylvanians of World War I



KA = Killed in Action

DW = Died of Wounds

DD = Died of Disease

DA = Died of Accident

WA = Wounded in Action


Private YABLOSKERSKI Joseph Scranton KA 152  
Private YAIAK John Philadelphia DW 165  
Corporal YANASCAK John A. Lykens KA   124
Corporal YANDEE Murven R. Liberty KA   132
Corporal YANNEY William J. Murray WA   121
Private YANNUZZI Giuseppe Philadelphia KA 152  
Corporal YANOSCAK John Andrew Lykens KA 140  
Private YANOWIAK John Arnot DD 159 121
Private YARASUNAS John Scranton KA 152  
Private YASULEVCH Charles Lyon KA 152  
Private YATES Clement Philadelphia KA 152  
Corporal YAUDES Murven R. Liberty KA 140  
Private YEAGER John Oil City KA 152  
Private YEAGER Peter Turtle Creek KA 152  
Private YEAGER Wesley Fort London DW 165  
Sergeant YEARSLEY Edward F. Philadelphia KA 138  
Private YEARSLEY Irwin T. West Chester DW 165  
Battalion Sergeant-Major YEGLE Earl H. Easton KA 137  
Private YEHLE Joseph O. Philadelphia KA 152  
Corporal YEICH Herbert Reading KA 140  
Private YELK Moses H. Mohnton DA 166  
Private YENDRICK Steve Plymouth DW 165 121
Private YERGER Charles Heideman Boyerton DW 165  
Mechanic YERGER Moses S. Pottstown KA 141  
Private YERGER Warren Pottstown KA 152  
Corporal YERTZELL Oscar K. Philadelphia DD 153  
Private YESTER Frank J. McKeesport DW 165  
Corporal YETTER Conrad Pittsburgh DD 153  
Private YINGLING Harry R. Hanover KA 152 121
Private YINGLING Isaac H. Johnstown DA 166 121
Sergeant YINGST Chauncey F. Hummelstown KA 138 122
Nurse YOCHELSON Esther McKeesport DD 153  
Private YOCUM Elmer Pine Grove KA 152  
Private YODER Charles O. Cowan KA 152 122
Private YODER Edward Z. Shoemakersville WA   122
Private YODERS Russell K. Waynesburg KA 152 122
Lieutenant YOHE David A. Gettysburg WA   121
Private YOHE John W. Latrobe KA 152  
Private YOHODA Peter Rowan KA 152  
Private YOOS Harry E. Pottstown KA 152  
Corporal YOST Charles J. Altoona DD 153  
Private YOST Frank T. Pottsville KA 152 131
Corporal YOST James Chester KA 140  
Sergeant YOST James A. White Deer KA 138  
Private YOUNG Adolph L. Philadelphia KA 152 80
Private YOUNG Carl L. New Brighton KA 152 122
Private YOUNG Earl M. Jersey Shore KA 152  
Sergeant YOUNG Edward L. Moosic DA 165  
Private YOUNG Francis E. Pittsburgh KA 152  
Private YOUNG Gus H. Coopersburg DD 159  
Private YOUNG J. H. Pittsburgh DA 166  
Private YOUNG James A. Clearfield DD 159  
Private YOUNG John B. Telford DW 165  
Private YOUNG John Guion Pittsburgh DW 165  
Private YOUNG John H. Harrisburg DD 159  
Private YOUNG Ralph G. Sharpsburg DW 165  
Private YOUNG Wilbur B. Duquesne KA 152  
Private YUKAS George F. McKees Rocks DD 159  
Private YUNK Frank F. Philadelphia DD 159  
Private YURMICK Simon Shenandoah DW 165  
Private YUSILAYLKA Silverton Scranton KA 152  
Private ZABLOSKEY John F. Shamokin KA 152  
Cook ZACHAREWICZ Ignacy Blackgeld DW 160  
Private ZACK Peter Philadelphia KA 152  
Private ZAHNISER Norman M. Waynesburg KA 152  
Private ZAKAROSKA Paul P. Philadelphia DW 165  
Private ZAKSZEWSKY Zurgmund Ferrell KA 152  
Corporal ZALESKI John Jermyn KA 140  
Private ZANER Ernest Dushore KA 152  
Corporal ZANOVITZ Stanley Nanticoke KA 140  
Private ZARNOSKI Joseph J. Olyphant KA 152  
Private ZARTMAN Milton G. Denver DA 166  
Private ZASOFSKY Benjamin Johnstown KA 152  
Sergeant ZAUN Jacob Mount Airy DD   134
Sergeant ZAUN Jacob Philadelphia DD 152  
Private ZAWICKI John Pittsburgh DW 165  
Private ZBORAN Joseph Dunkin KA 152  
Corporal ZEGER Leslie S. Mercersburg KA 140  
Private ZEIDERS Oliver A. Linglestown KA 152  
Private ZEIGLER Roscoe E. Steelton DD 159  
Private ZELE Samuel Summit Hill KA 152  
Lieutenant ZELLERS G. H. Lancaster KA 137  
Private ZELOYLE Henry J. Wilson KA   121
Private ZELOYLE Peter F. Wilson DD   121
Private ZENGERL Victor A. Synwyd DD 159  
Private ZERBE Edward G. Beach Creek DD 159 122
Private ZERBE Edward G. Beach Creek DA 166  
Private ZERBE Jeremiah Lebanon KA 152 122
Private ZERBY Alex B. Apollo DD 159  
Private ZEWE William Hugo Duquesne DW 165  
Private ZEWISKEY Frank J. Archbald DA 166 121
Private ZIDAO Frank Latrobe KA 152  
Private ZIEGLER Conrad W. Philadelphia KA 152  
Private ZIMMERMAN Claude M. Ursins DD 159  
Private ZIMMERMAN George W. Millmont KA 152 122
Sergeant ZIMMERMAN Homer D. Bellefonte DD 152 122
Private ZIMMERMAN John Fullerton DW 165  
Private ZIMMERMAN Lester L. Beaver Valley KA 152 70
Private ZIMMERMAN Milton A. Punxsutawney DW 165  
Corporal ZIMMERMANN Henry A. Pittsburgh DW 160  
Private ZINDER Paul Catawissa KA 152  
Private ZINKAND John Columbia KA 152  
Sergeant ZINKHAM Ralph E. Freedom DW 160  
Private ZIPPAY Michael Charleroi KA 152  
Sergeant ZISCHKAU Charles W. Turtle Creek KA 138  
Private ZMUDZINSKI John B. Pittsburgh KA 152  
Private ZOLBE Paul Johnstown DW 165 121
Corporal ZOLDAK Mike J. Homer City KA 140  
Private ZOLOYLE Henry J. Blair Station KA 152  
Private ZOLTOWSKI Frank A. South Waverly DW 165  
Private ZONBEK John Beaver Falls KA 152  
Private ZORB Alfred Whitler Butler DD 159  
Captain ZUNDELL James E. Latrobe DW 159  
Private ZURINSKY John K. Plymouth DA 166  
Private ZUSCHLAG Elmer George Transfer DD 159  
Corporal ZUVER Edward Lewis Greenville DW 160 122  


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Soldiers of the Great War


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