Soldiers of the Great War

Fallen Pennsylvanians of World War I



KA = Killed in Action

DW = Died of Wounds

DD = Died of Disease

DA = Died of Accident

WA = Wounded in Action


Private WACHOWIAK John Shamokin KA 151  
Private WADDELL William F. Pleasantville KA 151  
Private WADE William D. Conestoga KA 151 117
Private WADSWORTH Ray W. Erie DD 158  
Private WAFER Richard Jr. Bridgeport DD 158  
Private WAFFET Joseph Mahanoy City DD 158  
Private WAGNER Clarence J. Hamburg DW 164  
Corporal WAGNER Harry A. Nescopeck KA 140  
Cook WAGNER John Philadelphia DD 153  
Private WAGNER Stanley L. Sheffield KA 151 117
Private WAGNER Thomas Z. Newville DW 164  
Private WAGNER William D. Somerset DD 158  
Private WAGONER Charles E. Steelton DW 165 116
Private WAIDLER William F. Sheridan KA 151  
Private WAINWRIGHT Edgar E. Clifton St. Marys KA 151  
Private WAITE John A. Bellefonte KA 151  
Private WAKESSEWSKI Jos. Philadelphia KA 151  
Private WALER Thomas C. Pittsburgh DA 166  
Sergeant WALK Stephen M. Mahanoy City DW   116
Sergeant WALK Steven M. Mahanoy City DW 160  
Private WALKER Arthur B. Indiana KA 151  
Private WALKER Folly V. Pitcairn DW   117
Private WALKER Frank R. Chester DD 158  
Private WALKER Frank R. Chester DW 165  
Corporal WALKER Jesse H. Chester KA 140  
Private WALKER John S. Mountaindale DW 165  
Private WALKER Jolly V. Pitcairn DW 165  
Lieutenant WALKER Paul Wilkinsburg DW 159  
Private WALKER Ralph G. Scottdale DD 158  
Corporal WALKER Rex Deloss Warren KA 140 117
Private WALKER Riley A. Altoona KA 151  
Sergeant WALKERS Ernest Tacony DW 160  
Corporal WALKOWIAK Andrew Pittsburgh DW 160  
Private WALL Joseph Gouldsboro DD 158  
Private WALL Joseph Quarryville DD   65
Private WALLACE Charles H. Scranton DW 165 132
Private WALLACE Joseph V. Kingstown KA 151  
Private WALLACE Sam'l. West Philadelphia KA 151  
Private WALLACE Truman A. Atglen KA 151  
Sergeant WALLACE Wm. R. Delaware Water Gap WA   116
Private WALLEIGH Harry R. Chester Spgs. KA 151  
Private WALLEIGH M. Ralph Chester Springs KA   97
Corporal WALLER Harry Philadelphia DW 160 116
Lieutenant WALLIS Peter Leroy Jersey Shore KA 137  
Private WALLS Charles N. Philadelphia DD 158  
Private WALLS Jeremiah Philadelphia DW 165  
Private WALLS William J. Philadelphia KA 151  
Private WALSH Anthony A. Scranton DW 165  
Private WALSH Charles Hazzard KA 151  
Private WALSH Edward J. Scranton DD 158 117
Corporal WALSH John Philadelphia DW 160  
Corporal WALSH John E. Pittsburgh DW 160  
Private WALSH John F. Minooka DW 165  
Private WALSH John J. Pittsburgh DW 165  
Private WALSH Mark Scranton DW 165  
Lieutenant WALSH Thomas C. Scranton DD 152  
Lieutenant WALTER George L. jr. Pittsburgh DD 152  
Private WALTER Harry Franklin Steelton DD 158  
Private WALTER John G. Lancaster KA 151  
Private WALTER William H. Kennett Square DD 158  
Private WALTERS Otto J. Pittsburgh KA 151  
Sergeant WALTERS Ralph H. Rockwood KA 138  
Corporal WALTERS Richard J. Minerva Mills DD 153  
Private WALTERS Thomas Tresckow KA 151  
Corporal WALTHER Clarence T. Pittsburgh DW 160  
Private WALTHOUR Raymond Vandergrift DD 158  
Private WALTHOUR Taylor Everly Philadelphia DW 165  
Private WALTMAN Norman Philadelphia DD 158  
Private WALTON William Wallingford WA   116
Private WALTZ Charles H. Penbrook DW 165  
Private WALTZ Harry Franklin Enola KA 151  
Private WAMPLER Allan J. McKeesport KA 151  
Private WANICKI Pioter Ford City KA 151  
Private WANKMILLER Frank Philadelphia KA 151  
Private WANNER Arthur B. Reading DW 165 116
Private WANNER Charles E. Sharpsburg DW 165  
Private WANSIE Daniel J. Kulpmont KA 151  
Private WANZEL Christian Jr. Paoli DW 165 116
Corporal WAPLES Joseph D. Philadelphia KA 140  
Private WARD Andrew Joseph Philadelphia DW 165  
Private WARD Clare New Castle DD 158  
Private WARD Edward Westville DW 165 116
Private WARD Hubert F. McKeesport DD 158  
Private WARD Michael J. Philadelphia DA 166  
Nurse WARD Nellie J. West Philadelphia DD 153  
Private WARD Tames A. Philadelphia KA 151  
Private WARD William J. Pittsburgh DW 165  
Private WARE Harold B. Scranton DD 158  
Cook WARENSFORD Elmer L. Bridgeville DD 153 116
Private WARFEL Amos M. Safe Harbor DA   116
Private WARGO John J. Mahoney City DW 165  
Private WARGO Jules Monessen DD 159  
Private WARK John W. Jr. Philadelphia DW 165  
Private WARMBRODT Frederick A. Johnsonburg DW 165  
Private WARMKESSEL Harry J. Allentown DD 159 116
Private WARNER Boyd M. Mount Pleasant Mills DA 166  
Private WARNER Clarence Edward Scranton KA 151  
Private WARNER Clayton D. Seven Valleys KA 151 116
Private WARNER Edward E. Erie DW 165  
Private WARNER Harold Leon Lancaster DA 166  
Private WARNER Herman V. Hastings KA 151  
Corporal WARNER Lawrence Plymouth KA 140 116
Private WARREN Arlo B. Union City KA 151 125
Corporal WARREN Arthur J. Philadelphia DD 153  
Private WARRICK Charles West Newton DD 159  
Corporal WARRINER Herbert Philadelphia DW 160  
Private WARSEWICZ Peter A. Mount Carmel KA 151  
Private WARUMTH John R. Cumberland Valley WA   116
Private WARWICK Thomas Philadelphia DW 165  
Private WASHINSKIE Andrew Shenandoah KA 151  
Private WASIAK Felix L. Philadelphia DD 159  
Private WASKAERIC Tony South Fork KA 151  
Private WASKIVCH Tony South Fork KA   117
Private WASSEL Joseph Mahanoy City DD 159 117
Private WASSER Charles Raymond Philadelphia DW 165  
Private WASSER Charles T. Hellertown WA   130
Private WASSER Levy N. Greenville KA 151  
Private WASSIS William Scranton DW 165  
Private WATERHOUSE Charles MacKay Philadelphia DW 165  
Private WATERS David Newcastle KA 151  
Private WATERS Floyd E. Susquehanna KA 151 116
Corporal WATKINS Emerson Morgan Carbondale DW 160  
Private WATKINS Eugene G. Bristol KA 151 117
Nurse WATKINS Gladys Shickshinny DD 153  
Private WATKINS Harry S. Coleman DD 159 116
Private WATKINS Herbert J. Johnstown DD 159 117
Bugler WATMUFF Percy Marcus Hook DW 160  
Private WATSON Albert A. Colwyn KA 151  
Private WATSON Charles E. Philadelphia KA 151 117
Private WATSON Edward B. Fallsington DW 165  
Private WATSON Eugene Pulaski DW 165 67
Private WATSON Harry Johnstown DD 159  
Private WATSON James C. Philadelphia DD 159  
Private WATSON Joseph J. Philadelphia DD 159  
Private WATSON Robert Ikerman KA 151  
Private WATSON Walter W. Broad Top KA 151 116
Corporal WATT Earl J. Enon Valley DW 160  
Private WATT Ernest Franklin Warren KA 151  
Private WATT Graham B. Philadelphia DD 159  
Private WATTERS William J. Washington KA 151  
Private WATTS James W. Latrobe KA 151  
Corporal WAUGAMAN Lewis Woodlawn DW 160  
Private WAYCHOFF Francis Marion Waynesburg KA 151  
Lieutenant WEAKLAND Raymond Rose Bud WA   118
Sergeant WEAR Eugene W. Hazleton.   DW 160  
Private WEAVER Charles Reading KA 151  
Sergeant WEAVER Clarence John Uhlerstown KA 138  
Corporal WEAVER Culver E. Johnstown KA 140  
Private WEAVER David Guy Punxsutawney KA 151  
Private WEAVER E. A. Paoli DW   117
Corporal WEAVER Edgar A. Malvern KA 140 118
Private WEAVER James J. Kane DA 166  
Private WEAVER Parker W. Dillsburg KA 151 118
Private WEAVER Paul I. Freeport KA   117
Private WEBB James Greensburg DD 159 118
Corporal WEBB James F. West Philadelphia KA 140  
Private WEBB Richard F. Girard DD 159  
Private WEBBER Raymond L. Lititz KA 151  
Private WEBER Frank C. Pittsburgh DD 159  
Private WEBER George Braddock DW 165  
Private WEBER George John Philadelphia KA 151 118
Sergeant WEBER Joseph H. Philadelphia KA 138  
Sergeant WEBER Stillwell E. West Philadelphia KA 138  
Private WEBSTER Glenn D. Wellsboro DD 159 118
Private WEBSTER Herbert L. Tioga KA 151  
Private WEBSTER Thomas S. Philadelphia KA 151  
Private WEER Milton R. Philadelphia DA 166  
Private WEIBER Ralph E. Hanover KA   118
Private WEIBLE William Altoona KA 151  
Corporal WEIERBACH Mark C. M. Lebanon KA 140  
Private WEIGEL Alonza L. Allegheny KA 151  
Private WEIGLE Yilliam H. Mertztown KA 151  
Private WEIKEL Henry A. Shamokin KA 151  
Private WEIKEL Perry E. Gowen DD 159  
Private WEIL Harleigh I. Bethlehem DD 159  
Private WEILER Ralph E. Hanover KA 151  
Corporal WEIMER Charles E. Grays Landing KA   121
Private WEINBERGER Frank Carbondale DD 159 128
Corporal WEINZER William J. Chester KA   118
Private WEISBORD Harry Philadelphia DW 165  
Corporal WEISE Richard G. Philadelphia KA 140  
Private WEISE Richard J. Philadelphia KA 151  
Private WEISS George J. Pittsburgh DA 166 118
Private WEISS William Scranton DW 165  
Private WEIST Gurney F. Natalie KA 151 117
Private WEITMYER Charles Edward Harrisburg KA 151  
Private WELCH Aaron M. Meadowbrook DD 159  
Private WELCH Elsworth E. Dallas KA 151 118
Private WELCH George H. Beadling WA   118
Private WELCHKO John Puritan KA 151  
Private WELCONER Walter L. Pottstown KA   105
Private WELD John Johnstown DW 165  
Private WELDNER Walter L. Pottstown KA 151  
Private WELENC Anthony Troop DW 165  
Private WELIZAREFF Angel Wirtz KA 151  
Private WELKER Jacob C. Quakertown DD 159  
Lieutenant WELLER Elliott C. Rockwood DA 165  
Private WELLS Andrew J. Philadelphia DW 165  
Private WELLS Edwin C. Harrisburg DD 159  
Private WELLS George F. Pittsburgh DD 159  
Private WELLS Leroy B. Bryn Athyn DW 165  
Private WELLS Walter Philadelphia KA 151  
Private WELSH Harry Charleroi DD 159  
Private WELSH John Philadelphia DW 165  
Private WELSH John H. Philadelphia KA 151  
Private WELSH Philip Salina KA   121
Sergeant WELSH William Pittston DW 160  
Private WENHOLD Milton F. Lansdale WA   125
Private WENKER John R. Lockhaven DW 165  
Private WENLOCK Clarence Philadelphia KA 151  
Private WENTKO John Plymouth DD 159  
Private WENTLING John A. Chambersburg KA 151 118
Private WENTZ Wilbur L. Weissport DW 165  
Private WENTZEL Leroy S. Stony Creek Mills DD 159 118
Private WENTZEL Russell D. Telford DD 159 118
Corporal WEPPLER John L. Pittsburgh DW 160 129
Private WERDT Irwin Williamstown DA 166  
Private WERLEY Leland S. Macungie KA 151 79
Private WERNER Calvin E. Meyersdale KA 151 118
Private WERNER Norman B. Berlin DD 159  
Private WERNER Wade Charles Norristown KA 151  
Private WERNIKOVE Louis Philadelphia KA 151 125
Private WERTMAN James A. Bloomsburg KA 151  
Private WERTMAN James A. Wilkes-Barre KA   122
Private WERTZ Claude L. Mahoney DW 165  
Gunnery Sergeant WERTZ James Clair Burnham KA 137  
Private WESLING Raymond Walter Clarendon KA 151  
Private WESLING Walter R. Clarendon KA   117
Lieutenant WESOLOSKI John Martin Imperial KA 137  
Private WESSNER William L. Catasauqua KA 151  
Musician WEST Albert J. Pittston DD 153  
Private WEST Forrest T. Bolivar DD 159  
Private WESTERMAN Frank E. South Pittsburgh KA 151  
Private WESTFALL John Elmer Mechanicsburg KA 151  
Private WETHERSON Lynn Spangler KA 151  
Private WETHERSTINE Harry H. Philadelphia DD 159  
Corporal WETMILLER Lewis E. Sand Patch KA 140  
Private WETZEL Louis Sherman Jeddo KA 151  
Corporal WEYANDT John R. Reading DW 160  
Private WEYERSBERG Walter Philadelphia KA 151 117
Private WHALEY Robert A. Philadelphia KA 151  
Private WHARTON Joseph Olyphant KA 151 118
Private WHEATON Arlie E. Westfield KA 151 118
Private WHEELER Earl Burdett Lanesboro DW 165  
Wagoner WHERRY John N. Jr. Vandergrift DD 153 124
Private WHETZEL Oliver H. Mount Pleasant DD 159  
Private WHINNIE Joseph Pitco DW 165 118
Corporal WHITAKER Abram T. Curwensville WA   121
Private WHITE Albert B. Philadelphia DW 165  
Private WHITE Francis M. Lakewood KA 151  
Private WHITE Harry A. Lancaster DD 159  
Private WHITE James Philadelphia DW 165  
Corporal WHITE Manuel H. Uniontown DD 153  
Nurse WHITE Marion H. West Philadelphia DD 153  
Private WHITE Mose Blairsville DD 159  
Lieutenant WHITE Ralph G. Pittsburgh DW 159  
Private WHITE Ray Hopwood KA 151 121
Private WHITE Ray Hopwood DA 166  
Private WHITE Robert K. Parnasus KA 151  
Private WHITE Willard Center Bridge KA 151  
Corporal WHITE William A. Waymart KA 140  
Private WHITE William W. Madera KA   122
Private WHITEHILL Leonard L. Washington KA 151  
Private WHITEHILL Milo C. Kingsville KA 151 118
Private WHITEHURST William West Philadelphia DW 165  
Private WHITELEY Roland G. Yeagertown DW 165  
Private WHITEMAN Franklin L. Williamsport KA 151  
Private WHITESIDES Thomas E. Springdale KA 151  
Corporal WHITMER Christian C. Stevens KA   119
Private WHITNER Charles Dover DD 159  
Private WHITSON George F. Philadelphia KA 151  
Corporal WHOLAHAN Raymond Boothwyn KA 140  
Sergeant WIDDALL John C. Avoca KA 138 119
Private WIEGAND Walter J. Philadelphia KA 151  
Private WIKOWSKI Kazimierz Pittsburgh KA 151  
Private WILCOX Grant Trucksville DD 159  
Private WILCOX Orson W. Wellsboro DA 166  
Sergeant WILCOX Orson W. Wellsboro DW   128
Private WILCOX Robert Burns Youngsville DW 165 119
Private WILCOX Robert C. Wellsboro KA 151  
Private WILCOX Samuel W. Honesdale DD 159  
Private WILCOX Thomas E. Mateer DD 159  
Private WILDFIER Joseph Kersey KA 151  
Private WILDRICK Joseph Wyalusing KA 151  
Private WILEMAN Charles E. Mifflintown WA   86
Private WILEY Elmer L. Hunter Run KA 151  
Private WILKINSON Edward Philadelphia DA 166  
Private WILKINSON John B. Philadelphia DD 159  
Corporal WILKINSON Joseph M. Philadelphia KA 140  
Private WILLARD Earl E. Shamokin KA 151  
Corporal WILLIAM Verner Meade Grove City DW 160  
Sergeant WILLIAMS Albert J. Duryea DW 160  
Private WILLIAMS Ben Old Forge DW 165 134
Private WILLIAMS Edward T. Beccaria WA   119
Corporal WILLIAMS Edwin S. Lansdowne KA 140  
Private WILLIAMS Ernest Canton KA 151  
Private WILLIAMS Gustave S. Philadelphia DD 159  
Private WILLIAMS Harry J. Phillipsburg DW 165  
Private WILLIAMS Isaac R. Williamsport DD 159  
Corporal WILLIAMS J. E. Windgap DW 160  
Private WILLIAMS Jesse E. Andover DW 165  
Corporal WILLIAMS John C. Pittsburgh KA 140  
Private WILLIAMS John C. Pittsburgh DW 165  
Private WILLIAMS John J. Conneaut DD 159  
Private WILLIAMS John J. Nazareth KA 151  
Private WILLIAMS Joseph A. Gettysburg KA 151  
Private WILLIAMS Mansell C. Charleroi KA 151 119
Private WILLIAMS Maurice B. Altoona KA 151  
Private WILLIAMS Owen J. Slatington KA 151  
Private WILLIAMS Raymond O. Johnstown KA 151  
Private WILLIAMS Robert H. Andover KA 151 119
Private WILLIAMS Samuel R. Philadelphia DD 159  
Private WILLIAMS Theodore R. Kingston KA 151  
Private WILLIAMS William D. Moosic DD 159  
Private WILLIAMS William J. Eightyfour DA 166  
Private WILLIAMSON Alexander Boardman KA 151 119
Private WILLIARD Earl E. Shamokin KA   119
Private WILLIG Carl McKeesport KA 151  
Private WILLINSKY Anthony Morgan KA 151  
Private WILLITS Anson W. Linden KA 151 128
Private WILLITS Elmer E. Linden DD 159  
Private WILLOWITCH Frank Philadelphia DW 165  
Corporal WILLS Harry W. Wilkinsburg KA 140  
Private WILLYOUNG Frederick B. Franklin KA 151  
Private WILSHER William S. Carnegie KA 151  
Private WILSHER William S. Carnegie DW 165  
Private WILSON Boyd E. Meadow Lands KA 151  
Private WILSON Clair Harmonsburg KA 151  
Private WILSON Curtis J. Hawley KA 151 69
Corporal WILSON David F. Ehrinfeld WA   120
Private WILSON Edmund M. Pittsburgh DW 165  
Private WILSON Emery C. Harmonsburg KA   122
Private WILSON Frank R. Norristown DD 159  
Corporal WILSON Harry M. Plymouth DW 160  
Sergeant WILSON Harvey V. Pocono Lake KA 138  
Sergeant WILSON Hayes M. Clearfield KA   119
Corporal WILSON Hobart S. Pottsville DW 160  
Private WILSON John Walter Carlisle KA 151  
Private WILSON Leonard B. Bellevew DW 165  
Corporal WILSON Merle J. Butler KA   134
Corporal WILSON Merle James Wilkinsburg KA 140  
Private WILSON Richard J. Reading DD 159  
Private WILSON Robert P. Oliver KA 152  
Private WILSON Robert P. Pittsburgh KA 152  
Sergeant WILSON Sayes M. Clearfield KA 138  
Private WILSON Sidney E. New Eagle DW 165  
Private WILSON Thomas R. Noblestown KA 152  
Wagoner WILT Howard B. Lock Haven KA 141  
Private WINDSOR Charles C. Philadelphia KA 152  
Corporal WINDSOR Charles C. Philadelphia DA 165  
Private WINE William E. Philadelphia KA 152 120
Private WINEHOLT Horace M. Bridgeton WA   119
Corporal WINEMAN Lester A. Derry KA 140 119
Private WINGARD Robert L. Homestead DW 165  
Private WINGERT Jacob H. Chambersburg KA 152  
Private WINIEWICZ Stanley Pittsburgh KA 152  
Private WINKELTAU Ernest H. Pittsburgh KA 152  
Private WINKELTON Ernest H. Pittsburgh KA   52
Private WINNALS Walter E. Philadelphia DW 165  
Sergeant WINNER John S. Danville KA 138 119
Private WINNETT Robert V. Speers KA 152  
Red Cross Commissioner WINPENSY Marshall S. Merion Station DD 153  
Private WINSLER Andrew Uniontown KA 152  
Private WINSLOW John Milton Reynoldsville DW 165  
Sergeant WINTER Albert Bacon Zelienople DD 152  
Private WINTER Allen H. Hellam DW 165  
Private WINTERS Walter Polk WA   119
Sergeant WINTHROP John Bryn Mawr KA 138  
Private WIPFLER Henry A. Pittsburgh DD 159  
Private WIRHANOWCZ William J. New Britain DD 159  
Private WISE Albert C. Mt. Pleasant WA   119
Private WISE John M. Delta KA 152  
Private WISE Roy C. Lykens KA 152  
Sergeant WISE Wilbur Bentleyville DA 165 119
Private WISOWATY Felix Pittsburgh DW 165  
Private WISSINGER Chalmers Creekside KA 152  
Private WITCHORKEY Joseph F. Carnegie DW   119
Private WITCHOSKEY Joseph F. Burdine DW 165  
Corporal WITHERS Fillmore Floreffe DW 160  
Private WITHERS Harry William York KA 152  
Private WITHERS John Daniel York DW 165  
Private WITHEY Ralph Bloomsburg KA 152  
Private WITHROW Fred F. Ligonier DD 159 119
Private WITHROW Meade G. Derry DD 159 119
Private WITMER Alfred C. State College DD 159  
Corporal WITMER Christian Coover Reamstown KA 140  
Private WITMER Maurice F. Swathmore DD 159  
Private WITMER Monroe K. Lititz DW 165  
Private WITSIL Earle C. Philadelphia KA 152  
Private WITT Claude E. Indian Head DW 165  
Private WNOROVSKY John Pittsburgh KA 152  
Corporal WOELFEL Emerson G. Pittsburgh KA 140  
Private WOESTEHOFF Arthur C. Pittsburgh DW 165  
Private WOIFE Horace J. Philadelphia KA 152  
Private WOJIUCHOWSKI Frank Carnegie DW   69
Corporal WOLF George A. Philadelphia DD 153 120
Private WOLF Ira I. Bellefonte DD 159 120
Sergeant WOLF Lee E. Williamsport DD 152 131
Sergeant WOLF Steve Adelaide DD 152  
Private WOLFE Charles H. Worthington WA   120
Captain WOLFE Franklin D. Milton KA 137 120
Captain WOLFE Franklin D. Milton KA   129
Private WOLFF Ernest E. Greentown KA   120
Private WOLFF Fred E. Greentown KA 152  
Corporal WOLFGANG Daniel M. Mayport WA   120
Private WOLFKILL Frank E. Philadelphia DD 159  
Private WOLINSKY Abe Greensburg DW 165  
Private WOLPERT Earl N. Duncannon DD 159  
Mechanic WOLPERT John J. Philadelphia KA 141  
Corporal WOOD Donald R. Washington KA 140  
Private WOOD Fred E. McKeesport KA 152  
Private WOOD George R. Point Pleasant KA 152  
Private WOOD Harry Pittston DA 166  
Corporal WOOD Harry F. Scranton KA 140  
Private WOOD James E. Woodville DA 166  
Private WOOD Ralph R. Corry DD 159 120
Lieutenant WOOD Thurston Elmer Philadelphia KA 137  
Sergeant WOOD William Philadelphia KA 138  
Lieutenant WOODBURY Robert B. Pottsville DW 159  
Private WOODING Frank E. West Decatur KA 152  
Private WOODLEY Uriah Cardington KA 152  
Private WOODLING Frank E. West Decatur KA   120
Private WOODS Harry C. Export KA   120
Private WOODS Harry Charles Apollo KA 152  
Private WOODS Will Pittsburgh DD 159  
Private WOODWARD George B. Tamaqua DD 159 120
Private WOODWARD Richard P. West Chester KA 152 122
Private WOODWORTH Ray Cochranton KA 152 134
Sergeant WOOMER Elmer E. Meyerstown KA 138 83
Private WOOMER Floyd T. Howard WA   120
Private WOOMER Merril W. Howard Center DD 159 120
Private WOOMER Nathan C. Tyrone KA 152 120
Private WORKMAN Ralph E. Pinegrove DD 159  
Corporal WORMAN James Masontown KA 140  
Private WORRELL Charles E. Boothwyn KA 152  
Private WORTHINGTON Ernest J. Chambersburg WA   120
Private WORTHINGTON Frank E. Frankford KA 152  
Private WORTHINGTON Frank E. Philadelphia KA   120
Captain WORTHINGTON Henry H. Lancaster KA 137  
Mechanic WRIGHT Charles Espeyville KA 141  
Private WRIGHT Charles Sharon Hill DW 165  
Private WRIGHT Charles F. Philadelphia DD 159  
Private WRIGHT Frank E. North Girard DW 165 124
Private WRIGHT Hanford R. Johnstown KA   120
Private WRIGHT Imbrie Z. Conneaut Lake DW 165  
Private WRIGHT Oliver E. Pittsburgh KA 152  
Private WRIGHT Reuben Overall Philadelphia DW 165  
Sergeant WRIGHT Samuel James Linesville KA 138  
Mechanic WRIGHT William Pittsburgh KA 141  
Private WRIGLEY Charles E. Philadelphia KA 152  
Lieutenant WUNDERLICH Albret C. Lansdowne KA 137  
Wagoner WUSLICH Miller Export KA 141  
Private WYLAND Augustine L. Spangler DD 159  
Private WYMAN Elmer C. Neffsville DW 165  
Private WYOITKA Antonio Philadelphia KA 152  


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