Soldiers of the Great War

Fallen Pennsylvanians of World War I



KA = Killed in Action

DW = Died of Wounds

DD = Died of Disease

DA = Died of Accident

WA = Wounded in Action


Private TABY Jacob John Shamokin DW 164  
Private TADLOCK Ray H. Philadelphia KA 151  
Private TAGGERT George H. Linfield KA 151  
Private TAILOR James Allegheny KA 151  
Private TALLY George T. Mount Union KA 151  
Private TAMBORELLA Michael Philadelphia KA 151  
Private TANGER Argie W. Carlisle KA 151  
Private TANNER Donald P. Peckville DD 158  
Private TARASSUCK Vitold Burgettstown KA 151  
Private TARBET John M. Philadelphia KA 151  
Private TARR Logan L. Pleasant Unity WA   79
Private TARR Roy Saegertown DD 158  
Corporal TAUNT Clarence Philadelphia DW 160  
Private TAVOLARO Vincent J. Glassport KA   113
Private TAYLOR Amos R. Philadelphia KA 151  
Private TAYLOR Asbury Philadelphia WA   122
Sergeant TAYLOR Benjamin Franklin Jr. Wilkes-Barre KA 138  
Sergeant TAYLOR Corwin B. Philadelphia KA 138  
Private TAYLOR Edward Sharon KA 151  
Private TAYLOR Finley R. Trainer KA 151  
Private TAYLOR George C. Philadelphia DD 158  
Wagoner TAYLOR George Milton Philadelphia DA 165  
Private TAYLOR Harry Mulford Aspers KA 151  
Private TAYLOR Herbert Chester KA 151  
Private TAYLOR John H. Philadelphia DD 158  
Private TAYLOR Lewis A. Philadelphia DW 164  
Private TAYLOR Norman S. Quakertown KA 151 113
Private TAYLOR Richard S. Philadelphia DW 164  
Private TAYLOR Robert Norristown DD 158 113
Sergeant TAYLOR Roy New Stanton DW 159 113
Sergeant TAYLOR W. I. Brockport KA   128
Sergeant TAYLOR Waid J. Brockport KA 138  
Corporal TAYLOR William South Bethlehem KA 140  
Private TAYLOR William F. Boalsburg DW 164  
Private TAYLOR William James Harrisburg DD 158  
Private TAYLOR Wm. E. Philadelphia KA 151 133
Private TEBAY Frank L. Euclid KA 151 117
Private TECCE Soccorso Norton DW 164  
Private TEED Earl L. Union City DW 164  
Private TEETERS Joseph C. Hopewell KA 151 115
Private TELDON Henry Philadelphia KA 151  
Private TELESHA Peter Dickson City WA   125
Private TELESHA Peter Throop KA 151  
Private TEMPESTO Donato Tyler DW 164  
Private TEMPLE James L. Paoli WA   113
Sergeant TEMPLE William S. South Fork KA 138 113
Private TENHAGEN Fred H. Corry DD 158  
Private TEPLICA Mike Johnstown DW 164  
Private TERIZI Efstratios East Pittsburgh KA 151  
Private TERRISCA Donata Seminole DD 158  
Corporal TESKEY James J. Susquehanna DW 160  
Sergeant TESSMER Frederick A. Oil City KA 138  
Private TESTO Nicholas West Pilston DW 164  
Corporal TETER Horace E. Philadelphia DD 153  
Private TEUFEL Charles L. Reading DD 158  
Private THAL Morris Philadelphia DW 164  
Private THAYER Samuel H. Bellevue KA 151 113
Private THEBES Henry R. New Bloomfield KA 151  
Mechanic THEOBALD John L. Honesdale KA 141 123
Sergeant THEURET John Henry Sarver DW 159  
Corporal THOMAN George F. York DW 160  
Private THOMAS Arthur Snydersville DD 158  
Corporal THOMAS Bernard J. Philadelphia KA 140  
Private THOMAS Collins Daniel Smethport KA 151  
Private THOMAS Edward New Castle DA 166 117
Private THOMAS Frank Monroe West Chester KA 151  
Sergeant THOMAS Frederick South Fork KA 138 115
Private THOMAS George W. Lansford DD 158  
Corporal THOMAS Harry H. Philadelphia DD 153  
Private THOMAS Henry Arthur Scranton DD 158  
Private THOMAS Jessie E. Shickshinny DW 164  
Private THOMAS John Scranton DD 158  
Private THOMAS Joseph Pittsburgh DW 164  
Private THOMAS Mike Clairton KA 151  
Corporal THOMAS Roy Mansfield KA 140  
Private THOMAS Roy A. Harrisburg KA 151  
Private THOMAS Warren L. York DD 158 121
Private THOMPSON Albert L. Philadelphia DD 158  
Sergeant THOMPSON Archie W. Corry KA 138  
Lieutenant THOMPSON Archie W. Corry KA   100
Sergeant THOMPSON Chas. W. Williamsport DW 159  
Private THOMPSON David Brockwayville WA   113
Corporal THOMPSON Howard J. Johnstown DD 153  
Private THOMPSON John S. Philadelphia DW 164  
Corporal THOMPSON Joseph F. Shaft KA 140  
Captain THOMPSON Orville R. Pittsburgh KA 137  
Sergeant THOMPSON Robert Emmett Meadville KA 138 132
Corporal THOMPSON Thomas W. Quarryville WA   113
Private THOMPSON William Philadelphia DW 164  
Private THORN Raymond Stacy Philadelphia DW 164  
Private THORNILEY William H. Pittsburgh DD 158  
Private THORNS Harry Grafton KA 151  
Corporal THORNTON David M. Camp Hill KA 140 113
Private THORP James D. Larimer DW 164  
Sergeant THORPE William Harry Chester DA 165  
Private THROCKMORTON W. H. Waynesburg DD   128
Private THROCKMORTON William W. Waynesburg DD 158 121
Sergeant THROSH Franklin B. Oil City DD 152  
Private TIEDEKEN Theodore F. Philadelphia DD 158  
Private TIEFENTAYLOR James J. Philadelphia DD 158 87
Private TIELSCH Carl W. Johnsonburg KA 151  
Private TIGHE James T. Philadelphia DD 158  
Sergeant TILEY John C. Brookville KA   103
Captain TIMM A. G. Mahanoy City WA   114
Private TIMMINS Edward C. Shenandoah KA 151  
Private TIMONEY James F. Minooka KA 151  
Private TINDLEY John V. Philadelphia DD 158  
Corporal TINLINE James H. Philadelphia KA 140  
Private TIPTON Ernest C. York DW 164  
Private TIPTON Merl D. Martinsburg KA 151  
Private TIRICO Tony Philadelphia DD 158 82
Private TISDEL George W. Duryea KA   114
Private TISDEL George W. Taylor KA 151  
Private TISSET Rene Philadelphia DA 166  
Sergeant TITTLER John Jacib Gallitzin DW 160 115
Private TITZEL Frank H. Harrisburg KA 151  
Private TITZEL Robert H. Glenshaw DA   132
Private TODD Harold C. Norristown KA 151  
Private TODD Harry S. Lancaster KA 151 114
Private TODD Otis A. Lake Como WA   114
Private TOKER Harry F. Reading DW 164  
Corporal TOLAN Fred J. Catasauqua DW 160  
Private TOMASCO John F. Hays KA 151  
Corporal TOMLINSON Russell S. Siles DW 160 134
Private TOMOSKY Michael Mayfield DW 164  
Private TONER Elwood W. Philadelphia DW 164  
Private TONETTI Adolph Millsboro DW 164  
Private TOOLAN Daniel F. Carbondale KA 151  
Private TORCO John Philadelphia KA 151  
Private TORNILEY William H. Pittsburgh DD   115
Private TORPEY Vincent J. Philadelphia DD 158  
Private TOSCANO Antonio Braddock WA   114
Private TOSH William Ligonier KA 151  
Private TOWER Joseph S. Springboro KA 151  
Private TOY Fred A. South Oil City DD 158  
Private TRACEY George V. Minersville DW 164 114
Corporal TRACY Leroy S. Philadelphia DD 153  
Private TRAFFICAN Benjamin Philadelphia KA 151  
Private TRAINO Camili Wayne DD   54
Private TRAINO Camillo Wayne DD 158  
Private TRANGER Franklin E. Hatfield DW   129
Sergeant TRANKLE Norman J. Plymouth Meeting DD 152  
Sergeant TRAPP Charles Philadelphia KA 138  
Private TRAUGER Franklin E. Hatfield DW 164  
Private TRAVER William A. Waymart KA 151 114
Private TRAVERS William J. Philadelphia DD 158  
Private TREBINO Frank M. Philadelphia DW 164  
Lieutenant TREES Joe G. Pittsburgh DA 165  
Private TRELLA Andrew F. Brisbin KA 151 114
Private TRENGROVE Raymond Philadelphia DD 158  
Wagoner TRESCOTT Lee P. Fairmount Springs DD 153  
Private TRESSELT Herman P. York DD 158  
Private TRESSLER Oley E. Pleasant Gap DD 158  
Corporal TRETTEL Joseph P. Tarentum KA 140  
Private TRIMBLE Richard R. C. Greensburg DW 164  
Private TRIMBLE William O. Newberry KA 151  
Private TRIP Alvin Hallstead DW 164  
Private TRIPLETT Norman Lamott DD 158  
Private TRIPOLI Santo McKeesport KA 151  
Private TROFIM Ochremtchik Philadelphia WA   95
Private TROJAN Peter Philadelphia DW 164  
Private TROMBETTA James Philadelphia KA 151  
Private TRORANA Camillo New Castle KA 151  
Private TROST John H. Philadelphia KA   126
Private TROSTER Charles North Wales DW 164 114
Sergeant TROTTA Samuel J. Philadelphia DW 160  
Lieutenant TROTTER Clyde A. Mount Olive KA 137  
Private TROUP Roy A. Schenley DW 164  
Saddler TROUT Clyde M. Hunkers DA 165  
Private TROUT Ira K. Leaman Place KA 151 114
Private TROUTMAN William Sharon KA 151  
Private TROWBRIDGE Clyde W. Mehoopany KA 151 114
Private TROXELL George E. Gallitzin KA 151 114
Private TROXELL John F. Lykens KA 151 114
Corporal TROXELL Oscar E. Allentown DW 160  
Sergeant TROY Robert Gustave Monessen DW 160  
Corporal TRUCKEY Leo J. North Braddock DW 160  
Corporal TRUMP Hobert A. Woodland KA 140 114
Private TRUXAL Earl Latrobe DW 164  
Corporal TRUXAL Jacob Q. Greensburg KA 140  
Corporal TSCHIPPERT Emanuel G. Pittsburgh DW 160  
Corporal TSCHOPP Lloyd D. Elizabethville DW 160  
Private TUBYRAKE Joseph Nanticoke DW 164  
Private TUCK Ernest Philadelphia DA 166  
Corporal TUCKER Frank Pittsburgh DW 160  
Corporal TUCKER William Monongahela DW 160 114
Private TULAPPA Amando Wilson WA   114
Private TUMAS Anthony Felix Philadelphia KA 151  
Private TUMZAK Stanislaw Scranton DW 164  
Private TUNILO Alex. Scranton KA 151  
Private TUNNO Samuel Pittsburgh KA 151  
Private TUOHY Owen F. Pittsburgh DD 158  
Private TURBIS Walter Russellton DD 158  
Private TURKAN Albert A. Philadelphia KA 151  
Private TURNER Abram L. Royersford KA 151  
Sergeant TURNER Carl S. New Castle DD   114
Sergeant TURNER Carl S. Princeton DD 152  
Private TURNER George A. Philadelphia KA 151  
Sergeant TURNER John Lancaster KA 138  
Private TURNER Samuel Philadelphia KA 151  
Private TURNER William J. Philadelphia DW 164  
Private TUSTIN William Philadelphia DD 158  
Private TWARDOSKI William Eynon KA 151  
Private TYE Ralph Nanticoke KA 151  
Corporal TYSON Charles W. Norristown KA 140 114
Private TYSZEKEWICZ Antoni Donora KA   114  


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