Soldiers of the Great War

Fallen Pennsylvanians of World War I



KA = Killed in Action

DW = Died of Wounds

DD = Died of Disease

DA = Died of Accident

WA = Wounded in Action


Private RAAB John F. Bethlehem KA 149  
Private RAAB Tony Madera DD 157  
Private RAABE Howard H. Tamaqua DW 164 99
Private RABEL William J. Lebanon DD 157  
Corporal RABIEGA Stanley A. Scranton DW 160 99
Corporal RACE Robert Pittsburgh DW 160  
Private RACHEL Roy Erie DW 164  
Private RACZKOWSKI Leo Mahoney City KA 149  
Private RADANOVICH Steve Steelton DD 157 99
Corporal RADOS Chastos Philadelphia KA 140  
Private RADOYCHICH Peter Pittsburgh DD 157  
Corporal RADSIKOWSKI Walter Philadelphia WA   84
Corporal RAEBIGER Adolph jr. Philadelphia DW 160  
Private RAFFERTY Edward A. Grampian DW 164  
Private RAFFERTY John Phoenixville DD 157  
Private RAGAZULIS Peter Luzerne DW 164  
Lieutenant RAHN Earl E. Birdsboro KA 137  
Lieutenant RAHN Earl E. Birdsboro DA 165  
Private RAIGER George H. Lebanon DW 164  
Private RAISOR Franklin F. Warren DW 164 99
Private RAISTRICK William A. Philadelphia DD 157  
Private RAKER Norman Cleveland Connellsburg DW 164  
Private RALL William F. McElhattan DD 157  
Private RAMPULLA Michael Lancaster DD 157  
Private RAMSDEN George Blairsville KA 149  
Corporal RAMSEN Chester R. Latrobe KA   123
Corporal RAMSEY Chester R. Latrobe KA 140  
Private RAMSEY Lloyd D. Carnegie KA 149  
Corporal RAMSEY Robert Jr. United KA 140  
Private RANDOLPH James Wilbur Ellwood City KA 149 100
Private RANG Fred J. Pittsburgh DW 164  
Private RANKIN Claud Elmo St. Petersburg KA 149  
Sergeant RANKIN David I. Wilkinsburg KA 138  
Private RANKIN George R. Uniontown KA 149  
Corporal RANSON William F. Philadelphia KA 140  
Private RAPP Joseph J. Shippensville KA 149 100
Private RAPP Stephen Alfred Somerset KA 149  
Private RASMUSSEN Harry O. Philadelphia KA 149  
Private RATAJACK Ignacy Philadelphia KA 149  
Private RATAJCZAK Ignacy Philadelphia KA   99
Private RATH George B. Philadelphia DD 157  
Private RATKA Stanley Pittsburgh KA 149 99
Private RATTOON James Lancaster KA 149  
Private RATZ Samuel Munson DD 157  
Private RAUB Edwin H. Luzerne DD 157  
Private RAUCH Erwin Eugene Emaus KA 149  
Corporal RAUCH Lester Joseph Carrick KA 140  
Sergeant RAUE Carl W. Philadelphia DA 165  
Private RAUSCH John E. Easton DW 164  
Corporal RAWLINGS Charles M. Peckville DD 153  
Sergeant RAWLINGS William E. Peckville DW 159  
Private RAY Fred Burton Grove City KA 149  
Sergeant RAYBOULD Daniel W. Philadelphia DD 152 99
Private RAYBUCK Jacob F. Coolspring WA   99
Private RAYMOND Peter P. Vandergrift KA 149  
Private RAYNOR Earl F. Silver Lake DD 157  
Corporal RE Peter Mattie KA 140  
Corporal REA Joseph A. Pittsburgh DW 160  
Private REA Joseph A. Pittsburgh DW   125
Sergeant READ John J. Philadelphia KA 138  
Corporal READ Joseph A. Wilkes-Barre DD 153  
Sergeant READON Charles Sharpsville KA 138  
Private REALE Angelo Philadelphia KA 149  
Private REAME Joseph Lincoln Reading KA 149  
Private REAPE William J. Philadelphia KA 149  
Corporal REBBER George W. Reading KA 140  
Private REBER Charles Shillington KA 149  
Corporal REBER George W. Reading KA   99
Sergeant-Major REBERT Edwin C. York DA 165  
Private RECTOR Albert L. Rector KA 149  
Private REDDISHH Ernest Clifton Bradford KA 149  
Private REDMAN Charles H. Philadelphia KA 149  
Sergeant REDMOND Clint Mercer DD 152  
Private REDNER Howard B. Philadelphia DW 164  
Private REED Benjamin R. Snowville DD 157  
Private REED Charles T. Blairsville DW 164  
Private REED Franklin Brockport KA 149  
Sergeant REED Frederick R. Lewistown DD 152  
Private REED James J. Emporium KA 149 100
Private REED Norman A. Tamaqua KA   100
Private REED Norman W. Tamaqua KA 149  
Horseshoer REED William S. Sudeburg KA 140  
Private REEDER Albert L. Elysburg KA 149  
Private REEMSNYDER Charles J. Ephrata KA 149  
Private REENER Wilbert York DW 164  
Sergeant REES Ivor Bowertown KA 138  
Private REESE Amos C. Harrisburg KA 149  
Lieutenant REESE Earle L. Mountville DW 159  
Private REESE Edward Henry Philadelphia KA 149  
Corporal REESE Frank H. Nazareth KA 140  
Corporal REESE George Washington Mahoney KA 140  
Sergeant REESE Herbert Unityville KA 138 100
Private REESE Jack Kittanning KA 149 99
Corporal REESE John Scranton KA 140 99
Corporal REESE John Scranton DA 165  
Private REESE Otis A. Austin DD 157  
Private REESE Ruppert Scranton KA 149  
Private REESE Stanley J. Ebensburg WA   100
Private REEVES William Lansford KA 149  
Private REFFORT Frederick D. Palm WA   99
Corporal REGAN Gerald Duryea DW 160  
Private REGENT Horace Trainer DA 166  
Private REHRER William J. B. Middletown DD 157  
Private REICHARD Raymond T. Allentown DD 157  
Private REICHARD Ruben R. Ashland DD 157  
Corporal REICHERT H. D. Philadelphia DD 153  
Private REID Leon Spencer Bryn Mawr DA 166  
Private REID Thomas L. Sharpsburg KA 149  
Private REID William Morris Run DW 164  
Corporal REIDENOUER Jonas G. Pottstown KA 140  
Private REIF Harry Philip Philadelphia DW 164  
Private REIFSNYDER Fred S. Sinking Springs KA 149 125
Corporal REIGEL William C. Bethlehem KA 140  
Captain REILLY Charles G. Pittsburgh KA   99
Private REILLY Frank E. Bethlehem KA 149  
Captain REILLY James G. Pittsburgh KA 137  
Private REILLY Joseph John Philadelphia DD 157  
Sergeant REINHARDT William A. Pittsburgh KA 138  
Private REINSEL Roy L. Kingsville DD 157  
Private REIS Byran H. Philadelphia DD 157  
Private REISS Wendelin W. Pittsburgh DD 157  
Private REITER Sidney Howard McKeesport KA 149  
Private REITZ Joseph Philadelphia KA 149  
Private REMLEY George A. Benton DW 164  
Private RENDE Gennaro Philadelphia DA 166  
Private RENIO Mike Old Forge KA 149  
Private RENKIN Fred J. Pittsburgh DW 164  
Private RENNINGER Miles A. Mifflinburg KA 149  
Private RENNINGER Raymond R. Uniontown KA   99
Private RENSEL William A. Sigel WA   99
Private REPPERT Daniel E. Boyertown KA 149  
Private REPSHER Ammon N. Pen Argyl DD 157 99
Private RETTER Rudolph Irwin KA 149  
Private REVELL Edward J. Philadelphia DW 164  
Private REX Albert S. Philadelphia DD 157  
Private REYNOLDS Andrew Oliver Scranton DD 157  
Private REYNOLDS Carl R. Birdsboro KA 149  
Sergeant REYNOLDS Harry J. Albion KA   99
Sergeant REYNOLDS Harry J. Reynoldsville KA 138  
Sergeant REYNOLDS Harry J. Reynoldsville DA 165  
Private REYNOLDS James B. Philadelphia DD 157  
Private REYNOLDS John F. Philadelphia DD 157 60
Private REYNOLDS Leroy M. Mt. Union KA   120
Private REYNOLDS Leroy N. Newport KA 149  
Private REYNOLDS Lewis E. Big Island DA 166  
Private REYNOLDS Oscar H. Middletown KA 149  
Musician REYNOLDS Stephen W. Philadelphia DA 165  
Private REYNOLDS Walter S. Beaver Falls DW 164  
Private REYNOLDS William Minersville KA   99
Private REYNOLDS William Pottsville DA 166  
Private REZAK Martin Butler KA 149  
Private RHOADES Herman Ray Harrisburg DD 157  
Private RHOADS Cecil F. New Kensington KA 149 99
Private RHOADS George W. Lehighton DD 157  
Private RHOADS Harry Reading KA 149  
Private RHOADS Harry E. Newport KA 149 130
Private RHODE Albert B. Reading DA 166  
Private RHODES Grant J. Six Mile Run KA 149  
Private RHODES Harry C. Reynoldsville KA 149 100
Private RHODES James Monongahela KA 149 76
Corporal RHODES Walter Scott Royer DD 153  
Private RHODES William L. Mattawana KA 149  
Corporal RHONE Merle St. Marys DW 160  
Private RICE Alfred S. South Fork KA 149  
Private RICE Davis K. Easton DW 164  
Private RICE Robert B. Philadelphia KA 149 104
Private RICE Thornton M. Nescopeck KA 149  
Private RICHARD Don Altoona KA 149  
Private RICHARD George F. Philadelphia DW 164  
Private RICHARDS Ben Scranton DW 164  
Corporal RICHARDS Clyde Elton Raymilton KA 140  
Private RICHARDS John T. Hazelton DD 157  
Sergeant RICHARDS Joseph Clifford Wilkinsburg DD 152  
Private RICHARDS William H. Wilkes-Barre DW 164  
Private RICHTER Frank C. Philadelphia DW 164  
Private RICHTER William Carnegie DD 157 107
Private RICHWINE Clair Gardners KA 149 104
Private RICKABY Edward Old Forge DW 164  
Private RICKER Howard A. Allentown DD 157  
Private RICKERTS Lawrence J. Pittsburgh DW 164  
Private RICOTA Antonio Windber KA 149  
Corporal RIDENOUR Waid Avonmore DW 160  
Private RIDER Francis E. East Berlin KA 149  
Secretary RIEBLE Frank J. Pittsburgh DD 153  
Sergeant RIEHL Edward J. Philadelphia KA 138  
Sergeant RIEKER John C. Catasauqua KA 138 104
Sergeant RIEMANN Fred W. Pittsburgh KA 138 104
Private RIEMER Frederick F. Philadelphia KA 149  
Private RIES August Chalfont WA   100
Private RIFFLE Earl S. Clellandtown KA 149  
Private RIGDON Joseph R. Scottsville KA 149  
Private RIGHI Amedeo Elwood City KA 149  
Private RIGHTER Ira B. Gladwyne DW 164 100
Private RIGNEY Richard F. Manor KA 149  
Private RIGOTTI Ludvio Coraopolis DW 164  
Private RILEY Chester C. Coatesville KA 149  
Private RILEY Derrick Pittsburgh DA 166  
Private RILEY Eugene F. Plymouth DW 164  
Private RILEY John Philadelphia KA 149  
Private RIMBAUGH Christie Ellsworth WA   133
Private RIMERT Robert D. Lewisburg KA 149 100
Private RIMKUS Stanley Arnold DW 164  
Private RINGLAND James Pittsburgh KA 149 104
Sergeant RINUS Edward Plymouth DW 159 100
Private RIPKA George N. Malroy DD 157  
Private RISHEL Clarence Clearfield DA 166  
Private RISHEL Lee P. Uniontown KA 149 100
Private RISMILLER Charles C. Leesport KA 149  
Private RISSMILLER Charles Reading KA 149  
Private RISSO Theophile J. Philadelphia KA 149  
Sergeant RITCHEY Oram Lancaster DW 159  
Private RITCHIE Robert Philadelphia KA 149  
Private RITENOUR Norman P. Normansville DW 164  
Private RITENOUR Thomas M. Slippery Rock DD 157  
Private RITTAR Rudolph Irwin KA   100
Private RITTENHOUSE William Snyder Hackettstown DD 157  
Private RITTER Clarence Calvin Macungie KA 149  
Corporal RITTER Robert V. West Chester KA 140  
Private RITZERT Charles T. Chicora KA 149 100
Private RITZMAN William C. Reading KA 149  
Private RIZZELLI Frank West Hickory DD 157  
Corporal RIZZO Charles Philadelphia DW 160  
Private ROACH James J. Jormyn KA 149  
Private ROACH Preston R. Bridgeville DD 157  
Private ROACH Walter Philadelphia KA 149  
Private ROAM Mike Meadville DW 164  
Private ROARTY Michael J. Drifton DD 157  
Private ROBBINS William T. Wilkes-Barre DD 157  
Lieutenant ROBERTS Clair C. Altoona WA   101
Private ROBERTS George L. New Salem KA 149 101
Private ROBERTS George N. Bristol DD 157  
Private ROBERTS George W. Jr. Philadelphia KA 149  
Private ROBERTS John E. Philadelphia KA 149  
Private ROBERTS Leon Philadelphia DW 164  
Bugler ROBERTS Meral H. Tobyhanna DW 160  
Corporal ROBERTS Thomas A. Jenner KA 140  
Sergeant ROBERTSON Claude R. Philadelphia KA 138  
Private ROBERTSON Joseph A. Balliet DD 157  
Private ROBINS Gurdon M. Philadelphia KA 149  
Private ROBINSON Arthur L. Warriors Mark DW 164  
Private ROBINSON Charlie E. Kingston DD 157  
Private ROBINSON Dennis C. New Oxford DD 157  
Bugler ROBINSON George McC. Walnut KA 140 105
Private ROBINSON Harry G. Chester KA 149  
Private ROBINSON John G. Tyrone DD 157  
Private ROBINSON John L. Grindstone KA 149  
Private ROBINSON Joseph F. Huntingdon DD 157  
Private ROBINSON Robert Philadelphia DD 157  
Private ROBINSON Samuel L. East Brady KA 149  
Private ROBINSON Samuel L. Lower Millville KA   101
Corporal ROBINSON Thomas S. Burgettstown KA 140  
Private ROBINSON Walter Philadelphia DD 158  
Corporal ROBLASKI Vincent Pittsburgh KA 140  
Private ROBLASKI Vincent Pittsburgh KA 149  
Sergeant ROCH Edward Harrisburg KA   92
Private ROCHE Edward Philadelphia KA 149  
Lieutenant ROCHE John Cornelius Bellevue KA 137  
Private ROCHER Simeon Midway DD 158  
Lieutenant ROCK William C. Philadelphia KA 137  
Private ROCKELMANN Alphons J. Philadelphia DD 158  
Private ROCKWELL James Mercersburg KA 149  
Private ROCKWELL James Mercersburg DA 166  
Private RODDY Henry S. Bolivar DA 166 110
Private RODEBAUGH Norman B. Philadelphia DW 164  
Private RODEHEAVER Franklin N. Mercer DD 158  
Lieutenant RODGERS George T. Brookville KA 137  
Private RODGERS Henry J. Pittsburgh DD 158  
Sergeant RODGERS Norman L. Pittsburgh DD 152  
Wagoner RODGERS Walter D. Greensboro DD 153  
Corporal RODIBAUGH William Pittsburgh DD 153  
Private RODOS George Burgettstown KA 149  
Corporal ROE Floyd S. Butler WA   101
Lieutenant ROEHRIG Charles Pittsburgh KA 137  
Private ROESCH George J. Oil City KA 149 101
Private ROESSING Carl J. McKeesport KA 149  
Corporal ROETZ Stephen Philadelphia KA 140  
Corporal ROGACKI Alexander Natrona KA 140  
Sergeant ROGERS Bernard F. Philadelphia DW 159  
Captain ROGERS Elton B. Gap DD 152  
Captain ROGERS Elton R. Christiania DD   101
Private ROGERS Harry T. Philadelphia KA 149  
Private ROGERS Robert C. Forksville DW 164  
Private ROGGIARO Daniel Bethlehem DD 158 104
Private ROGINSKY Tofil Scranton KA 149  
Private ROHR Lyman Ambler DW 164  
Private ROHRBAUGH Melvin A. Spring Grove KA 149  
Private ROLLISON Howard G. Prompton KA 149  
Corporal ROLLS Ben Gallitin DD   120
Corporal ROLLS Ben West Pike DD 153  
Private ROLOSON Ralph Stalker DD 158  
Private ROMAN Adam Natrona KA 149  
Private ROMAN John S. Fairchance DD 158  
Private ROMANELLI Egildo Philadelphia KA 149  
Private ROMANKO Nick Universal DW 164 101
Sergeant ROMANOSKY Edward George Mahanoy City KA 138 101
Private ROMANSKI Paul P. Elizabeth DW 164  
Private ROMBACH Sylvester Pittsburgh KA 149  
Private ROME John Jacob Homestead DW 164 47
Private ROMEO Dominico Sharpsburg KA 149  
Private RONNEY Raymond C. Pen Argyl KA 149  
Bugler ROOD Sofey L. Johnsonburg DW 160  
Bugler ROOD Sophie Johnsonburg DW   128
Private ROONEY Charles J. Broughton KA 149 104
Private RORKE Richard J. Clifton Heights KA 149  
Private ROSE Benjamin Elmora KA 149  
Private ROSE Delbert Dean Hop Bottom DW 164 101
Private ROSE Frank Old Forge KA 149  
Private ROSE James S. Philadelphia KA 149  
Private ROSE William Scranton KA 149  
Private ROSENBERG Louis Pittsburgh DD 158  
Private ROSENBERGER Wilson S. Chalfonte DD 158 101
Private ROSENBERRY Allen Skippack DW   101
Private ROSENFIELD Morris E. Towanda DW 164  
Private ROSENSWEIG Louis Philadelphia KA 149  
Private ROSER Edward York KA 149  
Private ROSOLINSKY Edward F. Cumberland DD 158  
Lieutenant ROSS Cleo Jepson Titusville KA 137 129
Private ROSS Clifton J. Parnassus KA 149  
Sergeant ROSS Clifton J. Parnassus DA 165  
Corporal ROSS Dale H. Freeport KA 140  
Private ROSS Donald W. Cranesville KA   105
Sergeant ROSS Floyd E. Leechburg KA 138 104
Corporal ROSS George Burrows Franklin DA 165  
Mechanic ROSS James S. Philadelphia DW   101
Private ROSS John Dewey Franklin KA 149  
Sergeant ROSS John M. Philadelphia DD 152  
Corporal ROSS Paul Ebur Lebanon DD 153  
Private ROSSBAN John L. Lancaster DW 164  
Sergeant ROSSE David Thomas Shenandoah DW 159  
Private ROSSI Giovanni Rillton DD 158 87
Corporal ROSSI Peter Hazelton KA 140  
Private ROSSMAN Bland Joseph Salina DD 158  
Private ROSSMAN Urban W. Lancaster DD 158 102
Private ROTE George Levi Johnsonburg KA 149 101
Private ROTH Francis E. Allentown DD 158  
Private ROTH Homer N. Hanover DD 158  
Sergeant ROTHAAR Frank H. Pittsburgh DD 152  
Private ROTHERMAL Clyde Wills Mauchchunk KA 149  
Private ROTHERMEL Lloyd A. Womelsdorf KA 149  
Sergeant ROTHMAIER Wiliam J. Hazelton KA 138 101
Private ROTHMAN Charles H. Philadelphia DD 158  
Corporal ROTHROCK Lionel B. Pittsburgh KA 140  
Private ROTS Charles Philadelphia KA 149  
Private ROUGHT Leonard W. Laceyville KA 149  
Private ROUTHOWSKI Anthony Chester DD 158  
Lieutenant ROWAN Charles Richard Altoona DW 159 101
Private ROWE Harvey J. Pottsville WA   93
Private ROWE Samuel A. Connellsville KA 149  
Private ROWE Sherman I. Selinsgrove DD 158  
Private ROWE William T. Grove City DD 158  
Private ROWLAND Harold E. Pittsburgh DD 158  
Private ROWLAND Starling Emmett Warren KA 149  
Private ROWLANDS David William Branch Dale KA 149 101
Private ROWLES Phillip A. Clearfield KA 149  
Private ROWLES Theodore Arthur Clearfield KA 149  
Lieutenant ROYCE Edward G. Philadelphia DD 152  
Sergeant ROYER Wareen Souderton KA 138  
Lieutenant ROYER William R. Pottstown KA 137  
Sergeant ROYERS Warren N. Souderton KA   101
Private RUANE Joseph E. Scranton DD 158  
Private RUBINSON Harry Philadelphia KA 149  
Sergeant RUBRIGHT John D. Neffs DD 152  
Private RUCKER Aaron James Lancaster DD 158  
Private RUDAITIS John Forest City KA 149  
Private RUDD F. A. Philadelphia DD 158  
Sergeant RUDDOCK Alexander L. Chester DW 159 102
Private RUDTKISKIE Joseph Erie KA 149  
Private RUDY John Cannonsburg KA 149  
Private RUFF Frank A. Philadelphia DW 164  
Private RUFFO Antonio Lanesdale DW 164  
Private RUGGIERO Angelo Galeton DA 166  
Private RUGGIERO Frank S. Philadelphia WA   102
Private RUGGIERO Philip D. Bangor DA 166  
Private RUHOLA Walder Manayunk KA 149  
Private RUNDELL Frank North East DD 158  
Cook RUPERT E. W. Saltsburg DD 153  
Private RUPERT Edson Sagamore WA   102
Private RUPERT Rorney S. Bradford DD 158  
Private RUPERT William C. Salina KA 149 104
Private RUPERT William J. Petersburg DW 164  
Private RUPERT William J. St. Petersburg DW   100
Captain RUPP David Wayne KA 137  
Lieutenant RUPP David M. Mechanicsburg KA 137 102
Private RUPP Joseph H. Reading KA 149  
Private RUPPERT Raymond J. Port Carbon DW 164  
Private RUPPRECHT Wilfert Hanover KA 149  
Private RUSH George W. Pennsboro DA 166  
Private RUSH Lee Waynesburg KA 149  
Private RUSINKO John Scranton DW 164  
Lieutenant RUSSELL Alexander McPherson Bedford KA 137 102
Private RUSSELL Arthur L. Bedford DW 164  
Private RUSSELL Henry C. Franklin KA 149  
Corporal RUSSELL Robert P. Pittsburgh KA 140  
Private RUSSO Pasquale Washington KA 149  
Private RUSZ Charles R. Saber DD 158  
Private RUTH Ervin L. Easton DD 158  
Private RUTH Floyd Doylestown KA 149  
Private RUTH Frank M. Lancaster DW 164 104
Private RUTH Ralph Owensdale KA   102
Corporal RUTH William Emans WA   102
Corporal RUTH William F. Emaus KA 140  
Private RUTH William G. Athol DW 164  
Private RUTKOWSKI Frank Dickson City DW 164  
Private RUTKOWSKIE John Wilkes-Barre DA 166  
Private RUTSTEIN Irving R. Wilkes-Barre DW 164  
Private RUTTER Alfred Norristown KA 149  
Private RUTTER Levi P. Newmanstown DD 158  
Private RYAN Harry L. East Mauch Chunk DD 158  
Bugler RYAN John A. Cambridge Springs DD 153  
Wagoner RYAN Joseph A. Lansdowne DD 153  
Corporal RYAN Joseph P. Dunmore DD 153 126
Private RYAN Stephen Francis Philadelphia DW 164  
Private RYCHLINSKI Antoni Breckenridge KA 149  
Corporal RYDER Anthony Altoona DD 153  
Private RYDER David E. Lancaster DD 158  
Private RYDER Thomas A. Philadelphia DD 158  
Private RYLANDER John H. Sheffield DD 158  
Private RYNARD Charles A. Carlisle DD   102
Private RYWACKI Waclaw Chester KA   129


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