Soldiers of the Great War

Fallen Pennsylvanians of World War I



KA = Killed in Action

DW = Died of Wounds

DD = Died of Disease

DA = Died of Accident

WA = Wounded in Action


Private MEACHAM Lawrence Port Allegany DW 163  
Corporal MEAD Frank L. Pottsville KA 140  
Lieutenant MEAD Leon R. Newberry DW 159  
Private MEADE George B. Wilkes-Barre DW 163  
Private MEADE John P. Butler KA 147  
Private MEALS Detner T. Eau Claire DD 157  
Private MEANS George N. Connellsville DD 157  
Private MEARS George M. Jeannette DW 163 90
Cook MEBIUS Alvin H. Philadelphia DD 153  
Private MECKLEY Victor A. Seven Valleys DD 157  
Private MECKLEY William H. Hanover DD 157  
Private MEDICO Michels Dunmore KA 147  
Private MEDWITH Andy Oliver DW 163  
Sergeant MEELL George W. Philadelphia KA 138  
Private MEESE Ernest Brownsville DW 163  
Private MEGARY William Philadelphia KA 147  
Lieutenant MEHRTEN Frank W. Knox WA   90
Private MEIER Walter E. Knox KA 147 91
Sergeant MEIGHEN William G. Wind Ridge KA 138  
Private MEINZER William Chester KA 147  
Sergeant MEISKEY William T. Stephens KA 138 89
Private MEITZLER Tilgham M. Trexlertown KA 148  
Private MEKESELL Elmer E. Homer City KA   89
Private MEKLAND Albin J. Pittsburgh DW 163  
Private MEKONIS William Braddock DW 163  
Private MELCHIORRE Serafino Monaca KA 148  
Private MELHORN Earl B. Loretto DD 157  
Sergeant MELICK Philip G. Philadelphia DW 159  
Private MELIS Philip Lansford KA 148  
Lieutenant MELLINGER Deleth Eber Ephrata DW 159  
Private MELLON James M. Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MELLOTT Stanley Q. Big Cove DD   90
Private MELLOTT Stanley Q. Big Cove Tannery DW 163  
Lieutenant MELLOY Hazzard Philadelphia DW 159  
Sergeant MELODY Howard B. Lansdowne DD 152  
Cook MELVIN Frank J. Philadelphia DD 153  
Cook MELVIN Frank J. Philadelphia DW 160  
Private MEMIERSKI Cieslau Dickson City DD 157  
Private MENGEL Harry Philadelphia DD 157  
Private MENGEL William P. Wyomissing DW 163  
Private MENHORN Theadore L. Myersdale KA 148  
Private MENTE Paul George Heidelberg DA 166  
Private MENTO Samuel Parnassus KA 148  
Private MENTZ Norris B. Philadelphia DW 163  
Private MERCER James H. Carnegie KA 148  
Wagoner MEREDITH Jesse Larnce Johnstown DA 165  
Private MERERCHE Fancesco Philadelphia KA   91
Private MERILE Galli Carnegie DW 163  
Private MERKLE William J. Philadelphia DW 163  
Corporal MERRETT Charles Bertram Mercer KA 140  
Corporal MERRIAM Frank Philadelphia KA 140  
Lieutenant MERRILL George B. North East DA 165  
Corporal MERRITT Charles B. Mercer KA   90
Corporal MERTZ Alvin R. Allentown KA 140  
Private MERTZ Edwin William Mertztown KA 148  
Private MERTZ Jacob F. Ephrata DD 157  
Private MERTZ Moses G. Lehighton DD 157  
Lieutenant MERZ Harold Baker Philadelphia DA 165  
Private MESTEZKY Josel Philadelphia KA 148  
Private METLIN Benjamin R. Ellwood KA 148  
Private METRKUS George Shenandoah DD 157  
Private METZ Frank Pittsburgh DW 163  
Private METZ Ralph Erie KA 148  
Private METZGER Harry E. Lancaster DD 157  
Private METZGER Roy Edward Natrona KA 148 90
Private METZLER William Pittsburgh KA 148  
Sergeant MEYER Albert C. Jeannette DW 159  
Private MEYER George C. Center Square DD 157  
Private MEYER Walter F. Burlington DW 163  
Private MEYERS Charles Philadelphia DD 157  
Private MEYERS Edward F. Berwin KA 148  
Private MIAZGA Antoni Erie KA 148  
Private MICHAEL Augustus Lebanon KA 148  
Private MICHAEL James P. McKeesport DD 157  
Sergeant MICHAEL Lester J. Pittsburgh KA 138  
Private MICHAELS Charles A. New Castle DW 163  
Private MICHAELS George J. Danville DW 163  
Private MICHALEC Gustav Pittsburgh DW 163  
Private MICHALSKI Stephen Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MICHEL Louis F. Parnassus DD 157  
Sergeant MICHEL Normal P. Hazelton KA   127
Private MICHELFELDER Ralph J. Carnegie DW 163  
Private MICHELUCCE Vincenzo Lansford DD 157  
Private MICHNUIK Tom Ambridge KA 148  
Private MICKAYNK Mitroran Philadelphia KA 148  
Corporal MICKLEY Andrew E. Gettysburg KA 140  
Private MICONI Berardino Boyer KA 148  
Private MIDDLESWORTH Luther H. Milton DW 163  
Private MIDILI Angelo Philadelphia DD 157  
Private MIELDAZIE Anthony Munson KA 148  
Private MIESKI Frank Creighton KA 148  
Private MIGDALSKI Alexander Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MIKE Pete Pittsburgh DA 166  
Private MIKESELL Elmer E. Homer City KA 148  
Private MIKOLAYEWSKI Steve Plymouth DD 157  
Private MIKOLAYSWSKI Stephen Plymouth DD   90
Private MILANO Joseph A. Philadelphia DW 163  
Private MILDAZIE Anthony Munson KA   69
Private MILES Archie J. Hartstown DW 163  
Private MILES Jesse Media DW 163 90
Lieutenant MILES Thomas H. Jr. Philadelphia KA 137  
Private MILKO John A. East Pittsburgh KA 148 90
Private MILKULSKI Roman Natrona DD 157  
Private MILL Claude R. Allentown DD 157  
Private MILLAGE James Genaro Pittsburgh KA 148  
Private MILLARD John A. Newton Hamilton DW 163 132
Private MILLBERG Chester Arnold Glen Richey KA 148  
Mechanic MILLEN Lloyd Alonzo Springboro DW 160  
Private MILLER Adam J. Shenandoah DW 163  
Private MILLER Adam R. Baxter KA 148 90
Private MILLER Albert C. West Bowton DD 157  
Private MILLER Albert L. Rushland DD 157  
Private MILLER Alonzo W. Washington DD 157  
Private MILLER Alonzo W. Washington DA 166  
Private MILLER Andrew H. Millvale DW 163 90
Corporal MILLER Arthur F. Tunkhannock WA   48
Corporal MILLER Benny Chester DA 165  
Private MILLER Bonifuss Erie DD 157  
Private MILLER Charles Easton DW 163  
Private MILLER Charles Mount Hope DA 166  
Private MILLER Charles Crawford Granville KA 148  
Private MILLER Charles F. Washington DD 157  
Private MILLER Charles Peter Laureville KA 148  
Private MILLER Charles S. Philadelphia DD 157  
Private MILLER Daniel S. Norristown DW 163  
Private MILLER David Red Lion KA 148  
Corporal MILLER Edwin D. Orefield KA 140  
Private MILLER Ellsworth W. Ray Milton KA 148  
Sergeant MILLER Ervin C. Hanover KA 138  
Corporal MILLER Floyd E. Greensburg KA 140  
Corporal MILLER Floyd E. Greensburg DW 160  
Private MILLER Francis M. Turkey City DW 163 91
Private MILLER Frank Erie DW 163  
Private MILLER Frank N. Pittsburgh DD 157  
Private MILLER Fred C. Glassport KA   55
Corporal MILLER Fred H. Farrell DW 160  
Private MILLER Frederick Albert Bloomsburg KA 148  
Private MILLER Frederick C. Pottstown WA   90
Corporal MILLER Frederick E. Philadelphia DD 153  
Private MILLER George H. Flicksville DW 163 91
Private MILLER George M. State College DW 163  
Corporal MILLER George R. Pittsburgh KA 140  
Private MILLER Harold M. Corry DD 157  
Private MILLER Harry Reading DD 157  
Private MILLER Harry Scranton KA 148  
Private MILLER Harry D. Coplay KA 148  
Private MILLER Harry D. Expedit DD   90
Private MILLER Harry F. Bridgewater DA 166  
Private MILLER Harry S. Old Zionsville DD 157  
Corporal MILLER Harry W. Carbondale DD 153  
Private MILLER Harvey Fort Hill KA 148  
Private MILLER Harvey D. Expedite DD 157  
Corporal MILLER Herbert Philadelphia KA 140  
Sergeant MILLER Herbert W. Philadelphia KA   46
Private MILLER Howard B. Hyndman DW 163 90
Private MILLER Howard M. Chambersburg DW 163  
Private MILLER Ira H. Lancaster County KA 148  
Private MILLER Jacob Greensburg DW 163  
Private MILLER Jacob Pittsburgh DD 157  
Corporal MILLER James I. Indiana DW 160  
Private MILLER John E. Easton KA 148  
Private MILLER John H. Silver Springs KA 148  
Corporal MILLER Joseph Hanover DW 160  
Private MILLER Joseph New Castle KA 148  
Private MILLER Joseph S. Allentown DD 157  
Private MILLER Luther D. Bellefonte KA 148  
Private MILLER Michael A. Homestead KA 148 90
Private MILLER Paul Elmer Manus Choice DD 157 130
Sergeant MILLER Peter G. Lancaster KA 138  
Private MILLER Ralph Scranton KA 148 61
Private MILLER Ray Sootendale KA 148  
Private MILLER Raymond L. Scottdale KA 148 91
Private MILLER Raymond M. East Plymouth DD 157  
Wagoner MILLER Robert Bruce Dillsburg DD 153  
Private MILLER Robert L. Unity DD 157  
Private MILLER Sherman V. Casselman DD 157  
Private MILLER Silas G. Catasauqua KA 148  
Mechanic MILLER Sylvester G. Gettysburg KA 141 96
Private MILLER Willis Madison Dubois DW 163  
Sergeant MILLIGAN Charles W. jr. Swissvale DW 159  
Private MILLIGAN Walter Butler DD 157 90
Private MILLIHIZER James A. Philadelia DD 157  
Private MILLIKEN Thomas Speeceville WA   90
Private MILLIRON Lee Mount Pleasant KA 148  
Captain MILLS Philip St. Davids DW 159  
Sergeant MILLSOP John Grove City KA 138  
Corporal MILLSOP John Sharpville WA   90
Sergeant MILNER Raymond W. Pitcairn KA 138  
Sergeant MILOVICH Samuel N. Springdale DA 165  
Private MILUKEWICZ Peter Shenandoah DW 163  
Private MINERD George E. Pitcairn KA 148  
Master Engineer MINGLE Ray C. Philadelphia DD 152  
Private MINNICK Fred John Port Vue KA 148 130
Private MINTHRUST Joe Ligonier KA 148  
Private MIRALDO Joseph Tresckow KA 148 90
Private MIRARCHI Frank Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MIRICKI Stephen Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MISCANNON Joseph J. Catawissa KA 148  
Private MISKELL Edwin H. Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MISKELL Joseph Francis Scranton DA 166  
Private MISKIEL Frank Gettysburg DD 157  
Private MITCHELEN Wilbert A. Tionesta DD 157  
Sergeant MITCHELL Frank Bethlehem KA 138  
Private MITCHELL Harry Edgar Altoona DW 163  
Private MITCHELL Joseph G. Pittsburgh KA 148 124
Private MITCHELL Louis North Belle Vernon DD 157  
Private MITCHELL Norman M. Sharon DD 157  
Corporal MITCHELL Stephen D. Pottsville DD 153 91
Corporal MITCHELL Walter Chester KA 140  
Private MITCHELL Walter W. Reading DW 163  
Private MITERKO Michael Ramey DW 163  
Private MITMAN Stanley E. Bethlehem DD 157  
Private MLINTCHER John C. Scranton KA 148  
Private MLODORENIEC Joseph Philadelphia KA 148  
Corporal MOCK Arthur C. Altoona KA 140 133
Private MOCK George Plymouth DA 166 93
Private MOCK George H. Schaefferstown KA 148 91
Trumpeter MODER Andrew Pittsburgh DW 160  
Private MOECKEL John E. Philadelphia KA 148 96
Private MOERMAN John J. Doylestown KA 148  
Corporal MOFFA Louis Philadelphia DW 160  
Private MOFFITT Edward C. Pittsburgh KA 148  
Private MOGAVERO Louis Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MOHNEY Fred B. Reynoldsville KA 148  
Private MOHR Charles M. Jamestown KA 148  
Private MOHR Earl B. Turbotville DD 157 91
Private MOKOSKI Joseph South Bethlehem KA 148 89
Private MOLENOCK Andrew Uniontown DW 163  
Private MOLINARO Gennaro Sewickley KA 148  
Private MOLL James F. Shoemakersville WA   93
Private MONACELLA Eugenio Avoca DD 157  
Private MONAGHAN Charles R. Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MONAHAN Edward Philadelphia KA 148 93
Private MONDELLI Frank Philadelphia DD 157  
Private MONDRESS Harry Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MONGOLD Elburn William Rockwood KA 148 121
Sergeant MONIE Charles Moosic DW 159  
Private MONNICH George Latrobe DW   115
Private MONNICH George Luxor DW 163  
Private MONROE George R. York KA 148 134
Private MONROE Shadrack Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MONSTACHO Thomas Shenandoah KA 148  
Private MONTALTO William J. St. Clair KA 148  
Lieutenant MONTGOMERY George D. Dubois KA 137 93
Private MONTGOMERY James R. Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MONTGOMERY Merritt Grove City KA 148 93
Private MONYER Lee W. Harrisburg DD 157  
Sergeant MOODY Henry E. Philadelphia DW 159  
Private MOONAN James F. Philadelphia DD 157  
Private MOONEY Anthony Dunmore DW 163  
Private MOONEY George Thomas Scranton KA 148  
Private MOONEY John P. Philadelphia KA 148 91
Private MOONEY Peter E. Philadelphia KA 148  
Sergeant MOORE Earle H. Indiana KA 138  
Lieutenant MOORE Edward L. New Bloomfield KA 137  
Private MOORE Francis B. Dunns Station KA 148  
Private MOORE Harry B. Shillington KA 148 91
Private MOORE John Columbia DW 163  
Private MOORE Kelly Lamott KA 148  
Corporal MOORE Martin L. Holland KA 140  
Private MOORE Monroe E. Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MOORE Peter Philadelphia DD 157  
Sergeant MOORE Richard W. Ridgway DW 159  
Sergeant MOORE Russell H. Philadelphia KA 138  
Private MOORE Russell S. Emaus KA 148  
Private MOORE Talmage H. Philadelphia DW 163  
Mechanic MOORE William J. Philadelphia KA 141 93
Corporal MOOREHEAD Kenneth A. Pittsburgh KA 140  
Private MOORHEAD Harry C. Indiana KA 148  
Lieutenant MOORHEAD James K. Pittsburgh DA 165  
Private MORAN Charles F. Downington KA 148  
Private MORAN John T. Scranton KA 148  
Private MORAN Joseph Elwood City DD 157  
Private MORAN William H. Pittsburgh DW 163 92
Private MORGAN Earnest P. Philadelphia DD 157  
Private MORGAN Frank Nanticoke KA 148 92
Sergeant MORGAN George Cranton KA 138  
Private MORGAN Jonathan E. Hegins KA 148 93
Corporal MORGAN Robert Ray Dorranceton DW 160 92
Sergeant MORGERMAN Abraham Philadelphia DA 165  
Corporal MORGERMAN Abraham Philadelphia DA 165  
Private MORIARTY John Henry Jr. Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MORICONI Riccardo Pittston DD 157  
Private MORITZ Earl E. Meadville KA 148  
Private MORLEY Alexander L. Athens KA 148  
Private MORLEY Earl A. Wesleyville DW 163  
Private MOROGE Joseph L. Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MORONEY Clarence Leo Altoona DD 157  
Sergeant MOROZ Gabriel West Hazleton DW 159  
Private MORRIS Amos W. Minersville KA 148  
Private MORRIS George R. Millford DW 163  
Private MORRIS John F. Philadelphia DW 163  
Private MORRIS John T. Philadelphia DD 157 92
Private MORRIS Raymond T. Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MORRIS Robert R. Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MORRIS Walter Star Junction DW   93
Private MORRIS Walter R. Washington KA 148  
Lieutenant MORRIS Wistar Haverford KA 137  
Private MORRISON Clarence R. Waterford WA   127
Private MORRISON David Finleyville KA 148  
Private MORRISON Joseph W. Auburn DW 163  
Sergeant MORROW Byron West Pittston DD 152  
Sergeant MORROW Harry T. Catasauqua KA 138  
Private MORROW James Pittsburgh DW 163  
Sergeant MORROW Stuart Harrisburg KA 138 93
Private MORROW William C. Senery Hill DD 157  
Sergeant MORSE Harry E. Altoona KA   91
Corporal MORSE Harry E. Altoona KA 140  
Lieutenant MORT John L. Fannetsburg DD 152 93
Private MORTENSON Albert E. Erie KA 148  
Corporal MORTIMER Guy W. Palo Alto DD 153  
Corporal MORTIMER Guy W. Pottsville DD   91
Lieutenant MORTON William T. Wilkinsburg DD 152  
Private MOSER Edwin J. South Bethlehem DD 157  
Private MOSER Oliver J. Allentown DD 157  
Private MOSES William A. Blairsville DD 157  
Private MOSES William A. Luzerne KA 148 93
Private MOSGRAVE Oscar K. Somerset DD 157 132
Private MOSIER Everett B. Philadelphia KA 148  
Corporal MOSIER Leon S. Cambridge Springs KA 140  
Private MOSS Charles E. Freeport KA 148  
Private MOSS George Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MOSS Irvin T. Tunkhannock DW 163  
Sergeant MOSS James Reed Freeport KA 138  
Private MOTISKA Joseph E. Dupont KA 148  
Corporal MOTISKA Walter E. Duryea DD   130
Corporal MOTISKA Walter E. Old Forge DD 153  
Private MOTTER Daniel Perry Big Run KA 148  
Private MOTUNDO Salvatore Arden Mines DD   68
Private MOURES Hiram H. Conestoga Stage KA   92
Private MOWRER Clyde F. Watsontown KA 148  
Private MOWRER Hiram H. Conestoga Stage KA 148  
Private MOWREY Allen N. Shenandoah KA 148 96
Corporal MOY Hugh Philadelphia KA 140  
Private MOYER George C. Center Square DD   96
Private MOYER Henry S. Lansville DD 157  
Private MOYER Howard W. Virginville KA 148  
Private MOYER John R. Portage KA 148  
Private MOYER Roy S. Kersey WA   91
Private MOYER William J. Rehrersburg DW 163  
Private MUCHNICKSY Waclaw Eynon DW 163  
Private MUIR Robert J. Mount Cannel DA 166  
Private MUIR Robert J. Mount Carmel KA 148 92
Private MULCAHY John H. Wilkes-Barre DD 157 131
Private MULCH James Daniel Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MULDOON John Mahanoy City DD 157  
Private MULDOON Thomas M. Lilly KA 148  
Private MULL Charles K. Montgomery KA 148  
Private MULL Earl Henry Pottsville DD 157  
Private MULLANEY Patrick East Carnegie KA 148  
Private MULLARKEY Thomas J. Pittsburgh DW 163  
Private MULLEN Edward Philadelphia DD 157  
Corporal MULLEN James J. Philadelphia KA 140  
Cook MULLEN Martin A. Pittsburgh DD 153  
Corporal MULLER James Andalusia KA 140  
Private MULLERSCHOEN Albert M. Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MULLIGAN Edward J. Corry DD 157  
Private MULLIN Clifford Ogden Coatesville KA 148  
Sergeant MULLIN Joseph A. Chester KA 138  
Private MULRINE William Joseph Philadelphia DD 157  
Private MULROY Owen North Braddock DD 157 92
Private MUNDEKIS Frank Pittsburgh KA 148  
Sergeant MUNDIS David W. Hellam KA 138  
Private MUNKSGARD Chester H. Warren DW 163 97
Private MUNRO Arthur Lock Haven DD 157  
Private MURAWSKI Walter Pittsburgh KA 148  
Lieutenant MURDOCH Hobert H. Wilkes-Barre KA 137  
Corporal MURDOCH John E. Cochranton WA   92
Private MURDOCK Elmer McKinley Franklin KA 148  
Private MURPHY Charles B. Cilitson DD 157  
Private MURPHY Charles E. Wind Ridge KA 148  
Private MURPHY Charles G. Philadelphia DD 157  
Private MURPHY Edward Jay Johnstown DD 157  
Corporal MURPHY Eugene F. Sayre KA 140  
Private MURPHY George Everett Emporium DD 157 98
Sergeant Major MURPHY John Henry Philadelphia DD 152  
Sergeant MURPHY John Thomas Greensburg DA 165  
Private MURPHY Joseph F. Ashville DW 163  
Private MURPHY Joseph F. Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MURPHY Joseph Hooker West Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MURPHY Joseph M. Philadelphia DD 157  
Private MURPHY Leo A. Sayre DW 163  
Corporal MURPHY Thomas Philadelphia KA 140  
Private MURPHY Thomas Philadelphia KA 148 92
Private MURPHY William F. Girard KA 148  
Private MURPHY William F. Scranton DD 157  
Private MURRAY Albert J. Pittsburgh KA 148  
Sergeant MURRAY Edward Rock Harrisburg KA 138  
Private MURRAY Frank P. Johnsonburg KA 148  
Private MURRAY James Grindstone KA 148  
Private MURRAY James Philadelphia KA 148 92
Private MURRAY Jesse L. Roaring Springs DW 163  
Private MURRAY John A. Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MURRAY Raymond J. Forest City DD   92
Private MURRAY William Pittsburgh DD 157  
Corporal MURTAGH Michael Philadelphia DD 153 92
Private MUSCAVAGE Stanley L. Amsby KA   92
Private MUSCOVAGE Stanley L. Amsbry KA 148  
Corporal MUSHOWER Paul A. West Reading KA   74
Private MUSSER Clarence K. Mountville KA   92
Private MUSSER John M. Lincoln DW 163  
Private MUSSER Roy A. Lewisburg DW 163  
Corporal MUSTO Angelo Philadelphia KA 140  
Sergeant MUSTO Angelo Philadelphia KA   122
Private MUSTO Frank Pittston DW 163 92
Private MUSUMECI Giovanni Easton DD 157  
Private MYER Edwin O. Oley WA   91
Private MYERS Amos Andrew Jackson Jeannette KA 148 126
Lieutenant MYERS Charles H. Wrightsville WA   100
Private MYERS Harry L. Titusville DW 163 92
Private MYERS John Philadelphia KA 148  
Private MYERS John Augustine Cassandra KA 148 92
Private MYERS Lloyd White KA 148  
Private MYERS Milton William Lewiston KA 148  
Private MYERS Samuel W. Lancaster DW 163  
Private MYERS Sydney George Myerstown DW 163  
Private MYERS Thomas W. Tarentum KA 148  
Private MYERS William York KA 148  
Private MYERS William D. Germantown DD 157  
Private MYERS William E. Freeport KA 148  
Private MYERS William G. Philadelphia DD   92
Private MYERS William J. Pittsburgh DA 166  


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