Soldiers of the Great War

Fallen Pennsylvanians of World War I



KA = Killed in Action

DW = Died of Wounds

DD = Died of Disease

DA = Died of Accident

WA = Wounded in Action


Private IANNALLI Vincent Philadelphia DW 162  
Private IANNELLI Michael Philadelphia DW 162  
Private IANNELLI Vincent Philadelphia DD 156  
Private IELASE Nicola Wilson KA 145  
Sergeant IGNATOSKY John F. Reading KA 138  
Private IGO Michael J. Shenandoah DD 156  
Mechanic IGO Robert I. Derry KA 140  
Private IHLI Carl William Blythedale KA 145 77
Private IHM Robert M. J. Catasauqua KA 145 77
Private IHNATZ George Wilkes-Barre DW 162  
Private ILLARIO Raccordi Pittsburgh KA 145  
Private IMHOF George H. Philadelphia KA 145  
Captain INGERSOLL Harry Philadelphia DW 159  
Private INGERSOLL Paul Freeport KA 145  
Private INGHAM Aden Henry Franklin KA 145  
Private INGLIS James Frank Cessna KA 145  
Private INSLEY Jack H. Carnegie KA 145  
Sergeant IRELAND Harry Philadelphia KA 138  
Private IRVIN George E. Lititz KA 145 79
Private IRVINE William J. Germantown DD 156  
Private IRWIN John S. Jeannette KA 145  
Sergeant IRWIN Lee H. Oil City WA   78
Corporal ISEMAN Edward P. Blairsville WA   79
Private ISENBERG Alvin R. Altoona KA 145  
Private ISHERWOOD Basil T. Pittsburgh DW 162  
Corporal IVELL Harry B. Harrisville KA 139 131
Private IVOSEVICH Mirko Midland KA 145  
Private IWANICKI Picter Ford City KA 145  
Private IZZO Frank X. Altoona DW 162 78
Private JABLAUSKI Edward Pittsburgh KA 145  
Musician JABLONOWSKI Zygmond Philadelhia DD 153  
Corporal JACEVICZ John Braddock KA   76
Corporal JACEVICZ John Woodland KA 139  
Private JACKACKI Edward Pittsburgh KA 145  
Private JACKSON Charles Spring City KA 145  
Private JACKSON Edward C. New Brighton DD 156 88
Private JACKSON Frederick Williamsport KA 145  
Sergeant Major JACKSON Jay A. Pittsburgh DD 152  
Corporal JACKSON John M. Greenville DD 153  
Private JACKSON Joseph A. Burgettstown KA 145  
Corporal JACKSON Leroy Uniontown DD 153  
Private JACKSON Noble C. McGrann KA 145  
Private JACKSON Willis Chester KA 145  
Sergeant JACKSON Winfield Andrew Philadelphia KA 138  
Private JACOB Joseph New Castle KA 146  
Private JACOBS Edward W. Waynesburg DD 156  
Wagoner JACOBS John G. Barnesboro DD 153  
Private JACOBS Joseph Pittston KA 146  
Private JACOBS Raymond F. Sharpsburg KA 146  
Private JACOBS Richard G. Philadelphia KA 146  
Bugler JACOBY Henry J. Philadelphia KA 140 77
Private JACOBY Kerwin E. North York DD 156  
Private JAEGER Francis J. Philadelphia KA 146  
Private JAFFY Samuel Waynesboro DD 156  
Private JAMERISON Edward E. Philadelphia KA 146  
Private JAMES Charley L. Bolivar DD 156 79
Sergeant JAMES Frank Wilkes-Barre DW 159  
Private JAMES Leslie Edwardsville KA 146  
Private JAMES William S. Nanticoke KA 146 77
Private JAMISON Malvin Nathan Spring Grove KA 146  
Private JANETS Charles Trafford KA 146  
Private JANKIEWICZ Joseph Morris Run KA 146 77
Private JANNACONE Nick Philadelphia KA 146  
Private JANORS Joe Carnegie KA 146  
Private JANTZ August Pittsburgh KA 146  
Private JARDANOWSKI Stanley Pittsburgh KA 146 76
Private JAROS Franklin J. Dickson City KA 146  
Private JAYNE James Olyphant DW 162  
Private JEBLUNSKY James Pittsburgh KA 146  
Private JEDLICKS Robert N. Pittsburgh DD 156  
Private JEFFERIES W. W. Chester KA   79
Private JEFFERIS Charles Philadelphia DD 156  
Private JEFFRIES Charles H. New Brighton DD 156  
Private JEFFRIES Willie Ford Chester KA 146  
Private JENE John P. Pittsburgh KA 146  
Private JENKINS Bernard W. New Oxford KA 146  
Private JENKINS Mack M. Canton KA 146  
Private JENKS Harry A. Philadelphia DW 162 78
Bugler JENNART Leon Spring City KA 140  
Private JESSOP Charles B. Emporium KA 146 77
Lieutenant JESSUP William H. Scranton KA 137  
Private JEWELL Victor A. Beaver Falls KA 146  
Lieutenant JEWELL William Arthur Ben Avon KA 137  
Corporal JOHN Michael South Bethlehem KA 139  
Private JOHNSON Arthur Ludlow WA   78
Private JOHNSON Bernard S. Houtzdale KA 146  
Private JOHNSON Carl Russell Waterford KA 146  
Private JOHNSON Frank Phoenixville KA 146  
Private JOHNSON Frank A. Philadelphia DW 162  
Private JOHNSON Gordon J. Norristown DD 156  
Private JOHNSON Gust M. McKeesport DD   76
Lieutenant JOHNSON Harry F. W. South Bethlehem KA 137  
Corporal JOHNSON Harry H. Cheat Haven DW 160  
Sergeant JOHNSON Hiram D. Philadelphia DW 159  
Wagoner JOHNSON Howard W. Pittsburgh DA 165 77
Private JOHNSON Jacob Philadelphia DW 162  
Private JOHNSON James A. Pittsburgh DD 156  
Private JOHNSON John H. Philadelphia DD 156  
Private JOHNSON John L. Pittsburgh DD 156  
Private JOHNSON Lantus Philadelphia DD 156  
Sergeant JOHNSON Leon F. Philadelphia DW 159  
Private JOHNSON Leonard L. Kane DW 162  
Private JOHNSON Lester W. Lycippus DW 162  
Private JOHNSON Loyal G. Spring Creek KA 146 78
Private JOHNSON Oscar E. Pittsburgh KA 146  
Sergeant JOHNSON Ray E. Harrisburg DD 152  
Private JOHNSON Robert C. Oil City DD 156  
Private JOHNSON Robert J. Bryn Mawr DD 156  
Private JOHNSON Robert Paul Bradford DW 162  
Private JOHNSON Rodney Towanda KA 146  
Sergeant JOHNSON Roy A. Lehighton DW 159  
Sergeant JOHNSON Russell Philadelphia DD 152  
Private JOHNSON Samuel E. New Albany DA 166  
Private JOHNSON Sherwood L. Alderson DD 156  
Private JOHNSON Sidney W. Punxsutawney WA   78
Private JOHNSON Ulysses S. New Berry DD 156  
Private JOHNSON Walter P. Mount Jeannette KA 146  
Private JOHNSON William Winton DW 162  
Private JOHNSONBAUGH Lawrence R. Julian DD 156  
Private JOHNSTON Albert S. Homer City KA 146  
Private JOHNSTON Alexander East Pittsburgh KA 146  
Lieutenant JOHNSTON Donald Harrisburg KA 137  
Corporal JOHNSTON Harry Walter Franklin KA 139  
Private JOHNSTON James E. Apollo DD 156  
Private JOHNSTON Lester W. Spring Run DD 156  
Corporal JOHNSTON Walter R. Pittsburgh KA 139 76
Private JOLLER Leo C. Pittsburgh DW 162  
Private JONES Alfred Metal KA 146  
Private JONES Carl Bakertown KA 146  
Private JONES Carl Elmora KA   76
Sergeant JONES Charles W. Philadelphia WA   77
Corporal JONES Clarence B. McKeesport DW 160  
Private JONES David Pittsburgh DD 156  
Private JONES David J. Overbrook KA 146  
Private JONES David S. Homestead DD 156  
Private JONES Earl E. Meyersdale KA 146  
Private JONES Elwood J. Philadelphia DW 162  
Private JONES Ernest Pittsburgh DA 166  
Sergeant JONES Erwin I. Wilkes-Barre KA 138  
Sergeant JONES Felix W. Philadelphia DW 159  
Private JONES Frank S. Altoona DD 156  
Private JONES Fred Philadelphia KA 146  
Private JONES Fred E. Harrisburg DW 162  
Private JONES George Philadelphia DD 156  
Mechanic JONES George R. Pittsburgh KA 140  
Private JONES Harold W. Export KA 146 76
Private JONES James S. Lewistown KA 146 77
Private JONES John H. West Pittston DW 162  
Sergeant JONES John M. Pittsburgh DA 165  
Private JONES Lester Danville DD 156  
Lieutenant JONES Madison W. Indiana KA 137  
Corporal JONES Owen F. East Brady DW   76
Private JONES Owen Frederick East Brady DW 162  
Sergeant JONES Robert B. Sunnyside KA 138 124
Private JONES Samuel Philadelphia KA 146  
Sergeant JONES Samuel J. Jr. Elizabeth DD 152  
Private JONES Victor Duquesne DW 162  
Private JONES William A. Johnstown DA 166  
Private JOPP Samuel I. Chester KA 146  
Private JORDAN Dominick A. Philadelphia KA 146  
Corporal JORDAN William J. Philadelphia KA 139  
Private JOSEPHSON Charles A. Drifting KA 146 77
Private JOSLYN Clayton L. Meadville WA   73
Private JOY George M. Pittsburgh KA 146  
Corporal JOY William J. Hazelhurst DD 153  
Private JOYCE John J. Greenock KA 146  
Private JOYCE Michael J. Philadelphia KA 146  
Private JOYCE Michael T. Pittsburgh DA 166 126
Private JOZWIAK Walter H. Reading DD 156  
Private JUDGE James Pittston KA 146  
Private JUDY Paul Hummelstown DW 162  
Corporal JUMPER Ralph M. Carlisle DD 153  
Private JUNIOR Michael Philadelphia KA 146  
Corporal JUNOD William Philadelphia DW 160  
Private JUSINSKI Anthony Johnstown KA 146  


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Soldiers of the Great War


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