Soldiers of the Great War

Fallen Pennsylvanians of World War I



KA = Killed in Action

DW = Died of Wounds

DD = Died of Disease

DA = Died of Accident

WA = Wounded in Action


Sergeant FABER Harry F. Reading DW 159  
Private FABER William C. Philadelphia DD 155  
Corporal FACKENTHALL John W. Easton DW 160  
Private FAGAN Francis W. Philadelphia KA 144 66
Sergeant FAGAN Frank Lancaster DW 159  
Private FAGER William H. Columbia KA 144  
Private FAGLEY Ray Juniata KA 144 66
Private FAHEY James P. Philadelphia KA 144  
Private FAHEY Martin J. Philadelphia DA 166  
Private FAHEY William W. Kennett Square DW 162  
Private FAILACCE Joseph Sharpsburg DW   66
Private FAILAICE Joseph Pittsburgh DW 162  
Nurse FAIRCHILD Helen Watsontown DD 153  
Lieutenant FALES Thomas B. W. Philadelphia DW 159  
Private FALKENHAGEN Raymond A. Pittsburgh DW 162  
Private FALKNER William M. Sarver DD 155  
Private FALLON William T. Swayersville KA 144  
Private FALLS Frank Carnegie DD 155  
Private FAMUTA Joseph S. Wilkes-Barre DD 155  
Private FANEAN Bernard E. Philadelphia KA 144  
Private FANNER Jesse M. Aylor KA   66
Lieutenant FANNING Winthrop C. Altoona DD 152  
Private FANTACONE Nicholas West Manayunk DA 166  
Private FANUCCI Guiseppe Glenlyon KA 144  
Private FANUS Carroll L. Goodyear KA 144 66
Corporal FARABAUGH Water D. Carrollton DD 153  
Private FARBER Charley A. Erie DW 162  
Private FARKER Wm. J. McKeesport DW   66
Private FARLEY John Joseph Wilkes-Barre KA 144  
Private FARLING Robert R. Penbrook DD 155  
Private FARMER Sidney Eugene Madison DD 155  
Private FARMER William J. McKeesport DW 162  
Private FARNER Robert E. Cross Creek DW 162  
Private FARR Charles A. Chester DD 155 123
Private FARR William F. Milan KA 144  
Private FARRELL Frederick M. West Chester DD 155  
Private FARRELL George Wayne DW 162  
Sergeant FARRELL James J. Parsons DD 152  
Private FARRELL James L. Waynesburg KA 144  
Private FARRELL Joseph Philadelphia KA 144  
Sergeant FARRELL Joseph J. Scranton KA 138  
Private FARRELL Michael F. Ashley KA 144 55
Private FASIG Harry E. Reading DA 166  
Sergeant FASNACHT William I. Lebanon KA 138  
Corporal FATHERINGHAM Harry R. North Braddock KA 139  
Private FATZINGER Warren H. Bethlehem DW 162  
Private FATZINGER William V. Allentown DD 155  
Private FAUCEGLIA Paolo Washington DD 155  
Private FAUNCE Wilmer Philadelphia DD 155  
Private FAUST Charles A. Danville DD 155 66
Private FAVALARO Joseph V. Glassport KA 144  
Private FAY John P. Philadelphia DD 155 66
Sergeant FEARN Thomas J. Jr. Philadelphia KA 138 66
Private FEATHERSTONE Edw. A. Wilkes-Barre KA 144  
Private FECCA Daniel Philadelphia KA 144  
Corporal FEDOR Martin Julius Portage DD 153  
Private FEDRICKS John Philadelphia KA 144  
Corporal FEE Harry W. Glen Campbell KA   66
Private FEE Harry W. Glen Campbell KA 144  
Private FEENEY Thos. Francis Homestead KA 144  
Private FEGELY Byron S. Trappe DD 155 64
Private FEGERT Fred William Erie KA 144  
Corporal FEHLINGER Lawrence Conrad Wilkes-Barre DW 160  
Private FELDMAN Joseph W. Pottstown KA 144  
Private FELDMANN William John York DD 155  
Private FELDSTEIN Isadore Pittsburgh DW 162  
Corporal FELKER Charles L. East Waterford DW 160  
Private FELMY Michael F. Jersey Shore DW 162 132
Private FELTON Guy L. Nicholson DD 155  
Private FENICCHIA Salvatore Wellsboro KA 144  
Corporal FENNER Carl A. Bryn Mawr KA 139  
Private FENSTAMAKER George E. Unityville KA 144  
Private FENSTERMACHER Peter J. Catawissa KA 144  
Private FERGUSON Clarence P. Philadelphia KA 144  
Private FERGUSON John G. Windber DD 155  
Lieutenant FERGUSON Joseph S. Philadelphia DW 159  
Private FERGUSON Louis J. Pittsburgh KA 144  
Private FERGUSON Richard Vern Portvue KA 144  
Corporal FERGUSON Robert J. Philadelphia DD 153  
Private FERISE Antonio Belle Vernon KA 144  
Private FERKE John G. Drifton DD 155  
Private FERKO Andrew D. Drifton KA 144  
Sergeant FERNER Stuart P. Johnstown DD 152  
Private FEROGUNTO Nicolino North Braddock DD 155  
Private FERRARI Camillo Pittsburgh DW 162  
Private FERRARI Francesco Shickshinny DW 162  
Private FERRARINI Basilio Star Junction KA 144  
Private FERRARO Francesco Pittsburgh KA 144  
Private FERRARO Franck Nesquehoning KA 144  
Private FERRARRI Fred Pittsburgh DW 162  
Private FERRI Armino Allison DW 162  
Private FERRIS Stephen W. Scranton DW 162  
Private FERRIS Stephen W. Scranton DA 166  
Private FERRITER Joseph Philadelphia DD 155  
Corporal FERRY Alphonsus Philadelphia DD 153  
Private FERRY Michael J. Philadelphia KA 144  
Private FERRY Patrick L. Hazleton KA 144 64
Sergeant FERRY William J. South Bethlehem DA 165  
Corporal FESSENDEN Fay F. Port Allegany KA 139  
Sergeant FESSENDEN Guy A. Easton DD 152  
Private FETHERLIN Henry G. Washington KA   66
Private FETROW Charles Gilbert Dover KA 144  
Lieutenant FETZER William Wilmer Milltown KA 137  
Private FEY Carl Schuylkill Haven KA 144  
Private FICKEISSEN Elmer W. Philadelphia DD 155  
Private FICKES David Elmer Imler DW 162 64
Private FICKUS Carl C. Scranton DW 162 65
Private FIDDLER Benjamin Westville WA   64
Corporal FIECHTER Jackques A. Philadelphia KA 139  
Private FIELD Harry J. W. Hatfield KA 144  
Lieutenant FIELDING Donald Scranton DW 159  
Captain FIELDING Louis H. Philadelphia DW 159  
Private FIELDS Herbert L. Washington KA 144  
Private FIELDS Robert Lebanon KA 144  
Private FIFE John Philadelphia KA 144  
Private FIIALKOWSKI Antoni Scranton KA 144  
Corporal FIKE Delbert A. Uniontown DW 160 64
Private FIKE Orval R. Somerfield DD   125
Private FILIA Giuseppe North Braddock KA 144  
Private FILLIPONI Amedo Conshohocken DW 162  
Private FILORIMO Anthony Williamsburg WA   64
Private FINAMORE Rizzerio Bridgeport DD 155  
Private FINAN Charles L. New Albany DD 155  
Private FINCH Robert Allport DW 162  
Private FINEBERG Joseph Philadelphia DW 162  
Corporal FINEGAN Norbert J. West Chester DW 160  
Private FINK Aden F. Hollidaysburg DD 155  
Private FINK Frank F. Worthington KA 144 64
Private FINK Wilbur E. Philadelphia KA 144  
Private FINLEY Earl S. Steelton DW 162  
Private FINLEY Ray A. Smithton KA 144 64
Private FINN Bernard Philadelphia DD 155  
Private FINN Joseph Patrick Pittsburgh KA 144  
Private FINNEGAN Michael G. Philadelphia DW 162  
Corporal FINOCCHIO Anthony East Lansdowne KA   64
Private FINOCCHIO Anthony East Lansdowne KA 144  
Private FIORA Guiseppi Philadelphia KA 144  
Private FIORE Francesco Glassport KA 144  
Private FIORE Frank G. Scranton DW 162  
Private FIORENTINO Anthony Rankin KA 144  
Private FIORENTINO Fortunato Republic KA 144  
Sergeant FIRTH John R. McKeesport WA   64
Private FISCH Frank J. Scranton DD 155  
Private FISCHER Benjamin H. Philadelphia DW 162  
Private FISCHER Charles Green Tree Borough KA 144  
Private FISCHER Herbert A. Philadelphia DW 162  
Sergeant FISCHER John J. Philadelphia DD 152  
Sergeant FISCHER Robert E. Pocono Lake KA 138  
Private FISCHLER Richard A. Philadelphia KA 144  
Private FISH William Thomas Russellton KA 144 64
Private FISHEL Carl P. Butler KA 144  
Private FISHER Albert Allison KA 144  
Lieutenant FISHER James P. Williow Grove DD 152  
Corporal FISHER John Philadelphia DD 153  
Lieutenant FISHER John J. Punxsutawney DA 165  
Private FISHER Nevin K. Ambler KA 144  
Private FISHER Paul H. Rexmont DA   123
Sergeant FISHER Raymond O. Pinegrove KA 138  
Private FISHER Richard G. Tyrone KA 144  
Cook FISHER William Norristown DD 153  
Private FITCH Harry J. Falls WA   64
Private FITZGERALD Edward Philadelphia KA 144  
Private FITZGERALD Harvey P. Philadelphia DD 155  
Corporal FITZGERALD Louis L. Pittsburgh KA 139  
Private FITZGERALD Walter L. York DD 155  
Lieutenant FITZHARRIS Joseph C. Philadelphia KA 137  
Corporal FITZPATRICK Charles Grinner Pittsburgh DW 160  
Corporal FITZPATRICK George W. Harrisburg DA 165  
Private FLACK Francis J. Volant KA 144 63
Private FLANAGAN Francis J. Ashland DW 162 64
Private FLANNERY Edward Joseph Tamaqua KA 144  
Private FLANNERY James New Philadelphia KA 144  
Private FLANNERY Thomas J. Darby KA 144  
Private FLATLEY James Scranton KA 144  
Private FLAUGER Walter C. McKees Rock KA 144  
Private FLECK Joseph R. W. McKeesport DW   64
Private FLECK Joseph W. McKeesport DW 162  
Private FLEEGLE Raymond G. Six Mile Run KA 144  
Mechanic FLEGAL Ferman Clearfield KA 140 65
Private FLEIG Joseph E. Mountain Top DW   64
Corporal FLEISCH Edward Philadelphia KA 139  
Private FLEISCHER George W. Butler KA 144  
Private FLEISCHMAN Charles South Greensburg DD 155  
Private FLEKAL Frederick J. Philadelphia KA 144  
Corporal FLEMING Craig E. Clarion KA 139  
Lieutenant FLEMING Frank Riddle Franklin DD 152  
Lieutenant FLEMING Frank Riddle Franklin DW 159  
Private FLEMING James Gamble Philadelphia KA 144  
Sergeant FLEMING John Lawrence Grove City DW 159  
Corporal FLEMING John P. Sharpsburg DW 160  
Private FLEMING William Philadelphia DW 162  
Private FLEMING William Jr. Philadelphia DD 155  
Private FLEMMING Arthur W. Pittsburgh KA 144  
Private FLEMMING Frederick F. Royersford KA 144  
Sergeant FLEMMING Joseph F. Philadelphia KA 138  
Private FLEMMING Joseph R. Pittston DW 162  
Corporal FLESHMAN Albert N. Philadelphia KA 139  
Private FLETCHER Frank Philadelphia KA 144  
Private FLETCHER John S. Northumberland KA 144  
Private FLICK Frank B. Saegertown KA 144  
Private FLICK Frederick S. Braddock KA 144  
Private FLICK Michael K. Scotch Hill KA 144  
Private FLICK Milan W. Troy KA 144  
Private FLICK Millan W. Troy KA   64
Private FLOCKEMER Harmond M. Bonesboro KA 144  
Private FLORES George L. Bethlehem DD 155  
Private FLORIO Humbert Philadelphia KA 144  
Corporal FLYNN Arthur F. Elrama WA   65
Private FLYNN Charles J. Philadelphia DW   64
Corporal FLYNN Cornelius F. South Bethlehem KA 139  
Private FLYNN George A. Braddock DW 162  
Private FLYNN John A. Old Forge Borough DD 155  
Wagoner FLYNN John J. Philadelphia DD 153  
Corporal FLYNN John P. Conneautville KA 139  
Lieutenant FLYNN Walter James Oil City DW 159  
Lieutenant FLYNN Walter James Oil City DA 165  
Mechanic FLYNN William J. Connellsville DD 153  
Private FOCHT Clarence E. Huntington DD 155  
Private FOEBLEY Edward F. Warren DD 155  
Corporal FOELL Harry R. Philadelphia KA 139  
Private FOGGETTA Tomaso Philadelphia DD 155  
Private FOGGIA Adolphe Aliquippa KA 144  
Sergeant FOLEY Edward H. Philadelphia KA 138  
Corporal FOLEY John F. Altoona KA 139  
Private FOLINE Clarence A. Girard DD   133
Private FOLK Charles A. Temple KA 144  
Private FOLK Milton H. Reading DD 155 65
Private FOLKMER Harry P. New Salem KA 144  
Corporal FOLTZ Samuel R. Terre Hill KA 139  
Sergeant FORBES Jerry Philadelphia DD 152  
Private FORCE John W. Pine Glen KA 144  
Corporal FORD George V. New Eagle DD 153  
Private FORD Henry J. Philadelphia DD 155  
Private FORD James J. Philadelphia DD 155  
Private FORD John Chester DD 155  
Lieutenant FORD Olin H. Corry KA 137  
Private FORD William Philadelphia DW 162  
Private FOREAKER William C. Chads Ford KA 144  
Private FOREJT Frank Mount Pleasant DD 155 65
Private FORENY Samuel Raymond Lykens KA 144  
Private FORESTER Joseph W. Royersford DA 166  
Sergeant FORESTI Frank Pittsburgh KA 138  
Private FORMANIAK Stefan Castle Shannon KA 144  
Corporal FORNWALT Paul J. Hokendauqua DD 153 63
Private FORSHA Leslie J. Blairsville DW 162  
Private FORSYTH Albert E. Philadelphia DW 162  
Private FORSYTH David Roscoe DD 155  
Private FORSYTH Matthew Philadelphia KA 144  
Private FORT Salvtore South Bethlehem DD 155  
Private FORTNER Harry E. Philadelphia DD 155  
Corporal FOSTER David B. McKeesport KA 139  
Bugler FOSTER Francis Jr. Philadelphia KA 140  
Corporal FOSTER Howard T. Dalton KA 139  
Private FOSTER Joseph P. West Manayunk KA 144  
Private FOSTER Lee M. Pittsburgh KA 144  
Sergeant FOSTER Leon Ralph Philadelphia DW 159  
Private FOSTER Louie Carrick DA 166  
Private FOSTER Louis Pittsburgh DD   65
Private FOURNIER Walter J. McKees Rocks KA 144  
Private FOUST Robert W. Bolivar KA 144  
Private FOWLER Guy A. Sackett WA   56
Corporal FOX Byrd R. Hunkers KA 139 65
Sergeant FOX Elmer R. Philadelphia KA 138  
Private FOX Frank Defiance KA 144 111
Corporal FOX Harry L. Philadelphia DD 153  
Lieutenant FOX John H. Philadelphia KA 137  
Private FOX Myron S. North Centre DW 162  
Private FOY Thomas Bryn Manor KA   63
Private FOY Thomas Torresdale KA 144  
Private FOZIO Gregorio Philipsburg KA 144  
Corporal FRAIM John Philadelphia KA 139  
Sergeant FRAKER Ralph E. Fort Littleton DW 159 63
Private FRANCIS George J. Gilberton WA   65
Private FRANCIS Joseph Philadelphia KA 144  
Corporal FRANCIS Raymond Philadelphia DW 160  
Private FRANCIS Stephen James Pittsburgh DW 162  
Private FRANK Charles Philadelphia DD 155  
Private FRANK Harry J. Pittsburgh KA 144  
Private FRANK Louis J. Musgrove WA   63
Wagoner FRANK Victor C. North East KA   65
Private FRANK Walter McAdoo KA 144  
Private FRANKENFIELD Austin W. Cooperburg DW 162  
Corporal FRANKLIN Francis B. Noble DW 160  
Private FRANKLIN John Joseph West Pittston KA 144  
Corporal FRANKS Charles N. Percy KA 139  
Corporal FRANKS Henry J. Reading KA 139  
Wagoner FRANKS Victor C. North East KA 141  
Sergeant FRANTZ Howard H. Allentown KA 138 63
Private FRANTZ J. E. Lebanon KA 144 63
Private FRATTO Clementine Pittsburgh DW 162  
Private FREAS Oliver George South Bethlehem KA 144 63
Private FREDERICK Clarence R. Pittsburgh DW 162  
Private FREDERICK Edward Jacob Clarion KA 144 63
Private FREDERICK Harry C. Berwinsdale DA 166  
Private FREDERICK Samuel A. Indiana DD 155  
Private FREDO Guilio Erie KA 144  
Sergeant FREE George Michael Pittsburgh KA 138  
Private FREEBERG Oke C. Houtzzdale KA 144  
Private FREED Raymond J. Allentown KA 144  
Private FREEDMAN Meyer Lancaster KA 144  
Private FREEDMAN Nathan Philadelphia DD 155  
Captain FREEMAN Clarence P. St. Davids DW 159  
Private FREEMAN Frank L. Pittsburgh KA 144  
Sergeant FRETTS Charles A. Connellsville KA 138  
Sergeant FREUND Joseph L. Knoxville KA 138  
Private FREW Alexander P. West Newton DD 155  
Private FREW Andrew Punxsutawney DW 162 129
Private FREW Andrew Punxutawney DD 155  
Private FREY Jackson L. Chambersburg KA 144  
Private FREY Russell C. Allentown DD 155  
Private FREY William A. Douglasville KA 144 65
Lieutenant FRICK William W. Sewickley DD 152  
Private FRIEDEL Alexander Jr. Philadelphia DW 162 63
Corporal FRIEL Harry Philadelphia DW 160  
Private FRIEL Ignatius L. Connellsville DW   63
Corporal FRITZ Charles L. Lancaster DW 160  
Private FRITZ George H. Oak Ridge DW 162  
Private FRITZ George W. Temple KA 144  
Private FRITZ Herbert C. Tobyhanna WA   63
Private FRITZ Herman C. Benton KA 144  
Corporal FRITZ Lawrence P. Latrobe KA 139  
Private FRITZ Stephen G. Philadelphia KA 144  
Private FROMM Henry S. Sinking Springs DD 155  
Private FROMMEYER Cornelius Pittsburgh DD 155  
Private FRY Kenneth E. Irwin DD 155 63
Private FRY Lowry N. Seward KA 144  
Private FRY Oscar Mount Wolfe KA 144  
Mechanic FRY Reuben C. Lititz KA 140 133
Private FRYE George D. West Finley DD   65
Private FRYE George D. W. Greensburg DD 155  
Sergeant FRYE Harrison W. South Fork WA   63
Private FRYER Harry Pottstown DW 162  
Private FRYER John Leechburg DW 162  
Sergeant FRYLING George W. Doylestown KA 138 65
Private FRYMOYER Harry S. Reading DD 155  
Private FUABZIO Nicholas Rome KA 144  
Private FUDALA Fred J. Philadelphia DW 162  
Private FUGE William C. Houtzdale DD 155  
Private FULK Harry White Haven WA   65
Private FULKERSON Gus V. Frugality DD 155  
Private FULKROD Samuel E. Williamsport DD 155  
Captain FULLER Edward C. Philadelphia KA 137  
Private FULLER Harry J. Philadelphia DD 155  
Private FULLERTON Joseph P. Jr. Philadelphia KA 144  
Private FULLINGTON Albert Clearfield KA 144  
Sergeant FULTON Frank McKeesport DD 152  
Sergeant FULTON Frank State College DD   63
Private FULTON Guy K. New Cumberland DD 155  
Private FULTON Howard Monongahela KA 144  
Private FULTON Lancelot Fairhaven DD   64
Private FUNARO Dominick Pittsbburgh DD 155  
Corporal FUNK Fred D. White Haven DA 165  
Private FUNK James P. New Stanton WA   63
Private FUOSS William Owensdale KA 144  
Private FUREY Patsy Uniontown KA 144  
Private FURLONG Thomas E. St. Nicholas DW 162  
Private FURLOW Robert Emery Lititz DD 155 63
Private FURMAN Edward M. Reading KA 144  
Private FURMAN Thomas J. Philadelphia KA 144  
Corporal FURRY Harry L. Latrobe KA 139 63
Private FUSETT Enrico Beaver Falls KA 144  
Private FUTCHER Arthur James Philadelphia DD 155  
Private FYE Howard M. Lewistown KA 144  
Private FYE Howard M. Lewistown DD 155  
Private FYLNN Charles Joseph Philadelphia DW 162  
Private FYOCK Daniel W. South Fork DW 162  
Private FYOCK Richard P. Penn Run DW 162  


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