Soldiers of the Great War

Fallen Pennsylvanians of World War I



KA = Killed in Action

DW = Died of Wounds

DD = Died of Disease

DA = Died of Accident

WA = Wounded in Action


Private EARDLEY John W. Grapeville KA   111
Private EARDLY John Grapeville KA 143  
Private EARHART E. M. Saltsburg DD 155  
Private EARL Homer W. Trafford City DW 161  
Corporal EARLEY Andrew Pittsburgh KA 139  
Private EARLY Lee North Washington KA 143  
Private EASLEY Edwin C. Kittanning KA 143  
Corporal EASTON Joseph W. Jr. Connellsville WA   62
Corporal EATON Charles A. Murdockville DD 153  
Private EAVRTS Walter A. Williamsport KA 143  
Private EBBERSON John Jr. Sugar Notch DD 155  
Private EBBESON John Jr. Sugar Notch DD   61
Corporal EBERLE Raymond L. Pittsburgh DW 160 61
Corporal EBERLY Claude R. Halltown KA 139  
Private EBERLY Noran W. Lititz DD 155  
Corporal EBERSOLE Thomas F. Apollo KA 139  
Private EBLING Irvin Wernersville KA   61
Sergeant EBNER Russell R. Easton DW 159  
Corporal ECCLES Homer Sherwood Sugar Grove KA 139  
Private ECK Clarence A. Jersey Shore KA 143  
Private ECK Frederick W. Nisbet KA 143 66
Private ECKART William H. Quakertown DW   61
Corporal ECKEL Edward W. Franklin DW 160  
Corporal ECKENROTH Paul E. Bloomsburg KA 139  
Sergeant ECKERT Carl A. Pittsburgh KA 138  
Private ECKERT Henry Philadelphia KA 143  
Private ECKHART William H. Quakertown DW 161  
Private ECKLUND John V. Berwinsdale WA   61
Private ECKWEILER Robt. James Notch KA 143  
Corporal EDDINGER Frank M. Boyerstown DA 165  
Sergeant EDGAR Harry D. Philadelphia DA 165  
Private EDGAR Wm. Earl North Braddock KA 143  
Private EDGE William C. Whitford DD 155  
Private EDGREN Claus R. Munson DD 155  
Private EDGREN Oscar G. Munson DW   61
Private EDINGER John L. Phoenixville DA 166  
Private EDWARDS Clerence M. Parkers Landing DD 155  
Private EDWARDS Edward T. Pittsburgh KA 143  
Private EDWARDS George Taylor KA 143 61
Private EDWARDS Harold Guy Shamokin KA 143  
Private EDWARDS Joseph S. Philadelphia DA 166  
Private EGAN Patrick J. Philadelphia KA 143  
Private EGERTER John Philadelphia DD 155  
Private EGGENBERGER Conrad Greeley KA 143  
Private EGGLESTON Allen L. Coudersport KA 143 62
Sergeant EGLER Frederick A. Pittsburgh DW 159 82
Private EGLI Lawrence P. Verona KA 143  
Private EGOLF Norman K. Souderton DD 155 65
Private EHNI John H. Pittsburgh DD 155  
Private EICHELSDORFER Jos. J. Erie KA 143  
Private EICHENBERGER Harry Philadelphia KA 143 61
Private EICHER Clyde N. Keffer DD 155  
Private EICHER John W. Pittsburgh DA 166  
Private EICHLER Wm. C. Philadelphia KA 143  
Private EICHOLTZ Lewis A. Harmony KA 143 85
Private EIDAM Frank Philadelphia KA 143  
Private EIKE Earl Scranton DD 155  
Private EISELE John A. Philadelphia KA 143  
Private EISENBERGER Benjamin Roscoe KA 143 130
Private EISENHOWER Charles E. Reading DD 155  
Private EISENHOWER Edward Valley View DD 155  
Private EISTER Howard E. Sunbury WA   129
Private EISWEIRTH Louis Bernard Erie DD 155  
Private ELBE Frederick Gustave Homestead KA 143  
Lieutenant ELDER James G. Harrisburg KA 137  
Private ELLIOTT Albert L. Grapeville DW 161  
Private ELLIOTT Barton W. Pittsburgh DW 161  
Private ELLIOTT Charles F. Philadelphia DD 155 61
Private ELLIOTT Clarence West Middlesex DD 155  
Private ELLIOTT Clarence J. Tarentum KA 143  
Private ELLIOTT George White Deer DD 155  
Private ELLIOTT Thomas Herbert Pittsburgh DW 161  
Private ELLIS Francis B. Monongahela DD 155  
Private ELLIS John F. Centerville KA 143  
Wagoner ELLIS Walter D. Weldon KA 141  
Private ELLISON Asberry Philadelphia KA 143  
Private ELLISON Henry A. Wellsboro DD 155 62
Private ELLMAN Harry Pittsburgh DW 161  
Private ELMQUIST Emil H. Wilcox DW 161 61
Private ELUKE George Hunkers KA 143  
Private ELVIDGE Mark Jessup KA 143  
Corporal ELWIN Joseph T. Pittsburgh KA 139  
Private ELY Harvey I. Fallsington DD 155  
Sergeant ELY Stanley E. Broadway DD 152 125
Private EMERT Russels Summerset DD 155  
Private EMERY Thomas F. Philadelphia DW 161  
Private EMICK Elick Alexander Pleasantville KA 143  
Private EMIG John L. Dushore KA 143  
Private EMME Russell E. Uniontown WA   66
Private EMMERTZ Lawrence J. Chester KA 143  
Sergeant EMMONS Joe O. Millville DD 152  
Private EMPFIELD Harry A. Blairsville KA 143  
Cook EMRICH Charles Lovis Pittsburgh DA 165  
Private EMSWILER Henry Franklin Harrisburg DW 161  
Corporal ENGLE Joseph D. Monaca KA 139  
Private ENGLISH Floyd H. Kinzua KA 143  
Private ENGLISH George D. Pittsburgh KA 143  
Private ENGLISH Sylvester John Erie KA 143 61
Private ENNIS Louis Henry Phoenixville KA 143  
Sergeant ENRIETTI B. A. Pittsburgh WA   61
Private ENRIGHT Michael D. Rankin DW 161  
Private ENRIGHT Thomas F. Pittsburgh KA 143  
Private ENTSEY Oria S. White DD   66
Private ENTSEY Orlo S. White DD 155  
Private EPLER Alvin P. Mohnton KA 143  
Mechanic EPLER William R. Philadelphia KA 140  
Private EPPLY Harold V. Plainfield DD 155  
Private EPSTEIN Max Philadelphia WA   61
Private ERB Francis L. Connellsville KA 143 62
Private ERB Grover P. New Berlinville KA 143 123
Private ERB Henry E. Philadelphia KA 144 61
Private ERCH David G. Weatherly DD 155  
Private ERDWEIN William G. Philadelphia KA 144  
Private ERICKSON John R. Kersey KA 144  
Private ERNST Frank A. Pittsburgh DW 161 61
Private ERNST William A. Philadelphia KA 144  
Private EROH David G. Weatherly DD   62
Private ERPERT Ike Philadelphia DD 155  
Corporal ERVIN Ross D. Bloomsburg KA 139  
Corporal ERWIN Ross D. Bloomsburg KA   134
Private ESCANDEL Charles A. Philadelphia KA 144  
Private ESCHBACH Harry H. Lancaster KA 144  
Private ESCHBACH John Reading DW 161  
Private ESHELMAN Daniel B. Lilitiz DD 155  
Private ESHER Geo. Wm. Germantown DA   62
Private ESHER George William Philadelphia DA 166  
Lieutenant ESTERLEY Raymond A. Emans KA 137  
Private ESTERLY Charles Daniel Allentown KA 144 126
Private ESTESS John D. Oil City DD 155  
Private ESWEIN Walter S. Pittsburgh KA 144  
Lieutenant ETTINGER Walter Phoenixville DW 159  
Private ETZWIELDER Henry Halifax DD 155  
Private ETZWIELER Henry Halifax DD   66
Private EUGO Ernesto Ellwood City KA 144  
Private EVANICKEY Joseph Donora DW 161  
Mechanic EVANS Charles Michael Pittsville DW 160  
Private EVANS Charles W. Washington KA 144  
Corporal EVANS Charles W. Washington KA   124
Private EVANS Edward T. Plymouth DA 166  
Private EVANS Frank W. New Eagle KA 144  
Private EVANS George H. Lawsonham DW 161  
Private EVANS Horace L. Philadelphia KA 144  
Private EVANS Howard Brandywine Summit DW 161  
Private EVANS Illtyd J. Nanticoke KA 144  
Sergeant EVANS Michael Glassport KA 138  
Private EVANS Nelson Banks Lewistown DW 161  
Lieutenant EVANS Philip Chambersburg KA 137  
Private EVANS Philip A. Newport WA   66
Private EVANS Spencer M. Lititz DD 155  
Private EVANS Spencer M. Rothsville DD   61
Private EVANS Thomas Johnstown DW 161  
Private EVANS William Farrell KA   62
Private EVANS William B. Lancaster KA 144 127
Private EVANSHA John F. Freeman DD 155  
Private EVASKEVICZ William Natrona DA 166  
Sergeant EVATT Humphrey L. New Kensington DD 152  
Private EVELL Frank B. Philadelphia DW 162  
Corporal EVERETT Carl A. McKeesport KA 139  
Private EVERHART Eugene C. Jr. Norwood DW 161  
Private EVERHART Percy R. Kittanning DD 155  
Private EVERITT Ray Montrose DW 162  
Private EVERTS George Elmer McConnelsburg DW 162  
Private EVES Herman B. Warriors Mark WA   66
Private EWART Samuel H. Carmichaels KA 144  
Private EWING Charles R. Apollo DD 155  
Corporal EWTON Dallas P. Pittsburgh KA 139  
Private EXLEY Harry Pittsburgh DD 155  
Private EXNER Walter J. Mauch Chunk DD 155  
Private EYER George A. Eyers Grove WA   61


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Soldiers of the Great War


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