Soldiers of the Great War

Fallen Pennsylvanians of World War I



KA = Killed in Action

DW = Died of Wounds

DD = Died of Disease

DA = Died of Accident

WA = Wounded in Action


Private AARON John D. Slatington KA 141  
Sergeant ABBOTT Elwood T. Andalusia KA 137  
Sergeant ABBOTT Harland E. Sugar Grove WA   47
Private ABBOTT Harry L. Meadville DW 160  
Private ABEL Wilton Wrightsville DD 153  
Private ABPLANALP Andrew Jr. Wellsboro WA   47
Private ABRAHAM Gottfried Beaver Falls KA 141  
Sergeant ABRAMS Albert L. Philadelphia DD 152  
Private ABRAMS Samuel E. Philadelphia KA 141  
Private ABROITZ Anthony Philadelphia DW 160  
Lieutenant ACHESON William C. Pittsburgh KA 137  
Cook ACHTERMAN Edward Philadelphia DD 153  
Corporal ACKER Jesse Honesdale KA 138  
Wagoner ACKER Lloyd D. Allentown DD 153  
Corporal ACKERMAN Edward Henry Hellertown KA 138  
Private ACKERMAN Lee De V. Homestead DW 160  
Private ACKERMAN Paul H. Pottsville DD 153  
Private ACKERMAN Raymond A. Guys Mills DW 160  
Private ACKLEY Charles L. Westfield DA 165  
Private ACONE Peter New Salem KA 141 47
Private ADAMS Alvey Herman Chesterville KA 141  
Private ADAMS Andrew Moon Run WA   53
Private ADAMS Gabriel L. Herndon KA 141  
Private ADAMS George H. Philadelphia DW 160  
Private ADAMS Grover P. Connellsville KA 141  
Private ADAMS Harold P. Langeloth DW 161  
Private ADAMS Herman W. Johnstown KA 141  
Private ADAMS Hiram Philadelphia DD 153  
Private ADAMS Luigi Pittsburgh KA 141  
Private ADAMS Samuel M. Knox DD 153 48
Private ADAMS Walter L. Colebrook KA 141  
Private ADAMSKI Paul Braddock KA 141  
Private ADDIS Robert H. Vanderbilt KA 141  
Private ADDIS Thomas A. Sharon DD 153  
Private ADKINS Harold D. Philadelphia DW 161  
Corporal ADLER Nicholas E. Allison Park WA   133
Private ADZEMA Michael Olyphant KA 141 46
Private ADZENTOIVICH Felix Taumaugua KA 141  
Private AFILIANO Pasquale Philadelphia DD 153  
Private AGENS Clark M. Ridgway KA 141  
Private AGOSTINI Joseph D. Philadelphia KA 141  
Private AHRENS Harry C. York DD 153  
Private AIKENS Charles F. Cadogan DW   55
Private AIKENS Charles F. Kittanning DW 161  
Private AKAILIS Joseph Sugar Notch WA   48
Corporal AKINS Frank L. West Philadelphia KA 138  
Private ALANZO Raymond Oil City DW 161  
Private ALASKY Toney Wilkes-Barre KA 141  
Corporal ALBACKER John L. Aspinwall KA 138  
Private ALBERT Gillet M. Philadelphia KA 141  
Private ALBERTS John Archer Philadelphia KA 141  
Private ALBOSGTA John Pittsburgh KA 141  
Private ALBRECHT Carl J. Philadelphia KA 141  
Private ALBRECHT Carl J. Philadelphia DA 165  
Private ALBUS George H. Easton KA 141  
Private ALCOPE Otto Philadelphia DD 153  
Private ALDERTON Millard M. Reynoldsville KA 141  
Lieutenant ALEXANDER Clifford McK. Avalon KA 137  
Lieutenant ALEXANDER Gail H. Philadelphia KA 137  
Private ALEXANDER William L. Wyomissing DD 153  
Major ALLEN Alfred R. Philadelphia KA 137  
Corporal ALLEN Charles H. Donora KA 138  
Sergeant ALLEN Charles H. Lebanon KA 137  
Sergeant ALLEN Edward Philadelphia KA 137  
Private ALLEN Floyd Scranton DD 153  
Corporal ALLEN Frank McKeesport KA 138  
Corporal ALLEN John Philadelphia KA 138  
Private ALLEN John E. Towanda KA 141 48
Private ALLEN Lee B. Meshoppen KA 141  
Private ALLEN Leo G. Corry KA 141  
Private ALLISON Herbert W. Monessen KA 141 47
Lieutenant ALLISON Jack S. Philadelphia KA 137  
Corporal ALLRIDGE Frank Philadelphia KA 138  
Private ALLSHOUSE Clarence P. Brookville DD   56
Sergeant ALTHOFF Bernard E. Hanover DW 159  
Lieutenant ALTHOUSE George N. Norristown DW 159  
Private ALTMEYER Harry N. Pittsburgh DW 161  
Cook ALTPETER Elias U. Irwin DD 153  
Wagoner ALWINE George S. Middletown DW 160  
Private AMBERS Thomas M. Norristown KA 141  
Corporal AMBROSE George S. Wikes-Barre KA 138  
Private AMBROSE Harry Vanderbilt KA 141  
Private AMBROSINO Gabriel Cementon DA 166  
Private AMEDICK Frank J. Pittsburgh DD 153  
Sergeant AMOLE George A. Pottstown KA 137  
Private AMOLINI Battista Donora KA 141  
Lieutenant AMON Frank O. Greenville DD 152  
Lieutenant AMON Frank O. Greenville DW 159  
Private AMRHINE Frank E. Philadelphia DD 153  
Private ANDERS Samuel K. Norristown DD 153  
Private ANDERSON Abraham L. New Castle KA 141  
Private ANDERSON Carl A. Warren DD 153  
Private ANDERSON Carl E. Sigel KA 141  
Private ANDERSON Charles F. Pittsburgh DD 153  
Private ANDERSON Donivan Milton Bradford KA 141 47
Corporal ANDERSON Edwin Francis Anita KA 138  
Sergeant ANDERSON Ernest Warren KA 137  
Corporal ANDERSON Harold Plumer Franklin DW 160 47
Private ANDERSON Harry F. East Brady KA 141  
Private ANDERSON Harry W. Brackenridge KA 141  
Private ANDERSON Harry W. Philadelphia DD 153  
Wagoner ANDERSON Jay D. Beaver DD 153  
Private ANDERSON John Braddock KA 141 46
Master Engineer ANDERSON L. E. Millsboro DD 152  
Corporal ANDERSON Raymond S. South Fork KA   108
Sergeant ANDERSON Richard A. Johnsonburg WA   46
Private ANDERSON Ross D. New Brighton KA 141  
Corporal ANDERSON Roy Greensburg DW 160  
Major ANDERSON Thomas Belford Latrobe KA 137  
Private ANDERSON W. G. South Ford KA   108
Private ANDERSON Wilbur G. Millerstown KA 141  
Private ANDERSON William C. McAdoo DD 153  
Private ANDERSON William F. Plaski DW 161  
Private ANDERTON Louis W. Wampum DW 161  
Corporal ANDRESIC Stanley Shamokin DW 160  
Private ANDRESKI Joseph Beaver Falls KA 141  
Private ANDREWS Henry A. Huntingdon Mills KA 141 130
Sergeant ANDREWS John J. Lilly DD 152  
Private ANDREWS Rolland J. Hazelton KA 141  
Private ANDRUSKIEWICZ Antonio New Kensington DW 161  
Private ANDUSICK Clement Old Forge DW 161  
Private ANGELILLO Giovanni Bristol KA 141  
Private ANGELIN Benedetta Meadowlands DW 161  
Private ANGELL Ernest Knoxville DD 153  
Private ANGELO John Dagus Mines KA 141  
Private ANGELO Joseph Sharpsville KA 141  
Private ANGIOLILLO Antonio West Manayunk KA 141  
Private ANGLE Clyde Dingman's Ferry WA   47
Private ANOIA Celetino Atlas KA 141  
Private ANTES Jay LeR. Sunbury KA 141  
Private ANTIMARY Victor Pitcairn KA 141  
Private ANTONELLI Emilio Liberty DW 161  
Private APPLEMAN Clyde E. Roaring Springs DD 154 99
Private APPLETON George E. Pittsburgh KA 141  
Private ARBUCKLE Angus Manor KA 141  
Private ARBUSH Frank C. Freeport WA   47
Bugler ARCHER Edward L. Philadelphia KA 140  
Corporal ARCHER Joseph D. Philadelphia KA 139  
Private ARCHEY Henry R. Pittsburgh KA 141  
Private ARCHIBALD John Onnalinda DW 161  
Bugler ARGALL Fred Pittsburgh DW 160  
Private ARLIECAVAGE Joseph Maizeville KA 141  
Corporal ARMBRUST Charles R. Greensburg KA 139  
Private ARMES Nelson J. Sonestown DD 154  
Private ARMESWORTHY James B. Pittsburgh DD 154  
Lieutenant ARMSTRONG Angus Griffin Franklin DD 152  
Private ARMSTRONG Elmer H. Philadelphia DW 161  
Private ARMSTRONG John Leslie Mason and Dixon DW 161  
Private ARMSTRONG Ralph S. Etters DA 166  
Private ARNAO Carlo Philadelphia KA 141  
Private ARNOLD Charles Reading DW 161  
Lieutenant ARNOLD Floyd E. Anthens DD 152  
Corporal ARNOLD Harry Philadelphia KA 139  
Private ARNOLD Walter A. Dorranceton KA 141  
Sergeant ARNOLD William C. Harrisburg KA 137  
Private ARNOTT James Barnes Philadelphia KA 141  
Private ARNWINE Jacob P. Danville DD 154 48
Private ARTER Walter Pittsburgh DD 154  
Private ARTIM Peter Audenreid WA   47
Private ARTZ Robert E. Donaldson DW   47
Private ARTZ Robert E. Schuylkill DW 161  
Horseshoer ASCHENBACH Frank B. Hamburg DD 153  
Private ASHBURN Doyle D. Carlisle KA 141  
Private ASHTON Alfred T. Philadelphia DW 161  
Wagoner ASHTON Daniel Earnest New Castle DD 153 47
Private ASHTON James K. Frankford KA 141  
Private ASHWELL William C. Shippensburg DD 154  
Private ASPELL Bernard Philadelphia KA 141  
Private ASSED Mike Donora DW 161  
Private ASTBURY Thomas W. Philadelphia KA 141  
Private ATHAS William Scranton KA 141  
Private ATKINS Clarence H. Pittsburgh DD 154  
Private ATKINS Harold D. Philadelphia KA   122
Private ATKINS Sterl G. Kinzua DD 154 47
Private ATKINS Walter P. New Brighton KA 141  
Sergeant ATKINSON Albert Doylestown KA 137  
Private ATRIANO Elia Elverson KA 141  
Private ATTICA Herman Philadelphia KA 141  
Major ATWOOD John B. Pittsburgh KA 137  
Private AUCHENBACH Harry H. Philadelphia DD 154  
Private AUCHEY Theodore R. Schuylkill Haven KA 141  
Private AUER Edward A. South Bethlehem KA 141  
Private AUKERMAN Oliver F. Johnstown KA 141  
Cook AUMAN Charles Altoona DW 160  
Private AURAND Earl E. Harrisburg DD 154  
Private AURITT Nathan Philadelphia KA 141 47
Private AURNDT Harry L. Lewisburg DD 154  
Private AUSTIN Gerald Mainesburg KA 141  
Private AUSTIN James Montgomery Edinboro KA 141 47
Corporal AUSTIN Walter E. Connelsville WA   47
Private AUWERTER Andrew I. Columbia KA 141  
Private AVERY Harold Scranton WA   126
Corporal AXE Raymond Harrisburg KA 139 46
Private AXE Reuben J. Blairsville DW 161 47
Private AXTON Andrew K. Brownsville KA 141  
Corporal AXTON Andrew K. Pittsburgh KA   47
Private AYERS William Dunbar KA   71
Corporal AYOUB Tony Brownsville KA 139  
Corporal AYRE John Jr. Philadelphia KA 139 47
Private AYRES William H. Dunbar KA 141  


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