Education: The Normal Herald, Forty-Seventh Annual Catalogue, Indiana Normal School of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Indiana County, PA, 1922-1923 - Faculty
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The Normal Herald

Forty-Seventh Annual Catalog


State Normal School, Indiana, Pennsylvania







JOHN A. H. KEITH, A.B., A.M., Pd.D., Principal.

Education: Graduate Illinois State Normal University 1894; Harvard University, A.B. 1899, and A.M. 1900; Pd.D. Miami University, 1919.

Experience: Rural School 1888-1890; Principal of Schools, Camargo, Ill., 1891-1892; Assistant in Training School, Normal, Ill., 1894-1896; Assistant in Psychology and Pedagogy, State Normal School, DeKalb, Ill., 1899-1906; Principal of Training School, Normal, Ill., 1906-1907; President of State Normal School, Oshkosh, Wis., 1907-1917. In present position since 1917.


HOPE STEWART, Dean of Women

Education: Graduate I.S.N.S. 1889-1893; Clark University, summer of 1899; School of Pedagogy, Chautauqua, N.Y., summer of 1903; Teachers College, 1914, and S. S. 1920.

Experience: Teacher of Primary School, Cherrytree Pa., 1893-1894; Teacher in Public Schools, Indiana, Pa., 1894-1899. Critic Teacher I.S.N.S., 1899-1920. In present position since 1920.


STELLA B. FINNEY, A.B., A.M., Assistant Professor of English

Education: Graduate of Alvin, Ill., 1901; Graduate of High School, Danville Ill., 1904; Northwestern, Evanston, Ill., 1907-1909; University of Illinois, Urbana, Ill., A.B. 1914; Columbia, New York City, A. M. 1920.

Experience: Elementary Teacher, Bismarck, Ill., 1904-1907; Elementary Principal, Bismarck, Ill., 1909-1912; Assistant Principal High School, Bismarck, Ill., 1912-1919; Teacher in High School, Ottawa, Ill., 1920-1921. In present position since 1921.


MRS. ISABELLE G. JACOB, Instructor in English

Education: Rowe College prep., 1896-1898; Hollidaysburg, Birmingham, 1898-1900; Lecture Course at University of West Virginia.

Experience: History and English in High School at Lucena P. I., 1908-1911; Manila, P. 1., 1911-1918. At Indiana since 1919.


*MARY ANGELO EDWARDS, A.B., B. of LIT. INT., Instructor in English

Education: Graduate Women's College, Gloucester, England; Women's College, Owensboro, Ky., A.B., Emerson College, Boston, B. of Lit. Int.; Special Studies: Greek Anglo-Saxon, Psychology Sociology, and Philosophy at Radcliffe College; English and German, Boston University; Psychology, French, Spanish, History and Art at Chicago University; French and At in Paris; Spanish and Art in Madrid.

Experience: Four years at Atlanta College, Atlanta Ga.; one year High School, Hot Springs,. S.D.; one year Goshen High School, Goshen, N.Y. In present position since 1920.

*Deceased February 8, 1922.


"ETHEL MCLEAN, Pa. B., Instructor in English

Education: Leicester Union Elementary School, Leicester, N.Y., 1899-1907; Greysville High School, Greysville, N.Y., 1907-1911; Normal School Geneseo, N.Y., 1911-1912; Alfred University, Ph.B., 1912-1916.

Experience: High School, Eden, N.Y., 1916-1917; LaFargeville, N.Y., 1917-1918; Middleport, N.Y., 1918-1919; Corry, Pa., 1919-1921; In present position since March 1922 - in place of Miss Edwards.

*Resigned August, 1922.


EDNA LEE SPROWLS, Instructor in Public Speaking

Education: Graduate, California, Pa., State Normal School, 1898; Private Instruction and Courses in Washington and Jefferson Summer School 1898-1900; Emerson College of Oratory, Boston, 1900-1903; Post Graduate Course, Emerson College, 1914-1915.

Experience: Teacher of Elocution, Washington, Pa., 1904-1908; Special Lessons in Aesthetic Dancing and Elocution in Pittsburgh-Carnegie Gymnasium 1908-1910; Woman's Educational Club, Buffalo, N.Y., and Buffalo State Normal School, 1910-1912. In present position since 1915.


W. M. WHITMYRE, A.B., A.M, Professor of History and Dean of Men

Education: Jeannette High School, 1901-1905; Syracuse University, Syracuse N.Y., 1905-1909; A.B. 1909; Harvard Graduate School, 1909-1910; Summer Session, Harvard Graduate School, A.M. 1917; Summer Session, Columbia, 1921.

Experience: Head of Department of History, Jeannette High School, 1910-1911; Head of Department of History, Shattuck School, Faribault, Minn., 1911-1913 Head of Department of History and Civics, Dubuque High School, Dubuque, la., 1913-1917. In present position since 1917.


ISABEL NOYES DENISON, B.S., M.S., Instructor in History

Education: Graduate of Groton Heights School, Groton, Conn. 1897; Graduate of Williams Memorial Institute, New London, Conn. 1901; Smith College, Northampton, Mass., 1902-1904; B.S. Columbia University, New York City, 1909; Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn., 1914; M.S. Columbia University, New York City, 1921.

Experience: Elementary Teacher, Groton, Conn., 1905-1907; Jr. High School Teacher, New Britain Conn., 1909-1914; Teacher and Supervisor, Ravena New York, 1915-1917; Critic, Normal, Plattsburg, N.Y., 1917-1921. In present position since 1921.


*JULIA H. CRAIGHEAD, A.B., Instructor in English and History

Education: Graduate of Park Place, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1913; Graduate of Wilkinsburg High School, Wilkinsburg, Pa., 1917; A.B. Vassar, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., 1921.

Experience: In present position since 1921.

*Resigned July 1, 1922.


MATTHEW JOHN WALSH, A.B., A.M., Professor of Education

Education: Grand Rapids, Mich., High School, 1889-1894; University of Michigan, 1894-1898, A.B.; Graduate work in Greek, Latin, English, History, Education, University of Michigan, one semester, 1898, and summer sessions 1900 1901, 1903, 1915 Graduate work in .Education, Teachers' College, Columbia University, 1915-1916 and Summer 1916. A.M. Columbia University, 1916.

Experience: Latin and English, High School, West Bay City, Mich., 1899-1901; Greek and Latin, High School, Monroe, Mich., 1901-1902; Principal, High School, Monroe, Michigan 102-190; Principal, High School, Hancock, Michigan, 1903-1907; Superintendent of Schools, Bessemer, Michigan, 907-1911; Superintendent of Schools, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., 1911-1915; Instructor in Education, Central State Normal, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, Summer of 1912; Instructor in Education, Northern State Normal, Marquette, Mich., Summer of 1914; Professor of Education, Extension Department, Ohio University, 1916-1920. In present position since 1920.


CLARISSA B. ROBINSON, Instructor in Education

Education: Witherspoon Institute, Butler, Pa., 1876-1879; State Normal School, Indiana, Pa., 1879-1880; Cornell University, Summer of 1902; Columbia University, Summers of 1916 and 1922.

Experience: Teacher, Uniontown, Pa., 1890-1893; Teacher, Pennsylvania State Normal School, Slippery Rock, Pa., 1893-1898; Teacher and Preceptress, Slippery Rock, 1898-1915; Assistant Teacher of Pedagogy, Normal School Indiana, Pa., 1915-1916. In present position since 1916. At Indiana, Pa., since 1915.


*CHARLES E. SKINNIER, B.S., A.M., Assistant Professor in Psychology and Education

Education: Hanover High School and Ohio University Preparatory School; Graduate Ohio University, B.S. in Education, 1914; Graduate student in Psychology and Education, Cornell University, second semester, 1913-1914; Graduate student in Education and Psychology, University of Chicago, Summer quarters 1914-1915-1916, A.M. 1916.

Experience: Public School teaching in Elementary and High School, 1908-1910; Assistant Professor, Ohio University, 1914-1918; Army Officer and Instructor, 1918-1919; Head of Department of Psychology Mount Union College, Alliance, Ohio, 1919-1920; At State Normal School, Indiana, Pa., since 1920.

*Leave of absence, 1922-23.


MRS. LOUISE GILCHRIESE WALSH, A.B., B.S.,  Instructor in Education

Education: Hancock, Mich., High School, 1898-1901; Negaunee, Michigan, High School, 1901-1902; Northwestern University, 1902-1904; Denver University, 1904-1905; Northwestern University, 1905-1907; A.B. Degree 1907; Graduate Work in English and History, Northwestern University, one semester, 1907; Graduate Work in Education and English, Ohio University, 1917-1918; Degree of  B.S. in Education in 1918.

Experience: English; High School, Bessemer, Mich., 1907-1910. Mathematics, Lansing, Michigan, 1915-1916; English, Central High School, Grand Rapids, Mich., 1916; Instructor in English, Summer School, Ohio University, 1917; Instructor in Education, Summer School, Ohio University, 1918; Instructor in English, Summer School, Ohio University, 1919; Assistant Principal and Critic Teacher, John Hancock High School, Ohio University, 1918. In present position since February, 1920.


MARGARET A. LEMON, B.S., Assistant Professor in Education

Education: State Normal School, Charleston, S.C.; B.S. and Diploma in Elementary School Supervision, Teachers' College, Columbia University, 1916; Graduate Student, Columbia University, Summer Session, 1918.

Experience: Elementary Schools of South Carolina; Primary Critic and Primary Methods at State Normal School, Harrisonburg, Va.; Primary Critic, Winthrop Normal College, South Carolina; Instructor, Demonstration School and Primary Methods, George Peabody College, Nashville, Tenn.; Supervisor Elementary Schools, Frederick County, Maryland; Reading Methods, State Normal College, Greensboro, N.C., Summer Session, 1920. At Indiana since 1920.


M. C. GORDON, M.S., Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Education: Graduate, State Normal School, Indiana, 1885; M.S., 1888; Special Student, University of Pennsylvania, 1894; Columbia Summer School, 1922.

Experience: Principal of Public Schools, West Newton, Pa., 1885-1886; Principal of Public Schools, Irwin, Pa., 1888-1892. In present position since 1892.


*HARLEY CLAY SKINNER, B.S, Instructor in Chemistry

Education: Graduate of Rural School, Licking Co., Ohio, 1908; Graduate of Newark High School, Newark, Ohio, 1913; B.S. Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, 1917; Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 1920-1921.

Experience: Rural School Teacher, Licking Co., Ohio, 1913-1914; Assistant Principal, High School, Bryan, Ohio, 1917-1918; Principal of High School Jefferson, Ohio, 1918-1919; Principal, High School, Nelsonville, Ohio, 1920-1921. In present position since 1921.

*Resigned June, 1922.


DONALD M. BEELER, Instructor in Mathematics and Science, Coach

Education: Lake View High School, Chicago, 1909-1913; University of Florida and University of Missouri, Agriculture, 1913-1916; Federated Winona Agricultural College, Winona Lake, Ind., 1916-1917.

Experience: At Indiana since 1919.


J. P. WILEY, Instructor in Mathematics

Education: Graduate, State Normal School, Indiana, 1888; University of Columbia, Summer of 1922.

Experience: Principal Delmont Public Schools, 1888-1891; Principal, Connellsville High School, 1891-1892; Principal, Irwin Public Schools, 1892-1897; Principal and Superintendent, Connellsville Public Schools, 1897-1907; Principal, Irwin Public Schools, 1907-1911.  In present position since 1911.


*MARIE LOUISE CHAFFEE, A.B., A.M., Assistant Instructor in Latin

Education: New Haven High School, 1900-1904 Middlebury College, Vermont 1904-1908; Phi Beta Kappa, A.B., 1908; Summer School of Middlebury College, 1909; A.M. 1914.

Experience: Head of Latin Department, South Glen Falls, N.Y., 1908-1910; Head of Latin Department, Jamesburg, N.J., 1910-1914; Secretary, American Institute of Child Life and Tutor, 1914-1916.  In present position since 1916.

"Deceased November, 1921.


MRS. ETHEL ODELL MARSH, A.B., Instructor in Latin

Education: Public Schools, Meadville, 1884-1892; High School, Meadville, Pa., 1892-1896; Allegheny College, A.B., 1897-1901.

Experience: Meadville, Pa., Elementary and High, 1901-1902; Union City, Pa., Junior High, 1902-1903; Conneautville, Pa., High School, 1903-1905; High School, Indiana, Pa., 1920-1921; State Normal School, Indiana, Pa., Summer Session 1921 (English). In present position since November, 1921, in place of Miss Chaffee.


MARY P. CRETELLA, A.B., Instructor in French

Education: Beacon Falls Grade School, Beacon Falls, Conn., 1908-1912; Naughatuck, High School, Naughatuck Conn., 191-1916; A.B., Indiana University; Bloomington, Ind., 1916-1920.

Experience: Teacher of French and Spanish, Jackson, Miss., 1920-1921. In present position since 1921.


L. ALDEN MARSH, A.B., A.M., Assistant Professor in Physics

Education: Graduate of Union City High School, 1890; Graduate of Northwestern State Normal School, Edinboro, Pa., 1898; A.B. Allegheny College, 1903; Phi Beta Kappa, 1903; Chautauqua Summer School, 1907; Graduate Student University of Pittsburgh, 1912-1915; Summer Sessions, 1913-1918, A.M.; A.M. Teachers' College, Columbia University, 1916; Professional Diploma, Teachers' College, 1916.

Experience: Rural Schools; Principal of Schools, Conneautville, Pa., 1903-1905; Hollidaysburg, Pa., 1905-1909; Edgewood Park, Pa., 1909-1915; Scottdale, Pa., 1916-1918. In present position since 1918.


ZOE A. THRALLS, B.PH., Assistant Professor in Geography

Education: State Teachers' College, Springfield, Mo.; University of Chicago.

Experience: Principal of Junior High School, State Manual Training Normal School, Pittsburg, Kansas; Professor of Geography, State Normal School, Pittsburg, Kansas.


*DOROTHY LEE, Director of Physical Education

Education: Lankenoid School, Philadelphia, Pa., 1906-1910; Graduate of William Penn, Philadelphia, Pa. 1914; Graduate of Sargent Normal, Cambridge, Mass., 1917; Summer Session, Dalcroze College, Dresden, Germany, 1914; Summer Session, Mount Holyoke, South Hadley, Mass., 1918.

Experience: Elementary Teacher, Arlington, Mass., 1917; Director of Physical Education, Dassa, Texas, 1917-1918; Assistant Director of Physical Education, Washington D. C., 1918; Organizer for playgrounds, Philadelphia, Pa., 1919. In present position since 1921.

*Resigned January, 1922.


ALETTE SCHREINER, Director of Physical Education

Education: Westby High School, Westby, Wis., 1911-1915; Lawrence College, Appleton, Wis., 1915-1917; State Normal School, La Crosse, Wis., 1917-1919; Summer Schools at La Crosse Normal, 1917-1918-1919-1920; University of Wisconsin, 1921.

Experience: Supervisor of Physical Training, Kenosha, Wis., 1917-1920. In present position 1920-1921 and January, 1922, to date.


ANNE OSBORNE, Assistant in Physical Education

Education: Grade School, South Manchester, Hartford, Conn., Graduate of South  Manchester High School, South Manchester, Hartford, Conn., 1918 Graduate of Sargent School for Physical Education, Cambridge, Mass., 1921.

Experience:          Grade School Teacher, Cambridge, Mass., 1920-1921; Basket Ball Coach High School, Cambridge, Mass., 1920-1921. In present position since 1921.


JEAN R. MCELHANEY, Pd.B., Director of Drawing

Education: Graduate of High School, Indiana, Pa., 1883; Graduate of State Normal School Indiana, 1885; Student Prang Normal Art Classes, Boston, 1900-1901; Graduate Student, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, 1903-1904.

Experience: Primary Teacher, Uniontown, Pa., 1885-1890; Teacher in Public Schools, Indiana, Pa., 1890-1896 Teacher in Public Schools, Johnstown Pa. 1896-1903; Teacher of Art Johnstown High School, 1904-1906. In present position since 1906.


MARION C. ALLEN, Instructor in Drawing

Education: Graduate of Centenary Collegiate Institute, Hackettstown, N.J., 1914; Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, 1914-1.915; Graduate of Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, 1915-1917.

Experience: Private studio Evanston, III., 1917-1918; Instructor of Art, Columbia Institute Columbia, Tenn., 1918-1919; Supervisor of Drawing, Fort Madison, Iowa, 1919-920. In present position since. 1920.


*LENA SINS, Instructor in Drawing

Education: Graduate of Columbus Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa., 1910; Graduate of Allegheny, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1912; Graduate of Indiana Normal, 19'14; Carnegie Tech. 914-915; Pa. Mus. Se. Ind. Art, Philadelphia, Pa., Summer, 1918; University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa., Summer 1919; Columbia University, New York, Summer 1920; The Applied Arts, Chicago, Ill., Summer 1921.

Experience: Teacher Bowerton, Allegheny, Pa., 1917; Sub. Teacher Western Pa. Towns, 1918-1919 Art Supervisor, McKees Rocks and West View, Pa., 1919-1920 Supervisor of Art and Hand work, Okmulgee, Oklahoma, 1919-1921. In present position since 1921.

*Resigned September 1, 1922.


ELBERT M. JACKSON, Instructor in Agriculture and Manual Training

Education: Graduate of High School Pulaski N.Y., 1896; Graduate. of State Normal and Training School Oswego, N.Y., 1902; attended Cornell University, Summers of 1911 and 1912; attended Columbia University, Summer of 1914.

Experience: Teacher in public schools of Oswego County, N.Y., 1893-1894; 1896-1899; Teacher of Manual Training, Orange Park Normal School, Florida, 1902-1904; Teacher of Manual Training, Utica, N.Y., 1905-198; Teacher of Manual Training, Concord, N. H., 1908-1909. In present position since 1909.


EDNA M. RANDALL, B.S., Director of Home Economics and Dietitian

Education: Graduate of Public School, Niles, Mich., 1894; Graduate of Niles High School Niles, Mich., 1898; Graduate of State Normal, Milwaukee, Wis., 1901; Graduate of Stout Institute, Menomonie, Wis., 1911; B.S. Columbia University, New York, 1919; Columbia University, New York, Summer 1916; University of Columbia, New York, Summer 1920.

Experience: Elementary Teacher, Milwaukee, Wis., 1903-1909; Director Home Economic, Athens, Georgia, 191-1918; Asso. Prof., State College, Pa., 1919-1920, Stout Institute, Menomonie, Wis., 1920-1921. In present position since 1921.


MARION WILLOUGHBY, A.B, Instructor in Home Economics

Education: Graduate Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich.; Teachers' College, Columbia University, 1916-1917; Vassar, Summer of 1918.

Experience: High School, Dexter, Iowa, 1915-1916; High School, Grand Rapids, Mich., 1917-1919; Hillsdale, Mich., 1919-1920. In present position since 1920.


AGNES H. THOMPSON, Assistant in Home Economics

Education: Graduate of Dis. N. 26, Riceland, Minn., 1904-1913; Graduated from Luther Academy, Albert Lea, Minn., 1918; Graduate of Stout Institute, Menomonie, Wis., 1921.

Experience: In present position since 1921.


G. G. HILL, A.B., Director Commercial Department

Education: High School at Uniontown, Md., 1908; Preparatory School, Westminster, Md., 1908-190; West Maryland College. Westminster, Md., A.B., 1909-1913 Goldey Business University, Wilmington, Del., 1913-1914. Three summer sessions in Salesmanship; 5 years extension study in Accountancy, Auditing, Business Administration and Law.

Experience: Director Commercial Department in the Seminary at Williamsport, 3 years; Director Business Course, Business College at Wilmington, Del., 2 years. At Indiana since 1919.


MRS. FLORENCE C. ARNTZ, A.B., Teacher of Stenography

Education: Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, Pa., 1893-1897; A.B. 1901, Goucher College, Baltimore; Graduate Strayer's Business College, Baltimore, 1903.

Experience: Secretary to Professor of Economics, Johns Hopkins University, 1903-1904; Assistant Secretary Maryland State Bureau of Immigration, 1904-1908; Teacher of English and Geography, Colejio Aleman, Concepcion, Chile, 1909-1910; Teacher of German, Stenography; and Piano, Colejio Americano, Concepcion, 1910-1912; Teacher of  Stenography, Strayer's Business College, Philadelphia, Summer of 1914; Head of Commercial Department, Gloucester, N.J., 1914-1915; Teacher of Stenography, Strayer's

Business College, Philadelphia, 1915-1916. In present position since 1916.


*EDITH M. BREEN, Assistant Commercial Department

Education: Graduate of Ashland Public School, Ashland, Wis,, 1907; Ashland High School, Ashland, Wis., Commercial Course, 1907-1912; Graduate of Northland College, Ashland, Wis.; Commercial Course, Columbia University, New York City, Summer Session, 1920.

Experience: Private Secretary, Ashland Wis., 1914-1919; Head of Commercial Department, High School, Rice Lake Wis., 1919-1920; Head of Commercial Department, High School, Platteville, Wis., 1920-1921. In present position since 1921.



* In place of Miss Breen, January-August, 1922.


*ADA S. RICE, Assistant in Commercial Department

Education: Graduate of Philadelphia Public, Philadelphia, Pa., 1903; Woodbury, N.J. Public Woodbury, N.J., 1903-1907; Woodbury, N.J. Commercial 1907-1911; Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa., 1911-1912; Rochester Business Institute, Rochester, N.Y., Summer 1915 Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa., 1915-1917; Simmons College, Boston, Mass.

Experience: High School Teacher, Gloucester, N.J., 1912-1913; Teacher in Business Department, Philadelphia, Pa., 1913-1914; High School Teacher, Haddonfield N.J., 1914-1917; Teacher in Business Department, 1917-1918; Practical experience in bookkeeping and shorthand (including bank work), 1918-1921; High School Teacher Providence, R. L, 1921. In present position since 1921.



ROBERT A. BARTHOLOMEW, Director Department of Music

Education: Harwinton, Conn., 1892-1900 Graduate High School, Tarrington, Conn., Cornell University. Ithaca, N.Y., Summer Sessions, 1914-1917; Private instruction in voice under eminent teachers in New York, six years.

Experience: Instructor of Music, Ames, Ia., 1914-1915; Assistant and Director of Music, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., 1915-1917; Director of Music, Lockport, N.Y., 1917-1921; Director of Music, Rutgers College and State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, N.J., Summer Sessions, 1917-1921. In present position since 1921.


*LEILA FARLIN LAUGHLIN, Voice and Repertoire

Education: Graduate in Voice in the University School of Music, Ann Arbor, Mich.; post graduate vocal work under Wm. A. Howland, Detroit Institute of Musical Art, Detroit, Mich.; Fredric Bristol, New York; Ellison Van Hoose, New York; in the Witherspoon Studios, New York; Frederic Pease, Michigan State Normal; Theory and Ear Training under Professor Heacot, Oberlin Conservatory, Oberlin, Ohio post graduate work in Harmony and Musical History under Ohio; post Albert A. Stanly, University of Michigan; piano under Henry C. Post, Grand Rapids, Mich., Chas. Morrison, Director Oberlin Conservatory, Alberto Jonas, formerly of University School of Music, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Experience: For seven years Assistant Teacher in Vocal Department, University School of Music, Ann Arbor, Mich: In present position since 1909.

*Deceased December 5, 1922.



Education: Grammar School, Boston, Mass.; West Roxbury High School, Boston, Mass., 1904-1908; Boston University, 1908-1911; New York University, New York City, 1916-1918 (3 Summer Schools); Studied harmony with Thomas Tapper, New York and with Davol Saunders, New York; studied piano with teachers in Baltimore and Boston; Studied organ with Francis O'Connor in Binghamton, and voice with John Walter Hall and Sergei Klibansky, New York City.

Experience: Private instruction for several years in piano, voice, and harmony.  At Indiana since November 1921 - in place of Mrs. Laughlin.



Education: Graduate of Brookside Grammer School, Bloomfield, N.J., 1905; Graduate of Bloomfield High School, Bloomfield, N.J., 1909; Private instruction in voice under Florence Mulford, John Walter Hall, Isidore Luckstone, and Mme Gina Viofora covering a period of eight years.

Experience: Concert work, 1911-1913; Teacher of voice, Bloomfield, N.J., 1913-1915; Teacher of voice, Lockport, N.Y., 1917-121; Instructor in voice, Rutgers College, New Brunswick, N.J., Summer Sessions, 1917-1921. In present position since 1921.


MARY ST. CLAIR KING, Piano and Organ

Education: Graduate Piano Course, Indiana State Normal, Indiana, Pa., 1910; Graduate Organ Course, 1911; student University School of Music, Ann Arbor, Mich., Summer of 1916.

Experience: Accompanist, Indiana State Normal School, 1911-1914. In present position since 1914.



Education: Pittsburgh High School, 1903-1905; Indiana State Normal School of  Pennsylvania, 1907-1911; Graduate Regular Course, 1909; Supervisors' Music Course, 1910; Piano,, 1911; student at University School of Music, Ann Arbor Mich., Summer of 1910; Summer School of Methods, Chicago, 1912; six weeks course at Chautauqua School of Music, New York, under direction of Ernest Hutcheson, 1916; student in voice culture, Indiana, Pa., 1910-1913; Organ, 1912; special work in Art at Indiana, 1909-1910; Summer work in theory, ear training under F. Noods, Chicago, 1916, and folk dancing under Miss I. Bach, Chicago; post graduate I.S.N.S. 1911-1912; West Chester Summer of 1922.

Experience: Assistant Supervisor under Professor Cogswell, Indiana, Pa., 1912-1913. In present position since 1913. At Indiana, Pa., since 1912.



Education: Public School, Marion, Iowa, 1901-1909; County High School, Dillon, Mont., 1911-194; Poytechnic High School, Long Beach, Cal., 1914-195; St. University, Missoula, Mon., 1915-1918; Private Aeolian study with Cecil Burleigh Composer, violinist, 3 years, also pupil of Theadan Spiering, New York City, 918-1919; Preparatory study with Wilhelmj Montelias, Cedar Rapids, Ia., and Rudalph Brand, Los Angeles, Calif. Harmony 3 years with Cecil Burleigh and R. Hantington Woodman, New York City.

Experience: Violin teacher, Summer Session, Missoula Mont.; Violin teacher, Dillon, two  years; Violin teacher in High School from January to June. In present position since 1921.



MILDRED HUGHEY, A.B, .Assistant Professor Public School Music

Education: Graduate of Breet Street Grammar School Los Angeles, Calif., 1906; Graduate of Los Angeles High School, Los Angeles, Calif., 1910; Graduate of Los Angeles State Normal, Los Angeles, Calif., 1912; Graduate of Mills College, Oakland, Calif., 1921.

Experience: Elementary Teacher, Meloland, Imperial, Calif., 1912-1913; Elementary Teacher, Los Angeles, Calif., 1913-1919. In present position since 1921.


MARY R. LOWMAN, Assistant Professor Public School Music

Education: Johnstown, Pa., 1892-1920; Johnstown High School, Johnstown, Pa., 1900-1904 Graduate of Indiana Normal, Indiana, Pa., 1905; Cornell Summer, Ithaca, N.Y., 1910-1912; Columbia Summer Session, New York, 1914; New York University, Summer Session, New York, 1916-1919.

Experience: Elementary Teacher, Johnstown, Pa., 1905-1913; Assistant Supervisor of Music Johnstown, Pa., 1913-1917; Supervisor of Music, Johnstown, Pa., 1917-191; Instructor,  New Brunswick, N.J., 1920-1921. In present position since 1921.


ANNA P. LUMLEY, Public School Music

Education: Williamsport, Pa., High School; Dickinson Seminary; Graduate in Public School Music, Thomas Normal Training School, Detroit Mich., 1907; Chautauqua; studied Voice under Roscoe Huff, Williamsport; Frank Daniel Scranton; Ida Stone Newman, Detroit; Frank Croxton, New York; Westchester, Summer of 1922.

Experience: Concert Soloist, 1905-1918; Supervisor of Music, Waynesboro, Pa., 1907-1917; Voice Teacher, 1907-1918. In present position since 1918.


GLADYS WASHBURN, A.B., B.M., Assistant Professor Public School Music

Education: Hawthorne School, Oakland, Calif., 1907-1913; Graduated from Fremont High School, Oakland, Calif., 1917; Mills College, Oakland, Calif., A.B., B.M.

Experience: Cornell University, New York, Summer of 1921. In present position since 1921.



Education: Brooke Hall, Pa.; Vassar College; West Virginia University.

Experience: Broaddus College, Philippi, W.Va., 1918-1919; Davis Elkins College, Elkins, W.Va., 1919-1920. In present position since 1920.


MRS. MINNIE L. LOYD, Assistant Librarian

Education: Dallas Academy, Dallas, Tex., 1885-1888; Martin College, Pulaski, Tenn., 1888-1890; Belmont College, Nashville, Tenn., 1890-1892.

Experience: In present position since 1921.


JENNIE M. ACKERMAN, Director of the Training School

Education: De Garmo Institute, New York, 1890-1892; State Normal School, New Paltz, N.Y., 1892-1894; Columbia University, Summer of 1892.

Experience: Teacher in grades and in High School, Red Bank, N.J., 1894-1897; Head of Training School, East Stroudsburg, Pa., 1897-1902; Critic Teacher, State Normal School, Indiana, Pa., 1902-1903; Teacher of History and Geography, I.S.N.S., 1903-1904. In  present position since 1904. At Indiana, Pa., since 1902.


LILLIAN I. McLEAN, B. S.,  Primary Supervisor

Education: Graduate of Fort Scott, Kansas; S.M.T.C. Pittsburg, Kansas, B.S. 1915; Columbia University, New York, 1919-1920.

Experience: Elementary Teacher, Fort Scott, Kansas, 1907-1909; Elementary Teacher, Kansas City, Mo., 199-1911; Supervisor Critic, Pittsburg, Kansas, 1915-1921. In present position since 1921.


INEZ BUCHANAN, Training Teacher

Education: Graduate I.S.N.S., 1917; Summer School at Columbia, 1921.

Experience: Grades, Altoona, Pa., 1917-1920. In present position since 1920.


ETHEL BUSH, Training Teacher

Education: High School, Jamestown, N.Y., State Normal School, Fredonia, N.Y., Special work at Oneonta State Normal and Chautauqua.

Experience: Rural Schools, two years; Grades, Kennedy, N.Y., one year; First Grade, Canahojari, N.Y., two years; Model School Montpelier Seminary, two years. In present position since 1920.


*MARY E. DOOLITTLE, Training Teacher

Education: Graduate of Public School, Cazenovia, N.Y., 1907; Graduate of Seminary, Cazenovia, N.Y., 1911; Graduate of State Normal, Cortland, N.Y.

Experience: Elementary Teacher, Sea Cliff, N.Y., 1914-1917; Private School Teacher, Connecticut, 1917-1919; Private School Teacher, Ossining, N.Y., 1919-1.920; Principal and Teacher Elementary School, Burlington, N.J., 1920-1921. In present position since 1921.

*Resigned June, 1922.


AMY GRAY, Training Teacher

Education: State Normal School, Jamaica, N.Y., 1898-1902; New York University Summer School, 1909; New York University, School of Pedagogy, 1909-1910; Teachers' College, Summers of 1921 and 1922.

Experience: Grade work in Public Schools, Babylon and Hicksville, N.Y. 1902-1906; Assistant Principal, with departmental work in High School and Grammar Grades, Hicksville, N.Y., 1906-1911; Principal of Public Schools, Hicksville, N.Y., 1911-1912. In present position since 1912.



Education: Graduate of Union Free School, Delhi, N.Y., 1913; Graduate of Delaware Academy, Dehli, N.Y., 1917; Graduate of State Normal, Cortland, N.Y., 1920.

Experience: Elementary Teacher, Binghamton, N.Y., 1920-1921; In present position since 1921.


MRS. LUCILE T. MATHEWSON, Training Teacher

Education: High School Greene, N.Y., 1904; State Normal School, Cortland, N.Y., 1915-1917.

Experience: Pearl River, N.Y., 1917-1919; Ossining, N.Y., 1919-1920 (half year). In present position since 1920.


MARGARET M. MORRIS, Training Teacher

Education: Westville Grade School, Westville, Ohio, 1891-1899; Westville High School, Westville, Ohio, 1899-1903; Graduate of Ohio State Normal College, Athens, Ohio, 1912; Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, Summer 1919; Teacher's College, New York, Summer 1915;

Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, Summer 1920.

Experience: Teacher, Spring Hill Ohio, 1903-1906 Central School, Clinton County, Ohio, 1906-1911; Akron, Ohio, 1912-1915; Critic Teacher, Ohio State Normal College Athens Ohio 1915-1920; Elementary Teacher, East Cleveland, Ohio, 1920-1921. In present position since 1921.



Education: Graduate, State Normal School, Indiana, Pa., 1882; student Chautauqua  Summer Schools, 1894 and 1898. University of Pittsburgh, Summer of 1922.

Experience: Teacher in Public Schools, Greensburg, Pa., 1883-1885; Teacher in Public Schools, Indiana, Pa., 1893-1896. In present position since 1896.


FLOSSIE WAGNER, Training Teacher .

Education:, New Bethlehem High School, 1911-1915; State Normal School, Indiana, Pa., 1915-1917; Teachers' College, Summer of 1921.

Experience: Public Schools, DuBois, Pa., 1917-1918; Public Schools, Latrobe, Pa., 1918-1919. At Indiana since 1919.


Borough School Training Teachers



Education: Graduate of Public Schools, Indiana, Pa., Graduate of State Normal School, Indiana, Pa., 1895; Columbia University, New York City, Summer Session 1921; Chautauqua, N.Y., Summer Session, 1916; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich., 1902.

Experience: District Teacher, Indiana and Cambria Co., Pa., 1890-1892; Elementary Teacher, South Fork, and Westmont, Johnston, Pa.,

1895-1904; Elementary Teacher, North Braddock and Conemaugh, Pa., 1906-1907; Elementary Teacher, Indiana, Pa., 1907-1921. In present position since 1921.



Education: Ridgeway, High School, N. C., Graduate of N. C. College for Women, Greensboro, N.' C., 1904; B. S. and M.A. Peabody College Nashville, Tenn., 1916-1921.

Experience: Elementary Teacher, Public Schools N. C., 1904-1916; Supervisor and Teacher, Buckhannon, W.Va., 1917-1920. In present position since 1921.



Education: Roseville Public School, Roseville, Ohio, 1898-1906; Graduate of Zanesville High, Zanesville, Ohio, 1910; Graduate of Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, 1915.

Experience: Elementary Teacher, East Liverpool, Ohio, 1911-1914; Elementary Teacher, Pickaway ent. School, 195-196 Elementary Teacher, East Liverpool, Ohio, 1916-1918; Critic, Ohio University, 1918-1921. In present position since 1921.



Education: Graduate of Jacksonville Public School, Jacksonville, Pa. 1902; Graduate of State Normal, Indiana, Pa., 1905; Summer Session, Columbia University, New York, 1921; Summer Session, Kansas State University, Lawrence, Kans., 1906; Summer Session, Chautauqua, N.Y., 1920; University of Pittsburgh, Summer of 1922.

Experience: Elementary Teacher, Walnut Grove, 1905-1908; Elementary Teacher, Indiana, Pa., 1908-1921. In present position since 1921.



Education: Public Schools, New Concord, Ohio and Garner Iowa, 1898-1905; Garner High School, Garner, Iowa, 1905-1909; Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Iowa, B.A. 1921.

Experience: Rural Teacher, Hancock Co., Iowa, 1910-1914; Elementary Teacher, Correctionville, Iowa, 1914-116; Elementary Teacher, Oelwein, Iowa, 1916-1918; Assistant Critic, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1920-1921. In present position since 1921.



Education: Grade School, Austin, Minn., 1905-1912; Graduate of Austin High School, Austin, Minn., 1916; B.A. Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1920.

Experience: Supervisor, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1920-1921. In present position since 1921.



Education: Graduate of Allegheny Township, Westmoreland County, Pa., 1894; Graduate of High School, Leechburg, Pa., 1898; Graduate of Indiana Normal, 1901; Columbia University, New York, Summer 1913  University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa., Summer 1915; Harvard University, Cambridge, ass., Summer 1918.

Experience: Teacher in Allegheny Township, Westmoreland Co., Pa., 1898-1900 and 1901-1902; Elementary Teacher, Leechburg, Armstrong Co., Pa., 1902-1917; Elementary, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1917-1921. In present position since 1921.



Education: Graduated from Rose Hill Public, Rose Hill, Iowa, 1911; Graduate of Oskaloosa High School, Oskaloosa, Iowa, 1915; Graduate of Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, 1918; B.A. Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, 1921; Lehigh College, Summer of 1922.

Experience: Teacher in Sioux Center, Iowa, 1918-1919; Room Teacher in Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1919-1920; Room Teacher in Cedar Falls, 1920-1921. In present position since 1921.


WALTER A. ZAUGG, A.B., A.M., Director of Extension

Education: Rural School, Ohio, 1889-1897; Township High School, Kenne, Ohio, 1898-1900 A.B.; B. Ped. Valparaiso University, Indiana, 1903-1908; A. B. Indiana University,  Bloomington, 1912-1913; A.M. Columbia University, New York City.

Experience: Elementary Teacher, Cosh Co., Ohio, 1900-1906; Principal High School Hobart, Indiana, 1908-1912; Superintendent, Barnesville, Ohio, 1913-1921. In present position since 1921.


New Teachers









OVERBY, K. G., Commercial

REED, PEARL R., Violin

ROUDABUSH, LILLIE, English and History

SANDERS, E. M., Director, Health Education


TANNER, VARD L., Education

WEBB, R. F., Commercial


WILMOT, HARRY, Assistant Extension


Training Teachers

Borough Schools










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