THE CARPENTERS' COMPANY OF PHILADELPHIA. Contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by Donna Bluemink.

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 Originally from THE CARPENTERS' COMPANY OF THE CITY AND COUNTY OF PHILADELPHIA - 1786 RULE BOOK, printed by Hall and Sellers, 1786, Philadelphia, Pa.


Currently from TULSA ANNALS Tulsa Genealogical Society, Tulsa, OK, Vol. XI, May 1976, No. 2, Page 46


*Indicates deceased member


Joseph Henmarsh* Joshua Pancoast* Samuel Powel*
James Portues* Andrew Boyd John Goodwin*
Jacob Usher* William Lownes James Davis*
Abraham Carlile* Samuel Powel John Harrison*
John Nichols* James Bringhurst Benjamin Clark*
Ellis Price* Joseph Wetherell Isaac Zane
Thomas Nevell James Graysbury Samuel Girscom
William Clark* David Evans Samuel Rhoads*
John Wayne* William Colliday William Roberts
Levi Budd Richard Mosley John Mifflin
Tobias Griscom* John Reinhard Richard Armitt
Isaac Lefever* John Barker James Potter
John Price* Andrew Edge* Ezekiel Worrell*
Benjamin Mifflin* Joseph Clark Joseph Fox*
Jacob Lewis* John Allen* John Thornhill*
Josiah Harper* Thomas Proctor John Smith
Silas Engles John Keen Joseph Rhoads*
Joseph Rush* John Lort George Ingels
Isaac Coats* Joseph Ogilby James Corkrin
Frazer Kinsley Ebenezer Ferguson William Rakestraw*
Robert Carson* John Donohue John King
John Hitchcock*

Robert Smith*

Lawrence Rice*


Evan Peters* Benjamin Loxley Conrad Bartling
John Rugan James Worrell William Garrigues
Mark Rhodes Edmond Woolley*

Joseph Gridley*

Hugh Roberts Joseph Harrison*

Robert Evans

Samuel Pancoast Gunning Bedford William Robinson
Jacob Reary* James Armitage Isaac Jones
William Stevenson James Pearson Thomas Shoemaker
Abraham Jones* Edward Warner* Matthias Val Keen
William Boyer* Joseph Rakestraw* Robert Morrell
Samuel Pastorius Reese Lloyd* Thomas Middleton*
John Trip* George Plim, Jr.* William Ashton
John Piles William Coleman* Josiah Matlack
Samuel Wallis Joseph Hitchcock* Samuel Jervis
Moses Thomas George Wood Matthew M'Glathery
Thomas Savery Joseph Thornhill Nathan Allen Smith
Samuel Jones Joseph Rakestraw Adam Zantzinger
John Hall Matthias Sadler Samuel Tolbert
Joseph Govett James Gibson Joseph Howell, Jr.
John Harrison Patrick Craghead* Israel Hallowell
Robert Allison William Dilworth* William Williams
John Cooper Joseph Rakestraw, Jr. George Forepaugh
William Zane Joseph Thornhill, Jr. Samuel M'Clure



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