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"Outline of the History of Old St. Paul's Church, Philadelphia, PA

1760 - 1898."

by Norris Stanley Barratt

Published by the Colonial Society of PA


(Pages 216 - 268.)


SOCIETY OF PENNSYLVANIA, Vol. 2, pp. 303-339.

[The / mark denotes the end of an engraved line on tombstone.]

[Footnotes appear in smaller font.]

(See Diagram of Cemetery.)

Interments in the Church


Rev'd Joseph Pilmore D.D./ Rector of this Church/ 16 years & 8 months/Died July 24th 1825/ Aged 85 Years


Rev'd Samuel Magaw. DD/ Rector of this Church/ 23 years/ Died Dec'r 1st 1812/ Aged 77 years


Sacred/ To the Memory of the/ Rev. Benjamin Allen/ Rector of this Church 7 years 4 months/ Who departed this life on the 13th January 1829/on his passage from Liverpool Eng'd to Philadelphia/ where he had gone for the restoration of his health/ Aged 39 years 3 months 15 days/ By direction of the Vestry.


Sacred/ To the Memory of/ John Ross Esq'r/ Counsellor at Law/ who departed this Life/ May 5th 1776/ Aged 61 Years/ And of/ Elizabeth his Wife/ who departed this Life/ October 7th 1776/ Aged 62 years/ And also of/ Catharine Gurney/ Daughter of the above/ John & Elizabeth Ross/ who departed this Life/ August 27th 1782/ Aged 34 Years.

The three inscriptions (A, B, D) are on stones over the graves in what is now the basement of the Church, while those of Dr. Magaw and Dr. Pilmore, are on what was the floor of the chancel before alterations were made in 1829. The inscription on stone (Page 217) C is a memorial placed by the Vestry. Rev. Benjamin Allen was buried at sea.

On the North Side of the front part of the Churchyard from the East


In/ Memory of/ Mrs Mary Rimer/ wife of/ Thomas Rimer/ Who departed this life/ June 17th 1818/ Aged 73 Years/ Also of/ Mrs. Elizabeth Row/ Wife of/ Capt Edward Row/ And Daughter of/ Mrs Mary Rimer/ who departed this life/ January 20th 1819/ Aged 48 years


In/ Memory of/ Ann the daughter of/ David & Catharine/ Irving/ Who departed this Life/ Oct'r 18th A. D. 1793/ Aged 7 Years & 4 months/ Also of Catharine. Wife of/ David Irving/ who departed this life/ August 19th 179_/Aged 41 years/ And of John their Son/ who departed this life/ Aged 19 Years


In/ Memory of/ Ann Wife of/ Thomas Palmer/ who departed this life/ December 23d 1811/ Aged 52 years. Thomas Palmer, "gunsmith," by will dated Nov. 7, 1811, proved Mar. 9, 1812, made bequests to wife Ann, who as above, pre-deceased him; to brother Jonathan, and children Asher, William, John and Elizabeth Shaw. Of the latter, the United States Gazette of Aug. 10, 1798, records: "Married last evening by the Rev. Bishop White, Captain Shaw of Baltimore, to the amiable Miss Eliza Palmer, daughter of Mr. Thomas Palmer, of this City."


In/ Memory/ of/ Samuel Johnston/ Who departed this Life/ on the 19 Septem'br 1793/ Aged 33


In Memory of/Elenor Cathers/ who departed/ October 4 1800/ Aged 7 weeks


Hannah Olyphant/ Died the 4th Febr'y 1782/ Aged 59 Years

On the West Front of the Churchyard from the North

(Page 218) 7

John Pechin's/ Family Vault/ 1826

Interments in this vault were as follows:
August 6, 1809, Mr. Pechin's Grandchild.
March 10,1841, Mrs. Pechin.
November 4, 1860, John Pechin.
July 2, 1891, Almira Pechin.


Tho's Mitchell's/Family Vault/Here are deposited the remains of/ Mary Cowell/ of Trenton N. J./ who departed this life/ March 15 1831/ also of/ Mary Frances/ daughter of/ Thomas and Maria M. Mitchell/ who departed this life/ July 29th 1838/ Aged 30 Years

Interments in this vault were as follows:
August 24, 1835, James Mitchell.
June 18, 1839, Thomas Kittera.
(Son of Hon. Thomas Wilkes Kittera by his wife Ann Moore, b. Lancaster, Pa., Mar. 21, 1789; d. Phila. June 16, 1839. Dept. Atty. Gen. Penna., 1817-1818; Dept. Atty-Gen. Phila., 1824-1826; M. C., 1826-27; Mem. Select Council, Phila., and its Pres., 1824-26; Rt. Worshipful Grand Master Grand Lodge, A. Y. M.)
March 25, 1849, Thomas Mitchell.


Beneath this Stone/ lies the Body of/ John Wood of this City/
Clock & Watchmaker/ and upwards of 24 Years/ a Warden of St
Paul's Church/ He departed this Life/ October the 9th 1793/ Aged
57 Years/ Ann the wife of/ Anthony Van Mannierck/ Merchant/
Late Mr Jno Woods widow/ Born the 17th May 1750/ and died the
19th Feb 1796/ Mrs. Elizabeth Ledlie (Elizabeth Ledlie was a daughter of John Wood, and married William Ledlie January 12, 1775. St. Paul's Register.)/ who departed this life Oct. 29, 1819/ Aged 75 years


Here/ are deposited the Remains/ of John Campbell Merch't/ Who died in the 69 year of his age/ on the 14th day of Nov'r 1795/ Firm in his religious Profession/ Honest in his Principle/ Diligent in Business/ Peacable in Demeanour/ He left/ To each of his/ Acquaintance/ especially to his fellow worshippers/a lesson/ of instruction and Hope/ Also of/ Doctor John Campbell/ Son of
John & Mary Campbell/ who departed this life Dec. 9, 1804/ Aged
(Page 219) 25 years & 8 months/ Likewise/ Mrs Mary Campbell/ wife of John Campbell Merch't/ who departed this life Jan 12 1813/ Aged 71 years


Here lie the Remains of/ John Keble/ a native of England/who departed this life the 29th/ September/ in the year of our Lord/ 1807/ Aged 63 years and 25 days/ Let no one move his Bones.


The Vault/ of/ Blair McClenachan Esq.

Interments in this vault were as follows:
Blair Macclenachan.
July 12, 1824, [Robert] Child of Mr. H. Toland.
May 7, 1827, Mrs. Mary Toland.
October 30, 1831, John Smith.
February 3, 1836, John Huston.
October 5, 1837, Mary Macclenachan.
March 1, 1841, Ann Weston.
January 26, 1863, Henry Toland.
(Henry Toland, Jr., of the firm of Henry Toland and Son, grocers at 14 North Third Street, born 1785, son of Henry and Sarah (Barnhill) Toland; died as above; married Nov. 27, 1816, Mary Huston, who died May 7, 1827, daughter of John Hasell Huston, and grand-daughter of Blair McClenachan; was a prominent Philadelphia merchant, a director of the Bank of the United States and member of the Hibernian Society of Philadelphia. Four of his seven children are buried in the McClenachan vault; the others died unmarried after reaching maturity. His brother, Robert Toland, was a founder and one of the directors of the Franklin Fire Insurance Company, a director of the Farmers and Mechanics Bank, the Pennsylvania Company for Insurance on Lives and Granting Annuities, the Girard National Bank, the Montreal Assurance Company, and one of the organizers of the Pennsylvania Railroad.)
October 26, 1880, George Toland.
March 7, 1881, Blair M. Toland.
June 13, 1887, Mary H. Toland.

On the South Side of the Churchyard from the West.


The remains in this vault were removed to Woodland Cemetery May 26,1884 by Edward C. Stotesbury, Esq., and are in his lot. This (Page 220) lot contains the following: Arthur Stotesbury, (Arthur Stotesbury was a sea captain residing at No. 401 South Front Street in 1817, and at No. 59 Almond Street in 1843. He was prominent in St. Paul's for many years as were other members of his family. He was a vestryman from 1810 to 1821. Richard G. Stotesbury was also prominent and a vestryman from the year 1840 to 1876. In the latter part of his life he resided at Locust Street and Twentieth Street, Philadelphia.) Mary Stotesbury and William Stotesbury, who, the records show, were buried at St. Paul's; Thomas P. Stotesbury, born April 25, 1843, died January 8, 1888; Martha P. Stotesbury, born October 13, 1823, died May 30, 1889; Helen L. Stotesbury, died September 9, 1874; Fannie Butcher Stotesbury, died November 7, 1881, aged 31 years; S. Louise Stotesbury, born May 24, 1854, died July 4, 1908.

John Leamy's/ Family Vault

Interments in this vault were as follows:
August 23, 1823, Mrs. Leamy.
September 19, 1823, Ann Leamy.
February 2, 1835, John Leamy.
December 5, 1839, John Leamy.
September 5, 1845, Mrs. Elizabeth Leamy.


William Cummings/ Family Vault. (Mary Irvine Cummings appears in the records of St. Paul's. She was baptized, confirmed, married by Rev. Dr. Richard Newton and buried there. She married James Barratt, Jr., on May 16th, 1855, and attended services with her husband, their pew being in the middle aisle across from her father's until 1865, when St. Luke's Church being nearer to her residence, No. 1304 Pine Street, she and her husband took a pew at St. Luke's. James Barratt, Jr., represented the Seventh Ward in Common Council, Philadelphia, 1862-1865; January 12, 1865, commissioner to distribute bounties to volunteers, and distributed over twelve million dollars; May 25, 1865, Port Warden; 1867; Vice-President Philadelphia Corn Exchange; Member Company D, First Regiment; First Lieutenant emergency regiment, called Corn Exchange Guard, in September, 1862; member of Phoenix Hose Company; Lodge 51 F. and A. M., and the Union League, Philadelphia. He is buried at Barratt's Chapel, Kent County, Delaware.)/ Emily A. Cummings/ Born January 5. 1805/ Died September 16. 1847/ Mary Irvine Barratt/ Born December 12 1832./ Died July 14 1869/ Emily A Cummings/ Born February 12 1840/ Died November 18 1876/ Cora M. Cummings (Page 221)/ Born December 7. 1836/ Died May 14 1882 William Cummings/ Born February 6. 1806 Died December 17. 1889/ Mary A. Cummings/ Born May 6. 1811/ Died June 8. 1891. Rachel F.
Alexander Born March 17. 1814 Died Sept 30 1896

Family Vault of/ Edwin Forrest

William Forrest/ Born 1758 Died 1819/ Rebecca Forrest/ Born 1763 Died 1847/ also the children of William & Rebecca Forrest/ Lorman Forrest/Born 1796 Died in S. America/William Forrest/ Born 1800 Died 1834 Henrietta Forrest/ Born 1798 Died 1863/ Caroline Forrest/ Born 1802 Died 1869/ Elenora Forrest/ Born 1808 Died 1871/ Edwin Forrest (Edwin Forrest, the great tragedian.)/ Born March 9, 1806 Died Dec. 12 1872


Joseph R. A. Skerretts'/ Family Vault/ 1833/ Joseph R. A. Skerrett/ died November 27 1839 in/ the 48 year of his age/ Elizabeth wife of Charles/ M Rivelly/ Born February 3d 1824 Died/ March 1 1855/ Rebecca S. Hood/wife of Francis Hood/ Born August 1. A. D. 1827 Died/ April 27 A. D. 1867/ Her end was peace, and/ assurance forever

The remains of Sarah Morrison were interred in this Vault April
4, 1876.

Jacob Earnests/Family Vault

Interments in this vault were as follows:
October 24, 1834, Mr. Shinkle's child.
January 1, 1841, George W. Earnest.
February 6, 1845, Mrs. Esther Earnest.
June 28, 1848, Elizabeth Earnest.
October 26, 1852, Edward Duff.
April 27, 1855, Julia R. Shinkle.
July 30, 1859, Eliza D. Earnest.
February 28, 1866, Sarah Copper.
October 3, 1868, James Earnest.
April 20, 1872, Hester Earnest.

J. Farrs/ Family Vault

Interments in this vault were as follows:

(Page 222) August 20, 1823, Edward Farr.
April 6, 1835, Miss E. McCoskry.
April 15, 1835, Mr. John Farr's child.
August 20, 1845, Edward Farr.
March 4, 1847, John Farr.
("Pastor's Offering to his Flock. A funeral Discourse, delivered in St. Paul's Church, Philadelphia, March 7, 1847, on the occasion of the death of John Farr, Esq., Senior Warden of this Church. This Memorial of one who was known so long and loved so well, is affectionately presented as a Pastor's offering to the Members of St. Paul's Church by their servant for Jesus' sake, the Author." Richard Newton (Philadelphia, 1847). Mr. Farr was a teacher in St. Paul's Sunday Schools thirty years. Eight of his children were communicants and in 1860, three were teachers in the Sunday School, as their father had been.)
March 6, 1865, Mr. Moffett.


George Feinours/ Family Vault/ Margaret Feinour/ Died January 5th 1833/ Aged 15 years/ George Feinour/ Died May 25 1831
Aged 45 years/ Ann Feinour/ Died June 2 1835 Aged 18 years
February 2,1845, William Feinour.
July 27, 1847, George T. Feinour.
April, 1855, Mrs. Campion.
May 10, 1864, Margaret Campion, daughter of J. B. Campion
Catharine Campion, daughter of J. B. Campion

Mark T. Jones/ Family Vault.

Interments in this vault were as follows:
May 11, 1855, Susannah Jones.
December 15, 1856, Mark T. Jones.
August 22, 1859, Mrs. Susannah Conway.
October 22, 1862, Mrs. Elizabeth E. Marple.

William Davis/ Family Vault.

Interments in this vault were as follows:
January 16, 1833, William Davis.
March 14, 1834, Perry Davis.
June 24, 1835, Mrs. Davis.
September 25, 1855, William Davis.
March 30, 1870, Justinian F. Davis.

(Page 223) 23

No 2/ Mary Marshall/ and/ Elizabeth Walker's/ Family Vault/ Here lies the remains of/ Amor Marshall/ who died August 1st 1816/ and his Daughter/ Frances Matilda. Who died/ Nov'r 28 1831

Interments in this vault were as follows:
April 5, 1853, Mrs. Mary Marshall.
March 7, 1859, Ann Elizabeth Marshall.
May, 1859, Joseph Y. Marshall

No. 3/ Samuel N. Davies/ Family Vault.

Interments in this vault were as follows:
April 25, 1855, Mrs. Rebecca Davies.
July 25, 1855, Samuel N. Davies.
January 22, 1863, Herbert S. Davies.
February 10, 1863, Samuel N. Davies.
June 27, 1868, Elizabeth B. Davies.
October 21, 1870, Charles Edward Davies.

Receiving Vault.

R. F. Lopers/ Family Vault.

Interments in this vault were as follows:
November 9, 1880, Richard Fanning Loper.
William F. Loper.
Emily Weaver Loper.
Josephine Kirkpatrick Loper.
September 16, 1868, Elizabeth Spooner McMurtrie.
June 3, 1869, Mrs. Josephine Spooner Kirkpatrick.
January 29, 1866, Catherine Mercer Baird Spooner.
(Alvin Mercer Parker and Joseph Brooks Bloodgood Parker, members of the Colonial Society, are great grandsons.)
William Kirkpatrick.
August 24, 1864, Marie L. Loper.


In/ memory of/ Ann A. Rose/ wife of David Rose/ who departed this life/ on the 2d day of November 1794/ Aged 35 years (Page 224)/ also Mary their daughter/ who departed this life/ on the 27th day of August 1790/ in the 37th year of her age/ also Rebecca their daughter/ who departed this life/ on the 8th day of September 1790/ Aged 10 months/ also Samuel their son/ who departed this life/ on the 22nd day of June 1794/ in the 9th year of his age/ also Thomas their son/ who departed this life/on the 10th day of September 1798/ Aged 3 years/ also Ann S. Rose wife of/ David Rose/ who departed this life/ on the 13th day of September 1833/ in the 67th year of her age/ and in memory of/ David Rose/ Who departed this life/ the 17th day of April 1837


Sacred/ To the Memory/ of/ David Rose/ who, died Aug 3rd 1798/ Aged 68 years/ Also/ Abigail his wife/ who died September 19th 1809/ Aged 79 years/ The righteous shall be had in everlasting remembrance.


In/ Memory of/ Samuel Rose/ who departed this life/ March 16th A. D. 1786./ Aged 20 years


In Memory of/ Sarah Dilworth/ Who departed this Life/ Nov'r the 13th 1790/ Aged 56 years


Sacred/ to the Memory of/ Mary A. Snyder/ who died March 24th 1832/ Aged 67 years/ The righteous shall be had in everlasting/ remembrance Ps 112 v. 6./ Their works of Piety and love/ Remain before the Lord/ Honour on earth and joy above/ Shall be their sure reward/ Also her mother/ Ann Cromwell/ who died in March 1818/ Aged 75 years/ Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord that they may rest from their labours & their works do follow them. Rev 11 v. 5./ Also Mary Ann daughter of/ George & Mary A Guerin who died/ Oct'r 21st 1788. Aged 2 years & 2 mos


Here/ lies the body of/ Susannah DeBray born Auber/ Wife of Daniel DeBray/ Member of the Worshipful Russia Company. Incorporated in London/ She departed this Life after long suf/ fering Patience and meek Resignation/ the 14th of March 1786 Aged 34 Years/ Also/ To the Memory of James Auber/ her brother Mid-shipman (Page 225) who depart/ ed this Life on board his Britannick/ Majesty's Ship Isis in the Mozambique/ Channel next Madagascar on the 23rd/ of August 1781/ Aged 19 years


Sacred/ to the memory of/ John Matthews/ who departed this
life/ the 23rd November 1833/ in the 76th year of his age/ Mary
Matthews/ his Widow/ departed this life/ October 2nd 1817/
Matthew Matthews/ their eldest son/ departed this life/ August 1st


In/ Memory of Sarah/ wife of/ James Ellis/ who departed this life/ Feb'y 25 1816/ in the 50th year of her age


George Glentworth M. D./ Departed this Life November 1st/ 1792/ Aged 57 years

Interments in this vault were as follows:
June 27, 1813, George Glentworth.
November 2, 1815, Margaret Glentworth.
June 19, 1818, Mrs. Mackey.
September 11, 1823, A Glentworth.
March 15, 1826, Walter Glentworth.
March 2, 1831, Mrs. George Glentworth.
January 19, 1833, Plunket Fleeson Glentworth, M.D.
August 5, 1836, Mr. Glentworth's child.
February 2, 1848, George P. Glentworth.
October 24, 1834, Mrs. Harriet Glentworth.
September 14, 1845, Alfred Glentworth.
July 30, 1856, Hannah L. Glentworth.
February 16, 1858, Edward H. Glentworth, MD
1860, Mrs. Glentworth.
November 5, 1863, John L. Glentworth.
December 26, 1864, Harvey Glentworth.
August 20, 1866, George Glentworth.
July 13, 1867, Theodore Glentworth.


Rowley's/ Family Vault/ Edward Rowley/ Died the 27th of January A. D. 1820/ in the 63d year of his age/ Anthony Myers Died Dec'r 27th 1828/Aged 44 Years/ Richard Rowley son of Edward/ (Page 226) and Ann Rowley died/ Nov./ 9th 1836/ in the 19th year of his age/ Horatio G. Rowley/ departed this life April 18. 1810/ in the 18
year of his age/ Ann wife of/ Edward Rowley/ who departed this
Life/ Sep't 23d 1803/ in the 48 year of her age/ also 3 of their
children/ Richard died May 28th 1787/ Aged 16 months/ Ellen
Ann died Jan'y 18th 1797/ Aged 2 months/ John died Oct __ 1799/
in the 17th year of his age/ Edw'd Rowley Jun'r died August 8th 1815/ in the 21st year of his age/ Anthony Myers son of/ Anthony &
Isabella Rowley Myers/ Born Jan __ 1815 Died 27 Feb 1817/
Isabella Rowley Myers/ Relict of Anthony Myers/ Born May 4th
1790/ Died Aug't 6th 1848

Interments in this vault were as follows:
July 16, 1832, Mr. Rowley's child.
August 26, 1862, Mr. Millett.
February 17, 1871, Marian Alexandra Livingston.


In Memory of/ Ann wife of/ Christian Wiltberger/ who departed this life/ May 12th 1813/ Aged 42 years 6 months & 20 days/ also of/ Hetty/ Second Wife of Christian Wiltberger/ who died Oct 7th 1851/ Aged 79 years & 3 months/ also of/ Christian Wiltberger/ who died Oct. 16th 1851/ Aged 81 years 11 months & 6 days.

Interments in this vault were as follows:
September 24, 1819. ____ Mountford (G'child of C. W.).
April 6, 1824, Christian Wiltberger.
May 1, 1828, Edward Wiltberger.
April 13, 1830, Child of William M. Evans.
May 21, 1830, George Wiltberger.
May 29, 1831, Elizabeth C. Evans.
December 26, 1834, Mr. Evans' child.
March 2, 1843, Mr. Wiltberger's child.
August 16, 1855, Rev. Christian Wiltberger.
December 29, 1858, Mrs. Maria S. Wiltberger.


In this Vault rest the remains of/ Peter Miercken Potter/ son of
Rich'd & Catharine Potter/ who departed this life/ the 31st May
1816 Aged 22 years/ also/ Richard Cheslyn Potter/ Father of the
above born September 27th 1759/ died September 29th 1828 Aged
69 years & 2 days/ also/ Catharine Miercken/ widow of Rich'd C.
(Page 227)
Potter/ died in Alabama August 1831/in the 61st year of her age/ and reinterred/ beneath this slab in/ February 1853/ (Catharine Miercken Potter interred February 8, 1853 [Church Registers.]"Let her memory be blessed"


In this Vault/ lie the remains of Sarah S North wife of/ Stephen North & daughter of the late/ John Bartram M. D. who died Dec'r 11. 1813/ in the 27 year of her age & their son/ Richard who died July 17 1810 in his 7th year/ also Alfred Augustus son of/ Stephen & Mary North/ who died Dec 11th 1821/ Stephen North who departed this life/Sept. 1st 1826 in the 44th year of his age.
Mary North/ ____ of his age/ Lydia, daughter of John Bartram & Phoebe North/
Aug't 18. 1833./ Aged 7 weeks./ Also their son/ James Bartram/ who died Feb. 4. 1835/ Aged 6 months/ In the City of Washington/ On the 3d of October 1851/ Phoebe H. Wife of J. Bartram North/ Aged 40 Years/

Beneath this stone/ are deposited the remains of/ Richard son of Richard & Mary North/ who died Feb'y 21st 1788 Aged 8 weeks/ and Mary Ann daughter of/ Richard & Mary North/ who died March 29th 1797/ in the 4th year of her age/ also/ Catharine Jordan/ who died July 24th 1802/ Aged 48 years/ Mary wife of Richard North/ departed this life Dec'r 12 1827/ in the 78th year of her age/ Richard North/ departed this life June 6th 1837/ in the 83rd year of his age/Phoebe Emma North/ Died at Washington City April 21 1844/ in the 5th year of her age

Interments in this vault were as follows:
October 8, 1827, William North.
May 4, 1839, Dr. Green's child.
June 25, 1854, William North.


Here lie interred/Ann Simpson born 19 October 1787/died 30th
July 1789/ William Simpson born 8th Jan'y 1796/ died 17 July 1797/ Eleanor Simpson born 3d Oct'r 1798/ died 11th August 1799/
Samuel Simpson born 17 March 1785/ died 2nd December 1806/
Day Simpson born 2nd May 1794/ died 5th September 1808/ George Simpson born 23rd August 1786/ died 8th January 1818/ Gustavus Simpson born 8th February 1792/ died 11th April 1822/ George (Page 228)
Simpson for many years Cashier/of the first Bank United States/ Born 12th December 1759/ Died 30th November 1822

Interments in this vault were as follows:
April 6, 1818, Mrs. Esther Hughes.
May 11, 1825, Stephen Day Simpson.
December 1, 1836, Mrs. Simpson.
March 19, 1841, Eleanor Day Simpson.
June 28, 1849, George Simpson.
August 19, 1854, Stephen Simpson.
March 26, 1856, Mrs. Stephen Simpson.
March 25, 1868, Henry Simpson. (Compiler of "The Lives of Eminent Philadelphians now Deceased."
September 13, 1869, Julianna Simpson.
April 22, 1873, Emeline Simpson.

(See Illustration)

C[ornelius] Stevenson's Family Vault/William Stevenson Sen'r/William Stevenson, born February 17, 1748; married Ann, daughter of Lucas Dokoe Groebe, of St. Eustache, Surinam, by his wife, Aletta Heylinger, and arrived in Philadelphia May 13, 1784. Their son, Cornelius Stevenson, born on the Demarara River, British Guiana, February 20, 1779; died at Philadelphia, April 24, 1860; married Mary, daughter of Adam and Catharine (Diehl) May, born December 14, 1786; died Philadelphia, January 29, 1860; Member of the Carpenters Company in 1809, was Major of First Regiment, Penna. Volunteer Artillery in War of 1812; like his father many years vestryman of St. Paul's; City Treasurer in 1831; member of State in Schuylkill of which his son William Stevenson was Governor; manager of the Protestant Episcopal Sunday School Society of Philadelphia in 1831. He become a member of Montgomery Lodge F. & A. M., April 5, 1810; charter member of Industry Lodge, No. 31, June 22, 1811, of which he was Junior Warden, Senior Warden and Master in 1812; Member of Philadelphia Lodge No. 72, February 9, 1832; Grand Treasurer, 1832, and Grand Master of Pennsylvania, 1843; City Treasurer of Philadelphia, 1830-1850; one of the founders and Senior Warden of St. Andrew's Church. His great grandson, Stevenson Hockley Walsh, Esq., is a councillor of the Colonial Society of Pennsylvania. Died May 16th A. D. 1817 aged 69 years and 3 months/ Ann Stevenson his Wife/Died January 3rd A. D. 1805 aged 45 years and 5 months/ Also their Children/ Robert died April 17th 1818 aged 36 years & 5 MOs/ William died August 27th 1813 aged 26 years & 7 MOs/ Peter died September 9th 1795 aged 6 years & 2 MOs/Ann, Wife of Thomas Lake Born May 31, 1784/Died Jan'y (Page 229) 2, 1873/Margaretta Daughter of William Stevenson Sr./Born July 1. 1796. Died December 3, 1876.

Interments in this vault were as follows:
November 22, 1820, Ann Stevenson.
August 8, 1823, Eloise Salaignac.
June 2, 1825, Caroline Lake.

The following inscriptions are in the rear of the church beginning from the North.


This stone/ was Erected by/ Elizabeth Manning/ consort of R.
H. Manning/of the County of Wicklow/Ireland/ [son of]/ Robert H. Manning/who departed this life/March 11th 1830/ Aged 41 Years/ Also his children/Grizelda died Aug 12 1827/ Aged l year 8 months & 24 days/ Robinina Hayes January __ 1827/ aged 2 years/ Robert Hayes August 1827/ (aged] 8 months 12 days


In/Memory/ of/ William H. Hayward/ Who departed this life/ May 18th 1825/Aged 27 years

Mourn not for me Eliza dear
I am not dead but sleeping here
And as I am so must you be
Prepare yourself to follow me


In/ Memory of/ Matthew Spillard/ who departed this life/ March 11th 1804/ Aged 49 Years/ also/ of Mary wife of/ Matthew Spillard/ who departed this life/April 4th 1801 Age&. 53 Years


In Memory of/ James Alexander & Mary Ann/ The Twin Children of/ Mat. & Mary Spillard/who died July the 10th 1789/ Aged 10 Weeks./ Beneath this sod __ harmless Babes repose/ releas'd __/ __/ __/ Also Maria Spillard/ who died June 20th 1791/ aged 6 months/ and Elizabeth who died/Aug't 9th 1791 Aged 4 Years


In/ memory/ of/ John Sperry/who departed this life/December 11th 1822/ aged 17 Years.

(Page 230) A-6, Altar Tomb

Beneath this stone are buried/the remains of Andrew Brown late of/the city of Philadelphia Printer/Aged 52 years/and Elizabeth his Wife aged __ years/ and of Mary. George & Elizabeth, their children/ A fire which broke out in their/dwelling house on the 27th of Jan'y 1797/ destroyed them all, the mother and the/ children perished in the flames, the father languished a few days and followed after


Here lie the remains of Parry Hall/ Obit. October 30 1793/ aged 38 years

His faith and patience love and zeal
Do make his memory dear
And Lord do thou the prayers fulfil
He offered for us here

also/ Mrs Mary Hall (Richard Drayson Hall m. Mary Douglass, April 5, 1818. St. Paul's Registers.) wife of the Rev'd Rich'd D. Hall/ Nat May 7. 1786. ob. Feb. 5. 1817/Also/Parry Pilmore Hall their son/ nat Oct 17. 1816. ob. DEC 27 1821/Rev Richard Drayson Hall/ Born 1 May 1789 Died 28 July 1873.


In memory of/ Margaret James born Feb'y 22d 1793/ departed this life July 15th 1794/ Mary McGlathery born Nov 13. 1797/ departed this life Oct 24 1798/ Richard born Feb 26. 1796/ lost at sea Sept 12 1816/ Thomas born July 27. 1799/departed this life Sept 12. 1820/ James born Aug 28 1794/ departed this life March 31. 1828/ Ferguson born Sept 16 1801/ departed this life July 24 1834/ Children of Richard & Mary Robinett/ Also/ Mary wife of/ Richard Robinett born Sept 2 1770/ departed this life July 4 1834/ Richard Robinett/ departed this life/on the 1st of July A. D. 1835/ in the 64th year of his age/ Robert W. C. Robinett/ son of Richard Robinett/ died April 8th 1836/in the 30th year of his age

A-9, Altar Tomb

Beneath/this stone are Entombed the Remains/ of/ Elizabeth Ryerson/ daughter of Thomas and Mary Ryerson/who died the 6th day of March A. D. 1818/ the 18th year of her age/the flower fadeth for the wind passeth/ over it and it is gone/Also/of (Page 231) / Thomas Ryerson/ who died the 2nd day of Oct'br A. D. 1835/ In the 82nd year of his age/ Also of/ Mary Ryerson/ wife of Thomas Ryerson/ who died the 23rd day of Dec'r A. D. 1846/ in the 75th year of her age

A-10 Altar Tomb

The Memory of the just is blessed Psa X 7/ Sarah. the daughter of/ Joseph & Elizabeth Turner/ departed this life May 21st 1798 Aged 19 years/ And Elizabeth the wife of/ the Rev Joseph Turner/ June 17th 1818 Aged 73 years/The righteous shall be had in everlasting/ remembrance Psal cxii. 6./ Also to the Memory of/ Joseph M. Turner who died at Alabama/ on the 5th of September 1818/in the 31st year of his age/ Also to the memory of the/ Rev Joseph Turner a Native of Devonshire England/ some time Rector of St Martins Marcus Hook and Assistant/ to the Rector of the Sweedish Churches in the State/on the 26th day of July A. D. 1821/ he ceased from his labours and entered into rest/ in the 79th year of his age/ They that turn many to righteousness/ shall shine as the stars for/ever and ever Dan xii. 3/ also to the memory of Eliza daughter of/ Joseph & Elizabeth Turner/ Born February 13th 1775/ Died March 3rd 1868/ Also to the Memory of Esther daughter of/Joseph & Elizabeth Turner/Born Nov 18th 1781/Died March 13th 1868

A-11 Altar Tomb

Sacred/to the memory of/ Mary/ Wife of Norris Stanley/ who departed this life/on the 26th of November 1823/ in the 48th year of her Age/ also/ in memory of/ Rolanda S. Swain/ who died in the Havana/ on the 6th of May 1824/ in the 22d year of his Age/ And/ to the memory of/ Norris (Norris Stanley was in early life a master mariner and commanded ships sailing to foreign ports. Later he became a ship owner and merchant, and an associate of Stephen Girard, William Cummings, Commodores Bainbridge and Barry, Mayor Wharton and Captain Thomas Hayes of John Moss's ship "Tontine" and many other well-known Philadelphians. In 1810 he was an Inspector of the Philadelphia County Prisons. He took a deep interest in Masonry, was Warden of Lodge No. 2, in 1809, and Senior Master of Ceremonies in 1816. During his lifetime he gave his wealth to the poor and distressed, especially Masons, and by his will, of which William Cummings and Horace Binney, Jr., were executors, he remembered in a substantial way many of the charities of St. Paul's, of which he was sometime a vestryman, q v.) Stanley/ Born November 10th 1765/ Died May 8th 1851/ in the 86th year of his age/ Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord

(Page 232) A-12

In memory of/ Mrs. Margaret Leech/ (relict of Capt'n Tho's Leech)/ who died Dec'r 16th A. D. 1822 aged 80./ years/ Endued with an excellent understanding—was/ Generous. Benevolent & Charitable; In all the/ Domestic & Social relations, as a Wife. Mother/ Friend & Neighbor. Her conduct was exempla/ ry; with Fortitude & Pious resignation she bore/many & Severe afflictions; Her relatives humbly/ trust, she now stands near the Throne of God,/ among those who came out of great tribulation,/ & have washed their robes & made them white/ in the blood of the Lamb/ Also of/ Charlotte Leech daughter of/ Tho's & Margaret Leech/ who died May 3d A. D. 1792 aged/20 years

Youth, Innocence & Beauty join'd
With Elegance & Taste refined
Lo! Here in humble ruin lies
Till the last Trumpets voice shall make
Heaven Earth & Hells foundation shake
Then in Immortal Beauty rise.


In/ memory of/ Miss Mary Ann C. A. Allen/ the second daughter of the/ Rev Benjamin Allen/ formerly Rector/ of this Church/ She died Oct'r 30th 1841/ in the 21st year of her age/ Mary hath chosen that/ good part which shall not/ be taken away from her/ 42 v/ Also in memory of the/ Third Brother of Mary/ Benjamin Allen/ He died Jan'y 31st 1852/ in the 30th year of his age


In memory of/ Emmanuel Josiah/ who departed this Life/ June 4th 1779/ Aged 84 Years/ also/ Ann his wife/ Departed this Life/ May 28th 1767/ Aged 47 Years

A stone with no inscription.

A-16, Altar Tomb

Sacred/ to the memory of/ Richard Renshaw/ who died/ November 27th 1835/ Aged 63 years/ also/ Mary Erwin his Widow/ who died/ September 25th 1838/ Aged 58 years/ Also their daughter/ Alice Johnston Neill/ who died/ July 29th 1856/ Aged 37 (Page 233) years/ also/ Richard Renshaw/ who died July 5th 1865/ Aged 56 years


Here lie/ The Bodies of/ Richard Renshaw/ who died Oct 20 1806/ Aged 1 month & 9 days/ and/ Mary J. Renshaw/ who died Feb 11. 1807 Aged/ 4 years 4 months & 9 days/ children of/ Richard & Mary E. Renshaw

A-18, Altar Tomb

Sacred to the Memory of/ Richard Renshaw/ who died the 18th
of March 1799/ Aged 89 years/ Also/ His children/ Charles who died the 10th of DEC/ 1775 Aged 5 months/ and William who died the 9th of Sept/ 1782 Aged 2 months & 20 Days/ also/ His Grandchildren/ Mary Ann Renshaw/ who died the 21st of Aug 1798./ Aged 3 years and 9 days/ and Edward Renshaw Thomson/ who died the 18th of May 1799/ Aged 1 year and 9 months/ also/ Ann his Wife/ who died the 21st of August 1822/ aged 75 Years 3 months and 24 Days

Believe in Christ, his sacred Laws obey
And Live in Hope of an Eternal Day.


E E [?] Thomson/ In/ Memory of/ Ann R Thomson/ daughter
of/ ___ / who died/ ___ July 1805 [?]/ Aged __ years


In Memory of/ John the Son of/ John & Sarah Johnston/ who died Feb'y 2d 1788/Aged 12 Weeks


In/ memory of/ Eleanor daughter of/ John and Sarah Johnston/ who departed this life/ May 10th 1805/ aged 22 years


In/ Memory of/ Catharine Daughter of/ John & Sarah Johnston/ who departed this life/ May 4th 1801/ Aged 16 years

Go fair example of untainted youth
Of modest wisdom and pacific truth
Great without pride humble yet not mean
Quiet in affliction and in death serene.


In/ memory of/ Robert C. Seaborn/ who departed this life/ March 11th 180_/ Aged 43 years/ also of/ Elizabeth. Wife of/ Peter Freburger/ and daughter of/ Rob't C. Seaborn/ who departed this life/ Nov'r 22nd 1825/ in the 26th year of her age/ also Elizabeth Wife/ of Robert C. Seaborn/ Who died Sept'r 6th 1830/ in the 85th year of her age


In/ Memory of/ John Moffet/ who departed this Life/ November/ in the Year of our Lord/ 1798/ in the Sixty __ year/ of his age/ Also of/ Rachel Moffet/ who was born April 18th 1802/ and died June the 25th 1803


In/ Memory of/ Sarah Moffet/ who departed this Life/ June the 27th 1802/ in the 67th year of her age/ Also of/ John Martin Moffet/ was born October the 26th 1808/ and departed this life/ May the 8th 1809/ aged 6 months and 18 days


In Memory/ of/ Mrs Sarah Currie/ Wife of/ Doct'r William Currie/ & Daughter of/ John Morton Esq./ who departed this Life/ Oct'r 25th A. D. 1794. Though here in dust her Relicks lie/ Her Spirit shall flourish in immortal life. (Doctor Currie, a well-known and highly esteemed physician, who rendered most efficient service during an epidemic of yellow fever, was the eldest son of Rev. Dr. William Currie, Missionary of the Radnor Parish, which included Old St. David's, Radnor, St. Peter's, Great Valley, and St. James, Perkiomen. William Currie Wilson, Esq., a member of this family and Assistant City Solicitor of Philadelphia, is also a member of the Colonial Society of Pennsylvania. C. Howard Colket, Esq., Registrar of the Colonial Society, is likewise a descendant of the Rev. William Currie, D. D.)


A flat stone with no inscription.


A flat stone, showing marks for pedestals for an altar tomb. The Church Records indicate this spot as the burial place of Peter la Barbier du Plessis. (Peter le Barbier Du Plessis was a conveyancer, scrivener, notary public, and sworn interpreter of foreign languages, and in 1791 he [located on page 235] resided at No. 86 Chestnut Street, which is the site of the present Jayne Building on the south side, below Third Street. He was a native of France, and came to Philadelphia after the American Revolution. He took quite an interest in St. Paul's Church, and also in Freemasonry from 1790 until his death in 1815. In the latter he was Grand Secretary from 1790 to 1794, and Deputy Grand Master from 1808 to 1813. He was admitted to Montgomery Lodge, No. 19, of Philadelphia, on January 13, 1787, and was Worshipful Master in June, 1790. He joined Harmony Lodge, No. 52, December 28, 1791, from which he withdrew on June 9, 1792, and became Warrant Master of a new French Lodge in Philadelphia, St. Louis, No. 53, formed by French Emigrès. On June 7, 1806, he became a member of Columbia Lodge, No. 91, of which he remained a member until his death on November 8, 1815. In his will he mentioned a son George, daughter Helena and daughter Sophia, wife of John DuBarry, his son-in-law, from whose house, No. 11 North 8th Street, he was buried in St. Paul's Churchyard with Masonic ceremonies.)

(Page 235) B-10

To the Memory of/ William Macpherson/ formerly Brigadier General in the/ service of the United States/who departed this life/ November 5. 1813 Aged 58 years

I am the Ressurection and the Life saith the Lord
He that believeth in me though he were dead yet
Shall lie live, and whosoever liveth and believeth
on me shall never die.


Caused to be Erected by the Widow/ Cap't John Macpherson/ to whose Memory and/ that of their Daughter/ Eliza Gates this Tomb/ John Macpherson/ a Native of Scotland/ born in/ the City of Edinburgh/ in the Year of our Lord 1726/ departed this life ___
Sep'r 6th 1792/ aged 66 years ___ Eliza Gates Macpherson/ Born August 21st 1782/ Died Sep'r 1787/ Aged 5 Years & 1 Month.


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Richard Alexander/ Born 1780 Died 1823/ Ann C. Alexander/ Born 1779 Died 1858


In/ Memory of/ Richard C Alexander/ Son of/ Richard & Ann Alexander/ Born February 22d 1809/ Died March 14th 1809/ (Page 236) Christiana/ Alexander/ Born 1866 Died 1859/ Richard J. Alexander/ Born 1846. Died 1878


In memory of/ Edward Young/ Who Died/ November 20 1787/ Aged 33 Years


JOHN B. YOUNG/ son of/ Charles and Laetitia/ died Sept'r 28. 1784/ Aged 20 Months.


In Memory of/ Mrs Ann Young. Wife of/ Charles Young of this City/ She died November 7th 1776/ Aged 27 Years/ An affectionate Wife/ A tender Parent and/sincere Friend


Here Lie/ the Bodies of/ Ann Renshaw/ who died April 30,1809/ Aged 4 years 6 months/ and 9 days/ And/ Francis J. Renshaw/ died Nov. 23. 1811/Aged 7 years 10 months/ & 18 days. Children of Richard & Mary B. Renshaw


In Memory/ of/ John Young/ who departed this Life/ June 26 1790/ Aged 76 Years

His Comfort was the precious plea
Jesus has liv'd and died for me.

B-19, Altar Tomb

In Memory of/ Mrs Deborah Palmer/ wife of/ John Palmer/ Who died July 8 1783/ Aged 64 Years/ also/ John Palmer/ Who died/ April 8th 1797/ Aged 80 years/ John Palmer/ Son of John & Deborah Palmer/ who departed this Life/ March 27 __ / also/ Alice M. Palmer/ wife of John R Palmer/ who departed this life/ January 19. 1838/ Aged 72 years 3 months & 11 days/ Also in Memory of/ Josiah W. Kirk who departed this life/ on the 1st day of May 1850 in the 52nd year of his age


Sacred/ to the memory of/ John Palmer Kirk/ Son of/ Eli and Elizabeth M. Kirk/ who, died April 11th 1833/ Aged 3 years and 1 month

(Page 237) B-21

In/ memory of/ Francis Procter Sen'r/ who departed this life/ March 12 1792 aged 87 years/Gen'l Thomas Procter/departed this life/ March 16. 1807 Aged 67 years/ Also/ Anna Maria wife of/ Tho's Procter/ departed this life/ June 1st 1789 aged __ years/ Robert Charlton/ departed this life/ Jan'y 31st 1787 aged 36 years

B-22, Altar Tomb

Sacred/ to the Memory of/ Isaac Fitzrandolph/ who departed this Life October 14th A. D. 1804/ In the Fifty seventh year of his age

The voice from Heaven declares
To those in Christ who die
Releas'd from all their Earthly cares
They reign with him on high


In Memory of/ William P. Johnston/ died March 6th 1816/ in the 79th year of his age


In Memory of/ Hester Wife of/ Eman'l Rinedollar/ who departed this life/Nov'r 25th 1799/ in the 40th Year/of her age


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Joseph Beaks/ who departed this life/ April 6th 1772 Aged 46 years/ also Jane his wife/ who departed this life/ October 2d 1777 Aged 41 years/ Also/ Captain Joseph Beaks/ who died at Sea July 1795/ aged 80 years & 3 months/ also Elizabeth his daughter/ who died at sea with her father/ Aged 6 years/ Also Sarah Beaks who departed/ this life September 24th 1795/ Aged 30 years/ also


Sacred/ to/ the memory of/ Jane Beaks/ who departed this life/ October 16th 1837/ Aged 14 years/ also/ Elizabeth/ Widow of
the late Cap't Lewis Mory/ who departed this Life/ October 12th
1847/ Aged 79 years


Here/ Lies the Body of/ Mary Murdick/ Daughter of/ John & Hannah Murdick/ Who departed this Life/ July 17th 1787/ Aged 1 Year and 10 Months

(Page 238) C-5

In/ Memory of/ Ann Daughter of William/ and Mary Anderson/ who departed this Life/ 15th Jan'ry 1790/ Aged 12 Years & 17 Days/ Much esteemed when living for/ her amiable vertiues by all who/ had the pleasure of an acquaintance/ with her.


In Memory of/ Elizabeth/ the wife of/ James Ferguson/ Who departed this Life/ August 11th 1797/ Aged 47 years/ Also/ Elizabeth/ daughter of E & A ___ / Grand daughter of J & E. Ferguson/ who departed this life Feb. 6th 1845/ Aged 2 years 6 months/ & 15 days


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Margaret Laskey/ daughter of/ Edward and Catharine/ Laskey/ who was born April 24th 1783/ and departed this Life/ January 11th 1809/ Aged 25 years 8 months & 25 days


In Memory of/ Edward Laskey/ who departed this Life/ May 6th 1800/ Aged 52 years 8 months/ and 21 Days

No pomp nor grandeur swell 'd/ his humble name
The honest Man will reap/immortal fame

Also/ Catharine Laskey/ Who departed this Life/ December the 27th 1810/ Aged 59 Years 10 Months/ and 3 Days


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Catharine Boyd/ wife of/ James Boyd/ who departed this Life/ February 8 1808/ aged 32 years & 2 months/ and 8 days


In Memory of/ Mary the Wife of/ Richard Hunt/ who departed
this Life/May 1st 1793/ Aged 34 Years


Here lie the remains of/ Jane Wife of/ Edward Moyston/ of this City/ Who departed this Life/on the 23d of March A. D. 1791/ Aged 34 Years/ likewise their two children


In Memory of/ Mary, Daughter of/ John & Margaret/ Webb, Departed/ this Life June 17th/ 1774/ Aged 5 Years & 1 Mo./ Transitory World/ Farewell, Jesus calls/ With Him to Dwell.

(Page 239) C-13

In Memory of/ Abraham George Copper/ who died March 20th/ 1790/ Aged 14 Years & 6 Months/ Son of Norris & Elizabeth Copper/ Capt Norris Copper/ was lost at Sea/ in January 1778/ Aged 50 Years.


Beneath this Stone/ Repose the remains/ of/ Capt John Donaven/ who departed this life/ on the 16th day of/ December 1814/ in the 35th year of his age/ in the same grave are deposited/ the remains of his daughter Mary/ who followed her Father/ the 17th day of March 1815/ aged 5 months and 17 days/Near to this spot/ lie buried the remains of/ Mrs Elizabeth Barger/ sister to Cap't Donaven who died on the 15th July 1796/ Aged 18 years.


A flat stone, inscription of which is entirely obliterated. This is the place of interment of Plunket Fleeson, who died August 21, 1791.
He was born in Philadelphia in 1712, was Ensign of Second Company of Associators in 1749, and a Founder of the Hibernia Engine Company in 1752. A justice of the City Court, 1780, and a Director of the Pennsylvania Hospital.


In Memory of/ Matthias Sadler/ who departed this Life the 18th
of/ April 1798/ Aged 42 Years 9 Months & 14 days/ Also of/
Eleanor Wife of/Matthias Sadler/ who departed this life/ April
24th 1826 aged 74 years/ I know in whom I have believed/ Also of/ Elizabeth Tallman
(The great aunt of Mrs. Arthur H. Lea, of Philadelphia.)/ Born A. D. 1777/ Died A. D. 1861/ Aged 84 years

C-17, Altar Tomb

In memory of/ George Heyl (George Heyl, son of George Thomas Heyl, who, born August 2, 1702, married April 27, 1728, Susanna Sternheim, and shortly thereafter came from Baden, Germany, and settled in Philadelphia, where he died, October 31, 1760. His sons, Philip and George, were Revolutionary soldiers from Philadelphia. The latter, born 1740, executed his will June 10, 1812, and named therein, wife Dorothea, children George, William, Mary Clapier, Elizabeth Johnson and Susanna Harman. He married Dorothea Phile, and with her was party to deed of January 20, 1787, from Dr. Frederick Phile and Elizabeth, his wife, of Philadelphia, (rest of footnote located on page 240) for three hundred and eighty-four acres of land, called "Philesburg," on East Allegheny River, in Westmoreland County, Penna. George Heyl was a well-known merchant of his day; Dr. Phile was Naval Officer at the Port of Philadelphia 1777-1791 and a distinguished surgeon in the Revolution, George A. Heyl, Esq., long a member of the Colonial Society, is a great grandson./ Who departed this life/ on the 25th January 1815/ aged 75 years/ Also of/ Dorathea Wife of/ (Page 240) George Heyl/ Who departed this life/ on the 30th September/ Aged 74 years


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Susannah Harman/ Consort of/ Jacob Harman/ who departed this Life August/ 23rd 1844 Aged 49 years/ 11 months and 16 days/ Also/ Jacob Harman Sen'r/ who departed this life/ Dec'r 18th 1857/ in the 94th year of his age


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Frances Sophia/ Daughter of/ Richard and Elizabeth Johnson/ Died May 25th 1805/ aged 8 months and 24 days/ Also/ Frederick Seeger/ son of/ Richard and Elizabeth Johnson/ Died July 8th 1808/ aged 11 days/ Also/ Richard Johnson/ Died August 2d/ 1816/ Aged 75 years and 9 months/ Also/ Elizabeth/ Wife of/ Richard Johnson/ Died August 22d 1843/ aged 79 years 4 months/ and 12 days


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Mary Vanderhalt/ who departed this life/December 7th 1847/ in the 84 year of her age

C-21, Small Altar Tomb

In Memory/ of/ Margaret Butler/ who departed this Life/ June __
1764/ Aged __ years/ Also her friend/ Ann Cannon (Mrs. Ann Cannon was a benefactor of St. Paul's Church, having presented one of the two silver flagons to the Church marked "The Gift of Mrs. Ann Cannon to the Altar of St. Paul's Church.")/ Who died Sept 20 1809 Aged 85 years


In Memory of/ Robert Son of/ Robt & Elizabeth Carson/ who departed this Life/ June 2d 1796/ in the 22d Year/ of his age/ Transitory world/ Jesus Call'd with him to dwell/ Also/ Elizabeth yeaton Carson/ his Mother/ who died May 1. 1816./ Born Sept 17. 1739.


In/ memory of/ Benjamin Robbins/ who departed this life/ Jan 31st 1834/ In the 45th year of/ his age/ Also/ Ruth Daughter of/ (Page 241) Benjamin & Susan Robbins/ Who died Sept 16th 1822/ Aged 8 months and 2 days


Sacred to the memory of/ John Robbins/ who died February 24. 1808/ aged 59 years 9 months & 12 days/ Elizabeth/ Wife of John Robbins/ who died February 17 1819/ aged 66 years 1 month & 7 days/ Catharine/ Daughter of/ John & Elizabeth Robbins/ who died October 13. 1798/ aged 19 years 2 months & 26 days/ John/ Son of/ John & Elizabeth Robbins/ who died July 24 1842/ aged 70 years 1 month & 28 days


In/ memory of/ The Son and Daughter/ of John & Elizabeth/ Robbins/ Alexander Departed/ this Life __ 1778/ Aged 10 Months & 2 Weeks/ __ Day/ Susannah Departed/ this Life Oct __ 1783


Elizabeth Robbins/ Died Sep'r 30th 1850/ in the 76th year of her age


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Enoch Wheaton/ who departed this life/ Sept 9th 1825 aged 48/ years 11 months & 18 days

Dear ___ mourn not for me
We soon shall again united be.


Sacred/to the memory of/Martha Read/ wife of/ Francis Read/ who died Sep 22nd 1840/ aged 83 years and two/ months

My flesh shall slumber in/ the ground
Till the last trumpets joy/ ful sound
Then burst my bonds wi/ th sweet surprise
And in my Saviour's image/ rise

Also/ Francis Read/ husband of Martha Read/ departed this life/ August 16th 1848/ aged 93 years


In/ Memory of/ Mary Stuart/ Daughter of/ John & Martha Stuart/ who departed this Life/ August 30th 1799/ Aged 16 Years 11 Months/ & 7 Days


In Memory of/ John Clark/ who departed this Life/ 29 June 1792/ Aged 28 Years.


In Memory of/ Mary Ann daughter of/ George & Martha Hall/ who departed this Life/ February 16th 1802/ aged 1 Year/ 1 Month & 24 days

Fresh in the morn the summer's rose
Hangs wither'd e'er t'is noon
We scarce enjoy the balmy gift
But mourn the pleasures gone


In/ memory of Elizabeth McKay/ wife of Thomas McKay/ who departed this life/ August 17th 1826/ aged 65 years and 9 days/ Also in memory of/ Thomas & Elizabeth/ Son & Daughter of/ Thomas and Elizabeth McKay/ Tho's departed this life/ Dec'r 7th 1813/ aged 17 years and 10 months/ And Elizabeth June 29th 1802/ aged 4 years 1 month and 1 day/ Also Thomas McKay Sen'r/ who departed this life/ June 4th 1850/ in the 70th year of his age


In/ Memory of/ Ann Doughty/ Daughter of James &/ Margaret Doughty/ was Born June 23rd 1782/ and departed this Life/ Sept 22nd 1786/ Aged 4 Years & 3 Months


In Memory of/ Mrs Mary Biggs/ Relict of/ Mr Ephraim Biggs Dec'd/ formerly a Merchant/ of this city/ who departed this Life/ the 22d Day of Oct'r 1794/ in the 73 year of her Age


Sacred/ to the memory/ of/ Susannah Goodwin/ Wife of John Goodwin/ who departed this Life/ April 30th 1806/ aged 40 years & 10 months

(Page 243) D-14

Here lieth the __ / of/ Richard Neave (Church Records say that Richard Neave was buried July 12, 1795.)/ __ / London/ Merchant/ who/ Departed this Life/ in/ the/ __ 1795 Aged 84 Years/ Richard R. N. died Feb'y 23, 1809. [Neave]/ [four lines illegible]


James Norris Copper/ Died March 19th 1833/ aged 23 years/ Annie Sayles Copper/ Died March 10th 184_/ aged 29 years

In Memory of/ John Barker Jun'r/ who died June 16th/ 1773/ Aged 13 Months

D-16, Altar Tomb

In memory of/ Charles Kirkham/ who departed this life/ July 5th 1810/ In the 55th year of his age/ Also/ Deborah Kirkham/ his widow/ who departed this life/ July 18th 1814/ in the 60th year of her age


___ ___ Born/ the 14th November 17 and/ Departed this life the ___ day/ 177_ Years/ ___/ Wife/ 17__/ and Departed this Life/ __ 1771[?] [17 lines illegible]

[This is probably Tomb of Thos. Edward Wallace.]


In/ Memory of/ Mary Daughter of/ Doctor William & Mary/ Claypoole/ of Wilmington/ No Carolina/ who departed this Life/ October 11th 1793 Aged 3 Years/ and 6 Months.


In Memory of/ Mrs Mary Yorke/ Wife of/ Capt'n Peter Yorke/ who departed this Life/ Feb'y 26th 1797/ in the 24th Year/ of her Age


In Memory of/ George Claypoole/ Who departed this Life/ October 4th 1793/Aged 60 years/ Also Catharine Claypoole/ Who departed this Life/ March 31st 1770/ Aged 33 years

Jesus can make a dying Bed
Feel soft as downy pillows are
While on his Breast I lean my head
And breathe my Life out sweetly there

(Page 244) D-21, Altar tomb

In memory of/ Mary wife of Jeffrey Clark/ who departed this life/ March 18th 1778/ aged 69 years/ Also/ Jeffrey Clark (Jeffrey Clark, great, great, great, great grandfather of L. Irving Reichner, of the Philadelphia bar, a member of the Colonial Society.)/ Who departed this life/ Jan'y 20th 1782/ aged 79 years/ Also/ John Turner/ who departed this life/ May 23d 1825/ in the 78th year of his age/ Also/ Mary wife of John Turner/ who departed this life/ October 20th 1833/ in the 86th year of her age


Abigail Lowry/ Died Feb. 25 1851/ aged 85 years/ Also/ Margaret Lowry/ Died April 25. 1851/ aged 81 years


In Memory of/ Thomas & Ellen Muskett/ Who Departed this
Life October/ 1d 1793. She __ Aged 44 Years/ He October 7d
1793 Aged __ Years/ Also their other children who died/ Young./
(4 lines)


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Mary Curtis/ who departed this life/ on the 8th day of March 1821/ in the 28th year of her age/ Also in memory of/ Abigail Curtis/ who departed this life/ on the 18th day of April 1828/ in the 28th year of her age/ Daughter of John and Elizabeth Curtis


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Jacob B Curtis/ Son of John H. & Sarah O Curtis/ who departed this life/ on the 1st day of January 1821/ in the 7th year of his age/ Also of John Curtis/ who departed this life/ on the 27th day of September 1820/ in the 65th year of his age/ And of Elizabeth Curtis/ Wife of John Curtis/ who departed this life/ on the 30th day of July 1831/ in the 68th year of her age

D-26, Altar Tomb

In Memory of/ William Cameron/ who departed this life/ September 29th 1793/ aged 29 years

I saw him faint! I saw him sink to rest
Another victim midst the dying throng
But resignation calm'd his gentle breast
And heav'nly accents breathed upon his

(Page 245) Also/ In memory of/ James Cameron/ who departed this life/ August 17th 1825/ in the 64th year of his age


Hear/ Lieth the Body of/ Jacob Vansciver Moore/ the son of/ John & Hannah Moore/ Who Departed this Life August 20th in the Year of our/ Lord 1794 Aged 1 Year &/ 5 Months 3 Weeks 5 Days

Death hath Leas'd Our Babe And
Tore Him from our Arms in Earth's
Cold Bosom. Now he Lies With
All his Smiling Infant Charms.


In/ Memory/ of/ Matthias Keen/ who died/ February 21 1784/ aged 73 years/ Also/ Mary Keen/ who died/ July 12 1791 aged 75 years


In/ Memory/ of/ Matthias V. Keen (Matthias Valentine Keen, vestryman 1794-1804, and Elizabeth Hood, his wife. For further particulars, see Descendants of Jöran Kyn of New Sweden, by Gregory Bernard Keen, LL.D.)/ who died/ October 20th 1806/ aged 59 years/ Also/ Elizabeth Keen/ who died/ May 10th 1830 aged 80 years


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Sarah Morrison/ Wife of William Morrison/ who departed this life/ June 26th 1832/ in the 80th year of her age


Sacred/to the memory of/Robert Bayne/who departed this transitory/ life on the 16th April 1815/ in the 40th year of his age

How serious is the summoning of death
Solemn the moment man resigns his breath
Awful! that verge of dread eternity
To which we hasten and whence none can fly
Great God! our leader and our guardian be
And take us when from time we go to thee.

Also of/ Samuel P. Bayne/ who departed this life/ Sep'r 26th 1821/ Aged 15 years 6 months & 10 days


In Memory of/ Joseph Wright/ Son of Anthony & Hannah Wright/ who was born Sept 6 1769/ and departed this Life Sept (Page 246) 13/ 1779/ Aged 10 years & 7 days/ In Memory of/ John W. Wright/ who was Born April 16th 1776/ and departed this Life May 11th/ 1794/ Aged 18 years & 25 days/ ___ Children in ___ thee/ In Hopes we ___ / In Christ divine


In Memory of/ Joseph Son of John & Mary Miller/ who Died 4th July 1796/ Aged 8 Months


In Memory of/ Mary Smith/ the Wife of/ Jonithin Smith/ & Daughter of/ John Hyde/ Who departed this Life/ January the 24th 1793/ Aged 22 Years.


In Memory of/ Worsley Emes Esq'r/ A Member of the Cincinnati/ who departed this Life/ July the 27th 1802/ Aged 62 Years


In/ Memory of/ Sarah Hicks/ Wife of William Hicks/ Daughter of Adam &/ Elizabeth Keller/ who departed this Life/ the 11th of September/ Anno Domini 1803/ Aged 24 Years 9 months/ and 20 days

In midst of Health & Blooming youth
How sudden Death O Death did come
Her days of sickness were her
And then lay silent in the tomb


In Memory of/ Reachel Barnes/ Who departed this Life/ October 19th 1772/ Aged/ 1 Year/ 6 Months


In Memory of/ Mrs Elizabeth Beard/ Wife of/ Capt'n Will'm Beard/ who departed this life/ October 11th 1796/ Aged 46 Years


In/ memory of/ Hannah/ daughter of/ Thomas and Mary/ Stiles/ who departed this life/ June the 22nd 1803/ Aged 10 months/ and 22 days.

(Page 247) E-14

In Memory of/ William Son of/ William & Mary Lane/ who departed this Life/ October the 13th 1801/aged 1 year 2 months/ and 4 days/ [4 lines]


___/ Mary Daught/ of John___ / Mary McNilans/ Deceaced june ye/ ___ 1773/ Aged 7 years & 4 mon


In memory/of/ Mrs Mary Rose/ who departed this life/ on the 13th day of April/ 1803/ Aged 63 Years/ [5 lines]


In Memory of/ William Nelson/ who departed this Life/ the 8th of January 1781/ Aged 82 Years/ also/ Ann his Wife/ who died June 25th 178_ / Aged 62 Years


Gulyann Molier/ departed this Life the 2 Year of/ her Age/ in the Year of our Lord 1797/ Esther Molier/ departed this Life the 3 Year of/ her Age in the Year of our Lord 179_

Here Here they lie 0 could I once more view
These dear remains take one more fond Adieu
Where friendly Angels for their guidance given,
Now leads them through the Courts of Heaven.


In Memory of/ Wm Potter Benson/ Son of P. & Jane Benson/
who departed this life/ June 6th 1800/ aged 16 months/ Also
Frederick/ Son of the above/ who died/ June 18th 1800/ aged 2 Y'rs & 11 Months.


In Memory of/ Jane P Benson/ Daughter of/ Peter & Jane/ Benson who/ departed this life/ August 7th 1794/ Aged 20 months.


Sacred/ to the memory of/ William Stokes/ who departed this life/ February 9th 1803/ aged 46 years/ Also/ Mary Stokes/ his relict/ who fell asleep in Jesus/ Dec'r 18th 1828/ aged 72 years

(Page 248) E-22

Thomas Wright Armat/ Born June 14 1776/ Died July 30 1806


Here lies/the Body of/ Mrs Jane Babb/who departed this Life/ October the 8th 1783/ In the 29th Year/ of her Age/ [5 lines]


In Memory of/ Matthew Parker/ Who departed this life September/ the 9th 1793 in the 40th year of/ his Age/ Likewise/ Catharine his Wife Who died/ September the 12th 1793 in the 42nd/ Year of her Age/ Also of 5 of their children/ John Aged 2 Years and 6 Months/ Joseph Aged 3 Years and 3 Months/ Samuel Aged 1 Year and 7 Months/ Lydia Aged 1 Year and 1 Month/ And Joseph Pilmore Who/ Departed this Life September the 25/ 1793 Aged 2 Years 5 Months & 12 Days


Here lieth the Body/ of Benjamin Town/ May 20 1790/ Aged 41 Years/ and 5 Months


In/ memory of/ Mr Benj. Holland/ who departed this Life/ Oct'r 29th/ 1796/ aged 43 years


In memory/ of/ Wm & Eliza Matilda/Son & daughter of/ Wm & Eliza Gartley/ 1806


[West side] In memory/of/ Benjamin Masden Esq'r/who departed/ this life/ April 6th 1836/ aged 65 years/ and 7 months

[South side] In memory/ of/ Mrs Prudence Masden/ wife of/ Benjamin Masden/ who departed/ this life/ September 10th 1818/ aged 59 years

[East side] In memory of/Benjamin Masden Jun'r/ son of/
Benjamin & Hannah Masden/ who departed this life/ March 26th
1837/ aged 6 years & 21 days/ also of/ Ann S Masden/ daughter
of/ Benjamin & Hannah Masden/ who departed this life/ March
27th 1837/ aged 15 years & 11 days

(Page 249) F-2

In Memory of/ Rachel/ the wife of/ Thomas Webb/ who departed this Life/ December the 23rd 1795/ Aged 27 Years

By ministerial Spirits convy'd
Lodg'd in the garner of the Sky
She rests in Abraham's bosom laid
She lives with God no more to Die


In Memory of/ John Webb/ who departed this Life/ Oct 1773 Aged/ ___ Years


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Mary wife of/ James Wilson/ who departed this life/ October 14 1835/ aged 38 years & 10 days/ Also/ Edward her son/ who departed this life/ October 1821./ aged 20 years 3 months & 6 days


In/ Memory of/ Thomas and William/ Sons of Thomas and Mary Fenton/ William departed this Life/ June 19th 1793/ Aged 3 Years 2 Months & 25 Days/ Thomas departed this Life/ September 4th 1793/ Aged 18 Years & 6 Months/ Also/ Mary Fenton/ Who departed this life/ May 6th 1800/ Aged 4 Years


In/ Memory of/ James P. Carteret/ son of/ Daniel & Emily
Carteret/ who Departed this Life/ October aged 17 Years/ 9 Months & 9 Days/ [8 Lines]


In Memory of/ Thomas Flower/ Son of/ Tho's & Hannah Flower/ who departed this life/ March 7th 1801/ aged 3 years & 6 months/ and 27 days


In Memory of/ George McPherson/Son of/ Daniel and Ann/ McPherson/ who departed this/ life on the 17th Dec'r/ 1801/ Aged 7 Years & 11 Months


In Memory of/ Ann Maria McPherson/ daughter of/ Daniel and Ann/McPherson/who departed this/ life Dec'r 24th 1801/ Aged 2 Years & 15 days

(Page 250) F-10

In Memory of/ Daniel/ the Son of Daniel & Ann McPherson/ who departed this Life/ June the 3rd 1796/ Aged 8 Months/ Also Wm McPherson/ who departed this Life 14 Oct./ 1798. Aged 5 weeks.


[West side] Beneath this stone/ was deposited/ the Body of/ Catharine/ Wife of/ William Thackara Sen'r/who departed this life/ on the 13th day of/ July A. D. 1780/ aged 35 years/ Under this Stone lies/ the remains of/ William Thackara Sen'r/ who departed this life/ on the 10th day of/ April A. D. 1817/ aged 79 years

Sacred/ to the memory of/ deceas'd Parents


To the Memory of/ Rosannah Wright/ who departed this Life/ Oct'r 7 1793/ Aged 28 Years


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Joseph Wright/ who departed this life/ February 10th 1810/ aged 40 years 6 months/ & 10 days

Adieu dear friends I take my leave
Farewell my loving wife
Our children shall your guardian's be
And bless your widow'd life
When from this world you are releas'd
It s sorrows toils and cares
In everlasting joy we'll meet
To sing our Makers praise


Sacred/ to the Memory of/ John Meer Sen'r (John Meer, Sr., was an artist and lived at No. 4 South 7th Street, below Market Street. He married a widow, Mary Gould West. She is buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery. Her first husband, Captain Josiah West, was a jeweler on Second Street below Market Street and he was a communicant. He is buried in Trinity Church Yard, New York City. A daughter, Caroline West, attended St. Paul's until 1845. She married Joseph C. Randall, a well-known and highly respected merchant of this city, and among her descendants are numbered Edmund Randall, Esq., of the Philadelphia Bar, and Caroline Randall Deaver, the wife of the distinguished American surgeon, Dr. John B. Deaver, of Philadelphia.)/ Who was born at/ Wolverhampton England/ February 9th 1756/ & died July 29th (Page 251) 1831/ For 41 years a Citizen/ of Philadelphia/ An honest man is the/ noblest work of God.


In/ memory of/ Elizabeth/ wife of James Matthews who/ departed this life May 5th 1794/ aged 19 years/ Also of/ James Matthews/ Husband of the above named/ Elizabeth Matthews/ who departed this life the/ 16th July 1812 aged 64 years/ & 4 months


In/ memory of/ John __n/ who departed this Life/ September
14th 1811./ Aged ___ / and 10 months

A stone undecipherable.


In/ memory of/ Odell Fennell/ who departed this Life/ March 1793/in the 39 year of his age/Also of Edmund Fennell/ Son of/ Odell & Margaret Fennel/ who died April 13th 1818/ in the 26th year of his age/ In memory of/ John Vallance/ (a native of Glasgow.)/ Who died June 14th 1823/ aged 53 years


In Memory/ of Margaret ___ / ___ of/ ___ also of/Margaret Vallance/ ___ /who died/February 8. 1827/ aged 44 years.


In/ memory/ of/ Conrad Seyfert/ who departed this life/ July the 8th 1822/ Aged 33 years/ He was an affectionate husband/ Kind parent and a friend to/ his country and all mankind [6 lines illegible]

Also of/ Elizabeth Seyfert/ his Wife/ Who departed this life on/ the 17th day of September 1840/ In the 72d year of her age


In/ memory of/ George Halberstadt/ who departed this life/ May 23d 1812/ Aged 44 years 6 months/ and 27 days/ And also/ Anne relict of/ George Halberstadt/ who departed this life/ on the 4th day of April 1846/in the 72nd year of her age [2 lines]

(Page 252) F-22

In/ memory of/ Frances/ Daughter of/ Thomas & Ann Youngs/ who departed this Life/ July 7th 1805/ aged 3 years 2 months/ and 7 days


In Memory of/ Richard Son of/ Thos & Ruth Watkins/ Who died/ Dec'r 31st 1796/ Aged 2 Years/ 10 Months & 20 days.


In Memory of/ William Son of/ Tho's & Ruth Watkins/ who died/ Dec'r 29th 1796./ Aged 8 Months/ & 19 Days.


In/ memory of/ Ann Halberstadt/ who departed this life/ April 6th 1812/ Aged 16 years 6 months/ and 14 days [8 lines illegible)


In Memory of/ Ann Wife of/ John Cromwell/ who departed this Life/ Oct 15 1793/ in the __ Year of her Age/ Also of/ Mary their daughter/ who died ___ 18 1793/ Aged ___ Days [4 lines illegible]


Mary Armat/ Died July 22 1780


In Memory of/ Margaret Cromwell/ Wife of/ John Cromwell/ Who departed this Life/ October the 15th 1798/ Aged 34 Years & 9 Months

Rest here in hope O Sacred dust
To awake and shine

Also of John Cromwell/ Died June 7th 1828/ in the 60th year of his age


In/ Memory of/ Mary Richards/ Wife of John Richards/ who departed this Life/ the 18th of Sept'r 1800/ aged 59 years


Sacred/ To the Memory of/ Ann Dawson/ Wife of Joshua Dawson/ who departed this Life/ the 24th of March 179_/ Aged 2_ years [2 lines illegible]

(Page 253) Also/ In Memory of their infant/ daughter Sarah who died the 18th of September 1793/aged 3 days


In Memory of/ Deborah Wife of/ Francis Shaffner/ who departed this Life Oct'r 11th 1793/ Aged 28 Years 9 months


In Memory of/ James Forder (James Fordor, died Sept. 29, 1794.)/ who departed this Life/ Sept 1794./ [other lines illegible]

A Stone illegible.


In Memory of/ Ann Wife of/ Cap't Edward Spain/ who departed this Life/ Oct'r 18th 1794/ Aged 60 Years/ & 6 Months [4 lines illegible]


In Memory of/ Daniel Drais/ who departed this Life/ Jan 1791 in the 38th Year of his Age/ [4 lines illegible)


In/ memory of/ James Harris/ who died April 17th 1815/ aged 77 years


Sarah Nelson/ Wife of George Nelson/ Departed this Life/ June 15. 1782.


In/ Memory of/ Mrs Margaret Norman/ Wife of/ ___/ who departed this Life/ Oct 7th 1793/ [4 lines illegible)


In Memory of/ George Hinton/ Who Died 11th Oct 1793/ Aged 30 Years. Also his son.


In/ memory of/ George Hinton/ who died October 11 1793/ And of his widow/ Barbary Hinton/ who died November 17th 1816

(Page 254) G-11

In Memory of/ George, son of/ Capt'n James Snell/and Eliza his Wife/ who departed this Life/ April 13th 1801/ Aged 11 Months.

"Here rests the fairest bud of hope/That e'er to fondest wish was giv'n
Oh wonld'st thou know its happier state/ Repent & seek the flow'r in heav'n."


In/ memory of/ William Alexander/ Born July 1st 1772/ Died Nov'r 17. 1806/ Also of his Mother/ Rachel Alexander/ who died March 16th 1818/Aged 77 years


In/ Memory of James/ Son of/ James & Rachel/ Alexander/ who departed this Life/ July 29th 1775 Aged/ 1 Year & 6 Months


In Memory of/ Elizabeth/ Wife of/ James Alexander/who departed this Life/ January 24th 1771/Aged 30 Years


In Memory of/ James Alexander (James Alexander, born in Belfast, Ireland, May 1, 1726, came to America prior to 1750 and settled in Philadelphia, where he was a sea captain, residing at No. 10 Spruce Street, between Front and Second Streets, from before 1761 to 1785 when he removed to Southwark. In sympathy with the American cause he was a signer of the Non-Importation Resolutions of 1765, and served in Captain Richard Barrett's Company of Guards for Southwark January 3 to February 3, 1777. On July 17, 1771, he married Rachel, Craven of Gloucester County, New Jersey, by whom he had four children. An ardent Mason, he was an original member and Secretary of Lodge No. 2, and his descendants have continued this Interest. William Alexander, his eldest son, member of the Philadelphia bar, was made a Master Mason in Lodge No. 3, March 21, 1797. Another son, Richard Alexander, 1780-1823, was a member of Lodge No. 2, and Junior Warden at the time of his decease. A grandson, John C. Alexander, 1821-1885, was made a Master Mason, November 1853, and Worshipful Master, 1865. William Cummings, 1806-1889, a prominent merchant of the Port of Philadelphia, who married his granddaughter, Emily Richardet Alexander, in 1831, was Worshipful Master of Lodge No. 2, 1837-39, during the Morgan excitement and prevented (footnote continued on Page 254) the Lodge from surrendering its charter. His great-great-grandson, Norris Stanley Barratt, was made a Master Mason in 1886, and Worshipful Master in 1895, and is present Representative of Lodge No. 2 in the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, serving as a member of the Committee on Library; is also a member of the Supreme Council of the thirty-third and last degree of freemasonry. James Barratt, a great-great-grandson is also a member of Lodge No. 2.)/ who departed this Life/ (Page 255) [illegible]/ Aged 66 Years [James Alexander was buried 1 January 1795.


In/memory of/Margaret Alexander/Wife of/James Alexander/ who departed this Life/ June 1811/ ___ / aged ___ / and ___ / (stone much worn.] (Mrs. Alexander buried June 9. 1811]


In/ memory of/ James Alexander/who departed this life/ Feb'y 17th 1829/ Aged 53 years & 11 months/and 27 days


In/ memory off Rebecca Robinson/ Who departed this Life/ April 18. 1775./ Aged __ years.


Robert/ Bartram/ died May 27./ 1775/ Aged 14 Months.


In/ memory of/ Maria C Cox/ Daughter of/ Captain John and/ Martha Cox/ who departed this life/ March 3.1803/ aged 3 Years
/ and 17 days


Samuel Adam Shaw/[born] June 7. 1801/ died in July 17. 1802/ Aged 1 year 1 month 9 days & 6 hours/ A patient Sufferer/ [The greater part of this stone illegible]


In/ memory off James Barbazett/ who departed this life/ January 28th 1818/ aged 29 years 9 months/ and 1 day.

Departed here in hope __ face
To meet the Saviour of the human __.

(Page 256) G-23

In/ memory of/ Daniel Gosner (Daniel Gosner, son of Captain Peter Gosner, of the Pennsylvania Continental Line, married August 1, 1782, Rebecca Tybout, born April 7, 1752 daughter of James and Comfort (Kollock) Tybout. Children: Peter Gosner; James T. Gosner, died at New Orleans, Sept. 21, 1804, in ninetieth year; Ann Gosner; Hester Gosner, married Thomas Whitecar, of Philadelphia, and had issue.)/ Who departed this life/ May 20. 1796./ aged ___ / Also of/ Rebecca/ his wife/ who died October 15. 1820/ aged 68 years & 6 months/ and __ days.


In/ Memory of/ Mrs Elizabeth Wife of/ Robert Fitzgerald/ who departed this Life/ November 26th 1770/ in the 28th Year of her Age/ Also of/ Robert Mary & Kaziah/ Children of/ Robert & Kaziah Fitzgerald/ who Died in Childhood/ Mrs Ann Bell/ aged 63 years


In/ memory of/ Robert Fitzgerald/ who departed this life/ April 1st 1813 Aged 73 years [6 lines indistinct]

And of/ Elizabeth daughter of/ Robert and Lydia Fitzgerald/ who died August 17. 1790/ Aged 1 year and 3 months


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Lydia Fitzgerald/ Relict of/ Robert Fitzgerald/ Born Feb 19 1737/ and departed this life Feb 4. 1830 [8 lines indistinct]

Rebecca A Bell/ Died July 18th 1849 aged 33 years/ Robert F Bell/ Died August 16th 1850 aged 39 years


In/ memory of/ Anthony Fannen/ who departed this life May the 2d 1827/ Aged 76 years

G-28, Altar Tomb

Sacred/ to the memory of/ Harriet H. Consort/ of Geo. W. Gill/ who departed this life July 11th 1830/ aged 22 yrs 9 mos & 16 days/ Also/ George Andrew Son/ ___ Harriet/ ___ July 7.1830/ aged 9 MOs 10 days [8 lines]

(Page 257) G-29

In/ memory of/ Francis C/ son of/ James S. and Esther/ Nally/ Aged 2 years 7/ months and 28 days.


In/ memory of/ Elizabeth wife of/ Garrett Hulsekamp/ who departed this Life/ September the 14th 1807/ aged 72 years and 9 months


In/ memory of/ Garrett Hulsekamp/ who departed this life/ March 16 1812/ In the 96th year of his age/ In him was the kind Husband a tender/ and affectionate Father & sincere friend/ to the Afflicted and Distressed/ Also/ Mary/ Daughter of G. Hulsekamp/ Who died June 23 1841/ aged 71 years


In Memory of/ Thomas Bowen/ who departed this Life/ September 4th 1797/ Aged 48 Years

From painful days and restless nights
Now death has set me free
I shall


In Memory of/ David Bowen/ who departed this Life/ August 29th 1797/ Aged 15 Years [4 lines illegible]


In Memory of/ Mrs. Penelope Bowen/ wife of Tho's Bowen/ who departed this Life/ April 9th 1795/ Aged 34 Years [4 lines]


In Memory of/ Cap't George Bridges/ who departed this Life/ October 9th 1769/ Aged 55 Years/ Also three of his sons/ Alexander Robert & George/ who died in their infancy [12 lines indistinct]


In/ Memory of/ Juliet Ann wife of/ William Rankin/ Who departed this life/ September 19th 1807/ Aged 21 years


John ___ on [probably Wilson]/ who dep ___ / August __
/ aged ___ / Mary W ___ [illegible]


Sacred/ To the memory of/ John V Shade/ who died by the accidental/ discharge of a gun/ on the 19th May 1823/ in the 25 Year of his age

(Six lines of verse undecipherable.)

Susan, wife of Peter Shade/ and daughter of Margaret Warner/ Died October 10th 1829/ in the 60th year of her age/ Margaret Warner/ Died Feb 25th 1826 in her 80th year/ Susan Shade Jones/ Died August 11th 1820/ aged 2 years and 11 months/ Ann Maria aged 16 Months/ John, aged 24 hours/ John Fergusa aged 11 months/ Susan, aged 2 Years & 4 Months/ John Colem, aged 3 days./ Children of Thomas and Maria W. Jones.


Here lieth the Body of/ John Simes Pritchard/ Son of Joseph and/ Elizabeth Pritchard/ Who Departed this Life/ ___ 30th 1793/ Aged 9 Years. Also in Memory of/ Samuel Coulty/ who departed/ Sep'r 29th 1794 Aged 38 years


In/ Memory of/ Christy departed this life January 11, 1812/ aged 1 Year, 2 months and 25 days.


In/ memory of/ Mrs Rebecca Christy/ wife of/ Robert Christy/ who departed this life/ October the 4th 1800/ aged __ years/ Likewise their three children/ William departed this life March/ the 17th 179_ aged one year/ Seven months and 13 days/ Robert Jun'r departed this life March/ the 28 1801 aged one year/ and 10 months/ James Christy/ departed this life/ the 6th of May 1806./
16 days.


In/ memory of/ Thomas Wigmore/ who departed this life/ Sept'r 25th 1803/ Aged 41 years/ Also of Susannah wife of/ Thomas Wigmore/ who died Sept'r 4th 1803/ Aged 22 years

(Page 259) H-12, Altar Tomb

Here lieth the body of/ Jane/ wife of Isaac Hozey/ who departed this life/ the 23 August 1803/ aged 27 years & 10 months


In Memory of/ George Pechin Son of/ Christopher & Christiana/ Pechin/ who departed this Life/ March the 31st 1778


In/ memory of/ Christiana Pechin/ Relict of/ Christopher Pechin/ who died January 7th 1835/ in The 88th year of her age [This Stone has been recut to read "Born ___ 12. 1747 Died Jan 7.1835]


In Memory of/ Christopher Pechin/ who departed this Life/ October the 26th 1779/ Aged 42 Years/ [4 lines] [This stone has been recut to read "Born in France 1737 Died October 26. 1779]


___ /William ___ / Aged ___ 14/ 1790 [illegible]


In memory/of/ Andrew Spence/ who departed this life/October 7th 1805/ aged 43 years/ Also/ Mary wife of Andrew Spence/ who departed this life/ December 22nd 1821/ aged 53 years

Robinson [illegible]

Mary Robinson


In/ memory of/ Rebecca Connelly/ wife of Isaac Connelly/ formerly widow of Henry Robinson/ She departed this life/ 20th day of February 1785/ aged 39 years

Henry Robinson

Benj. Robinson


In memory/ of/ Samuel Robinson/ who departed this life/ the 20th of January 1824/ lix the 56th year of his age/ And/ Judith his Wife/ Who departed this life/ December 12th 1841 in the 75th year of her age.


In Memory of/ Henry Robinson/ who departed this Life/ April 18th 1776/ Aged __ Years


Michel Long/ departed this Life/ December 3rd 1773/ Aged 38 Years.


In Memory of/ Joseph Son of/ Samuel and/ Ruth Robinson/
who departed this/ life Aug 17 ___ / Aged __ Months/ Weeks


Sacred/ To the memory of/ Mrs Mary Foot/ who departed this life/ the 13th of Feb'y 1812/ aged 78 years


In/ Memory of/ George Gillighan/ who departed this life/ January 22nd 1818./ Aged 63 years/ Also/ Mary Wife of/ George Gillighan/ who departed this life/ February 18th 1820/ aged 67 years


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Two Sons and a Daughter of/ John and Margaret Wharton/ John Wharton Jun'r/ departed this life Aug 30 1820/ in the 20th year of his age/ William Wharton/ departed this life Aug 30 1820/ in the 14th year of his age/ Margaret Wharton/ departed this life Aug 31. 1820/ in the 17th year of her age [6 lines]


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Isabella Price/ Relict of George Price/ who departed this life/ October 2d 1808/ Aged 70 years & 8 days/ Also/ Isabella Price Davis/ daughter of/ Andrew & Elizabeth Davis/ who departed this life/ in August 1799/ Aged 3 years & 2 months/ Also/ Mary Davis/ daughter of/ Andrew & Elizabeth (Page 261) Davis/ who departed this life/ in October 1802/ Aged 1 year & 2 months


In/ Memory of/ William Price/ Son of/ Andrew & Elizabeth Davis/ died August 1st 1816/ aged 21 years & 11 months/ Also/ Elizabeth/ Widow of Andrew Davis/ died May 15th 1829/ aged 64 years & 5 months

H-32, Altar Tomb

In memory of/ James Moyes/ who departed this life/ Sept'r 25th 1833/ in the 80th year of his age/ Also/of Mary his wife/ who
departed this life/ April 11th 1850/ in the 96th year of her age

H-33, Altar Tomb

In Memory of Ann/ ye wife of John Moyes/ who Departed this Life August/18th 1762 in ye 44 Year/of Her Age


Sacred/ to/ the memory of/ Virginia Elmslie/ Daughter of/ Louis and Susan Elmslie/ Who departed this life/ On the 5th day of March A. D. 1857/ Aged 9 years 2 MOs& 20 days


In/ Memory of/ Cathrane the wife of/ Thomas Cave: who/ Departed this Life September/ the 23d 1795 Aged 31 Years/ And three months/ Also four of their children/ May they rest in peace


In/ Memory of/ Maria Bennet/ who died August 6th 1825/ aged 80 Years

I-4, Altar Tomb

In Memory of/ Margaret Beck/ Wife of/ Paul Beck Jun'r/ Died 10th April 1797/ Aged 36 Years/ This Vault also contains/ the Remains of/ Mary Goddard/ Wife of John Goddard/ and/ Daughter of Paul & Margaret Beck/ who died 7th April 1825/ Aged 36 years and 9 days/ Mary Harvey Beck/ wife of/ Paul Beck Jr/ Died. Dec 3d 1810/ The Remains of/ Paul Beck Junior/ and of/ Mary Harvey Beck/ were removed April 12th 1851/ from this Vault to Laurel Hill Cemetery

[On the North side] Mrs. Susannah Clayton/ died 25th January 1787/ Aged 45 years

(Page 262) [On the South side] William Currie Beck/ Born 1796 Died 1828/ Mr Richard Parker/ died 9th November 1769/ Aged 38 years


In/ memory of/ Mrs Susan P Lammor/ Consort of Daniel Lammor/ who departed this life/ 31 December 1817/ Aged 52 years 1 month & 2 days


In Memory/ of/ Mary Gunary/ who departed this Life/ November 16/ 1763/ Aged 28 Years.


Mary Pidgeon/ Departed This Life/ October __ 1793/ Aged 50 Years & 9 Months

Silent Tomb I lye
Husband Children mind
And 'll meet me in endless day.


In/ Memory of/ John Huckel/ the son of/ William and Susanna/ Huckel/ Who departed this Life/ April 20. 1797/ Aged Years 1 month/ and __ Days


In Memory/of/ William Wisdom (William Wisdom buried Aug 28, 1798.)/ Who departed this Life/ August [rest illegible]


In/ memory of ___ / departed this life/ ___ 1800 [rest illegible]


In Memory of/ Catharine Wife/ James Spriggs/ who departed this life/ January 16th 1802/ Aged 79 years/ and 2 months/ [2 lines illegible]

Mr James Spriggs/ who departed this life/ January 10th 1806/ Aged 60 years [lines] [stone sunk]


Here Rest/ in peace/ the mortal remains of/ Margaret Desilver/ who died the 15th of July 1835/ aged 55 years 2 months & 15 days/ (Page 263) Also/ Robert Desilver/ who died September 15th 1837/ aged 58 years 5 months 4 days/ Ann/ Daughter of Margaret/ and Robert Desilver/ who died February 7th 1820/ aged 15 years 1 month & 23 days

Tis Heaven's high will we must to dust return
At 'eve at noon day or in the blooming morn
But small the difference when the summons given
If w'ere prepared to tread the Courts of Heaven.


In Memory of/ Joseph Pringle/ who died/ Nov'r 12th 1790/ aged 11 Months.


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Thomas Broome/ who departed this life/ January 11. 1818/ aged 64 years/ [2 lines illegible]

Also/ in memory of/ Letitia Broome/ his wife/ who departed this life/ September 22d 1820/ aged 63 years/ [4 lines]

Also Hannah Broom/ daughter of/ Tho's & Margaret Broom/ who died August 29 1828/ aged 50 years

[A stone broken and illegible.]


In/ memory of/ Catharine wife of/ William Delavau/ who departed this life/ August 17 1828 aged/ 29 Years ___ / Also of/ Catharine Amanda/ daughter of William &/ Catharine Delavau/ was born ___ 1828/ died Feb __ 1829 aged/ 7 months & 13 days/ Also of/ William Delavau/ who departed this life/ May 20th 1832 Aged/ 44 years 6 months/ and 16 days


In Memory of/ Susannah Kennedy/ Daughter of/ James & Susannah/ Black, who departed/ this Life Oct'r 2d 1774/ aged 23 years.


In Memory of/ James Black/ Departed this ___ / July ___/ Also/ Susan ___ / Departed ___ / ___ 1776 Aged __ Years/ Blessed are, the dead that die in the Lord.

(Page 264) I-19

Sacred/ to the memory of/ James Thomson/who departed this life/ April 1st 1829/ aged 37 years & 26 days/ And/ of his Brother/ John Thomson


In/ Memory of/ Jacob Thomson/ who departed this life/ DEC 24th 1808/ in the 50th year of his age/ Also/ Mary/ his wife who died July/ 13th 1839 in the 79 year/ of her age [Foot-stone of George Gillighans against this.]


In/ memory of/ William Blair/ who departed this life/ November 17th 1823/in the 57th year of his age/ And/ his widow/ Sarah Blair/ who departed this life/ June 28th 1824/ in the 55th year of her age/ also of/ Samuel Blair/ Son of/ William and Sarah Blair/ who departed this life/ December 14th 1823/ in the 44th year of his age


In Memory of/ Amy wife of Anthony Lougeay/ departed this Life/ September 26th 1799/ in the 68 Year of her Age/ also of her children


In/ memory of/ Anthony Lougeay/ who departed this life/ the 30 day of October 1808/ in the 50th year of his age

Farewell lamented friend may Angels guide
Thy weary Spirit to the realms of rest
Where pain can never come nor death's cold hand
Chill the pure ___ of celestial life
Where happy souls of life serene
Raise to their great Creator hymns of joy
Here we must remain to mourn and
Perhaps for years the adverse __ of life
Yet should we suffer pain or bliss enjoy
Till time shall lay us with the silent dead
The sweet remembrance of thy genuine worth
Shall fill our bosoms with a pensive joy.

Departed this life/ March 19th 1849/ Phebe Wife of Anthony Lougeay/ in her 83d Year

My body I resign with these in the dust to sleep
I hope my soul with them will with Jesus meet

(Page 264) J-1

Erected/ to the memory of/ Mary Louisa/ wife of Elias Marsh/ who departed this life/ March 15th A. D. 1839/ aged 41 years 5 months/ and 20 days


In/ Memory of/ Nancy Rushton/ who departed this life/ August 8th 1820/ aged 57 years/ Also/ Edward Rushton/ who departed this life/ June 4th 1824/ aged 37 years/ And/ William Rushton/ Son of Edward/ and Jane Rushton/ who died May 4th 1818/ aged 9 months


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Mrs Mary Caskey/ who departed this life/ February 5th A D. 1823/ in the 53d year of her age

The soul of our Mother is gone
To highten the triumph above
Exalted to Jesus's throne
And clasped in the arms of his love

Also Hannah/ Wife of Robert S. Wood/ and Daughter of/ Robert & Mary Caskey/ who departed this life/ June 30th 1816/ The remains of/ Mrs Mary Caskey/ were removed/ to Woodlands Cemetery/ October 17. 1859


Stephen Randolph/ Died June the 5th/ 1763/ Aged 23 Years & 10 Months.


In/ Memory of/ Cornelius Kollock (Probably son of Lieutenant Jacob Kollock, Jr., Collector for the Port of Lewes, Delaware, by his wife Mary Leech, and he who married, May 23, 1789, Mary Rogerson. See "Genealogy of the Kollock Family of Sussex County, Delaware, 1657-1897, by Edwin Jaquett Sellers, Esq.)/ Who Departed this/ life July 1. 1798/ Aged 37 Years/ and 3 Months.


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Hans Jacobson/ who departed this life/ February 3d 1810/ aged 67 years

Farewell my wife and children dear
I am not dead but sleeping here
My debt is paid
Prepare yourselves to follow me

(Page 266) J-7

In Memory of/ Barbary wife of/ Peter Field/ who departed this life/ 1st Sept 1793/ Aged __ Years/ May she rest in Peace


In/ memory of/ Elizabeth Parker Farr/ youngest daughter of/ Wm & Elizabeth Farr/ who died August 9th 1806/ Aged 1 month & 21 days/ Also of/ William Farr/ Father of the above/ who died August 22nd 1807/ Aged 33 years


In/ memory of/ John Hook/ who departed this life/ May 7th 1812/ aged 67 years 1 month and 19 days

Near where these sad memorials rise
The husband friend and father lies
A breast within whose holy cell
The Christian virtues lov'd to dwell


Ann Iann/ departed this life/ July the 29th 1778/ Aged 10 Months/ and 2 days


Here/ Lies the Body/ of/ John Graham/ who departed this/ Life Aug't 6. 1794/ Aged 15 Years.


In memory of/ Alice Eceles/ Wife of/ James Eceles/ Who departed this life/ October 2d 1806/ Aged 20 years/ [4 lines illegible]


In Memory of/ John and Mary/ Son and Daughter of/ Henry & Sarah Butler/ John died April 27 1769/ Aged 3 years/ Mary
died May 21. 1765/ Aged 3 Months


In Memory/ of/ Grace Raworth/ Who Departed this Life/ July 17 ___ Aged/ 23 Years [illegible]


In Memory of/ Neomai O.Neaill/ Wife of/ Daniel O.Neaill/ who died Sep'r 17 1769/ Aged 52 Years/ also Ann his Daughter/ who died Novem'r 18 1764/Aged 18 Months

(Page 267) J—10

In Memory of Daniel O.Neill/ who departed this Life/ March 6th 1790 Aged 40 (?) Years

My flesh shall slumber in the ground
till the trumpets
then burst
And in my Saviours image rise


In Memory of/ John Johnson/ ___ Life/ ___96 [illegible] [Church Registers record that John Johnson was buried 7 June 1796.]

J-18, Altar Tomb
I. H. S.

24 Sept 1793/ Elizabeth Wife of I. Wood Jr/ late of Virginia/ She was an affectionate Wife/ Mother and faithful Friend


Sacred/ to the memory of/ Elizabeth Reynolds/ who departed this life/June 1st 1816/in the 78th year of her age

Corruption Earth and worms
Shall but refine this flesh
Till my Redeemer bid me come
To put it on afresh


In/ Memory of/ Josiah Cohoon/ who departed this Life/ Nov'r 10th 1795 Aged/ 35 Years & 9 Days/ Also 4 of his Children/ My flesh shall slumber in the Ground Till the joyfull sound


P. Evans/ a worthy man/ who died December 11 1806/ Aged 76 years


In/ memory of/ Martha Nichols/ wife of James/ who departed this life/ November 27 A D 1823/ aged __ years/ Also of her husband/ James Nichols/ who departed this life/ May 14th A. D. 1824/ aged 61 years

(Page 268) In the History of the First Troop, Philadelphia City Cavalry, published 1917, there is the following statement, which the writer has been unable to verify:

"William Forrest (No. 139 on register) was a son of Captain William Forrest, who commanded a six-gun battery at Trenton. In the Philadelphia Minerva of July 28, 1798, are to be found elegiac verses in memory of the young man—the page beautifully printed and ornamented by wood cuts as headings and tail pieces. He was buried in St. Paul's Churchyard, Third Street, south of Walnut Street."


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