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County Seat - Cheyenne
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Gene Phillips - Roger Mills County Archivist
Gene Phillips - Oklahoma State Archivist

Welcome to Roger Mills County Archives! Everything in the archives is organized alphabetically and by soundex whenever possible. What is new at the Archives? Whenever, I update a file or add a new file, the date at the bottom of the page is automatically updated and the date in the index will be in red. It will stay red for at least one month.

Since I live in Mississippi, and I don't have a genealogical connection to Roger Mills County, I cannot personally do any research for you. However I will try to direct you to someone who may help you if you can't find what you want here.

To make this project grow, please submit your information to the Archives. We are looking for transcriptions of cemeteries, deeds, federal census (free, slave, mortality, agriculture, veterans...schedules), state census, vital records (marriage, birth, death), court records (county, federal, civil, circuit, probate....), church records (membership lists, baptisms...), prison records, military records (rosters, muster rolls,service records,pension applications...), land records (deeds, land transfers,federal landgrants, surveyor's records..), tax records (land, property,state, federal,local....), newspaper articles (obits, marriage & birth announcements, local events...), family histories, biographies, obituaries and etc. that pertains to Roger Mills County, Oklahoma - please send themto me for inclusion here. This information needs to be in plain text, no HTML or no images.

File Name Description Date Submitted by
a5360092.txt Anderson, Martha Wilson 1852-1934 17 Oct 1999 Peter Wilson
j5250021.txt The O.L. Johnson Family 05 Sep 2002 William G. Kishbaugh
File Name Description Date Submitted by
barker.txt Barker (aka Nine Mile) Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
belview.txt Belview Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
berlin.txt Berlin Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
brookside.txt Brookside Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
carpenter.txt Carpenter Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
centerchp.txt Center Chapel Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
chaphill.txt Chapel Hill Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
cheyen1.txt Cheyenne Surnames A-D Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
cheyen2.txt Cheyenne Surnames E-M Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
cheyen3.txt Cheyenne Surnames N-Z Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
dempsey.txt Dempsey Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
dewey.txt Dewey Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
fairview.txt Fairview Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
findley.txt Findley Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
kiowah.txt Kiowa Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
lonestar.txt Lone Star Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
mulberry.txt Mulberry Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
pieflat.txt Pie Flat Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
pleasant.txt Pleasant Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
redhill.txt Red Hill Surnames A - J Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
redhill2.txt Red Hill Surnames K - Z Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
redstar.txt Redstar Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
rome.txt Rome Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
rosehill.txt Rosehill Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
shirley.txt Shirley Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
silent.txt Silent Home Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
strong.txt Strong City Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
wagoner.txt Wagoner Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
whiterose.txt White Rose Dec 1998 Wanda Purcell
Court Records 
File Name Description Date Submitted by
clinesmith.txt Guardianship of Eli Clinesmith Jun 01, 2001 Paulyne Taylor
clinesmith1.txt Letters of Guardianship for Eli Clinesmith, 1903 Jun 01, 2001 Paulyne Taylor
File Name Description Date Submitted by
dustbowl.txt Dust Bowl Story 05 Mar 2006 Ira Isch
adamsa.txt Adams, Audrey 28 Sep 2008 Wanda Purcell
Land Records 
File Name Description Date Submitted by
clinesmith.txt Land Patent for heirs of Eli Clinesmith 1905 Sept 26, 2001 Paulyne Taylor
clinesmith1.txt Land Deed: Eli Clinesmith Jun 26, 2001 Paulyne Taylor
clinesmitha.txt Eli Clinesmith property Sept 27, 2001 Paulyne Taylor
j5250076.txt Land Record Of Oliver L. Johnson 19 Apr 2004 William G. Kishbaugh
Military Records 
World War II Honor List 19 Dec 2006 Wanda Purcell
Newspaper Articles 
File Name Description Date Submitted by
s3000061.txt Sweat, Edgar A. 19 Mar 2006 Wanda Purcell
curious.txt A Curious Well 15 Dec 2003 Rob A Walker
s1200008.txt Elvis Presley & Roger Mills County 28 Nov 2003 Rob A Walker
Obits - Updated 03 Jun 2012 
Aanderud - Barham
Barker - Bowler
Bowman - Candy
Cann - Cooper
Cooprider - Dotson
Doty - Fowler
Fox - Harris
Harrison - Kelly
Kendall - McIntyre
McKay - Peterson
Petty - Shackelford
Shaller - Tate
Taylor - Whitaker
White - Zybach
Scanned Images 
Scanned Images from Rogers Mills County
Vital Records 
File Name Description Date Submitted by
l2000072.txt Lucky, Echo Fern - Delayed birth certificate 22 May 2005 Robert Lewis
manning.txt Manning and Sechrist Wedding May 25, 2001 Paulyne Taylor
ruthrfrd.txt Marriage Certificate of Paul Rutherford and Edith Hale May 15, 2001 David Morgan
sechrist.txt Marriage of R.C. Manning to Edith Sechrist May 29, 2001 unknown

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