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Black Fork Cemetery, Nashoba, Oklahoma

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Entrance to Black Fork Cemetery, Nashoba, Oklahoma

Thanks to Teri Cochran for submitting this cemetery!

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cockrum.jpg (77123 bytes) Maron H. Cockrum
Jan. 16, 1879
May 4, 1925
Submitted by: Teri Cochran


cochran.jpg (73750 bytes) William D. Cochran
1905 - 1967
Submitted by: Teri Cochran


robbins4.jpg (75354 bytes) Tommy J. Robbins
1901 - 1974
Submitted by: Teri Cochran


Military Marker
robbins3.jpg (60999 bytes) Kelley M. Robbins
Feb 16, 1921 - May 29, 1943
Submitted by: Teri Cochran


robbins2.jpg (55744 bytes) Jesse Lee Robbins
May 21, 1931
Oct 21, 1998
Submitted by: Teri Cochran


robbins5.jpg (71482 bytes) Willard Robbins
Mar. 6, 1958
Feb. 1, 1997
Submitted by: Teri Cochran


robbins.jpg (71551 bytes) Donna Robbins
June 2, 1963
Dec. 23, 1992
Submitted by: Teri Cochran

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