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The Herring Family
Contributed by: Carolyn Ender

(click each photo to enlarge the view)

herring-johnb.jpg (19893 bytes) herring-lenora.jpg (35492 bytes)
John Benjamin Herring
Read: John Herring's Biography
Lenora (Wise) Herring as a young woman.
Probably about the time she and John married
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herring-marriage.jpg (51746 bytes) herring-1.jpg (38985 bytes)
Marriage certificate for John & Lenora Herring.
January 8, 1903 in Indian Territory
John & Lenora Harring, and their 4 oldest children.
Photo was taken about 1917, probably in Garvin Co., OK.
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herring-john-sisters.jpg (54127 bytes) herring-john-lenora.jpg (40883 bytes)
John B. Herring, his sisters; Lula & Cora
and unnamed man. 
Photo probably taken about 1900.
John & Lenora Herring about 1940 - 1942
when they lived at Roff, OK.
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herring-leona2.jpg (26308 bytes) lenora-garden.jpg (61141 bytes)
Lenora Herring in later years, living in Ada, OK. Lenora Herring standing in her flower garden
in Ada, Oklahoma
bullet.gif (1625 bytes)
herring-johnnie.jpg (36906 bytes)
Johnnie Lee Herring
In World War II Army Uniform
Read Johnnie's Obit

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