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Markham School
Yale, Payne Co. Oklahoma

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Markham School, Yale Payne Co., Oklahoma
Here is the picture of the Markham school students in Yale, Oklahoma.
The large lady in the back with the short sleeved dress on is my grandmother,
Virginia May Simnitt Lorette. The older woman in the dark coat is my great
grandmother, Josephine Wilhemina Owen-Smith Lorette. The young man in
the back (taller then the rest is my father, Joseph Eugene Lorette. The little
girl in the front with the knit cape is his cousin, Minnie Jo.

My uncle Jack Lorett (half the family does not put the "e" on their name...long story)
identified all of the students. I hope to get back to him soon to write down the names.
Best Always,

Jinni Lorette Pope, Bella Vista, Arkansas,

Markham School, Yale OK

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