Okfuskee County



Ash, Mae Pippin Humble-1K-July 2002-Mildred Tatums

Betts, Stephen Arthur, 1886-1960 -1K-May-1999-Donna Barnes

Bowles, Mollie 1935-2002-1K-Amarillo Globe News

Brook, Dean 1908-1999-2K-June-1999-Judy Williams

Brook, John H. 1872-1925-2K-May-1999-Donna Barnes

Cain, Ruth Colleen Luther, 1909-2000 -3K-April-2001-Donna Barnes

Camp, Tom P., abt 1878-1956 -2K-May-1999-Donna Barnes

Campbell, Floyd Earl, 1923-1999 -1K-8-1999-Rustie Lang

Cox, Arlie L., 1920-1999-1K-June-1999-Judy Williams

Danenhour, Benjamin Franklin, 1897-1970 -1K-August-1999-Rustie Lang

Fipps, Clyde Monroe, 1907-1999 -1K-July-1999-Judy Williams

Green, Betty M., 1925-1999 -2K-July-1999-Judy Williams

Guthrie, Woodrow Wilson (Woody), 1912-1967 -3K-August-1999-Rustie Lang

Harmon, Meyer, Hinds, Edna May-2K-August 2002-Howard Grisso

Haydon, Grover, ca. 1887-1956-1K-May-1999-Donna Barnes

Hayes, Virginia N.-1K-July 2002-Mildred Tatum

Harjo, William Wiley, 1943-1999 -1K-July-1999-Judy Williams

Hill, Bennie F., ca. 1908-1990-1K-August-1999-Rustie Lang

Hooper, Ronald Eugene, 1946-1999 -2K-July-1999-Judy Williams

Jackson, Charley, 1909-1999 -2K-June-1999-Judy Williams

Johnson, Glen D. Sr., ca. 1912-1983-2K-August-1999-Rustie Lang

Kezer, Daniel J., 1832-1921 -5K-May-1999-Donna Barnes

Kezer, Jeannetta, 1897-1971 -1K-May-1999-Donna Barnes

Kezer, James Daniel, 1895-1969 -2K-May-1999-Donna Barnes

Lack, Charles Jenning, 1922-1966 -1K-August-1999-Rustie Lang

Lack, Leona Mae Henry, 1892-1967 -1K-August-1999-Rustie Lang

Long, Emelie Harriet, 1908-1999 -1K-June-1999-Judy Williams

Marzett, Dovell, 1917-1978 -2K-July-1999-Donna Barnes

Marzett, Millard, 1911-1991 -2K-May-1999-Stella Sykes

McBride, Melvin D., 1941-1999 -2K-May-1999-Judy Williams

McClain, Flonnie Mae, 1903-1999 -1K-June-1999-Judy Williams

McCurdy, Elizabeth Jane (Liz), 1926- 2K-August-1999-Rustie Lang

McKinney, Ada Lou-1K-July 2002-Mildred Tatums

Mensik, Barbara Jane-2K-August 2002-Howard Grisso

Merideth, William Kenneth, 1921-1994 -3K-June-1999-Judy Williams

Nichols, C. A.-1K-August 2002-Amarillo Globe-News

Nolen, Hugh Coleman, 1914-1998 -3K-August-1999-Rustie Lang

Oliver, H. L.-1K-August 2002-Amarillo Globe-News

Phillips, Leon C. ca. 1891-1958-5K-August-1999-Rustie Lang

Ramsey, Eular M. (Marzett) 1909-1990-2K-June-1999-Stella Sykes

Reynolds, C. D.-3K-July 2002-Sally Gill

Reynolds, Leila (Price)-3K-July 2002-Sally Gill

Reynolds, Micah Elaine, 1997-1999 -2K-June-1999-Judy Williams

Roberts, Luther Paul, 1910-1997 -4K-June-1999-Judy Williams

Slepka, Anton  1877-1956-2K-May-1999-Donna Barnes

Standley, Hugh 1903-1999-1K-July-1999-Judy Williams

Story, Harold Eugene-1K-July 2002-Mildred Tatums

Sykes, Rebecca (Marzett), 1916-1986 -2K-June-1999-Stella Sykes

Thompson, Mary T., 1861-1932 -1K-May-1999-Donna Barnes

VanZant, Larry Don "DJ", 1975-1999 -2K-July-1999-Judy Williams

Warden, Bernie -4K-August-1999-Rustie Lang

Weldon, Charlotte Francis (Killingsworth), 1918-1999 -2K-June-1999-Judy Williams

Winters, E. A.-1K-August 2002-Amarillo Globe-News

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