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The Seminole Nation

The Seminole tribe was formed in the 1700's when groups of Southeast Indians fled white encroachment and enslavement and settled in the plains of Spanish held Florida. In 1817, with the accusation that the Seminole were harboring runaway slaves, Andrew Jackson commanded nearly 3,000 American troops to attack and burn their lands, starting the first Seminole War. Shortly thereafter, Spain ceded Florida to the U.S. bringing the Seminole under U.S. jurisdiction. A treaty later provided the tribe with a reserved tract east of Tampa Bay.

In 1832, the Payne's Landing Treaty took away all Florida land claims from the tribe, and provided for removal to Indian Territory. Ratification of that treaty in 1834 allowed the Seminole three years before removal was to take place. Among the worst chapters in the history of Indian Removal, the war lasted almost seven years and cost thousands of dollars not to mention, lives. It finally ended in 1842 with the agreement that several hundred members of the tribe could remain in Florida.

In 1856, the Seminole were assigned land in Indian Territory, and by 1868, the tribal bands from refugee locations elsewhere in Indian Territory had settled on those lands. The Seminole are one of the Five Civilized Tribes in Oklahoma.

Until the first railroad opened in their area in 1895, the Seminole were more isolated than any of the other Five Civilized Tribes.


The Five Civilized Tribes Museum (Muskogee); The Seminole Nation Capitol/Museum (Wewoka); exhibits at Woolaroc (Bartlesville); The State Museum of History (OKC); Gilcrease and Philbrook Museums (Tulsa); The Mekasukey Mission Grounds (Seminole)


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Arbeka Trading Post Cemetery -1K-Nov 2001-Linda Simpson

Arbeka Indian Methodist Church Cemetery-1K-Nov-2001-Linda Simpson

Konawa Cemetery (partial)-4K Feb 2000 - Robert W. Smith

Oakwood Cemetery (partial)-5K Feb 2000 - Robert W. Smith

Schoolton Cemetery Database -17K - June 1999- Phyllis Curry



Observations on the Seminole Indians-14.6K-May-2002-Lance Hall

Indian Nations to Oklahoma Counties-Oct-2002-Linda Simpson



Richard Allen Bemo - 3K - ***

Alice B. Davis - 3K-Jan-2002-Linda Simpson

Rev. Jackson Edmond Deere -1K -Oct-2002-Linda Simpson



Moore's Seminole Roll and Land Guide 1898



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