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Welcome to Military Archives! Everything in the archives is organized alphabetically and by soundex whenever possible. What is new at the Archives? Whenever, I update a file or add a new file, the date at the bottom of the page is automatically updated and the date in the index will be in red. It will stay red for at least one month.

Since I live in Mississippi, I cannot personally do any research for you. However I will try to direct you to someone who may help you if you can't find what you want here.

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To make this project grow, please submit your information to the Archives. For the Military Records section of the Oklahoma Archives, we are looking for transcriptions of rosters, muster rolls, service records, pension applications, and other documents that would be relevant to researchers interested in military records for Oklahoma. Please send them to me for inclusion here. This information needs to be in plain text, no HTML or no images.

We are greatly indebted to Jane Boggess for sharing these records with us from the book "Oklahoma Spirit of '17" published in 1920. This book does not mention every person from Oklahoma who served in the military in World War I.

Military Records 
File Name Description Date Submitted By
soldiero.txt Oklahoma Soldiers Killed in World War 1 03/ 1999 Jane Boggess
spirita.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - A surnames 05/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1b.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - B surnames 05/07/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1c.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - C surnames 05/09/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1d.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - D surnames 05/09/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1e.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - E surnames 05/09/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1f.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - F surnames 05/09/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1g.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - G surnames 05/09/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1h.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - H surnames 05/09/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1i.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - I surnames 05/09/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1j.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - J surnames 05/09/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1k.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - K surnames 05/09/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1l.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - L surnames 05/09/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1m.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - M surnames 05/09/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1mc.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - Mc surnames 05/09/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1n.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - N surnames 05/09/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1o.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - O surnames 05/09/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1p.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - P surnames 05/09/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1r.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - R surnames 05/09/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1s.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - S surnames 05/09/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1t.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - T surnames 05/09/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1v.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - V surnames 05/07/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1w.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - W surnames 05/07/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1y.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - Y surnames 05/07/1999 Jane Boggess
ww1z.txt Oklahoma Spirit of '17 - Z surnames 05/07/1999 Jane Boggess
soldiers.txt Assorted Records sent to Jane 10/31/1999 Jane Boggess
ww2ok.txt.txt Oklahoma WWII Casualties (lookup info only) 5/28/1999 Trudy Marlow
okhrlist.txt Oklahoma Korean War Casualties 03/14/2000  
okalviet.txt Oklahoma Vietnam War Casualties 03/14/2000  
bosque.txt Roster of USS Bosque (APA-135) 16 Jun 2003 Gene Phillips
Civil War Bios Marcus F. Wright's Civil War Bios 07/1999  
tusciana.txt Casualty List, SS Tuscania WWI from Oklahoma 30 Dec 2007-Updated 3 Apr 2015 Gene Phillips
Military Information by County 
File Name Description Date Submitted by
Atoka County Atoka County Military Records Updated 17 Jun 2001  
Beckham County Atoka County Military Records Updated 5 Nov 2002  
Bryan County Bryan County Military Records Updated 6 Nov 2002  
Caddo County Caddo County Military Records Jul 2001  
Carter County Carter County Military
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19 Aug 2002  
Carter County
Tombstone of L C Cochran
bur. Confederate Section, Ardmore Cemetery
7 Apr 2004 Kim Hendrix
Craig County Craig County Military Records Dec 2002  
ellis.txt Military servicemen buried in Ellis County 26 May 2002 Donna Shepherd
Garvin County Garvin County Military Records Feb 2001  
Grady County Grady County Military
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Dec 2002  
Greer County Greer County Military Records April 2000  
Haskell County Haskell County Military Records Oct 2000  
Kingfisher County Kingfisher County Military Records Jun 2000  
Logan County Look under Bios for files Nov 2002  
Marshall County Marshall County Military Records May 2002  
McCurtain County McCurtain County Military Records Sep 2002  
Osage County Osage County Military Records Apr 2002  
Pawnee County Pawnee County Military Records May 1999  
Stephens County Stephens County Military Records May 1999  
Leeford H. Haile Tillman County CW Pension Apr 2001  
veterans.txt Military servicemen buried in Woodward County 4 Jan 2002 Donna Shepherd

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