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Burial Index


WADDLE Arabelle Crown Hill
WADDLE M.D. Crown Hill
WADDLE Myrl Lou Denison
WADE Baby Daughter Eagletown
WADE Claude A. Denison
WADE Clayton PonkaBok
WADE Fletcher E. Denison
WADE James Philadelphia
WADE Lois Marie Lamb Denison
WADE Mary U. Denison
WADE Roma Ethel Hochatown
WADE Sam Gene Hochatown
WADE Samuel C. Hochatown
WADE Samuel Lee County Line
WADE Sophia PonkaBok
WAFFORD Ethel M. Broken Bow
WAFFORD Johnson Alvin Broken Bow
WAFFORD Phillip Eugene Wright City
WAGES Jewel R. Broken Bow
WAGES Robert Pinkney Broken Bow
WAGNER Evie D. Denison
WAGNER William D. Denison
WAGONER Calvin Lee Denison
WAGONER Pearl Mae Denison
WAGONER Rebecca Anne Denison
WAINMAN Harold W. Hochatown
WAINMAN Margaret E. Hochatown
WAKE Albert L. Denison
WAKE Calvin T. Denison
WAKE Helen D. Denison
WAKE Jenivier Denison
WAKE Taft V. Denison
WAKE Virgil R. Denison
WAKE Wilson E. Denison
WAKEFIELD Betty Ray Hochatown
WAKEFIELD William Bruce Broken Bow
WAKEFIELD William I. Hochatown
WAKES Robert C. Canfield
WALDEN Calvin Finis Crown Hill
WALDEN Clayborn G. Denison
WALDEN Effie L. Canfield
WALDEN Geraldine Canfield
WALDEN Jackie P. Crown Hill
WALDEN Jesse P. Canfield
WALDEN Mannie W. Broken Bow
WALDEN Minnie O. Denison
WALDEN Orphia J. Broken Bow
WALDEN Preston Canfield
WALDOCK A.J. Denison
WALDON Helen Mae Holly Creek
WALES Sally Holly Creek
WALES Sidney W. "Dutch" Holly Creek
WALKER ?uake Lukfata
WALKER Annie Broken Bow
WALKER Annie Willie Bethel
WALKER Aubra "Jack" Holly Creek
WALKER Barton Leon Holly Creek
WALKER Betrice Canfield
WALKER Bob T. Crown Hill
WALKER Carrie P. Forest Hill
WALKER Charlie H. Broken Bow
WALKER Della Mae Watson Memorial
WALKER Denison Denison
WALKER Dorothy M. Denison
WALKER Edd Watson Memorial
WALKER Ella Mae Sherwood
WALKER Elsie Denison
WALKER Etta May Denison
WALKER Fridman Denison
WALKER George W. Bokhoma
WALKER Harve Pollard
WALKER Harvey Clinton Sherwood
WALKER Helen R. Denison
WALKER Henrietta Lukfata
WALKER Henry Broken Bow
WALKER Henry Pierson Holly Creek
WALKER Henry W. Slater Memorial
WALKER Infant Sherwood
WALKER J. J. County Line
WALKER J.S. Canfield
WALKER James Pollard
WALKER James B. Canfield
WALKER Jewell Ruth Broken Bow
WALKER Jim Bokhoma
WALKER Jim Lukfata
WALKER Joe Broken Bow
WALKER Joe Edgar Watson Memorial
WALKER John Bethel
WALKER John Ed. Bokhoma
WALKER John Edward Eagletown
WALKER John J. County Line
WALKER John M. Sherwood
WALKER John Noah Holly Creek
WALKER Johnson Denison
WALKER Laurence KulliChito
WALKER Laurence KulliTuklo
WALKER Lois May Holly Creek
WALKER Luetta Slater Memorial
WALKER Maggie Forest Hill
WALKER Marvin Crown Hill
WALKER Mary Ann Watson Memorial
WALKER Mary F. Bethel
WALKER Mayo Holly Creek
WALKER Melvin F. Forest Hill
WALKER Michele Marie Denison
WALKER Millard E. Broken Bow
WALKER Mrs. Albert Denison
WALKER Newton B. Denison
WALKER Noah A. Forest Hill
WALKER Norman E. "Duck" Sherwood
WALKER Opal Sherwood
WALKER Pat Bokhoma
WALKER Pearl Pollard
WALKER Prayman Denison
WALKER Rachel Haley County Line
WALKER Raymond Lee Holly Creek
WALKER Richard H. Canfield
WALKER Robert A. Broken Bow
WALKER Ruth M. Crown Hill
WALKER Solon Denison
WALKER Thomas Denison
WALKER Thydor Bob Watson Memorial
WALKER William Sherwood
WALKER William Oscar Bethel
WALKUP Anita M. Moran
WALKUP Carl Morris Moran
WALKUP Cora Lee Moran
WALKUP Durwood Lloyd Moran
WALKUP Erwin Moran
WALKUP Frances E. Moran
WALKUP Jack Moran
WALKUP Lula Z. Moran
WALKUP Martha A. Moran
WALL Addison Lee Denison
WALL Alice Broken Bow
WALL Cherry Louise Denison
WALL Flossie Pollard
WALL Stanley Martin Denison
WALLACE Andrew Thomas Sweet Home
WALLACE Arnold H. Forest Hill
WALLACE Beatrice Forest Hill
WALLACE Bryon S. Hochatown
WALLACE Clara E. Denison
WALLACE Claude H. Hochatown
WALLACE Ector Haworth
WALLACE Ed Wright City
WALLACE Edwin Wright City
WALLACE Ellen Haworth
WALLACE Elmer L. Bethel
WALLACE Ervin M. Bethel
WALLACE Gene C. Broken Bow
WALLACE George Sweet Home
WALLACE Hattie Broken Bow
WALLACE Jennie Broken Bow
WALLACE Mattie Marie Wright City
WALLACE R.L. Slater Memorial
WALLACE Raymond Slater Memorial
WALLACE Ross Holly Creek
WALLACE Sallie L. Bethel
WALLACE Shug Vera Sweet Home
WALLACE William T. Broken Bow
WALLACE Theo W. Canfield
WALLACE. Velma Slater Memorial
WALLIS Clarence "Chip" Forest Hill
WALLIS Clyde M. Forest Hill
WALLIS Eugene Pollard
WALLIS Florence A. Forest Hill
WALLIS Herbert W. Forest Hill
WALLIS Lena Forest Hill
WALLIS Merline Forest Hill
WALLIS N. C. Forest Hill
WALLIS Savana R. Forest Hill
WALLIS William N. Forest Hill
WALLS Cella L. Hochatown
WALLS Clella L. Hochatown
WALLS David A. Hochatown
WALLS Hubert Wright City
WALLS James C. Rufe
WALLS Nellie B. Wright City
WALRAVEN Emma Holly Creek
WALSH Hollis Crown Hill
WALSH Raymond A. Crown Hill
WALSTON Flora Bethel
WALSTON Ida Effie Bethel
WALSTON Joseph Dewey Bethel
WALSTON Kaleb Peyton Bethel
WALSTON Louis J. Bethel
WALTER E. V. Forest Hill
WALTERS Annie B. Haworth
WALTERS Bertha County Line
WALTERS Claud M. County Line
WALTERS Clayton J. Rev. Crown Hill
WALTERS Darby Bethel
WALTERS George H. Haworth
WALTERS James Alfred County Line
WALTERS James R. County Line
WALTERS Lester Haworth
WALTERS Mary J. Haworth
WALTERS Zera Crown Hill
WALTHALL Cecil Bokhoma
WALTHALL Doney Bokhoma
WALTHALL Hazel Whitfield Denison
WALTHALL Henry J. Broken Bow
WALTHALL J.V. Broken Bow
WALTHALL James E. "Jim" Denison
WALTHALL John E. Broken Bow
WALTHALL Nora Mae Broken Bow
WALTHALL Ruby Gladys Holly Creek
WALTON Clyde E. Sr. Wright City
WALTON Dette Wright City
WALTON Ethel E. Wright City
WALTON Eva Denison
WALTON Fred M. Denison
WALTON J.B. Denison
WALTON John Russell Holly Creek
WAMSLEY Dorothy M. Rufe
WAMSLEY Wayne Anderson Rufe
WARD Albert Holly Creek
WARD Alice M. Hochatown
WARD Almous A. Bokhoma
WARD Anderson Denison
WARD Baby Hochatown
WARD C. Houston Broken Bow
WARD Chanda Elizabeth Broken Bow
WARD Charles B. Broken Bow
WARD Charles Houston Broken Bow
WARD Cillan Goodland
WARD Clarence E. Broken Bow
WARD Clyde Edward Redland
WARD Delbert C. Denison
WARD Delmer Walker Canfield
WARD Dewey O. Hochatown
WARD Dona A. Broken Bow
WARD Dorothy Hochatown
WARD Earline Canfield
WARD Elizabeth Denison
WARD Emma Broken Bow
WARD Ethel Forest Hill
WARD George Lee Hochatown
WARD Harris Denison
WARD Ida Mae Wright City
WARD Infant Sons Wright City
WARD James Nathan Broken Bow
WARD Jearldean Canfield
WARD Jessie James Canfield
WARD Jewel A. Denison
WARD John Edward Eagletown
WARD John K. Hochatown
WARD John Lee Broken Bow
WARD John Michael Broken Bow
WARD Joseph F. Denison
WARD Kenneth Wade Denison
WARD Laura Bell Broken Bow
WARD Leonard Watson Memorial
WARD Leonard C. Wright City
WARD Leonard Daniel Holly Creek
WARD Lionel Holly Creek
WARD Lionel Ottie Holly Creek
WARD Luella Josie Broken Bow
WARD Maggie Lee Canfield
WARD Mamie Holly Creek
WARD Martha Eagletown
WARD Mattie Bokhoma
WARD Mildred Bethel
WARD Moses W. Denison
WARD N.M. Holly Creek
WARD Norma Canfield
WARD Ola V. Denison
WARD Ozie V. Canfield
WARD Patricia Ann Redland
WARD Patricia Lynn Broken Bow
WARD Paul Michael Forest Hill
WARD Pearline Canfield
WARD Phoebe Jacob Denison
WARD Rachel Holly Creek
WARD Reed William Denison
WARD Robert Lee Denison
WARD Roy Lee Broken Bow
WARD Ruby Lee Holly Creek
WARD Shawn Michael Broken Bow
WARD Shirley Holly Creek
WARD Silsarney Jones Denison
WARD Stella Burns Holly Creek
WARD Syble Watson Memorial
WARD Thomas J. Broken Bow
WARD W.J. "Uncle Billy" Eagletown
WARD Wendell D."Buddy" Hochatown
WARD William Champ Bokhoma
WARD William E. Forest Hill
WARE Addie Emma Sweet Home
WARE C. Stanley Sweet Home
WARE Charley Kelly Broken Bow
WARE Charlie Sweet Home
WARE Charlie W. Broken Bow
WARE Estella Hochatown
WARE Irene Dyer Broken Bow
WARE Joe Virgil Holly Creek
WARE Luria May Sweet Home
WARE Pearl L. Holly Creek
WARE Rehta Broken Bow
WARE Rod Hubert Sweet Home
WARE Ruth Holly Creek
WARE Spencer Hochatown
WARFORD Billy PonkaBok
WARFORD Dell Wright City
WARFORD Jonce Larue Crown Hill
WARFORD Joyce Lee Crown Hill
WARFORD Linda Trusty Wright City
WARFORD Steve Wright City
WARMACK Alexander E. Denison
WARMACK Ava Elizabeth Denison
WARREN Betty Jane Holly Creek
WARREN Callie Bokhoma
WARREN Charlie Watson Memorial
WARREN Dan S. Denison
WARREN Effie May Eagletown
WARREN Elizabeth Watson Memorial
WARREN Gordon L. Holly Creek
WARREN Ida Ozella Broken Bow
WARREN Isom Jentry Broken Bow
WARREN Joseph S. Holly Creek
WARREN Joshua L. Holly Creek
WARREN Lewis E. Bokhoma
WARREN Lottie S. Denison
WARREN Martha A. Bokhoma
WARREN Nellie J. Denison
WARREN Pearl Bokhoma
WARREN Richard Lee Denison
WARREN Robert Russey Broken Bow
WARREN Ruth O. Rufe
WARREN Viney Holly Creek
WARREN Violet Mae Broken Bow
WASCEAL June Canfield
WASHBURN Jimmy Hochatown
WASHINGTON Benson Waterhole
WASHINGTON George KulliChito
WASHINGTON George KulliTuklo
WASHINGTON George L. Waterhole
WASHINGTON Jason KulliChito
WASHINGTON Jason KulliTuklo
WASHINGTON Joseph KulliChito
WASHINGTON Joseph KulliTuklo
WASHINGTON Joseph Waterhole
WASHINGTON Laura Waterhole
WASHINGTON Lincoln KulliChito
WASHINGTON Lincoln KulliTuklo
WASHINGTON Martha Jean KulliChito
WASHINGTON Martha Jean KulliTuklo
WASHINGTON Rufus Waterhole
WASHINGTON Sally D. Waterhole
WASHINGTON Sarah Waterhole
WASHINGTON Willy W. KulliChito
WASHINGTON Willy W. KulliTuklo
WASSON Lula I. Broken Bow
WATERS Bettie L. Denison
WATERS Clem W. Denison
WATERS Faye Finley Denison
WATERS James E. Denison
WATERS Juanita Elizabeth Haworth
WATERS Millie E. Denison
WATERS Mollie Denison
WATERS Raymon Denison
WATERS Thelma M. Denison
WATERS William M. Denison
WATKINS Andrew H. Holly Creek
WATKINS Cordie D. Watson Memorial
WATKINS Cordie I. Holly Creek
WATKINS Dan Forest Hill
WATKINS Derek Lee Watson Memorial
WATKINS Francis Welch Holly Creek
WATKINS George Oren Wright City
WATKINS Gertrude B. Watson Memorial
WATKINS Huey H. Watson Memorial
WATKINS Hulen N. Sr. Watson Memorial
WATKINS Lawona Joy Watson Memorial
WATKINS Linnie E. Holly Creek
WATKINS Terry Willis Watson Memorial
WATKINS Troy N. Watson Memorial
WATKINS Velma O. Watson Memorial
WATSON Alice M. Watson Memorial
WATSON Annie L. Forest Hill
WATSON Austin J. Broken Bow
WATSON Baby Boy Broken Bow
WATSON Bessie P. Canfield
WATSON Bob J. Holly Creek
WATSON Callie Philadelphia
WATSON Charley Broken Bow
WATSON Charlie A. Broken Bow
WATSON Claude Broken Bow
WATSON Earl Lloyd Philadelphia
WATSON Elizabeth J. Holly Creek
WATSON Elma E. Denison
WATSON Emaline Broken Bow
WATSON Frank J. Watson Memorial
WATSON Gean Slater Memorial
WATSON Glen Albert Philadelphia
WATSON Glenda Gale Philadelphia
WATSON Hardy W. Forest Hill
WATSON Hershel Day Broken Bow
WATSON Hershel DeWayne Broken Bow
WATSON Hugh L. Broken Bow
WATSON Iva M. Broken Bow
WATSON J.D. Crown Hill
WATSON James Waterhole
WATSON Jay Hue Broken Bow
WATSON Jink Haworth
WATSON Joe Edward Haworth
WATSON John "Reb" Philadelphia
WATSON John D. Crown Hill
WATSON John Homer Philadelphia
WATSON John Homer Watson Memorial
WATSON John W. Canfield
WATSON Kate J. Broken Bow
WATSON Kimmie Dan Broken Bow
WATSON Kitsey Denison
WATSON Lee Harris Forest Hill
WATSON Leona Haworth
WATSON Lillian Slater Memorial
WATSON Lucille Ann Broken Bow
WATSON Mary Bessie Denison
WATSON Mary J. Crown Hill
WATSON Nicie Goodland
WATSON Opal Ruth Broken Bow
WATSON Parham B. Watson Memorial
WATSON Ruth Forest Hill
WATSON Sallie Waterhole
WATSON Shirley Ann Philadelphia
WATSON Sophia Watson Memorial
WATSON Spence A. Canfield
WATSON Susan Denison
WATSON Susie Watson Memorial
WATSON Theo Allen Haworth
WATSON Thomas J. Broken Bow
WATSON Vennie Mae Broken Bow
WATSON Vernon County Line
WATSON Walter Jessie Denison
WATSON Wayne Watson Memorial
WATSON William Allen Haworth
WATSON William David Broken Bow
WATSON William S. Haworth
WATSON Willie Clinton Broken Bow
WATSON Woodrow W. Forest Hill
WATSON Wyoda K. Broken Bow
WATSON Xerma Ray Garvin
WATTS Annie Lorene Eagletown
WATTS German Eagletown
WATTS Irma Rufe
WATTS Laura Eagletown
WATTS Lillian Hochatown
WATTS Patrick County Line
WATTS Robert Hochatown
WAUGH Dannie Denison
WAUGH Dennis Denison
WAUGH Willis Reed Broken Bow
WAUHOP Mary Ester Denison
WAUHOP William Andrew Denison
WEATHERFORD Carrol A. Denison
WEATHERS James Oliver Denison
WEAVER A. Curtis Moran
WEAVER Benjamin Frank Crown Hill
WEAVER Birdie Wright City
WEAVER Brent Wayne County Line
WEAVER George C. Crown Hill
WEAVER Ila Leonora Moran
WEAVER John Henry Moran
WEAVER Lloyd Frank Crown Hill
WEAVER Mary KulliChito
WEAVER Mary KulliTuklo
WEAVER Nancy E. Crown Hill
WEAVER Sybil Evelyn Broken Bow
WEBB Baby Hochatown
WEBB Baby Pine Creek
WEBB Bertha Hochatown
WEBB Bob Hochatown
WEBB Calvin Hochatown
WEBB Donald Watson Memorial
WEBB Dorothy Watson Memorial
WEBB G.F. Haworth
WEBB Hal Denison
WEBB Imogene Hochatown
WEBB Infant Sweet Home
WEBB Infant Son Hochatown
WEBB James A. Sweet Home
WEBB James L. Eagletown
WEBB John Newman Hochatown
WEBB John S. Denison
WEBB Lavan Hochatown
WEBB Leona Ophelia Hochatown
WEBB Lucille Hochatown
WEBB Luther R. Hochatown
WEBB Mary C. Sweet Home
WEBB Murline Hochatown
WEBB Nancy Estelle Denison
WEBB Nancy Jo Denison
WEBB Otho L."Curly" Wright City
WEBB Otto Hochatown
WEBB Ralph Nolen Hochatown
WEBB Roy A. Pine Creek
WEBB Sam Hochatown
WEBB Stella Jones Denison
WEBB Susie Hochatown
WEBB Verna Denison
WEBB Vick Hochatown
WEBB Wallace Robert Denison
WEBB Wanda Hochatown
WEBB Willard Hochatown
WEBSTER Daniel Waterhole
WEBSTER David Waterhole
WEBSTER Douglas J. Forest Hill
WEBSTER Isreal Waterhole
WEBSTER Josiah Forest Hill
WEBSTER Juanita H. Forest Hill
WEBSTER Julia Greenlee Forest Hill
WEBSTER Nannie W. Forest Hill
WEBSTER Susan F. Waterhole
WEBSTER Wood K. Forest Hill
WEEKS Edna Magby Moran
WEEKS Fred F. Sherwood
WEEKS Jimmy Lee "Bucky" Moran
WEEKS Louella Moran
WEEKS Louella Wright City
WEEKS William A. Moran
WEEKS William A."Al" Wright City
WEEMS Bertha Denison
WEEMS Jane Denison
WEEMS Lola A. Denison
WEEMS Lyda L. Denison
WEEMS Thomas W. Denison
WEEMS W.J. Denison
WEILBAKER Lewis W. Denison
WELCH Andrew Holly Creek
WELCH Elizabeth Moran
WELCH Leroy Elias III Hochatown
WELCH Loma I. Denison
WELCH Mary Frances Canfield
WELCH Mortimer Alexander Denison
WELCH Thomas Moran
WELLS "Dad" Denison
WELLS Albert J. Watson Memorial
WELLS Albert Jim Jr. Watson Memorial
WELLS Billy Joe Watson Memorial
WELLS Edith Watson Memorial
WELLS Faye Sweet Home
WELLS Hugh D. Holly Creek
WELLS James Bill Holly Creek
WELLS Janie Denison
WELLS Jerry Leo Forest Hill
WELLS Leo Forest Hill
WELLS Lola L. Holly Creek
WELLS Noble D. Denison
WELTON Herbert James Forest Hill
WENDT Alexander Forest Hill
WENDT Andrew J. Forest Hill
WENDT Anna Lydia Forest Hill
WENDT Archie C. Forest Hill
WENDT Cathey Lee Forest Hill
WENDT Elsie Forest Hill
WENDT Elvie Forest Hill
WENDT Oscar Forest Hill
WESLEY Ernest KulliChito
WESLEY Ernest KulliTuklo
WESLEY Harry W. Denison
WESLEY Martin G. KulliChito
WESLEY Martin G. KulliTuklo
WESLEY Nicholas Broken Bow
WESSON Maud Holly Creek
WESSON William Holly Creek
WESSON William Max Rock Hill
WEST Baby Moran
WEST Clau? Broken Bow
WEST Cora May Denison
WEST Evalene Reta Moran
WEST Marshall Canfield
WEST Martha R. Canfield
WEST Mary Louisa Moran
WEST Maude H. Denison
WEST P.G. Moran
WEST Rilla Lefevers Denison
WEST Roy Clarence Denison
WEST Thelma Rock Hill
WEST Z. Elluron Denison
WESTBROOK Allie Marie Broken Bow
WESTBROOK Alma L. Watson Memorial
WESTBROOK Alyce M. Denison
WESTBROOK Arthur Watson Memorial
WESTBROOK Arthur A. Forest Hill
WESTBROOK Arthur J. Watson Memorial
WESTBROOK Bernie Ray Slater Memorial
WESTBROOK Bill Watson Memorial
WESTBROOK Blanch Watson Memorial
WESTBROOK Edith H. Denison
WESTBROOK Edna H. Forest Hill
WESTBROOK Elsie Mae Forest Hill
WESTBROOK Erastus W. Glover
WESTBROOK Floyd Broken Bow
WESTBROOK Hattie Viola Holly Creek
WESTBROOK Infant Forest Hill
WESTBROOK James Forest Hill
WESTBROOK James M. Glover
WESTBROOK Judy Gail Glover
WESTBROOK Katie Glover
WESTBROOK Lloyd E. Denison
WESTBROOK Lloyd E. Forest Hill
WESTBROOK Lois Forest Hill
WESTBROOK Louise Watson Memorial
WESTBROOK Margaret Forest Hill
WESTBROOK Maudie D. Holly Creek
WESTBROOK Melvin Leroy Denison
WESTBROOK Mildred Glover
WESTBROOK Ola Mae Glover
WESTBROOK Oscar B.Jr. Bokhoma
WESTBROOK Oscar B.Sr. Bokhoma
WESTBROOK Oscar O. Forest Hill
WESTBROOK Other Holly Creek
WESTBROOK Pauline Bokhoma
WESTBROOK Randy Glover
WESTBROOK Rena Bokhoma
WESTBROOK Sadie Mae Forest Hill
WESTBROOK Virgil J. Denison
WESTBROOK Virgil J. Glover
WESTBROOK William Forest Hill
WESTBROOK William J. Holly Creek
WESTBROOK Wilma Forest Hill
WESTBROOK Zora Forest Hill
WESTBROOKS Martha Watson Memorial
WESTBROOKS T.J. "Big T" Watson Memorial
WESTENBARGER Harvey O. Denison
WESTENBARGER Velma"Gerry" Denison
WESTMORELAND Charles R. Canfield
WESTMORELAND John S. Jr. Haworth
WESTMORELAND Minnie L. Canfield
WESTMORELAND Sherry S. Haworth
WESTMORELAND Walter P. Denison
WESTMORELAND Willie Faye Denison
WHALA John W. Haworth
WHALA Johnny Haworth
WHALA Maggie Haworth
WHALA Warren G. Denison
WHALEN Ellie E. Glover
WHALEN Willie Novila Glover
WHALIN Ben Eagletown
WHALIN Leona Eagletown
WHARTON I.T. Holly Creek
WHARTON Mildred LaVerne Broken Bow
WHATLEY Bessie Bethel
WHATLEY Charles Wayne Rufe
WHATLEY Hardy Oneal Jr. Bethel
WHATLEY Hardy Oneal Sr. Bethel
WHAYNES G. Wright City
WHEAT Boyd Holly Creek
WHEAT Carl Holly Creek
WHEAT Lucian Sherwood
WHEAT Mable Lovett Holly Creek
WHEAT Stephine Ann Holly Creek
WHEELER Arthur Merry Eagletown
WHEELER Bevie Denison
WHEELER Carolyn Irene Pollard
WHEELER Clarence Eagletown
WHEELER David Myrl Pollard
WHEELER Doyle Freddie Eagletown
WHEELER George H. Lukfata
WHEELER Gertrude Denison
WHEELER Glover M. Denison
WHEELER Irene Ina Pollard
WHEELER J.C. Pollard
WHEELER J.D. Pollard
WHEELER James C. Denison
WHEELER Jess Denison
WHEELER Ladell E. Eagletown
WHEELER Larkin B. Pollard
WHEELER Leonard H. Eagletown
WHEELER Marvin Eagletown
WHEELER Mrs. C.L. Eagletown
WHEELER Pearl Pollard
WHEELER Quida Denison
WHEELER Richard R. Denison
WHEELER Sary Susan Denison
WHEELER Sebbie Pollard
WHEELER W.B. Denison
WHISENHUNT Allie Francis Glover
WHISENHUNT Amos Pink Glover
WHISENHUNT Charlie W. Glover
WHISENHUNT Francis V. County Line
WHISENHUNT Frank Eagletown
WHISENHUNT Gracie Forest Hill
WHISENHUNT Harry L. Denison
WHISENHUNT Hattie A. Forest Hill
WHISENHUNT Jesse D. Watson Memorial
WHISENHUNT Jessie E. Glover
WHISENHUNT Lura L. Denison
WHISENHUNT M.H. Matt Denison
WHISENHUNT Merlene Watson Memorial
WHISENHUNT Millard K. County Line
WHISENHUNT Minnie Eagletown
WHISENHUNT Patricia Sue Redland
WHISENHUNT Pearl De Bethel
WHISENHUNT Pearl Ma Bethel
WHISENHUNT Pearl D. Watson Memorial
WHISENHUNT Richard Leroy Forest Hill
WHISENHUNT Riley County Line
WHISENHUNT Ruben Ogle Se Bethel
WHISENHUNT Shirley Glover
WHISENHUNT William H. Forest Hill
WHISENHUNT William Walt Glover
WHISENHUNT Zela Levona Forest Hill
WHITAKER Annie Laura Broken Bow
WHITAKER R. J. Forest Hill
WHITAKER Robinson H. Denison
WHITE Alice Lane Holly Creek
WHITE Andrew Moran
WHITE B. Dave Broken Bow
WHITE Bennie Jordon Eagletown
WHITE Birdie Redland
WHITE Bruce Lee Redland
WHITE Buman Chester Redland
WHITE Charles U. Bethel
WHITE Charlie W. Redland
WHITE David Benjamin Holly Creek
WHITE David W. Crown Hill
WHITE Delbert J. Bethel
WHITE Dessie Eagletown
WHITE Dora B. Eagletown
WHITE Ed F. Broken Bow
WHITE Edna P. Denison
WHITE Ellie Canfield
WHITE Florence Redland
WHITE Frances M. Holly Creek
WHITE Frazier E. Oakgrove
WHITE George B. Denison
WHITE Gordon Hochatown
WHITE Herbert James Glover
WHITE Herbert Jose Glover
WHITE Herbert Terry Glover
WHITE Herman Jabo Eagletown
WHITE Ida Lee Bethel
WHITE Ida M. Moran
WHITE Ila Marie Slater Memorial
WHITE J.R. Jr. Denison
WHITE James Bradley Garvin
WHITE James M. Canfield
WHITE Joe Wayne Glover
WHITE John Oakgrove
WHITE John Wesley Bethel
WHITE Jordan Delbert Holly Creek
WHITE Julius Denison
WHITE Karen Eileen Holly Creek
WHITE Lee Slater Memorial
WHITE Lee A. Broken Bow
WHITE Leon A. Denison
WHITE Lilly W. Broken Bow
WHITE Lula M. Hochatown
WHITE M.C. Glover
WHITE Marie Holly Creek
WHITE Martha A. Eagletown
WHITE Mary Denison
WHITE Mozelle Redland
WHITE Newton Lee Bethel
WHITE Norma Jeanell Haworth
WHITE Ola A. Broken Bow
WHITE Raymond Davis Redland
WHITE Raymond Lavan Haworth
WHITE Ross A. Moran
WHITE Sally Broken Bow
WHITE Steven Redland
WHITE T.A. "Dick" Eagletown
WHITE Virgil Ray Canfield
WHITE William Edward Eagletown
WHITE William J. Eagletown
WHITE William Travis Rufe
WHITE Willie C. Glover
WHITEHEAD Beatrice Broken Bow
WHITEHEAD Charlie M. Broken Bow
WHITEHEAD Coelah Canfield
WHITEHEAD Daniel E. Holly Creek
WHITEHEAD Emma Matilda Broken Bow
WHITEHEAD George Thomas Broken Bow
WHITEHEAD John Cecil Broken Bow
WHITEHEAD Lucille Mae Broken Bow
WHITEHEAD Margaret M. Broken Bow
WHITEHEAD Rosco G. Canfield
WHITEHEAD Sarah C. Canfield
WHITEHEAD Solomon T. Canfield
WHITELEY Parthenia Denison
WHITELEY S.J. "Jock" Denison
WHITELEY William I. Denison
WHITEMAN Adolphus Haworth
WHITEMAN Adolphus Lee Redland
WHITEMAN Berlin L. Broken Bow
WHITEMAN Billie R. Redland
WHITEMAN Buster Haworth
WHITEMAN Daniel Denison
WHITEMAN Daniel R. Denison
WHITEMAN David Haworth
WHITEMAN Elijah Haworth
WHITEMAN Henry Haworth
WHITEMAN Libbie Haworth
WHITEMAN Mary E. Haworth
WHITEMAN Mary Etta Haworth
WHITEMAN Nora M. Broken Bow
WHITEMAN Pat Clark Haworth
WHITEMAN Pete Haworth
WHITEMAN Sallie Haworth
WHITEMAN Sam B. Haworth
WHITEMAN Thelma Broken Bow
WHITESIDE Dannie Lynn County Line
WHITESIDE Hazel Watson Memorial
WHITESIDE Leighton B. Watson Memorial
WHITFIELD Benjamin Broken Bow
WHITFIELD Bess Denison
WHITFIELD Frank Glover
WHITFIELD Ida May Glover
WHITFIELD Luther Glover
WHITFIELD O.C. "Clint" Glover
WHITFIELD Rachel Broken Bow
WHITFIELD Robbie Glover
WHITLEY Corey Dean Moran
WHITLEY Hezekiah Forest Hill
WHITLEY Ida "Isabella" Forest Hill
WHITLEY Mannie E. Forest Hill
WHITLEY Thomas W. "Tom" Forest Hill
WHITLEY W.H. Pollard
WHITLOCK Grizelda Mae Denison
WHITLOCK Jesse David Denison
WHITMIRE Loan Jan Wright City
WHITNEY Elizabeth Holly Creek
WHITTAKER Dick Denison
WHITTAKER Gussie Denison
WHITTEN Charlie M. Forest Hill
WHITTEN Dallas Cole Denison
WHITTEN Dessie Maxine Holly Creek
WHITTEN Doyle Otis Holly Creek
WHITTEN E. Jasper Holly Creek
WHITTEN Ernest H. Holly Creek
WHITTEN Estella B. Denison
WHITTEN Frances M. Holly Creek
WHITTEN Francie Forest Hill
WHITTEN Grace Lautzenhise Holly Creek
WHITTEN H.X. Canfield
WHITTEN Hatley J. Holly Creek
WHITTEN Henry Bascom Canfield
WHITTEN Infant Son Holly Creek
WHITTEN J. C. Forest Hill
WHITTEN James G. Holly Creek
WHITTEN John R. Forest Hill
WHITTEN Lois Grant Denison
WHITTEN Mae P. Denison
WHITTEN Malcolm L. Denison
WHITTEN Martha "Ola" Holly Creek
WHITTEN Mary Jo Forest Hill
WHITTEN Melton J."Jack" Denison
WHITTEN Milton N. Canfield
WHITTEN Myrtle Elkins Denison
WHITTEN Opal Mae Forest Hill
WHITTEN Paul W. Denison
WHITTEN Pearlie Mae"Pert" Holly Creek
WHITTEN Rachel L. Canfield
WHITTEN Stella Denison
WHITTEN Viola Denison
WHITTEN Virgil Lee Holly Creek
WHITTEN Vivian Kaundart Holly Creek
WHITTEN Willie O. Holly Creek
WHITTEN Willis R. Denison
WHITTINGTON Baby Girl Redland
WHITTINGTON Choya Jene Redland
WHITTINGTON Marvin Redland
WHITTINGTON Verna Pruda Redland
WHITTINGTON Wm. Arthur Redland
WHITTLE Gordon B. Denison
WHITTLE Lizzie Canfield
WHITTLE Will Canfield
WHITTLOCK Leah Jo Broken Bow
WICKER F. M. Redland
WICKER Savena Redland
WICKLINE Loyd Eagletown
WIEBERG William J. Slater Memorial
WIED Edwin M. Denison
WIELURG William J. Wright City
WILBURN Bert Wright City
WILCHER David D. Forest Hill
WILCOX Amy Broken Bow
WILCOXSON Emma T. Broken Bow
WILCOXSON Harry L. Denison
WILCOXSON Jeanette G. Broken Bow
WILCOXSON Jewell Norman Broken Bow
WILCOXSON Kenneth Jewel Broken Bow
WILCOXSON Norma Broken Bow
WILCOXSON Walter R. Broken Bow
WILCOXSON William Thomas Broken Bow
WILDS Arron Garvin
WILES Harry Elmer Garvin
WILEY D.B. Eagletown
WILEY Horace C. Denison
WILEY Horace J. Denison
WILEY Marvin Hochatown
WILEY Minnie M. Denison
WILEY Ruthie Lee Hochatown
WILEY Virgie Hochatown
WILGUS Leon E. Hochatown
WILGUS Viola M. Hochatown
WILHITE Conrad Rufe
WILHITE James Corbet Moran
WILKENS Monroe L. Glover
WILKERSON Adeline Haworth
WILKERSON Alford Lee Haworth
WILKERSON Earl Slater Memorial
WILKERSON Earl R. Broken Bow
WILKERSON Ezekil Haworth
WILKERSON Florence Belle Wright City
WILKERSON Kallie Catherine Haworth
WILKERSON Margaret Deese Wright City
WILKERSON Marvin Dean Denison
WILKERSON Marvin L. Wright City
WILKERSON Nora Alice Denison
WILKERSON Olen C. Denison
WILKERSON Opal Broken Bow
WILKERSON Ora E. Denison
WILKERSON Ottis L. Wright City
WILKERSON Patricia Ann Haworth
WILKERSON Robert Wayne Redland
WILKERSON Shirley B. Slater Memorial
WILKERSON Walter Wright City
WILKINS Eron Elvis Canfield
WILKINS Trudia Cherbie Canfield
WILKISON Emma Eagletown
WILKS Vera Denison
WILLEFORD Jennie Lee Canfield
WILLEY James T. Forest Hill
WILLEY Myrtle Forest Hill
WILLHITE Julius Wright City
WILLIAMS A. Lois Denison
WILLIAMS Aaron Benedict Canfield
WILLIAMS Alice County Line
WILLIAMS Allen Eagletown
WILLIAMS Allen McCabe Eagletown
WILLIAMS America Glover
WILLIAMS Andrew O. Holly Creek
WILLIAMS Anna Mae Denison
WILLIAMS Annie M. Canfield
WILLIAMS Arward C. Denison
WILLIAMS Asa R. Denison
WILLIAMS Atiya Francine Canfield
WILLIAMS Baby Boy Denison
WILLIAMS Baby Girl Lukfata
WILLIAMS Ben S. Holly Creek
WILLIAMS Bessie B. Denison
WILLIAMS Betty Jean Crown Hill
WILLIAMS Beulah E. Denison
WILLIAMS Bobby Joe Glover
WILLIAMS Calvin Denison
WILLIAMS Canton Lukfata
WILLIAMS Carl E. Redland
WILLIAMS Cecil W. Denison
WILLIAMS Charles Canfield
WILLIAMS Charley Denison
WILLIAMS Charley Redland
WILLIAMS Christine Broken Bow
WILLIAMS Clem Wilburn Denison
WILLIAMS Cleotha Denison
WILLIAMS Cora Lee Lukfata
WILLIAMS David C. Eagletown
WILLIAMS David Wayne Canfield
WILLIAMS Deborah Perise Denison
WILLIAMS Debra Lynn Denison
WILLIAMS Delbert Lukfata
WILLIAMS Delta Baird Denison
WILLIAMS Denzil Denison
WILLIAMS Doll County Line
WILLIAMS Doyle Gean Broken Bow
WILLIAMS Doyle H. Bethel
WILLIAMS Effie Denison
WILLIAMS Elicie County Line
WILLIAMS Eliza A. Bethel
WILLIAMS Elmer Pookie Glover
WILLIAMS Elmer Sherman Glover
WILLIAMS Emaline County Line
WILLIAMS Emma Jean Canfield
WILLIAMS Emma Lee Hochatown
WILLIAMS Era B. Denison
WILLIAMS Era S. County Line
WILLIAMS Erma H. Denison
WILLIAMS Ettie Eagletown
WILLIAMS Fannie L. Lukfata
WILLIAMS Fannie P. Denison
WILLIAMS Fred H. Denison
WILLIAMS Gary Paul Eagletown
WILLIAMS Glenda Denison
WILLIAMS Grant Denison
WILLIAMS Harrison Otis Lukfata
WILLIAMS Hazel L. Denison
WILLIAMS Herbert Bethel
WILLIAMS Herschel C. Denison
WILLIAMS Hicks J. Denison
WILLIAMS Hicks Jr. Denison
WILLIAMS Irene Broken Bow
WILLIAMS Isaac "Ike" Denison
WILLIAMS Isaac J. County Line
WILLIAMS Isaac L. Denison
WILLIAMS James Carl Redland
WILLIAMS James H."Pete" Denison
WILLIAMS James L. Crown Hill
WILLIAMS James R. Denison
WILLIAMS James Seth Denison
WILLIAMS Jennie County Line
WILLIAMS Jennie A. Redland
WILLIAMS Jessie Thomas Broken Bow
WILLIAMS Jewell D. Hochatown
WILLIAMS Jimmy Leon Denison
WILLIAMS Joe G. Crown Hill
WILLIAMS Joe G. Jr. Crown Hill
WILLIAMS John Denison
WILLIAMS John J. Holly Creek
WILLIAMS John L. Broken Bow
WILLIAMS John W. Broken Bow
WILLIAMS John Wesley Canfield
WILLIAMS John Wilburn Denison
WILLIAMS Johnie H. Glover
WILLIAMS Joycelyn Winona Denison
WILLIAMS Judith Dawn Holly Creek
WILLIAMS Julia Elizabeth Denison
WILLIAMS Larry Glen Lukfata
WILLIAMS Leanora Crown Hill
WILLIAMS Leona Glover
WILLIAMS Licksie Goodland
WILLIAMS Lillian E. Denison
WILLIAMS Lillie Mae Bethel
WILLIAMS Lionel Glover
WILLIAMS Lona Denison
WILLIAMS Lorrie F. Redland
WILLIAMS Loyd J. County Line
WILLIAMS Lucille Glover
WILLIAMS Lucinda Denison
WILLIAMS Maggie L. Crown Hill
WILLIAMS Maggie Pitman Denison
WILLIAMS Margaret Denison
WILLIAMS Margaret Edith Broken Bow
WILLIAMS Marsha Diane County Line
WILLIAMS Marvin Watson Memorial
WILLIAMS Marvin Lee Canfield
WILLIAMS Mary KulliChito
WILLIAMS Mary KulliTuklo
WILLIAMS Mary Helen Denison
WILLIAMS Mary K. Denison
WILLIAMS Mattie L. Watson Memorial
WILLIAMS Maudie Holly Creek
WILLIAMS Maurice Crown Hill
WILLIAMS Maxine Eagletown
WILLIAMS May Goodland
WILLIAMS Mina Eagletown
WILLIAMS Mollie M. Broken Bow
WILLIAMS Montie Glover
WILLIAMS Myrtle L. Forest Hill
WILLIAMS Natasha Leanna Canfield
WILLIAMS Nora Mae Wright City
WILLIAMS Opal Cook Crown Hill
WILLIAMS Opal L. Holly Creek
WILLIAMS Osby Boyd County Line
WILLIAMS Pat Pollard
WILLIAMS Peggy Virginia Eagletown
WILLIAMS Perry J. Denison
WILLIAMS R.C. Sr. Lukfata
WILLIAMS Reginald Denison
WILLIAMS Reube Blakley Redland
WILLIAMS Robbie Lee Denison
WILLIAMS Robert D. Dr. Denison
WILLIAMS Robert Irvin Holly Creek
WILLIAMS Robert L. Denison
WILLIAMS Rosa Lee Lukfata
WILLIAMS Roy H. Denison
WILLIAMS Ruby Denison
WILLIAMS Sally L. Denison
WILLIAMS Sam T. Denison
WILLIAMS Samuel T. Denison
WILLIAMS Sarah Viola Sweet Home
WILLIAMS Scott W. Denison
WILLIAMS Sedley Owen Bokhoma
WILLIAMS Sidney Joe Denison
WILLIAMS Sillis Goodland
WILLIAMS Sophrona Denison
WILLIAMS Sula Angeline Denison
WILLIAMS Terri D. Watson Memorial
WILLIAMS Tessie M. Holly Creek
WILLIAMS W. Guy Denison
WILLIAMS W.J. Wright City
WILLIAMS Walter M. Canfield
WILLIAMS Wanda L. Pollard
WILLIAMS Weslie Eagletown
WILLIAMS Wilburn Sanford Canfield
WILLIAMS Woodroe Dr. Denison
WILLIAMS Zelma Bokhoma
WILLIAMS Zora Holly Creek
WILLIAMSON Alertia May Forest Hill
WILLIAMSON Bertie Elnora Forest Hill
WILLIAMSON E. Herman Forest Hill
WILLIAMSON Edgar E. Forest Hill
WILLIAMSON Ellis Forest Hill
WILLIAMSON Emmitt E. Forest Hill
WILLIAMSON Fred Slater Memorial
WILLIAMSON Gladys Forest Hill
WILLIAMSON Harlain Albert Holly Creek
WILLIAMSON Henry Holly Creek
WILLIAMSON Howard Raburn Forest Hill
WILLIAMSON J. W. Forest Hill
WILLIAMSON Joe Wright City
WILLIAMSON John Homer Denison
WILLIAMSON Judy Wynell Forest Hill
WILLIAMSON Lawrence Hochatown
WILLIAMSON Marie Reed Denison
WILLIAMSON Mellie Slater Memorial
WILLIAMSON Pete Forest Hill
WILLIAMSON Robert Andrew Denison
WILLIAMSON Robert Jr. Forest Hill
WILLIAMSON Rose L. Forest Hill
WILLIE Hafis Parker Canfield
WILLIE Hodges Canfield
WILLIE Myrtha C. Canfield
WILLIFORD E.E. Hochatown
WILLINGHAM Booker Broken Bow
WILLINGHAM Bryan Wilson Broken Bow
WILLINGHAM Cooper Canfield
WILLINGHAM Cora Broken Bow
WILLINGHAM Dallas P. Jr. Broken Bow
WILLINGHAM Delma R. Canfield
WILLINGHAM Dionitia Broken Bow
WILLINGHAM Edna Earle Canfield
WILLINGHAM Infant Son Canfield
WILLINGHAM Jacob Raymond Broken Bow
WILLINGHAM John Bruce Broken Bow
WILLINGHAM Johnnye S. Canfield
WILLINGHAM Julius J. Canfield
WILLINGHAM Ledger Waldon Broken Bow
WILLINGHAM Lois Faye Broken Bow
WILLINGHAM Mary Broken Bow
WILLINGHAM Maurice D. Canfield
WILLINGHAM Mrs. L.M. Crown Hill
WILLINGHAM Velma Redland
WILLINGHAM W.C. "Cobby" Broken Bow
WILLIS ?? Canfield
WILLIS ?? Canfield
WILLIS Albert L. Redland
WILLIS Albert Lee Redland
WILLIS Alta Faye Eagletown
WILLIS Baby Wright City
WILLIS Billy Glover
WILLIS Carol S. Glover
WILLIS Carrie Isabell Redland
WILLIS Charles Boyd Glover
WILLIS Clarence K. Crown Hill
WILLIS Claude H. Forest Hill
WILLIS Claudie D. Philadelphia
WILLIS Cora Sherwood
WILLIS Dick Oscar Eagletown
WILLIS Dixon James Slater Memorial
WILLIS Don N. Broken Bow
WILLIS Donal E. KulliChito
WILLIS Donal E. KulliTuklo
WILLIS Effous M. Eagletown
WILLIS Elizabeth Philadelphia
WILLIS Emmitt L. Eagletown
WILLIS F.M. Philadelphia
WILLIS Grace A. Eagletown
WILLIS Grandmother Sherwood
WILLIS Henry M. Broken Bow
WILLIS James Monroe Eagletown
WILLIS Jess A. Denison
WILLIS Josie Ayers Broken Bow
WILLIS Kenneth R. "Buck" Eagletown
WILLIS Kent Eagletown
WILLIS Larkin Philadelphia
WILLIS Larkin Leroy Philadelphia
WILLIS Lewis A. Canfield
WILLIS Lydia O. Crown Hill
WILLIS Mark E. Eagletown
WILLIS Max P. Eagletown
WILLIS Melba Marie Slater Memorial
WILLIS Mollie Pollard
WILLIS Nora R. Eagletown
WILLIS Oda Gragg Denison
WILLIS Ola Mae Canfield
WILLIS Opal Eagletown
WILLIS Pauline Brandon Wright City
WILLIS Rittie "Tiner" Denison
WILLIS Ruth Elizabeth Garvin
WILLIS Saul G. Glover
WILLIS Sherman Broken Bow
WILLIS W.N. "Bo" Eagletown
WILLISTON ?? Denison
WILLISTON Impson Canfield
WILLISTON Jinnie C. Denison
WILLISTON John W. Canfield
WILLISTON Lance Allen Canfield
WILLISTON Lex Canfield
WILLISTON Moses Denison
WILLISTON Robert Anthony Canfield
WILLISTON Sohpia Denison
WILLISTON Tobias B. "Bob" Canfield
WILLMOTH John R. Canfield
WILLMOTH Lula Canfield
WILLMOTH Maggie Canfield
WILLOUGHBY Elizabeth Forest Hill
WILLOUGHBY Thomas Edgar Denison
WILMOTH Anna Pollard
WILMOTH Charlie Denison
WILMOTH Ethel N. Wright City
WILMOTH John W. Pollard
WILMOTH Kizzie Pollard
WILMOTH Marie Denison
WILMOTH Martha J. Denison
WILMOTH Marvin "Bo" Forest Hill
WILMOTH Mary A. Denison
WILMOTH W.D. Pollard
WILMOTH William Arvel Denison
WILMOTH William H. Denison
WILMOTH Willie A. Denison
WILSON A. J. Forest Hill
WILSON Albert Lukfata
WILSON Alene PonkaBok
WILSON Alexander PonkaBok
WILSON Alfred Rudolph Crown Hill
WILSON Alpha M. Redland
WILSON Anderson Denison
WILSON Angel Troy C. Bokhoma
WILSON Annie Lula Redland
WILSON Ary L. Denison
WILSON Ava Ray Hochatown
WILSON Baby Broken Bow
WILSON Bitney Hochatown
WILSON Cabin PonkaBok
WILSON Calvin C. Denison
WILSON Carl Broken Bow
WILSON Charles B. Bokhoma
WILSON Charles B. Denison
WILSON Charles B. Jr. Denison
WILSON Charles R. Bethel
WILSON Cora Holly Creek
WILSON Cornelia PonkaBok
WILSON Daniel Hochatown
WILSON Darius W. Denison
WILSON E. Grant Hochatown
WILSON Ed Sherwood
WILSON Edith Bethel
WILSON Edyth Denison
WILSON Emerson G. Denison
WILSON Ethel Redland
WILSON Eula Marie Redland
WILSON Faye Evelyn Denison
WILSON Frances E. Forest Hill
WILSON Franklin B. Pollard
WILSON Gladys Marie Crown Hill
WILSON Henry Eagletown
WILSON Henry J. Redland
WILSON I.H. Denison
WILSON I.H. Mrs. Denison
WILSON I.K. Jr. Denison
WILSON I.K. Sr. Denison
WILSON Ida Mae Holly Creek
WILSON Infant boy Bethel
WILSON Infant boy Bethel
WILSON J.Henry Davis Broken Bow
WILSON J.T. Pollard
WILSON James R. Redland
WILSON Jamison J. Crown Hill
WILSON Jean Hochatown
WILSON Jeff Holly Creek
WILSON Jefferson N.G. Holly Creek
WILSON Jesse Robert Holly Creek
WILSON Jessie Pauline Crown Hill
WILSON John A. Forest Hill
WILSON John H. Glover
WILSON John Henry Crown Hill
WILSON John Norman Broken Bow
WILSON John Pete Hochatown
WILSON Jordan Redland
WILSON Jordan Lee Redland
WILSON Joseph Edward Broken Bow
WILSON Josephine Hochatown
WILSON Kathy Ann Redland
WILSON Kayla Raye Redland
WILSON Kenneth Broken Bow
WILSON Kym Wayne Redland
WILSON Lee Sherwood
WILSON Lee C. Pollard
WILSON Liddie Redland
WILSON Linda Lou Denison
WILSON Loma M. Redland
WILSON Lorena Eagletown
WILSON Ludie Denison
WILSON Mabel S. Broken Bow
WILSON Mary Canfield
WILSON Mary A. Bethel
WILSON Minny W. Lukfata
WILSON Myrtle Pollard
WILSON Nellie Broken Bow
WILSON Olen Bailey Redland
WILSON Ollie M. Redland
WILSON Osborne Jr. Broken Bow
WILSON Patsy Ruth Bokhoma
WILSON Pearl M. Bokhoma
WILSON Pearl Winnie Broken Bow
WILSON R.B. Lee Sr. Broken Bow
WILSON Rena Mae Broken Bow
WILSON Rev. W. Lee Bethel
WILSON Richard A. Sr. Holly Creek
WILSON Robert Holly Creek
WILSON Robert E. Denison
WILSON Robert Henry Rufe
WILSON Robert W. Redland
WILSON Simon P. Denison
WILSON Sissy Redland
WILSON Tennie Glover
WILSON Tosca Hochatown
WILSON Troy Cleburn Bokhoma
WILSON Vada Lee Crown Hill
WILSON Vella Bethel
WILSON Velora Pollard
WILSON W.W. Bill Redland
WILSON Wicy PonkaBok
WILSON Willard Philadelphia
WILSON William Edgar Redland
WILSON William Herbert Denison
WILSON William J. Redland
WILSON William Thomas Denison
WILSON Zack Lukfata
WINDHAM Willie M Waterhole
WINEINGER Charles E. Crown Hill
WINEINGER Leo Paul Crown Hill
WINEINGER Ora Bell Crown Hill
WINER Mary Ann Broken Bow
WINER Mary Ann Broken Bow
WINGATE Lydia Sue Redland
WINGATE Sue Redland
WINGFIELD Blewett Broken Bow
WINGFIELD Miss Roxie Holly Creek
WINGFIELD Sarah Ellen Holly Creek
WINGFIELD Thomas H. Holly Creek
WINGFIELD William H. Holly Creek
WINKLE Mrs. Frankie Broken Bow
WINSHIP Carol June Holly Creek
WINSHIP Flossie Eagletown
WINSHIP Rafy Denison
WINSTON Charles Forest Hill
WINTERS George Denison
WINTON Delia C. Broken Bow
WINTON Mary R. Broken Bow
WINTON William A. Broken Bow
WIPE Baby Broken Bow
WISDOM John J. Denison
WISDOM Lillie E. Denison
WISE Alton Gillie Hochatown
WISE Maxine Hochatown
WISER J.B. Hochatown
WISER King Solomon Hochatown
WITHERSPOON Jennie Wright City
WITHERSPOON Matilda Wright City
WITT Eulaille Forest Hill
WOFFORD Bobby Lee County Line
WOFFORD Frank County Line
WOFFORD Infant Hochatown
WOFFORD Lucy F. Eagletown
WOFFORD Roy William Eagletown
WOLF Lucy Marie Forest Hill
WOLFE Emma E. Broken Bow
WOLFE Henry Durant Broken Bow
WOLFE J.D. Crown Hill
WOLFE John A. Broken Bow
WOLFE Mark McClellan Slater Memorial
WOLFE Walter Forest Hill
WOLFE Wilma "Cathie" Crown Hill
WOMACK Amous L. Forest Hill
WOMACK Annie E. Moran
WOMACK Annie Lee Forest Hill
WOMACK Billy J. Denison
WOMACK Blanche Denison
WOMACK Claude Moran
WOMACK E.L. Denison
WOMACK Herbert Moran
WOMACK James Aubrey Denison
WOMACK John E. Denison
WOMACK Lottie Mae Redland
WOMACK Louise Denison
WOMACK Mable Moran
WOMACK Marion Clarence Forest Hill
WOMACK N.C. Denison
WOMACK Ola N. Denison
WOMACK Scottie Dale Forest Hill
WOMACK Willie W. Moran
WOMACK Wylie W. Denison
WOOD Alfred Hochatown
WOOD Annie Broken Bow
WOOD Baby Hochatown
WOOD Baby Boy Broken Bow
WOOD Bennie Jean Holly Creek
WOOD Bertha Hochatown
WOOD Charles Ray Broken Bow
WOOD Charlie F. Crown Hill
WOOD Daisy Broken Bow
WOOD Donald Odis Holly Creek
WOOD Effie Mae Holly Creek
WOOD Eli Holly Creek
WOOD Emma J. Wright City
WOOD Eva Mae Holly Creek
WOOD Everette E. Forest Hill
WOOD Flossie Broken Bow
WOOD Francis Ruth Bethel
WOOD Franklin D. Wright City
WOOD George E. Holly Creek
WOOD Georgia B. Crown Hill
WOOD Geraldine Eagletown
WOOD Harietta Broken Bow
WOOD Harold George Holly Creek
WOOD Infant Son Hochatown
WOOD Infant Son Holly Creek
WOOD James Eagletown
WOOD James Hochatown
WOOD James R. Wright City
WOOD Jesse M. Eagletown
WOOD Joe Royce Hochatown
WOOD Julia Ann Bethel
WOOD June Hochatown
WOOD Kenneth Eugene Hochatown
WOOD Lanora Ann Eagletown
WOOD Ledger Hochatown
WOOD Lela F. Hochatown
WOOD Lola A. Hochatown
WOOD Mae Belle Bokhoma
WOOD Marinda Eagletown
WOOD Mary V. Broken Bow
WOOD Maud M. Broken Bow
WOOD Mrs. N. Holly Creek
WOOD Nell R. Crown Hill
WOOD Paul C. Hochatown
WOOD R.L. Haworth
WOOD Robert Clyde Broken Bow
WOOD Robert G. Eagletown
WOOD Robert Lee Eagletown
WOOD Robert Martin Eagletown
WOOD Rosa Lois Forest Hill
WOOD Ruby L. Forest Hill
WOOD Tina Rayette Moran
WOOD Tony Hochatown
WOOD Vera Marie Hochatown
WOOD Virgie Pine Creek
WOOD William Pierce Crown Hill
WOOD Willis O. Hochatown
WOODARD Loree Broken Bow
WOODARD Owens E. Haworth
WOODARD Winburn H. Broken Bow
WOODEN Harvey Wright City
WOODEN Mary M. Wright City
WOODEN Millie M. Ferren Wright City
WOODROOF Don Denison
WOODROOF Frances Denison
WOODROOF Luke Denison
WOODRUFF Ella Mae Watson Memorial
WOODRUFF H. Ernest Watson Memorial
WOODRUFF Juanita Watson Memorial
WOODRUFF Stanley W. Watson Memorial
WOODRUM Earl Denison
WOODRUM Freda Earline Denison
WOODRUM J. Alton Denison
WOODRUM J. Mozelle Denison
WOODRUM Johnnie Sherman Denison
WOODRUM Lana Denison
WOODRUM Maggie Ann Denison
WOODRUM Robert S. Pollard
WOODS Bennie P. Watson Memorial
WOODS Bill Allen Forest Hill
WOODS Calvin J. Broken Bow
WOODS Hugh Holly Creek
WOODS Innie Elizabeth Forest Hill
WOODS James Thomas Forest Hill
WOODS Larry Keith Forest Hill
WOODS Lillie A. Rufe
WOODS Pauline Holly Creek
WOODS Uncle Felix Lukfata
WOODS William F. Denison
WOODSON Allie Denison
WOODSON Pearl Denison
WOODSON Tom Denison
WOOLARD Linday Carey Canfield
WOOLSEY Anna Lee Moran
WOOLSEY Bobby Ray Moran
WOOLSEY Carol Moran
WOOLSEY Charles L. Moran
WOOLSEY Elizabeth Moran
WOOLSEY Gary O. Moran
WOOLSEY Jeffery Wayne Moran
WOOLSEY Keith Moran
WOOLSEY Lona Mae Moran
WOOLSEY Loyse Moran
WOOLSEY Robert Lee Moran
WOOLSEY Vinita Gail Moran
WOOTEN Charles C. Denison
WOOTEN Drucilla Broken Bow
WOOTEN Elizabeth Denison
WOOTEN Emma V. Denison
WOOTEN Frank Denison
WOOTEN Frank A. Denison
WOOTEN Grady Mae Denison
WOOTEN Granville N. Denison
WOOTEN Hubert W. Denison
WOOTEN James Arthur Broken Bow
WOOTEN James Austin Denison
WOOTEN John W. Broken Bow
WOOTEN Leona Denison
WOOTEN Mary Lee Denison
WOOTEN Orville E. Denison
WOOTEN Shady V. Denison
WOOTEN W.A. Broken Bow
WOOTEN Wallace W. Denison
WOOTEN William C. Bokhoma
WOOTON Emily L. Broken Bow
WORD H.S. Wright City
WORD Jerry Word Luper Wright City
WORD Lieut. J.C. Wright City
WORKS Lawrence E. Bokhoma
WORKS Ouita Lee Bokhoma
WORLEY Mary Canfield
WORLEY Pearl Canfield
WORLEY William Canfield
WORTHAM Deborah Annette Canfield
WORTHAM Elbert W. Canfield
WORTHAM Nellie Jane Canfield
WORTHAM Raymond Jr. Denison
WREN Oscar Hershel Denison
WREYFORD Bessie Broken Bow
WREYFORD D. Josephine Broken Bow
WREYFORD Harold Broken Bow
WREYFORD Jimmy R. Broken Bow
WREYFORD William A. Broken Bow
WRIGHT ?? Wright City
WRIGHT Audry Fay Eagletown
WRIGHT Bertha Eagletown
WRIGHT Beulah E. Denison
WRIGHT Bob Bokhoma
WRIGHT Carter Rev. Haworth
WRIGHT Charles S. Broken Bow
WRIGHT Clara Pollard
WRIGHT Clara Sue Haworth
WRIGHT Cornelia Haworth
WRIGHT Dale Denison
WRIGHT DG. N. Wright City
WRIGHT Donny M. Haworth
WRIGHT Dudley Broken Bow
WRIGHT Ernest Canfield
WRIGHT Ester Broken Bow
WRIGHT Florence Eagletown
WRIGHT Floyd Eddie Eagletown
WRIGHT George L. Pollard
WRIGHT Gerald Lee Crown Hill
WRIGHT Glen Haworth
WRIGHT Henry M. Denison
WRIGHT Howard W. Denison
WRIGHT Imogene Eagletown
WRIGHT Infant Daughter Eagletown
WRIGHT Infant Son Eagletown
WRIGHT J.R. Denison
WRIGHT Jack S. Broken Bow
WRIGHT James A. Eagletown
WRIGHT James Carter Eagletown
WRIGHT Jamie Paul Watson Memorial
WRIGHT John E. Eagletown
WRIGHT John Martin West Haworth
WRIGHT John P. Sr. Denison
WRIGHT John R. Denison
WRIGHT John W. Haworth
WRIGHT Juanita Eagletown
WRIGHT Karl Eagletown
WRIGHT Lela B. Broken Bow
WRIGHT Lena Denison
WRIGHT Lessie B. Lukfata
WRIGHT Lillian Denison
WRIGHT Louise "Liza" Denison
WRIGHT Luizat Wright City
WRIGHT Lula Hochatown
WRIGHT Martha A. Canfield
WRIGHT Martha Jane Moran
WRIGHT Michael Paul Watson Memorial
WRIGHT Norman D. "Scoot" Eagletown
WRIGHT Odessa Bokhoma
WRIGHT Ollie Arron Haworth
WRIGHT Oscar Lee Denison
WRIGHT Robert E. "Bob" Denison
WRIGHT Sam Houston Haworth
WRIGHT Sweely Hochatown
WRIGHT Thomas A. Canfield
WRIGHT Vernon W. Canfield
WRIGHT William B. Denison
WRIGHTS Ross Denison
WYATT Bessie Cottrell Watson Memorial
WYATT Charlie G. Garvin
WYATT E.E. Eagletown
WYATT Homer D. Broken Bow
WYATT Marion Bo Watson Memorial
WYATT Mary Frances Garvin
WYATT Mrs. M.A. Eagletown
WYATT Nancy Jane Forest Hill
WYATT Virgil Kirk Watson Memorial
WYCOFF Alice Isabel Eagletown
WYCOFF Leo Hubert Eagletown
WYLIE Aubrey Eugene Eagletown
WYLIE Ben Eagletown
WYLIE Christine Eagletown
WYLIE Harvey A. Eagletown
WYLIE Lisha Eagletown
WYNN Dora Randolph Denison
WYNN Gustavus A. Denison
WYNN Hiram A. Denison
WYNNE Bess P. Denison
WYNNE Robert C. Denison
WYRICK Carrie L. Denison
WYRICK Gertrude L. Denison
WYRICK John Burton Denison
WYRICK Leonard E. Denison
WYSONG Wanda Lou Redland

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