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Gene Phillips - McCurtain County Archivist

Gene Phillips - State Archivist

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Burial Index


UAGER G.W. Haworth
UFFNER Flora E. Holmes Forest Hill
ULRICH Leslie Ray Holly Creek
UMPHRESS Rogie Nell Rufe
UNBY Tanaho Goodland
UNDERWOOD Alta M. Canfield
UNDERWOOD Michael Dale Denison
UNDERWOOD Norma J. Denison
UNDERWOOD Pat H. Canfield
UNDERWOOD Pat H. Denison
UPCHURCH James Garvin
UPCHURCH Monroe Sims Denison
USREY Verdell Broken Bow
USSERY Arch L. Haworth
USSERY Douglas A. Wright City
USSERY Douglas W. Wright City
USSERY Lula J. Wright City
USSERY O. Mozelle Wright City
USSERY Stanley F. Slater Memorial
USSERY Wilma L. Slater Memorial
VALENTINE Cyrus H. Forest Hill
VALENTINE James R. Forest Hill
VAN DIKE C. Clarence Denison
VAN DIKE Emily LaVerne Denison
VAN DIKE William M. Denison
VAN WINKLE Ruby Francis Forest Hill
VAN WINKLE Wm. Monroe Forest Hill
VANBIBBER Ardel Glover
VANBIBBER Benjamin Wylie Glover
VANBIBBER Lando Glover
VANBIBBER William Snow Glover
VANCE Archie Glennon Eagletown
VANCE Billy W. Broken Bow
VANCE Dora Laster Eagletown
VANCE Ethel L. Eagletown
VANCE George Eagletown
VANCE John R. Slater Memorial
VANCE Mozelle Crown Hill
VANCE Oscar Ray Eagletown
VANCE Richard J. Eagletown
VANCE Thelma J."Cissy" Slater Memorial
VANDEVENTER Mamie E. Canfield
VANDEVER Francis Marion Holly Creek
VANDEVER Marion Jr. Holly Creek
VANDEVER Novella Oweda Holly Creek
VANDEVER William J. Holly Creek
VANDEVER William Leslie Holly Creek
VANDEVER William Max Rock Hill
VANDIVER Cecil R. Crown Hill
VANDIVER Clarence Lee Pollard
VANDIVER Donald Raye Crown Hill
VANDIVER Fran Haworth
VANDIVER Infant Pollard
VANDIVER Jasper Cecil Crown Hill
VANDIVER Jasper M. "Jap" Crown Hill
VANDIVER Joseph Wesley Pollard
VANDIVER Lewis P. Eagletown
VANDIVER Lonell Pollard
VANDIVER Maggie Leigh Pollard
VANDIVER Marie Denison
VANGIL Gideon H. Wright City
VANHOOSE Bessie Eagletown
VANHOOSE David Eagletown
VANHOOSE Donald Gene Eagletown
VANHOOSE Eugene Easton Eagletown
VANHOOSE Hattie V. Eagletown
VANHOOSE John Azar Eagletown
VANHOOSE John R. Broken Bow
VANHOOSE Mickey J. Eagletown
VANHOOSE Molly Ruth Eagletown
VANHOOSE Obed Eagletown
VANHOOSE William Louis Eagletown
VANSLYKE Lucille L. Glover
VANSLYKE Roy E. Glover
VANTYNE John S. Old Valliant
VANWINKLE C.J."Rip" Denison
VANWINKLE Corelia Broken Bow
VANWINKLE Eunice Holly Creek
VANWINKLE George T. Slater Memorial
VANWINKLE Gracie Denison
VANWINKLE Jessie Thomas Broken Bow
VANWINKLE Louella Broken Bow
VANWINKLE Mable E. Broken Bow
VANWINKLE Ray Holly Creek
VANWINKLE Ruby N. Slater Memorial
VANWINKLE Susie Broken Bow
VARBEL Alice Holly Creek
VAUGHN Audrey Marie Broken Bow
VAUGHN Baby Boy Broken Bow
VAUGHN Bevie Irene Denison
VAUGHN Eloise Broken Bow
VAUGHN Horace Floyd Broken Bow
VAUGHN J.L. Broken Bow
VAUGHN Joe Reece Broken Bow
VAUGHN Kathy V. Glover
VAUGHN Lee C. County Line
VAUGHN Lou Bruton Pollard
VAUGHN Olease Broken Bow
VAUGHN Oleta L. Pollard
VAUGHN Orville L. Glover
VAUGHN Raymond Evert County Line
VAUGHN Tillman Pollard
VAUGHT Charley Bethel
VAUGHT Esther County Line
VAUGHT Jerry D. Bethel
VAUGHT Nettie B. Bethel
VAUGHT Tina B. Bethel
VELIUM Glossie Old Valliant
VESS Aramatha Holly Creek
VESS John Simon Eagletown
VESS Pearly Jane Glover
VETETO Infant Dau Forest Hill
VETETO Linnie Denison
VETETO William Denison
VICK Nora Jane Denison
VICKERY Guy Broken Bow
VICTOR Cynthia Alyce Denison
VICTOR Deb Jones Denison
VICTOR Frank James Denison
VICTOR Nancy F. Denison
VICTOR Wilma Louise Denison
VICTORY Eva L. Sherwood
VICTORY J.D. "Johnny" Slater Memorial
VIGIL Lounette Denison
VILLINES Oliver Wilson Waterhole
VILLON Mildred O. Broken Bow
VINCENT Mattie Forest Hill
VINNEDGE Clara Denison
VINNEDGE Willard M. Denison
VINSON Evelyn Winter Denison
VINSON K.W."Trigger" Denison
VIRDEN A.R. Canfield
VIRDEN Mrs. Willie Canfield
VIRGIN Abbie G. Glover
VIRGIN Ben Glover
VIRGIN Billy D. Glover
VIRGIN Bobby Gene Glover
VIRGIN Carrie Glover
VIRGIN Fred H. Glover
VIRGIN Ida Glover
VIRGIN Janis Marie Glover
VIRGIN John F. Glover
VIRGIN John F. Glover
VIRGIN John F. Jr. Glover
VIRGIN Kenneth D. Glover
VIRGIN Vergie V. Watson Memorial
VIRGIN Warren Watson Memorial
VONN Local J. Broken Bow
VOSS Artha Pollard
VOSS Berta Sue Pollard
VOSS Clarence N. Pollard
VOSS Dolly M. Denison
VOSS Geneva May Redland
VOSS George C. Denison
VOSS Helen Louise Denison
VOSS Hershel J. Pollard
VOSS Homer Pollard
VOSS Hubert Calvin Redland
VOSS Jasper J. "Jack" Redland
VOSS John Clinton Pollard
VOSS Minnie Pollard
VOSS Myrtle Haworth
VOSS Therman Newton Pollard
VOSS Willie Myrtle Canfield
VOYLES Alva L. Pollard
VOYLES Grace Trula Denison
VOYLES Laura E. Pollard
VOYLES Roy C. Denison

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