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Gene Phillips - McCurtain County Archivist

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Burial Index


TAAFFE Alice Denison
TAAFFE Francis Denison
TABOR Thomas Wm. Eagletown
TACKETT George Woodrow Holly Creek
TACKETT Leo Thomas Holly Creek
TACKETT Mary Minnie Holly Creek
TACKETT Mrs. Holly Creek
TACKETT Oletha Holly Creek
TADLOCK Baby Moran
TADLOCK Baby Girl Redland
TADLOCK Burrell Moran
TADLOCK Dora Moran
TADLOCK Gladys Wright City
TADLOCK Gracie Moran
TADLOCK Kenneth Leroy Moran
TADLOCK Lillie Moran
TADLOCK Pixie Renea Moran
TAFT Michael Crown Hill
TAIT Rodney L. Crown Hill
TAKINLY Mrs. D.A. Old Valliant
TALBERT Martha Elizabeth Denison
TALBERT Ruby Clegg Denison
TALBERT Walter Leon Denison
TALLEY Francis Sherwood
TALLEY George R. Sherwood
TALLEY Hal Lee Sherwood
TALLEY Henry Moran
TALLEY Infant Sherwood
TALLEY Jeff Davis Sherwood
TALLEY Jim Moran
TALLEY Julius Eugene Moran
TALLEY Lyda E. Sherwood
TALLEY Mary E. Moran
TALLEY Mary Emma Sherwood
TALLEY Violet Louise Moran
TANKERSLEY Hattie Ma Bethel
TANNER Dan D. Denison
TAPLEY Baby Girl Denison
TAPLEY Bessie Denison
TAPLEY Doyle E. Denison
TAPLEY Edmon L. Canfield
TAPLEY Faye Denison
TAPLEY Irvin Denison
TAPLEY Jay Paul Denison
TAPLEY Stella M. Denison
TAPLEY Thelma E. Denison
TAPLEY Walter E. Denison
TAPLEY Willa Mae "Bug" Canfield
TAPLEY Worth J. Denison
TARFFE Mark DeSales Garvin
TARR John P. Broken Bow
TARVER Eunice C. Watson Memorial
TARVER Lloyd Watson Memorial
TASH Carol Redland
TASH Jewel Redland
TATE Eulah Mae Bethel
TATE Everett Bethel
TATE Hazel Watson Memorial
TATE James Old Valliant
TATE John T. Sherwood
TATE Noah Joe Bethel
TATE Tulsa Louise Bethel
TATE William E. "Bill Bethel
TATE William Hodge Broken Bow
TATUM Bertie W. Moran
TATUM Dora E. Moran
TATUM James Denison
TATUM James Noah Jr. Moran
TATUM Jimmy D. Moran
TATUM Julia Ann Moran
TATUM Louie C. Wright City
TATUM Mary Lee Moran
TATUM Mose Moran
TATUM Rube Moran
TATUM Sterling T. Moran
TATUM Wiley F. Moran
TATUM Willie Moran
TAYLOR A. Jean Hochatown
TAYLOR A.G. Old Valliant
TAYLOR A.P. Denison
TAYLOR Absalom James Garvin
TAYLOR Ada Hughes Denison
TAYLOR Albert Forest Hill
TAYLOR Alfres A. Jr. Wright City
TAYLOR Amos Lee Watson Memorial
TAYLOR Annie P. Glover
TAYLOR Arthur C. Glover
TAYLOR Aubrey Glover
TAYLOR Avie K. Eagletown
TAYLOR Belle Holly Creek
TAYLOR Candasa Glover
TAYLOR Carmen Marie NunihChito
TAYLOR Charles W. Forest Hill
TAYLOR Charlie H. Broken Bow
TAYLOR Claude L. Holly Creek
TAYLOR Daisy Denison
TAYLOR Daisy R. Denison
TAYLOR Dalton Broken Bow
TAYLOR Dean Hochatown
TAYLOR Derrell P. Denison
TAYLOR Dollie Lorene Broken Bow
TAYLOR Dorothy Jean Redland
TAYLOR Edna Denison
TAYLOR Effie L. Denison
TAYLOR Ellen Haworth
TAYLOR Ellis B. Sr. Broken Bow
TAYLOR Eula B. Denison
TAYLOR Evalyn E. Forest Hill
TAYLOR Fannie Louci Wright City
TAYLOR Florence E. Forest Hill
TAYLOR Frances Garvin
TAYLOR Fred D. Denison
TAYLOR Fred E. Forest Hill
TAYLOR G.F. Holly Creek
TAYLOR Gale Broken Bow
TAYLOR George W. Redland
TAYLOR George W. Wright City
TAYLOR Herbert "Jody" Slater Memorial
TAYLOR Hubbert E. Holly Creek
TAYLOR Hubert Lee Glover
TAYLOR India Glover
TAYLOR J. Bruce Denison
TAYLOR J.T. Holly Creek
TAYLOR J.W. Holly Creek
TAYLOR James Waterhole
TAYLOR James F. "Jim" Glover
TAYLOR Jess D. Denison
TAYLOR Jessie D. Denison
TAYLOR Jessie Youle Slater Memorial
TAYLOR Jimmy Lee Eagletown
TAYLOR Jincy Goodland
TAYLOR Joanna Goodland
TAYLOR Joe Cowboy Broken Bow
TAYLOR John J. Denison
TAYLOR John J. Glover
TAYLOR John Jaspy Hochatown
TAYLOR John Wallace Holly Creek
TAYLOR Larry Kent Lukfata
TAYLOR Leslie Denison
TAYLOR Lona Hochatown
TAYLOR Marie W. Hochatown
TAYLOR Mattie D. Holly Creek
TAYLOR Melvin G. Eagletown
TAYLOR Milton Nelson Garvin
TAYLOR Nancy A. Forest Hill
TAYLOR Norma Sue Broken Bow
TAYLOR Ollie Mae Slater Memorial
TAYLOR Ralph Denison
TAYLOR Rhonda Fay Watson Memorial
TAYLOR Robert L. Watson Memorial
TAYLOR S. Eugene Broken Bow
TAYLOR Sarah M. Sherwood
TAYLOR Sophie Canfield
TAYLOR Thelmer O."Bud" Forest Hill
TAYLOR Thomas W. Garvin
TAYLOR Tonya Delane Slater Memorial
TAYLOR Valarie Jean Glover
TAYLOR Verna Mat Broken Bow
TAYLOR W.D. Dr. Denison
TAYLOR William Canfield
TAYLOR William H. Redland
TAYLOR William P. Broken Bow
TAYLOR Zachary Glover
TEAL Lavonia Eagletown
TEAL N. Broken Bow
TEDDER Howard A. Watson Memorial
TEEL Annie Waterhole
TEEL Bernard P. Waterhole
TEEL Cleva Holly Creek
TEEL Colin J. Waterhole
TEEL Dessie M. Wright City
TEEL Emma Crown Hill
TEEL Hester A. Waterhole
TEEL Jessie H. Crown Hill
TEEL Leslie M. Waterhole
TEEL Lewis Waterhole
TEEL Louis H. Wright City
TEEL Ralph Holly Creek
TEEL Virginia C. Waterhole
TEETER Elsie Eagletown
TEETER Fred Thomas Eagletown
TEETER William Eagletown
TEKUBBI Sally Holly Creek
TEKUBBI Sam "Lige" Holly Creek
TEKUBIE Donald Denison
TEKUBIE Edna Denison
TEKUBIE Ronald Denison
TEMPLE C.A. "Tom" Glover
TEMPLE C.W. Broken Bow
TEMPLE Elizabeth May Crown Hill
TEMPLE Fredrick W. Crown Hill
TEMPLE Fredrick W. Jr. Crown Hill
TEMPLE Harvey C. Glover
TEMPLE Henry B. Glover
TEMPLE Laura J. Crown Hill
TEMPLE Louise Lukfata
TEMPLE Opal Glover
TEMPLES Billy Beau Watson Memorial
TEMPLETON E. Belle Broken Bow
TEMPLETON Rhoda Elizabeth Redland
TERRY C.R. Pollard
TERRY Faye Pollard
TERRY Jack D. Denison
TERRY John L. Pollard
TERRY Myrtle E. Pollard
TEVEBAUGH Eva Broken Bow
THAIN Trison Broken Bow
THEARL David Thomas Slater Memorial
THEARL Thomas Jefferson Wright City
THOMAS Albert Lane Sr. Slater Memorial
THOMAS Albert W. Crown Hill
THOMAS Allie Mae Moran
THOMAS Amanda Alice Denison
THOMAS Ancil H. Broken Bow
THOMAS Annie Belle Bethel
THOMAS Artie Hubert Moran
THOMAS Ben Carrol Redland
THOMAS Bettie Adeline Moran
THOMAS Bock Oma Denison
THOMAS Carl W. Holly Creek
THOMAS Charles H. Holly Creek
THOMAS Charlie R. Redland
THOMAS D.P."Dock" Denison
THOMAS David W. Moran
THOMAS Denver Carl Denison
THOMAS Dewey D. Redland
THOMAS Doris Clarkson Denison
THOMAS Dorothy M. Crown Hill
THOMAS Elroy "Tommy" Hochatown
THOMAS Emma J. Wright City
THOMAS Fawnsie Dell Bethel
THOMAS Florence A. Denison
THOMAS Genevieve Rock Hill
THOMAS George A. Bethel
THOMAS Geraldine M. Broken Bow
THOMAS Hattie Hunter Rock Hill
THOMAS Hazel L. Denison
THOMAS Henry Broken Bow
THOMAS Homer B. Crown Hill
THOMAS Ira Broken Bow
THOMAS Iva Jane Redland
THOMAS J. Pat Redland
THOMAS J.D. Watson Memorial
THOMAS Jack Houston Denison
THOMAS James Henry Moran
THOMAS Jane KulliChito
THOMAS Jane KulliTuklo
THOMAS John Wright City
THOMAS John Archie Denison
THOMAS John Monroe Redland
THOMAS Josephine A. Broken Bow
THOMAS Josephine Hayes Goodland
THOMAS Kenneth Clarkson Denison
THOMAS Kenneth V. Moran
THOMAS Lettie Ann Wright City
THOMAS Levisie Denison
THOMAS Lillian Stout Holly Creek
THOMAS Linnie B. Crown Hill
THOMAS Lona Wright City
THOMAS Lucille Tommie Moran
THOMAS Marion H. Wright City
THOMAS Mary Jane Rufe
THOMAS Mike McCurtain Bethel
THOMAS Onis J. Rock Hill
THOMAS Opal E. Denison
THOMAS Oracy KulliChito
THOMAS Oracy KulliTuklo
THOMAS Otis V. Moran
THOMAS Phoebe Goodland
THOMAS Picken KulliChito
THOMAS Picken KulliTuklo
THOMAS Raymond Goodland
THOMAS Rose May Denison
THOMAS Rusha S. Redland
THOMAS Sam Paralee Denison
THOMAS Thelma Jo Holly Creek
THOMAS Vickie Lee Hochatown
THOMAS Vora Idabel Redland
THOMAS W.C. Wright City
THOMAS Walter A. Broken Bow
THOMAS Wesley Jackson Holly Creek
THOMAS William Lonnie Goodland
THOMAS Willie Lee Holly Creek
THOMAS Zenora Watson Memorial
THOMASON Art F. "Short" Crown Hill
THOMASON David Broken Bow
THOMASON Emma H. Crown Hill
THOMASON Mart R. Crown Hill
THOMASON R.F. "Bud" Crown Hill
THOMASON Ruby Magaline Broken Bow
THOMASON Viola T. Crown Hill
THOMPSON Ada Denison
THOMPSON Albert C. Forest Hill
THOMPSON Alexander H. Holly Creek
THOMPSON Andrew D. Denison
THOMPSON Annie Canfield
THOMPSON Ardella F. Eagletown
THOMPSON B.H. Ball Eagletown
THOMPSON Barbara Ann Canfield
THOMPSON Barbara Ann Slater Memorial
THOMPSON Barney Glover
THOMPSON Bert Glover
THOMPSON Bertie Canfield
THOMPSON Bessie E. Denison
THOMPSON Caroline Crown Hill
THOMPSON Charles A. Glover
THOMPSON Charlie Bokhoma
THOMPSON Christene Denison
THOMPSON Clelan Ray Broken Bow
THOMPSON Cleo Denison
THOMPSON D.L. Bill Hochatown
THOMPSON David Scott Denison
THOMPSON Donald Louis Broken Bow
THOMPSON Earnest E. Crown Hill
THOMPSON Edgar Eagletown
THOMPSON Edward "Ed" Jr. Slater Memorial
THOMPSON Edward E. Canfield
THOMPSON Eldon Pershing Redland
THOMPSON Emma J. Wright City
THOMPSON Eppie A. Pollard
THOMPSON Eva Crown Hill
THOMPSON Florence A. Crown Hill
THOMPSON Helen Goble Denison
THOMPSON Ira Mae Canfield
THOMPSON Irvin Daniel Denison
THOMPSON Ivalene Denison
THOMPSON Jack Eagletown
THOMPSON Jack C. Broken Bow
THOMPSON James R. Crown Hill
THOMPSON James W. Forest Hill
THOMPSON Jesse Slater Memorial
THOMPSON Jessie Denison
THOMPSON Joel John Canfield
THOMPSON John J. Hochatown
THOMPSON John Jr. Forest Hill
THOMPSON John W. Crown Hill
THOMPSON L. E. Forest Hill
THOMPSON Lawrence O. Sherwood
THOMPSON Lee Broken Bow
THOMPSON Leonie KulliChito
THOMPSON Leonie KulliTuklo
THOMPSON Leslie C. Glover
THOMPSON Letha Louise Denison
THOMPSON Lottie Mae Slater Memorial
THOMPSON Madeline Eagletown
THOMPSON Manfred Stanley Canfield
THOMPSON Margie Bokhoma
THOMPSON Marion T. Glover
THOMPSON Marlin Kenneth Canfield
THOMPSON Mary E. Canfield
THOMPSON Mary Elizabeth Canfield
THOMPSON Maymie Denison
THOMPSON Merle Redland
THOMPSON Minnie J. Eagletown
THOMPSON Missey KulliChito
THOMPSON Missey KulliTuklo
THOMPSON Mrs. J.R. Broken Bow
THOMPSON Mrs. J.R. Crown Hill
THOMPSON Myrtle Eagletown
THOMPSON Naomi Zell Denison
THOMPSON Newman Ray Denison
THOMPSON Paul Henry Broken Bow
THOMPSON Pearl Broken Bow
THOMPSON Phillip Broken Bow
THOMPSON Quinton A. Denison
THOMPSON R.A. "Monk" Denison
THOMPSON Retha M. Hochatown
THOMPSON Robert A. Haworth
THOMPSON Robert Wayne Denison
THOMPSON Rosa L. Forest Hill
THOMPSON Sally Jean Hochatown
THOMPSON Sam H. Holly Creek
THOMPSON Samuel Francis Eagletown
THOMPSON Stanley O. Canfield
THOMPSON Susie Mae Slater Memorial
THOMPSON Teddy Slater Memorial
THOMPSON Theona D. Holly Creek
THOMPSON Thomas B. Glover
THOMPSON Tommy Denison
THOMPSON Vera Broken Bow
THOMPSON Verda E. Holly Creek
THOMPSON Virgil Canfield
THOMPSON Virginia Glover
THOMPSON Walter M. Garvin
THOMPSON William "Bill" Canfield
THOMPSON William C. Denison
THOMPSON William Everett Slater Memorial
THOMPSON William Hamilton Eagletown
THOMPSON William Henry Denison
THOMPSON Woodrow W. Canfield
THORNTON Edessa Bera Eagletown
THORNTON George E. Sr. Eagletown
THORP Ben F. Wright City
THORP Nannie O. Wright City
THRASHER Bill Pollard
THRASHER George E. Pollard
THRONE Maudie Pollard
THURMAN Brian Scott Denison
THURMAN Claud Broken Bow
THURMAN Cora Broken Bow
THURMAN Frona A. Broken Bow
THURMAN Irene Broken Bow
THURMAN James W. Broken Bow
THURMAN John Wesley Broken Bow
THURMAN Kansas Broken Bow
THURMAN Roy Broken Bow
THWEATT Charles L. Broken Bow
THWEATT Isa L. Broken Bow
THWEATT Tisha Elvira Holly Creek
THWEATT William Gerome Holly Creek
TICKNOR J. Lloyd Denison
TICKNOR Sybel M. Denison
TIDMORE Clifford Wright City
TIDMORE Frances Margaret Broken Bow
TIDMORE Jimmy Dwain Waterhole
TIDMORE Joseph Holly Creek
TIDMORE Kenneth Hochatown
TIDMORE King David Broken Bow
TIDMORE Margarett Odessa Watson Memorial
TIDMORE Sidney Holly Creek
TIDWELL A. B. "Ted" Forest Hill
TIDWELL Arthur Denison
TIDWELL C.L. Crown Hill
TIDWELL Charlene Redland
TIDWELL Dallas E. Redland
TIDWELL Emerson C. Redland
TIDWELL Frank E. Redland
TIDWELL J. D. "Jake" Forest Hill
TIDWELL James J. Forest Hill
TIDWELL Mary Jo Forest Hill
TIDWELL Nellie Crown Hill
TIDWELL Nora Bell Redland
TIDWELL Sarah E. Redland
TIDWELL Ted Doyle Redland
TIDWELL William H. Redland
TILLERY Alan D. Canfield
TILLERY James Holly Creek
TILLERY Opal Dee Holly Creek
TILTON Robert Broken Bow
TILTON Turner Broken Bow
TIMBES Lewis Harmon Watson Memorial
TIMBES Willie Verne Watson Memorial
TIMS Fannie L. Denison
TINER Allen B. Denison
TINER Loes Canfield
TINER Mary Canfield
TINER R.W. "Bob" Canfield
TINER Walter D. Canfield
TINSLEY Clyde V. Denison
TINSLEY Kansas A. Denison
TINSLEY Knowles S. Denison
TINSLEY Mattie Jo Denison
TIPTON Cora E. Redland
TIPTON Dorothy M. Denison
TIPTON Ethel Hochatown
TIPTON Fredrick James Redland
TIPTON Isaac Columbus Redland
TIPTON Vollie Hochatown
TITSWORTH Alma Faye Haworth
TITSWORTH Lloyd Haworth
TITSWORTH Vada S. Denison
TITSWORTH William V. Denison
TITTLE Birdie Denison
TITTLE Nelsie E. Denison
TITTSWORTH Pinkney P. Bokhoma
TITTSWORTH Rosie Bokhoma
TITTSWORTH Willie R. Bokhoma
TODD Alice Louise Watson Memorial
TODD Billy Carl Glover
TODD Bobby Charles Watson Memorial
TODD Charlie F. Forest Hill
TODD Delphia May Denison
TODD Dollie B. Glover
TODD Dorothy M. Slater Memorial
TODD Elmer Wright City
TODD Elmer J. Slater Memorial
TODD Gwendolyn Louise Eagletown
TODD Henry Jacob Denison
TODD Irene Eagletown
TODD Jane Leona Eagletown
TODD John L. Denison
TODD Lonnie Carroll Eagletown
TODD Lonnie H. Eagletown
TODD Lou Rena Forest Hill
TODD Rosetta Slater Memorial
TODD William Lukfata
TODD William Julius Rev. Lukfata
TODD Willie T. "Boley" Slater Memorial
TOLAND Lee Denison
TOLBERT Ella Marilyn Holly Creek
TOLISON Enouch T. Philadelphia
TOLISON Jodie Exie Philadelphia
TOLIVER J.B. Watson Memorial
TOLIVER LaVern Watson Memorial
TOLIVER W.E. Broken Bow
TOLIVER William W. Broken Bow
TOLLESON Emma Lulu Broken Bow
TOLLESON Jimmie D. Broken Bow
TOLLESON Johnnie Lynn Eagletown
TOLLESON Lovie Virginia Broken Bow
TOLLESON Mother Broken Bow
TOLLETT Berthenia Hochatown
TOLLETT Dixie Rufe
TOLLETT Florence Rufe
TOLLETT Gary O'Neal Rufe
TOLLETT James T. Rufe
TOLLETT John Wright City
TOLLETT Johnnie C. Denison
TOLLETT Kelsie Hochatown
TOLLETT Lloyd Joe Denison
TOLLETT May Wright City
TOLLISON Jimmy Dewayne Denison
TOLLISON Luther H. Haworth
TOLLISON Luther Hiram Haworth
TOLLISON Rosie Lee Haworth
TOLLIVER Barbara Canfield
TOLLIVER Carl D. Canfield
TOM Carolyn Faye Canfield
TOM Encey M. Canfield
TOM Infant Boy Wright City
TOM Jimmy D. Canfield
TOM John Canfield
TOM Sally Cheree Canfield
TOMLINSON Dale Watson Memorial
TOMLINSON Jana Denison
TOMLINSON Jana Denison
TOMLINSON Mary E. Watson Memorial
TOMLINSON Serena Holly Creek
TOMLINSON Virgil Holly Creek
TOMLINSON W.S. Wright City
TOMLINSON William Holly Creek
TOMPKINS William Jobe Denison
TONIHKA Bertha Mae Denison
TONIHKA Levicy Goodland
TONIHKA Melba Frances Crown Hill
TONIHKA Robert Earl Denison
TONIHKA Wilson Amos Crown Hill
TOON Martin Ray Crown Hill
TOON Mary F. Sherwood
TOON Robert "Bob" Sherwood
TOON Sollie C. Sherwood
TOOTLE Bobby Loran Denison
TOUCHSTONE Beatrice Crown Hill
TOUCHSTONE Bill Ed Crown Hill
TOUCHSTONE Charles Daniel Crown Hill
TOUCHSTONE Eddie Crown Hill
TOUCHSTONE George J. Crown Hill
TOUCHSTONE Infant Dau. Crown Hill
TOUCHSTONE Jerry Wayne Crown Hill
TOUCHSTONE Lena May Crown Hill
TOUCHSTONE Maggie May Crown Hill
TOUCHSTONE Martha Ann Crown Hill
TOUCHSTONE Mary Lou Crown Hill
TOUCHSTONE Mason Crown Hill
TOUCHSTONE Mason Jr. Crown Hill
TOUCHSTONE Rufus G. Crown Hill
TOUCHSTONE Ruvene Crown Hill
TOUCHSTONE Sula A. Crown Hill
TOUCHSTONE William Berry Crown Hill
TOUCHSTONE William E. Crown Hill
TOWERY John Watson Memorial
TOWERY Nona Watson Memorial
TOWNSEND Charles Allen Denison
TOWNSEND Henry Waterhole
TOWNSEND Lowell Wright Pollard
TOWNSEND Mary Waterhole
TOWNSEND Vallie Denison
TOWNSEND William J. Waterhole
TRAILOR William Bunion Hochatown
TRAMMEL D.W. Haworth
TRAMMELL Herman Denison
TRAMMELL May Denison
TRAN Bap Thi Mari Denison
TRAVIS Barbara Ellen Forest Hill
TRAVIS William Forest Hill
TRAYLER Lilly Frances Broken Bow
TRAYLER O.M. Broken Bow
TRAYLER Ollie Broken Bow
TRAYLOR Infant Forest Hill
TREASE Ethel L. Holly Creek
TREAT Arlie R. Denison
TREAT Bertha Irene Watson Memorial
TREAT Jody Harlen Watson Memorial
TREAT Lloyd Watson Memorial
TRIPPLETT William Cecil Hochatown
TROTTER Archie C. Denison
TROTTER Billie P. Denison
TROTTER Keith T. Denison
TRUSTY Grover Lee Wright City
TRUSTY James A. Holly Creek
TRUSTY James Anderson Holly Creek
TRUSTY John Holly Creek
TRUSTY Nita Faye Wright City
TUCK Jordan M. Garvin
TUCKER Alice Janie Bethel
TUCKER Allen Leon Denison
TUCKER Amanda Broken Bow
TUCKER Bertha Maye Denison
TUCKER Betty Elizabeth Forest Hill
TUCKER Charles Kevin Broken Bow
TUCKER Charline Holly Creek
TUCKER Clayton N. Haworth
TUCKER Clyde D. Bethel
TUCKER Dixie H. Denison
TUCKER Earl Celester Denison
TUCKER Elsie Glover
TUCKER Fannie Mae Denison
TUCKER Floyd D. County Line
TUCKER Floyd D. Glover
TUCKER Floyd D. Eagletown
TUCKER George A. Haworth
TUCKER George W. Haworth
TUCKER Hazel Rock Hill
TUCKER James "Mikey" Denison
TUCKER John R. Sr. Crown Hill
TUCKER Lucille V. Haworth
TUCKER Margaret K. Denison
TUCKER Marion W. Sr. Denison
TUCKER Martha J. Haworth
TUCKER Myrle A. Garvin
TUCKER Myrtle May Garvin
TUCKER Owen F. Denison
TUCKER Robert Glover
TUCKER Tammey Lynn Watson Memorial
TUCKER Walter H. Bethel
TUMBLESON George Albert Denison
TUNNELL Lillian Bokhoma
TUNNELL Oscar R. Bokhoma
TUNNELL Oscar R. Bokhoma
TURBYFILL John Michael Canfield
TURKNETT Pearl H. Watson Memorial
TURKNETT Richard David Watson Memorial
TURLEY Lottie Haworth
TURNAGE Alice Mane Forest Hill
TURNAGE Arthur A. Pollard
TURNAGE Carolyn Pollard
TURNAGE Charlene Ann Pollard
TURNAGE Dobie D. Pollard
TURNAGE Doshia Forest Hill
TURNAGE Elbert Arthur Pollard
TURNAGE Emmit A. Canfield
TURNAGE Francis Broken Bow
TURNAGE James Lewis Broken Bow
TURNAGE Jewel Canfield
TURNAGE Lindell Eugene Broken Bow
TURNAGE Luther Denison
TURNAGE Myrtle Belle Broken Bow
TURNAGE Odis E. Forest Hill
TURNAGE Sophia Forest Hill
TURNER Asa Hugh Holly Creek
TURNER Clarence Watson Memorial
TURNER David Denison
TURNER Eudora Holly Creek
TURNER Frank M. Broken Bow
TURNER James Broken Bow
TURNER James M. Holly Creek
TURNER Jessie Garvin
TURNER Lestie A. Denison
TURNER Lola Ann Holly Creek
TURNER Lucy Denison
TURNER Mamie Roseann Watson Memorial
TURNER Marvin Lee Holly Creek
TURNER Tilton Crown Hill
TURNER W.T. Garvin
TURNEY Mary Holly Creek
TURNEY Mary Florence Holly Creek
TURNIPSEED Artimissa E. Garvin
TURNKEY Florence Lukfata
TURPIN Albert Bennett Broken Bow
TURPIN David A. Denison
TURPIN Marie E. Denison
TURRENTINE Edward A. Denison
TUSHKA Silas W. Canfield
TUSKIE Silvia KulliChito
TUSKIE Silvia KulliTuklo
TUSOW Arch Canfield
TUSOW Kate Canfield
TUTT Joe Denison
TUTT Werdna Denison
TUTTLE Claudia Forest Hill
TUTTLE J. P. Forest Hill
TUTTLE Matilda Old Valliant
TUTTLE Preston Old Valliant
TYREE Essie M. Denison
TYREE Isaac P. Denison
TYREE Joseph Jordon Eagletown
TYREE L. Sexton Denison
TYREE Mollie N. Denison
TYREE Nettie Bokhoma
TYREE Norman J. Denison
TYREE William R. Denison
TYSON Robert Lee Crown Hill

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