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Burial Index


SAGE James Madison Denison
SAGER Emma C. Glover
SAGER Herbert H. Glover
SAGER Louis A. Glover
SAGGS Carl Moran
SAGGS George A. Moran
SAGGS Lena Moran
SAM Sherry Lynn Slater Memorial
SAM Sherry Lynn Wright City
SAMELSON Ruth Redland
SAMIS Dewayne Jr. County Line
SAMIS Infant County Line
SAMIS Infant County Line
SAMIS Leroy County Line
SAMIS Linda Faye County Line
SAMIS Lurene County Line
SAMIS Lyman County Line
SAMPLES Homer V. Broken Bow
SAMPSON Amery Philadelphia
SAMPSON Holman W. Hochatown
SAMPSON Maxine Mountain Fork
SAMPSON Ora Mountain Fork
SAMPSON Rev. M.J. Hochatown
SAMPSON Sarah H. Hochatown
SAMPSON Tucker Hochatown
SAMPSON William J. Hochatown
SAMSON Ralph E.G. Forest Hill
SAMUEL Lillie Denison
SAMUELS Benjamin Canfield
SAMUELS Jerry H. Canfield
SAMUELS Rita Kaye Denison
SAMUELS Rosie Nell Canfield
SANCHEZ-ZAMORA Andrea Broken Bow
SANDERS Audrey M. Holly Creek
SANDERS Baby Sherwood
SANDERS Baby Sherwood
SANDERS Ben E. Denison
SANDERS Clemmie A. Denison
SANDERS Corah A. Denison
SANDERS Delores E. Denison
SANDERS Donald Eugene Sherwood
SANDERS Dorthy Crown Hill
SANDERS Dovie Redland
SANDERS Drebon Denison
SANDERS Hal Thomas Denison
SANDERS Harlow Denison
SANDERS Harold M. Crown Hill
SANDERS Henry G. Denison
SANDERS Holsie Glover
SANDERS Inez Hochatown
SANDERS Irvin "Pete" Bethel
SANDERS James C. Denison
SANDERS James D. Denison
SANDERS James M. Denison
SANDERS Jessie James Hochatown
SANDERS Jessie W. Glover
SANDERS Joe Cephas Redland
SANDERS John D. Denison
SANDERS Little James Hochatown
SANDERS Lucy Crown Hill
SANDERS Malessa F. Bethel
SANDERS Margaret Eloise Denison
SANDERS Mary J. Denison
SANDERS Mercedes J. Crown Hill
SANDERS Mollie Denison
SANDERS Orba L. Bethel
SANDERS Quincey Bethel
SANDERS Ruby Lois Sherwood
SANDERS Susie May Watson Memorial
SANDERS Tina Sherwood
SANDERS Venita V. Denison
SANDERS Walter Bethel
SANDERS Walter Redland
SANDERS William M. Denison
SANDERS William S. Sherwood
SANDRIDGE Clinton L. Broken Bow
SANDRIDGE Inez Hochatown
SANDRIDGE Lemuel Hochatown
SANDRIDGE Maggie A. Broken Bow
SANDS Ethel Forest Hill
SANDS Eva F. Broken Bow
SANDS George W. Broken Bow
SANDS Hershel Roberts Forest Hill
SANDS John E. Forest Hill
SANDS John Leroy Forest Hill
SANDS Lougnia Broken Bow
SANDS Louis Riley Broken Bow
SANDS Monroe Broken Bow
SANDS Syble Alene Holly Creek
SANFORD Carolyn J. Rock Hill
SANFORD Jerry C. Slater Memorial
SANFORD John B. Rock Hill
SANFORD John B. Jr. Rock Hill
SANFORD Patsy A. Slater Memorial
SANFORD Viola C. Rock Hill
SANTOS Antonio Denison
SAPAUCH Clara Pearl Denison
SAPAUCH Zada W. Denison
SAPAUGH Ardena C. Denison
SAPAUGH Etta M."Teenie" Denison
SAPAUGH Jake H. Denison
SARGENT Arvil C. Canfield
SARGENT Bela M. Denison
SARGENT Benjamine C. Hochatown
SARGENT Dorothy Canfield
SARGENT Frances V. Canfield
SARGENT Gail Holly Creek
SARGENT Holister R. Canfield
SARGENT J.W. Canfield
SARGENT James H. Canfield
SARGENT John T. Denison
SARGENT Keith Holly Creek
SARGENT Lee Canfield
SARGENT Lene S. Canfield
SARGENT Maggie Canfield
SARGENT Marvin L. Denison
SARGENT Mildred Griffin Forest Hill
SARGENT Orlena Canfield
SARGENT Parlie Denison
SARGENT Patti Canfield
SARGENT R.D. Denison
SARGENT Theo G. Denison
SARGENT Verna L. Denison
SASSER Bernice Rachel Denison
SASSER James Audry Denison
SATTERFIELD Claude N. Denison
SAUL Baby Redland
SAUL Dollie Ann Redland
SAUL Maudie Redland
SAUL Myrtle B. Redland
SAUL Richard Miller Redland
SAVAGE Clara Helen Denison
SAVAGE Clifford Roy Denison
SAVAGE Darrel Wayne Canfield
SAVAGE Detha Myrl Canfield
SAVAGE J.M. Philadelphia
SAVAGE Joann Watson Memorial
SAVAGE Nancy Jo Watson Memorial
SAWYER Katherine E. Denison
SAWYER Ola White Denison
SAWYER Same E. Jr. Denison
SAYLOR Leonard Otis Denison
SAYLOR Leonard R. Denison
SCAGGS Ben Mountain Fork
SCAGGS Elias Pollard
SCAGGS James Earl Mountain Fork
SCANTLIN Mrs. Paul Broken Bow
SCARBERRY Kermit Kenneth County Line
SCARBOR Willie Marie Philadelphia
SCARBOROUGH Dollie Crown Hill
SCARBOROUGH Dollie A. Denison
SCARBOROUGH Henry C. Denison
SCARBOROUGH Nora May Crown Hill
SCARBROUGH Barnett Edward Moran
SCARBROUGH Bobbie Jean Holly Creek
SCARBROUGH Cathryn Moran
SCARBROUGH Hattie Holly Creek
SCARBROUGH James Wesley Broken Bow
SCARBROUGH James Wesley Broken Bow
SCARBROUGH Jessie Lee Broken Bow
SCARBROUGH Jewel Broken Bow
SCARBROUGH John David Holly Creek
SCARBROUGH Laverne Moran
SCARBROUGH Mamie Ranbarger Moran
SCARBROUGH Marie Gladys Moran
SCARBROUGH Mary Tiercy Broken Bow
SCARBROUGH Nancy Holly Creek
SCARBROUGH Paul Holly Creek
SCARBROUGH Robert O. Moran
SCARBROUGH Steve Moris Moran
SCARBROUGH Valentine L. Moran
SCARBROUGH William F. Moran
SCARBROUGH William J. Holly Creek
SCHAFFER Carl L. Hochatown
SCHAFFER Katie L. Hochatown
SCHAFFER Ronald J. Hochatown
SCHATZLEY Charles Watson Memorial
SCHATZLEY Mildred Watson Memorial
SCHILD Mrs. Hugo Old Valliant
SCHLECHT John J. Dr. Denison
SCHLECHT Mary Katherine Denison
SCHNEIDER Pearl Denison
SCHOCH David L. Denison
SCHOCH Orpha L. Denison
SCHOOLCRAFT Alfred Canfield
SCHOOLCRAFT Martha Canfield
SCHULTS Ida Mae Forest Hill
SCHULTS Jack W. Forest Hill
SCHULTS James W. Forest Hill
SCHULTS Lorene Forest Hill
SCHULTS May Forest Hill
SCHULTZ Anneta P. Denison
SCHULTZ Fred A. Denison
SCHULTZ Mallie Denison
SCOGGINS Bell E. Forest Hill
SCOGGINS Cordelia Forest Hill
SCOGGINS James R. Forest Hill
SCONYERS Bessie Mae Moran
SCOTT 2 Infants Bokhoma
SCOTT Agnes E. Moran
SCOTT Andrew G. Denison
SCOTT Annie Sue Denison
SCOTT Birtie B. Holly Creek
SCOTT Effie C. Sherwood
SCOTT Ellis W. Sherwood
SCOTT Emily S. Moran
SCOTT Eulahl Denison
SCOTT Fae Florence Denison
SCOTT Florence F. Denison
SCOTT Fred Richard Denison
SCOTT George Homer Sherwood
SCOTT Gertrude Denison
SCOTT Grady Wendall Moran
SCOTT Helen Sherwood
SCOTT Imon A. Moran
SCOTT Infant Bokhoma
SCOTT James A. Moran
SCOTT Jim L. Moran
SCOTT John Marion Redland
SCOTT John W. Denison
SCOTT Joseph A. Bokhoma
SCOTT Joseph Paul Crown Hill
SCOTT Junior Odell Moran
SCOTT Katie Mae Denison
SCOTT Lena B. Bethel
SCOTT Leslie James Sherwood
SCOTT Louise Crown Hill
SCOTT Luther Denison
SCOTT Mary D. Moran
SCOTT Mary E. Denison
SCOTT Michael Dale Broken Bow
SCOTT Ola Redland
SCOTT Orvel Moran
SCOTT Roy L. Moran
SCOTT Ruby P. Moran
SCOTT Sue P. Denison
SCOTT Thomas D. Jr. Denison
SCOTT Thomas D. Sr. Denison
SCOTT Thomas Morris Denison
SCOTT Thomas Sanders Denison
SCOTT Victor "Dock" Sherwood
SCOTT Walter Graydon Denison
SCOTT Wilbur Denison
SCOTT William D. Sr. Denison
SCOTT William Dolphin Crown Hill
SCOTT Wilma Bokhoma
SCOTT Wilma L. Moran
SCOTT Winfield Sherwood
SCOTT Winston W. Denison
SCRIBNER Beaula F. Eagletown
SCRIBNER Bertie M. Glover
SCRIBNER Dan Eagletown
SCRIBNER John D. Eagletown
SCRIBNER Mrs. S.J. Glover
SCROGGINS Porter Thomas Wright City
SCROGGINS Roxie Mae Wright City
SCROGGINS William T. Wright City
SCULLY Alma Maynard Moran
SEALE Infant Son Moran
SEALS Mary Joan Wright City
SEALS Mary Maggie Holly Creek
SEALS Ricky Don Hochatown
SEALS Robert B. Hochatown
SEARCY Gertrude Dal Canfield
SEARS Jane Bethel
SEATS Alpha E. Holly Creek
SEATS William F. Holly Creek
SEAY J.A. Crown Hill
SEELEY Glenn Daniel Watson Memorial
SEGRAVES Erving E. Denison
SEGRAVES Lorene Redland
SEGRAVES Mary E. Denison
SEGRAVES Thomas Dewaine Redland
SEGRAVES W.T. "Dike" Redland
SEHON Hattie Lee Eagletown
SEHON Will Tom Eagletown
SELF Carl Jr. Garvin
SELF Charles Bobby Garvin
SELF Daniel W. Denison
SELF Dorothy Tucker Denison
SELF Doyle Edward Denison
SELF Lottie Crean Denison
SELF Louise Othella Haworth
SELF Pearl A. Denison
SELLERS Sam J. Denison
SELSMAN Mrs. Frances Forest Hill
SEMONS Augusta Canfield
SEMONS Lee Roy Canfield
SEMONS Louverse Canfield
SEMONS Miller G. Canfield
SEMONS Oleta Coran Canfield
SEMONS O'Neal Canfield
SEMONS Peter LeRoy Canfield
SETTLES Annie Garvin
SETTLES Baby Garvin
SETTLES Baby Garvin
SETTLES Gary Forest Hill
SETTLES Lester Garvin
SETTLES Lovie Matilda Garvin
SEWALL J.L. Broken Bow
SEXTON Amos Denison
SEXTON Henry B. Haworth
SEXTON Nannie Haworth
SEYMORE Elsie Sarah Sherwood
SEYMORE Jonnie Sherwood
SEYMORE William Henry Sherwood
SHACKELFORD Alfred E. Holly Creek
SHAFER Cute Powers Denison
SHAFFER Joyce County Line
SHAFFER Linda Fay Moran
SHAMO Van Denison
SHANE Dosha L. Glover
SHANE George M. Glover
SHANE Nettie May Glover
SHANE Odis Roy Glover
SHANKLES Cecil M Pollard
SHANKLES Charles L. Denison
SHANKLES Estelle Pollard
SHANKLES George L. Denison
SHANKLES Leonard M. Pollard
SHANKLES Mable V. Denison
SHANKLES Nelson Troy Pollard
SHANKLES Oscar W. Pollard
SHANKLES Pamela Sue Pollard
SHANKLES Pearley June Denison
SHARP Albert Holly Creek
SHARP Alice Margaret Holly Creek
SHARP Anna Marie Waterhole
SHARP Claud L. Forest Hill
SHARP Claud S. Waterhole
SHARP Clayton H. Holly Creek
SHARP Doyle Forest Hill
SHARP Edgar Holly Creek
SHARP Faye Canfield
SHARP George W. Forest Hill
SHARP Jimmie Forest Hill
SHARP Lola M. Forest Hill
SHARP O.B. Garvin
SHARP Oda Canfield
SHARP Opal Anderson Denison
SHARP Thomas Henry Holly Creek
SHARP Zadie Forest Hill
SHARPE Jack Denison
SHARPE John C. Denison
SHARPE Lula A. Denison
SHARREN Gladys Broken Bow
SHARRER Elwood Chester Broken Bow
SHARRER Infant Broken Bow
SHARRER Kenneth R. Broken Bow
SHARROCK Mary J."Mollie" Broken Bow
SHARROCK Pearl E. Hochatown
SHARROCK Thomas Harmon Broken Bow
SHARROCK Thurman C. Hochatown
SHARTZER Baby Christopher Canfield
SHAVER James Henry Canfield
SHAVER Laura Canfield
SHAVER Lelia Canfield
SHAW Estelle Broken Bow
SHAW Jesse L. Broken Bow
SHAW Margrett KulliChito
SHAW Margrett KulliTuklo
SHAW Maye B. Moran
SHAW Minnie Bell Eagletown
SHAW Roy Lee Moran
SHAW Samuel KulliChito
SHAW Samuel KulliTuklo
SHAW Willie D. Moran
SHAY Orlando Goodland
SHEFIELD Gracie J. County Line
SHEFIELD Virgil F. County Line
SHEILDS Duncan County Line
SHEILDS Lyda F. County Line
SHELBY Pearl M. Canfield
SHELBY Travis W. Canfield
SHELTON Cecil W. Denison
SHELTON Clarence J. Philadelphia
SHELTON Martin Lee Broken Bow
SHELTON Mary E. Denison
SHEPARD Barbara Lou Wright City
SHEPHERD Bobby G. Slater Memorial
SHEPHERD Catherine Slater Memorial
SHEPHERD Dock Arvin Slater Memorial
SHEPPARD Burrell Forest Hill
SHEPPARD Maudie C. Forest Hill
SHEPPARD Mildred E. Denison
SHEPPARD Vera B. Crown Hill
SHERMAN Jemima Lukfata
SHERRILL Albert D. Denison
SHERRILL Artie Moody Denison
SHERRILL Etta Mae Denison
SHERRILL R.H. Dr. Denison
SHETZER Christopher A. Canfield
SHIELDS Buddy Broken Bow
SHIELDS Commodore P. Broken Bow
SHIELDS Euke Broken Bow
SHIELDS Jerry Carlton Broken Bow
SHIELDS John Broken Bow
SHIELDS Mary Catherene Broken Bow
SHIELDS Mary G. Broken Bow
SHIELDS Wiley Holly Creek
SHIMPOCK Irene E. Philadelphia
SHIPMAN Carrie V. Sherwood
SHIPMAN Dora B. Broken Bow
SHIPMAN Ferd C. Moran
SHIPMAN Gersie E. Moran
SHIPMAN Harold R. Broken Bow
SHIPMAN Laura Bell Broken Bow
SHIPMAN Robert L. Sherwood
SHIPMAN S.R. Broken Bow
SHIPMAN Thomas A. Broken Bow
SHIPMAN Thursa J. Broken Bow
SHIPP Edward M. Denison
SHIPP Jessie Denison
SHIPP Naomi J. Denison
SHIREY David Dwayne Broken Bow
SHIREY Elige Holly Creek
SHIREY Gerald Wayne Holly Creek
SHIREY Isabel Holly Creek
SHIRLEY John Albert Jr. Denison
SHOCKLEY Aner Pollard
SHOCKLEY Baby Pollard
SHOCKLEY Clyde M Canfield
SHOCKLEY Dewey E. Jr. Canfield
SHOCKLEY Frank Denison
SHOCKLEY Louise Canfield
SHOCKLEY Lula I. Canfield
SHOCKLEY Michael Shawn Canfield
SHOCKLEY R.S. "Dick" Pollard
SHOCKLEY Sally Pollard
SHOCKLEY Sam R. Pollard
SHOCKLEY Zelma C. Canfield
SHOMO Suzanna McKinney Philadelphia
SHOMOH Edna KulliChito
SHOMOH Edna KulliTuklo
SHORES Ohlen Albert Crown Hill
SHORT A.J. Eagletown
SHORT Jeremy J. Eagletown
SHORT Juanita E. Eagletown
SHORT Lorena Eagletown
SHORT Maggie Eagletown
SHORT Vada L. Eagletown
SHORT Virginia Denison
SHORT Will M. Denison
SHOULTS Bert B. Denison
SHOULTS Buster C. Holly Creek
SHOULTS Cora F. Holly Creek
SHOULTS Dalmer Denison
SHOULTS Dolis H. Holly Creek
SHOULTS Emmett A. Holly Creek
SHOULTS Grady Holly Creek
SHOULTS Hazel Bell Holly Creek
SHOULTS Lillian I. Holly Creek
SHOULTS Mathew Wood Holly Creek
SHOULTS Patsy R. Holly Creek
SHOULTS Trudie R. Denison
SHOULTS Velt Holly Creek
SHROUDER Bertha L. Broken Bow
SHROUDER George B. Broken Bow
SHROUDER Mary E. Broken Bow
SHROUDER Relda J. Broken Bow
SHUCK Alice F. Crown Hill
SHUCK George M. Crown Hill
SHUGART Jeanie Denison
SHUMAKER Edward Elsie Forest Hill
SHUMAKER Infant Forest Hill
SHUMAKER Phoeby Forest Hill
SHUMAKER Sarah Forest Hill
SHUPERT Ela M Denison
SHUPERT Thomas B."Jack" Denison
SHUPERT Thomas Carl Denison
SIACK J.F.L. Holly Creek
SIDBURY Joseph M. Denison
SIFFORD Albert H. Denison
SIKES Eva S. Redland
SIKES Thomas P. Redland
SILVAS Mary M. Broken Bow
SILVEY Christina Broken Bow
SILVEY I. Ross Broken Bow
SILVEY Infant Broken Bow
SILVEY Ivan Broken Bow
SILVEY Sarah E. Broken Bow
SIMMONS Bert Broken Bow
SIMMONS Cassie Forest Hill
SIMMONS Eld. Cornelius L Canfield
SIMMONS Etta Flora Eagletown
SIMMONS F. J. Forest Hill
SIMMONS Frank Forest Hill
SIMMONS Gina Gayle Eagletown
SIMMONS Henry Forest Hill
SIMMONS Homer Harold Eagletown
SIMMONS Jake Herman Denison
SIMMONS James Forest Hill
SIMMONS Jay H. Broken Bow
SIMMONS Jessie & Bessie Moran
SIMMONS Jim Forest Hill
SIMMONS Jimmy Dean Eagletown
SIMMONS John Clifton Eagletown
SIMMONS Lena Holly Creek
SIMMONS Luther Forest Hill
SIMMONS Mrs. C.L. "Sally" Canfield
SIMMONS Mrs. Ocie Redland
SIMMONS O.A. Pollard
SIMMONS Walter Eagletown
SIMMONS Walter Forest Hill
SIMMONS William H. Eagletown
SIMMONS Wren Broken Bow
SIMPSON Angie Denison
SIMPSON Baby Philadelphia
SIMPSON Baby Philadelphia
SIMPSON Clarence C. Denison
SIMPSON Clifford L. Broken Bow
SIMPSON Delta Agnes Broken Bow
SIMPSON Emma L. Denison
SIMPSON Floyd L. Sr. Denison
SIMPSON James Malcolm Jr. Denison
SIMPSON Jesse Newman Bethel
SIMPSON Jewell B. Denison
SIMPSON Joe T. Denison
SIMPSON John Wallis Dr. Denison
SIMPSON Joseph J. Denison
SIMPSON Katy R. Eagletown
SIMPSON Leta Mae Denison
SIMPSON Marshall Broken Bow
SIMPSON Martha E. Denison
SIMPSON Mary E. Denison
SIMPSON Nellie Jones Denison
SIMPSON Nora Wright City
SIMPSON Robert E. Broken Bow
SIMPSON Roger D. County Line
SIMPSON Sarah E. Broken Bow
SIMPSON Tuck Denison
SIMPSON Violet S. Denison
SIMPSON William B. Denison
SIMS Bettie C. Denison
SIMS Eula B. Denison
SIMS Iva Jane Canfield
SIMS James B. Denison
SIMS Jessie Slater Memorial
SINCLAIR Armintha Canfield
SINCLAIR W.G. Canfield
SINCLAIR Walter Campbell Denison
SINGLETON Arthur F. Canfield
SINGLETON Charles Lewis Redland
SINGLETON Eva I. Redland
SINGLETON Everett A. Holly Creek
SINGLETON Gegil Broken Bow
SINGLETON Guilford D. Holly Creek
SINGLETON Haskel E. Holly Creek
SINGLETON James Preston Canfield
SINGLETON Jewel Holly Creek
SINGLETON Jim Canfield
SINGLETON John Philadelphia
SINGLETON Lenson Broken Bow
SINGLETON Lesta Kay Redland
SINGLETON Medie Canfield
SINGLETON Melvie Canfield
SINGLETON Minnie Canfield
SINGLETON Rachel Holly Creek
SINGLETON Rachel Philadelphia
SINGLETON William C. Broken Bow
SINK William A. Broken Bow
SINNS Elmer James Jr. Broken Bow
SISCO Abbie Glover
SISK Charles D. Crown Hill
SISK James M. Old Valliant
SISK Jimmie Delbert County Line
SISK Karen D. Crown Hill
SISK Marion Louise County Line
SISK Mary Old Valliant
SISK Terry Don Crown Hill
SIVARD Gary W. Denison
SKAGGS Ted Barnett Wright City
SKEENS John F. Broken Bow
SKEENS Johnny R. Broken Bow
SKELTON Betty Broken Bow
SKELTON Clyde Edward Slater Memorial
SKELTON Cora Bell Denison
SKELTON David Charles Wright City
SKELTON Era Belle Slater Memorial
SKELTON Jack Lloyd Broken Bow
SKELTON James M. Denison
SKELTON Jimmy Lloyd Broken Bow
SKELTON John W. Holly Creek
SKELTON John William Broken Bow
SKELTON Lydia Broken Bow
SKELTON Mary Holly Creek
SKIEENS James Robert Wright City
SKIEENS Mary Isabell Wright City
SKINNER Fannie L. Denison
SKINNER Margaret Canfield
SKINNER Sallie J. Broken Bow
SLABAUGH Henry A. Wright City
SLABAUGH Henry C. Slater Memorial
SLABAUGH Jano Albert Wright City
SLABAUGH Pearl Angeline Slater Memorial
SLABOUGH Alfred Philadelphia
SLABOUGH Eloisie Philadelphia
SLATER Amanda Newton Denison
SLATER Annie DeVine Slater Memorial
SLATER Helen Broken Bow
SLATER J. Walter Watson Memorial
SLATER Joseph R. "Joe" Slater Memorial
SLATER Norene Denison
SLATER Pete Earnest Denison
SLATER Russell Slater Memorial
SLATER Sylvia Watson Memorial
SLATER William C. Sr. Denison
SLATON Arthur M. Broken Bow
SLATON Lola Mildred Hochatown
SLOAN John A. Eagletown
SMALL Ellen Redland
SMALLEY Joe Forest Hill
SMALLING Allen Rohelar Holly Creek
SMALLING Alta V. County Line
SMALLING Audie Mae County Line
SMALLING Conzia G. Hochatown
SMALLING Doyal D. County Line
SMALLING Elvira L. County Line
SMALLING George W. County Line
SMALLING George W. County Line
SMALLING Gerald W. County Line
SMALLING Hattie F. County Line
SMALLING Howard C. County Line
SMALLING Hubert County Line
SMALLING Jerry County Line
SMALLING Joe R. Holly Creek
SMALLING Jr. County Line
SMALLING Linda Sue County Line
SMALLING Marguret Inez Hochatown
SMALLING Mildred Hochatown
SMALLING Nettie Adams Holly Creek
SMALLING William James County Line
SMART Charles H. Broken Bow
SMART Ilma Broken Bow
SMART Judy Violet Broken Bow
SMATHERS Julie Ann Byrne Holly Creek
SMITH Agnes L. Broken Bow
SMITH Albert N. Watson Memorial
SMITH Albert T. Hochatown
SMITH Alex Ray Forest Hill
SMITH Allie Hochatown
SMITH Alma E. Broken Bow
SMITH Angeline Broken Bow
SMITH Annie E. Denison
SMITH Annie Lusenday Canfield
SMITH Artie County Line
SMITH Artie Glover
SMITH Baby Broken Bow
SMITH Bennett W. Denison
SMITH Bernadine L. Hochatown
SMITH Bessie Fannie Watson Memorial
SMITH Betty Jo Holly Creek
SMITH Billy S. Crown Hill
SMITH Billy Wayne Pollard
SMITH Bobbie Lou Denison
SMITH Bonnie Sue Holly Creek
SMITH Bryce Cole Crown Hill
SMITH C.H. Canfield
SMITH Calvert M. Holly Creek
SMITH Calvin County Line
SMITH Carl J. Holly Creek
SMITH Carl Julius Eagletown
SMITH Carl T. Broken Bow
SMITH Cazie Edward Duane Slater Memorial
SMITH Celeste (Long) Canfield
SMITH Charley A. Holly Creek
SMITH Charlie H. Pollard
SMITH Claire B. Denison
SMITH Clarence Monroe Pollard
SMITH Clarence William Holly Creek
SMITH Clifford E. Crown Hill
SMITH Clifford Lee. Crown Hill
SMITH Clifford S. Watson Memorial
SMITH Dennis Hochatown
SMITH Don J. Denison
SMITH Dora Lee Forest Hill
SMITH Dorothy Holly Creek
SMITH Drury County Line
SMITH Earl R. Slater Memorial
SMITH Edith Crown Hill
SMITH Edith Hochatown
SMITH Edmond Hochatown
SMITH Elbert E. Eagletown
SMITH Elbridge Broken Bow
SMITH Elsie W. Redland
SMITH Emery F. Broken Bow
SMITH Erna Crown Hill
SMITH Essie Bokhoma
SMITH Ethel Mae Bethel
SMITH Eulah Crown Hill
SMITH Evelyn Eagletown
SMITH F. Barrett Denison
SMITH Francis Broken Bow
SMITH Frank Holly Creek
SMITH Frank Old Valliant
SMITH G.W. Bokhoma
SMITH General Crown Hill
SMITH George Henry Watson Memorial
SMITH George T. Broken Bow
SMITH Gertie E. Holly Creek
SMITH Gertrude Bethel
SMITH Grace A. Haworth
SMITH Guy Dean Canfield
SMITH Harry K. Watson Memorial
SMITH Haskell Ray Bethel
SMITH Helen Irene Holly Creek
SMITH Herman Bethel
SMITH Herman Temple Canfield
SMITH Hugh Christopher Denison
SMITH Infant Sherwood
SMITH Infant Daughter Watson Memorial
SMITH Infant Son Broken Bow
SMITH Ira Denison
SMITH Ira V. Garvin
SMITH Iris Denison
SMITH J. Pink Broken Bow
SMITH J.B. Old Valliant
SMITH J.T. Denison
SMITH J.W. "Jim" Broken Bow
SMITH Jack Denison
SMITH James "Bobo" Broken Bow
SMITH James B. Oakgrove
SMITH James Cecil Eagletown
SMITH James H. Forest Hill
SMITH James M. Jr. Slater Memorial
SMITH James Palmer Holly Creek
SMITH James William Crown Hill
SMITH Jane Forest Hill
SMITH Jeffrey Todd Denison
SMITH Jess J. Holly Creek
SMITH Jessie Howard Broken Bow
SMITH Jim H. Broken Bow
SMITH Jim Lewis Moran
SMITH Joe D. Moran
SMITH John Jackson Broken Bow
SMITH John P. "Jack" Bethel
SMITH John W. Denison
SMITH Kathryn K. Pollard
SMITH Kenneth Eagletown
SMITH Kenneth Watson Memorial
SMITH Kenneth G. Holly Creek
SMITH Kermit Gray Holly Creek
SMITH L. Clauzell Watson Memorial
SMITH Larry DeWitt Forest Hill
SMITH Laura J. Broken Bow
SMITH Lena F. Holly Creek
SMITH Leonard Glover
SMITH Leota Crown Hill
SMITH Lillie Alberta Broken Bow
SMITH Lillie Bell Watson Memorial
SMITH Lillie J. Moran
SMITH Lottie G. Denison
SMITH Louise E. Denison
SMITH Loyal Keith Moran
SMITH Lucille R. Denison
SMITH Lucy Dee Watson Memorial
SMITH Mamie Pollard
SMITH Margaret Sue Canfield
SMITH Marie Elizabeth Broken Bow
SMITH Marshall Crown Hill
SMITH Marvin B. Garvin
SMITH Mary County Line
SMITH Mary Elizabeth Canfield
SMITH Mary Frances Crown Hill
SMITH Mary June Holly Creek
SMITH Mary L. Holly Creek
SMITH Mary Lynn Denison
SMITH Mat Jackson Forest Hill
SMITH Mattie Bell Watson Memorial
SMITH Maurine Thomas Moran
SMITH May Holly Creek
SMITH Melody Jeane Eagletown
SMITH Merell Theodore Canfield
SMITH Michael Lynn Forest Hill
SMITH Moman Preston Denison
SMITH Mosco Leafford Watson Memorial
SMITH Mrs. C.D. Forest Hill
SMITH Mrs. J.A. Broken Bow
SMITH Myrtle Denison
SMITH Nancy C. Bokhoma
SMITH Nellie R. Denison
SMITH Noah Wenty Crown Hill
SMITH Nora Denison
SMITH Nora Alice Forest Hill
SMITH Nora Lee Broken Bow
SMITH Nora Lee Holly Creek
SMITH Olan Forest Hill
SMITH Oliver Moran
SMITH Ona "Swan" Broken Bow
SMITH Onah Nancy Bokhoma
SMITH Opal R. Denison
SMITH Otis F. Haworth
SMITH Rachel Moran
SMITH Raymond Larry Moran
SMITH Rebecca Glover
SMITH Rena A. Broken Bow
SMITH Ricky Gene Canfield
SMITH Robert C. Forest Hill
SMITH Robert Franklin Crown Hill
SMITH Robert Lee Forest Hill
SMITH Rosie Holly Creek
SMITH Roy C. Moran
SMITH Ruth Marie Bethel
SMITH Samuel H. Denison
SMITH Sarah Denison
SMITH Sarah Elizabeth Crown Hill
SMITH Secil Bokhoma
SMITH Shady Hays Bethel
SMITH Telisa Dee Forest Hill
SMITH Thomas L. Broken Bow
SMITH Tina Michelle Pollard
SMITH Tommie G. Moran
SMITH Victor H. Pollard
SMITH Violet May Denison
SMITH Vivian E. Holly Creek
SMITH W.M. Denison
SMITH W.R. Bokhoma
SMITH Waleda A. Denison
SMITH Walter Gray Holly Creek
SMITH Walter Warren Holly Creek
SMITH Walton Phillip Forest Hill
SMITH Wilburn P. Bethel
SMITH Will Glover
SMITH Willa Mae Denison
SMITH William B. Denison
SMITH William Clarence Holly Creek
SMITH William D. Moran
SMITH William G. County Line
SMITHSON George W. Philadelphia
SMITHSON Hollie A. Philadelphia
SMITHSON Minnie E. Denison
SMITHSON Rosie Canfield
SMOTHERS Johnny County Line
SNADERS Bertha Katherine Broken Bow
SNAPP Joney Herndon Wright City
SNAPP Marvin Ray Wright City
SNEAD Edward P. Denison
SNEAD Lisa A. Watson Memorial
SNEAD Opal K. Denison
SNEAD Rosalie Watson Memorial
SNEAD Ross Edward Watson Memorial
SNELL Baby Girl Redland
SNELL Ernest P. Redland
SNELL Jewel Redland
SNIDER Austin L. Denison
SNIDER Ella Cornelis Pollard
SNIDER Ester J. Broken Bow
SNIDER Henry N. Redland
SNIDER Nennar M. Redland
SNIDER S.L. Crown Hill
SNOW Delbert Glover
SNOW Emma Glover
SNOW James M. Glover
SNOW James M."Honey" Watson Memorial
SNOW Lona Glover
SNOW Mamie C. Watson Memorial
SNOW Otis "Pete" Glover
SNOW Robert Lee Glover
SNOWDEN Clifford A. Broken Bow
SNOWDEN Hab Broken Bow
SNYDER David Scott Denison
SOIRES Isaac Old Valliant
SONGER Cornelia Denison
SONGER Isaac M. Denison
SORELS James Henry Denison
SORRELL Bessie E. Broken Bow
SORRELL Cash M. Broken Bow
SORRELL David W. Hochatown
SORRELL Dolly Merle Broken Bow
SORRELL Irene DeLaune Denison
SORRELL J.R. Bokhoma
SORRELL James Richard Broken Bow
SORRELL John Lewis Wright City
SORRELL Lottie Faye Wright City
SORRELL Louise Broken Bow
SORRELL Lucian Hochatown
SORRELL Marvin E. Hochatown
SORRELL Pearl Helen Hochatown
SORRELL Robert E. Jr. Broken Bow
SORRELL Ruby E. Hochatown
SORRELL Tom Denison
SORRELL William Loyd Denison
SORRELLS Emma Redland
SORRELLS Emmett G. Redland
SORRELLS H. D. Redland
SORRELLS Infant Redland
SORRELLS Jessie E. Redland
SORRELLS Jim Gus Redland
SORRELLS John Thomas Redland
SORRELLS Laverne Redland
SORRELLS Lyndell Redland
SORRELS Annie E. Holly Creek
SORRELS C.E. Holly Creek
SORRELS Mary Elizabeth Holly Creek
SORY Billy Odell Watson Memorial
SORY Tanesha Marie Watson Memorial
SORY Trebber Jr. Watson Memorial
SORY Treber "Lee" Watson Memorial
SOSSAMAN Emiline Glover
SOSSAMON Carrie Broken Bow
SOSSAMON Cassie Annie Watson Memorial
SOSSAMON Daniel W. Broken Bow
SOSSAMON Frank Broken Bow
SOSSAMON James E. Broken Bow
SOSSAMON Maud Delia Broken Bow
SOSSAMON Virgil Broken Bow
SOSSAMON Wayne Broken Bow
SOTO Tomas Lujan Garvin
SOUTHERLAND Arley Broken Bow
SPANGLER John D. Canfield
SPANGLER Mrs. J.D. Canfield
SPANN Girtie A. Broken Bow
SPANN James N Broken Bow
SPARKMAN Henry J. "Buddy" Rock Hill
SPARKMAN Leslie L. Canfield
SPARKMAN Thomas A. Canfield
SPARKS Charles Holly Creek
SPARKS Elizabeth B. Holly Creek
SPARKS Horace Hampton Moran
SPARKS Marie Moran
SPAULDING Arthur G. Garvin
SPEAKS Robert Lee Sherwood
SPEARS Etta Wright City
SPEARS Joseph L. Eagletown
SPEARS Kate Broken Bow
SPEARS Reba Wright City
SPEARS Sarrah Josephine Canfield
SPEARS Shirley Wright City
SPEARS Thurman Wright City
SPEARS Walter Broken Bow
SPEARS Walton Wright City
SPECH Catherine C. Rufe
SPECH James Silas Rufe
SPECH Lorene C. Rufe
SPECH Robert L. Rufe
SPECH Ruby Rufe
SPECH Ruth Naomi Rufe
SPECK Jane Slater Memorial
SPECK Margie Moran
SPEIGHTS Richard S. Crown Hill
SPENCE Berthie Marie Broken Bow
SPENCE Ernest W. Broken Bow
SPENCE John Henry Broken Bow
SPENCE Martha Broken Bow
SPENCER Alfred Holly Creek
SPENCER Charles Denison
SPENCER Dorothy L. Broken Bow
SPENCER Edward M. Denison
SPENCER Essie Mae Holly Creek
SPENCER Harold Denison
SPENCER Iva Lou Eagletown
SPENCER James Denison
SPENCER Jewell Broken Bow
SPENCER John A. Holly Creek
SPENCER Lulu Bell Denison
SPENCER M.E. Broken Bow
SPENCER Maggie Jane Denison
SPENCER Marguerite Denison
SPENCER Mary Ann Denison
SPENCER Mary E. Denison
SPENCER Melba Louise Denison
SPENCER Nancy E. Holly Creek
SPENCER Ollie H. Sr. Eagletown
SPENCER Ollie Jr. Eagletown
SPENCER Oval Broken Bow
SPENCER Smith William Denison
SPENCER Vera Louise Denison
SPENCER William Denison
SPIGNER Claude E. Denison
SPIGNER Leatha L. Denison
SPIGNER Myrtle M. Denison
SPINCER Jim Lukfata
SPINCER Lydia Lukfata
SPINDLE Mary A. County Line
SPINDLE Mary R. County Line
SPINDLE W. A. County Line
SPLAWN James E. Denison
SPLAWN Opal D. Denison
SPLAWN Sarah Lettye Denison
SPOTTSWOOD John C. Broken Bow
SPRADLING Billy Wayne Redland
SPRADLING Clarence Wayne Redland
SPRADLING Edith Mildred County Line
SPRADLING Elbert Darrell County Line
SPRAGUE I.C. Sr. Denison
SPRAGUE Ira Charles Denison
SPRAGUE Pearl M. Denison
SPURELL J.E. Broken Bow
SQUIRES Bill Denison
SQUIRES Maxine Denison
STAFFORD Betty Jo Glover
STAFFORD Charles F. PonkaBok
STAFFORD Charlie W. Crown Hill
STAFFORD Emma Crown Hill
STAFFORD Franklin Horace Denison
STAFFORD Isaac Branson Crown Hill
STAFFORD Jesse W. PonkaBok
STAFFORD Lawson Lewis Glover
STAFFORD Louisa PonkaBok
STAFFORD Marietta M. Glover
STAFFORD Oscar William Hochatown
STAFFORD Sarah E. J Broken Bow
STAFFORD Walter R. Eagletown
STAFFORD William OLiver Broken Bow
STAGGS Grace Moran
STAGGS Myrick E. Moran
STALEY Carl F. Canfield
STALEY Carson H. Canfield
STALEY Cartie F. Canfield
STALEY Mattie Nobles Broken Bow
STALEY Minnie M. Canfield
STALEY Robert Canfield
STAMPS Alma Nancy Broken Bow
STAMPS Isaac Rufe
STAMPS Thomas William Broken Bow
STANDIFER Luie Forest Hill
STANDIFER Martha Ella Forest Hill
STANDRIDGE Gracie Glover
STANFIELD Arthur V. Forest Hill
STANFIELD Cleveland Forest Hill
STANFIELD Deward B. Waterhole
STANFIELD Edner May Forest Hill
STANFIELD George Forest Hill
STANFIELD Jess William Forest Hill
STANFIELD Mary Forest Hill
STANFIELD Van Franklin Forest Hill
STANFORD Baby Denison
STANFORD Henry C. Denison
STANFORD John Monroe Moran
STANFORD Quincy S. Moran
STANFORD Rosa E. Moran
STANFORD Sally E. Denison
STANLEY C.J."Neal" Denison
STANLEY Charles Lukfata
STANLEY Harvey Bokhoma
STANLEY Infant Bokhoma
STANLEY J.P. Denison
STANLEY Lou Della Denison
STAPP Dale Franklin Canfield
STAPP Johnie F. Canfield
STAPP Lela Alphie Canfield
STARLING Eva Marie Canfield
STARLING Sam Dudley Denison
STARR Fannie S. Forest Hill
STARR J. D. Forest Hill
STARR Thad A. Forest Hill
STAUTER Herman C. Denison
STAUTER John E. Denison
STAUTER John E. Jr. Denison
STAUTER Nettie B. Denison
STEADHAM Eva Broken Bow
STEADHAM John Denison
STEAKLEY Martha Jane Rufe
STEEL Alice Eagletown
STEEL Bessie M. Broken Bow
STEEL Carson W. "Buddy" Glover
STEEL Doris Faye Glover
STEEL Doris L. Glover
STEEL Gladys Mae Hochatown
STEEL Naomi Beck Wright City
STEEL Olus Eldridge Wright City
STEEL Orba D. Broken Bow
STEEL Oscar Broken Bow
STEEL Preston J. Hochatown
STEEL Ronald Lynn Glover
STEELE Edgil Oscar Broken Bow
STEELE Effie M. Denison
STEELE Ethel Forest Hill
STEELE Geraldene Forest Hill
STEELE John T. Broken Bow
STEELE Lottie Fay County Line
STEELE Matilda Jane Broken Bow
STEELE R.T. Denison
STEELE Robert W. County Line
STEELE Ruth M. County Line
STEELE Walter D. Denison
STEELE Walter D."Son" Denison
STEELMAN Elec D. Canfield
STEELMAN Lucinda Alice Canfield
STEEN Harold E. Crown Hill
STEGAL Donnie Sue Denison
STEPHENS Alice C. Denison
STEPHENS Emly Glover
STEPHENS J.M. Wright City
STEPHENS Jessie Oriole Holly Creek
STEPHENS Kathrine Holly Creek
STEPHENS Linas Hochatown
STEPHENS Lomas Hochatown
STEPHENS Mary H. Denison
STEPHENS Mrs. Lou Ila Broken Bow
STEPHENS Nubern E. Denison
STEPHENS Rev. Carl S. Holly Creek
STEPHENS Robert M. Denison
STEPHENS Trena Denison
STEPHENS Virginia Hochatown
STEPHENSON Eva Mae Crown Hill
STEPHENSON Hugh Claud Crown Hill
STEPHENSON Hugh Clyde Broken Bow
STEPHENSON Kelsie Earl Wright City
STEPHENSON Nettie Lemley Broken Bow
STEPHENSON Nona Wright City
STEPHENSON Robert Earl Wright City
STEPHENSON Rosa Jane Broken Bow
STEPP John Eagletown
STEPP Tom Hochatown
STEVENS Fey Eyster Denison
STEVENS John A. Denison
STEVENS John Wade Denison
STEVENS Joseph N. Denison
STEVENS Martha Ann Holly Creek
STEVENS Maxine C. Denison
STEVENS Michael R. Hochatown
STEVENS Minnie Crown Hill
STEVENS Minnie Lee Denison
STEVENS Mrs. T.S. Broken Bow
STEVENS Olie Redland
STEVENS Ollie Abraham Watson Memorial
STEVENS Paul R. Hochatown
STEVENS Ruth I. Holly Creek
STEVENS Zelma J. Watson Memorial
STEVENSON Andrew M. Denison
STEVENSON Charles Crown Hill
STEVENSON Donald Moree Denison
STEVENSON Dr. D. Denison
STEVENSON Elisha A. Crown Hill
STEVENSON Izola B. Crown Hill
STEVENSON James T. Denison
STEVENSON Janice Jo Denison
STEVENSON Jim O. Denison
STEVENSON Linda S. Crown Hill
STEVENSON Mary Sue Denison
STEVENSON Susan Naoma Denison
STEVENSON Thomas Jackson Broken Bow
STEVENSON Walter Thomas Denison
STEWART Albert Lee Wright City
STEWART Augustine Holly Creek
STEWART Carl C. Holly Creek
STEWART Charles J. Denison
STEWART Charles W. Denison
STEWART Dan Holly Creek
STEWART Della Denison
STEWART Della Z. Holly Creek
STEWART Eloise Hochatown
STEWART Ethel E. Denison
STEWART Eula Lee & Baby Wright City
STEWART Evelyna D. Lukfata
STEWART Floyd Jr. Holly Creek
STEWART Gypsy M. Holly Creek
STEWART H. Dean Hochatown
STEWART Horris E. Holly Creek
STEWART James Thomas Denison
STEWART Jewel A. Canfield
STEWART Jewel E. Holly Creek
STEWART Joseph E. Holly Creek
STEWART Lee Roy Holly Creek
STEWART Lena Pearl Holly Creek
STEWART Leona E. Canfield
STEWART Lloyd Jr. Holly Creek
STEWART Lucy E. Glover
STEWART Maggie M. Denison
STEWART Mark Edward Denison
STEWART Marvin W. Holly Creek
STEWART Mary E. Denison
STEWART Milton Oliver Denison
STEWART Morris Lee Canfield
STEWART Nellie Broken Bow
STEWART Oscar F. "Bud" Holly Creek
STEWART Richard E. Canfield
STEWART Riley D. County Line
STEWART Ronald E. Holly Creek
STEWART Rufe Holly Creek
STEWART Saphronia E. Holly Creek
STEWART Steven Denison
STEWART Steven Jr. KulliChito
STEWART Steven Jr. KulliTuklo
STEWART Tom KulliChito
STEWART Tom KulliTuklo
STEWART Viola Holly Creek
STEWART Willie T. Denison
STEWART Worlen T. Broken Bow
STIDHAM John C. Moran
STIDHAM John Royce Moran
STIDHAM Michael Royce Moran
STIDHAM Naomi Moran
STIDHAM Priscella Rufe
STIDHAM Ruth Moran
STIDHAM William R. Rufe
STIFF Azacec Holly Creek
STIFF Henery B. Holly Creek
STIFF Henry L. Holly Creek
STILES Ella Frances Hochatown
STILES James S. Forest Hill
STILES Lena Wright City
STILES Lewis Robert Hochatown
STILES Madaline Forest Hill
STILES Robert D."Bobby" Denison
STILES Robert J."Robbie" Denison
STILL Thomas Hughes Wright City
STILLWELL John Ell Holly Creek
STILLWELL Pearl A. Holly Creek
STINEBAUGH Bertha Dorra Crown Hill
STINEBAUGH Diane Canfield
STINEBAUGH Earsel Canfield
STINEBAUGH Eugene E. Crown Hill
STINEBAUGH Flossie Denison
STINEBAUGH Ruth Canfield
STINNETT Elza Lee Broken Bow
STINNETT Frank Sellon Broken Bow
STINNETT Fred Broken Bow
STINNETT Lillie Elizabeth Broken Bow
STINNETT Rebble Edward Redland
STINNETT Zona Redland
STINSON Andrew J. County Line
STINSON Anna Denison
STINSON John T. Pollard
STINSON Joseph A. Denison
STINSON Laura E. Denison
STINSON Lavina Elza Pollard
STINSON Maude Denison
STIPE Arlo Wright City
STIPE Richard Wright City
STIREWALTZ Ollie W. Denison
STIREWALTZ Roger L. Denison
STOCKTON David Hochatown
STOFREGEN Seth Michel Watson Memorial
STOGDILL J.M. Philadelphia
STOKES Larry County Line
STOKES Lucy Leola Broken Bow
STONE Charles W. Broken Bow
STONE David B. Denison
STONE F. M. Forest Hill
STONE N. Canfield
STONE Sarah E. Canfield
STOREY Franklin A. Denison
STOREY Hansford Lee Holly Creek
STOREY Harris O. Denison
STOREY Herbert Curtis Holly Creek
STOREY Horace A. Holly Creek
STOREY Hubert Crown Hill
STOREY Ike T. Denison
STOREY J.D. Hochatown
STOREY Jimmy Allen Pollard
STOREY Joe Wesley Hochatown
STOREY John Wm. Denison
STOREY Maggie Hochatown
STOREY Maggie Elizabeth Denison
STOREY Martha E. Holly Creek
STOREY Otis O. Holly Creek
STOREY Verna May Crown Hill
STOREY Vye Ann Crown Hill
STORY Alonzo L. Broken Bow
STORY Amanda V. Denison
STORY Bill Crown Hill
STORY Clyde Franklin Crown Hill
STORY Edwin Birl Denison
STORY Edwin G. Denison
STORY Elmer Cleo Broken Bow
STORY Eunice V. Crown Hill
STORY Jimmy Broken Bow
STORY Jodie E. Denison
STORY Nancy E. Denison
STORY Newton E. Denison
STORY Pearl Holly Creek
STORY Ruth Etta Denison
STORY Shelby Holly Creek
STORY Shelby Gray Denison
STORY Sherry Lynn Holly Creek
STORY Truman Jefferson Wright City
STORY William Holly Creek
STORY William G. Denison
STORY William H. Crown Hill
STOUT Ada M. Pollard
STOUT Ader Lee Redland
STOUT Agnes Broken Bow
STOUT Arlin C. Redland
STOUT Bessie Broken Bow
STOUT Carl Holly Creek
STOUT Charles F. Pollard
STOUT Cleo Denison
STOUT Edmond Broken Bow
STOUT Edmund Denison
STOUT Edward Lee Broken Bow
STOUT Eugene "Buddy" Holly Creek
STOUT Frank Broken Bow
STOUT Franklin JOhn Pollard
STOUT Geraldine Pollard
STOUT Heather Lou Ann Pollard
STOUT Infant Broken Bow
STOUT J.A. Holly Creek
STOUT James Holly Creek
STOUT John W. Broken Bow
STOUT Kathryn Roberts Holly Creek
STOUT Kimberly Hope Crown Hill
STOUT Lizzie Eagletown
STOUT Lula E. Holly Creek
STOUT Ruby Lee Holly Creek
STOUT Syble Holly Creek
STOUT Syble Ray Holly Creek
STOUT Vera Denison
STOUT Wanda Sue Holly Creek
STOVALL Baby Boy Bethel
STOVALL Baby Boy Bethel
STOVALL Burdell Bethel
STOVALL Curtis Eagletown
STOVALL Dorothy Lee Eagletown
STOVALL Douglas Canfield
STOVALL Eunice Bethel
STOVALL Jim Arnold Eagletown
STOVALL Lavern Bethel
STOVALL Lee Bethel
STOVALL Mentie Bethel
STOVALL Robert "Bob" Bethel
STOVER Dovie Bethel
STOVER Orvel E. Broken Bow
STOW Infant Hochatown
STRAHAM Samuel Marion Wright City
STRAHAN Ethel Broken Bow
STRAHAN John D. Rock Hill
STRAHAN Zettie Rock Hill
STRAIN Ben A. Denison
STRAIN Carl A. Denison
STRAIN Dan J. Denison
STRAIN Emma "Jackie" Denison
STRAIN Florence Bernice Denison
STRAIN Heber Hochatown
STRAIN Imogene G. Hochatown
STRAIN Maybelle Denison
STRAIN Ted Crown Hill
STRAIN Treber Charles Denison
STRAIT Allie H. "Al" Glover
STRAIT Grant Glover
STRAIT Jewel Elizabeth Glover
STRANGE W.R. Eagletown
STRAWN Beulah Myrtle Denison
STRAWN Carl Denison
STRAWN Daisey Gamble Denison
STRAWN Dan B. Denison
STRAWN Earl Dean Denison
STRAWN Edna Denison
STRAWN George Denison
STRAWN Hiram Clayton Denison
STRAWN James Virgil Denison
STRAWN Lula D. Denison
STRAWN Mae Denison
STRAWN Mary Jo Denison
STRAWN Neva Nell Denison
STRAWN Reed Jr. Denison
STRAWN Reed Sr. Denison
STRAWN Rosco Luke Denison
STRAWN Sarah Ann Denison
STRAWN Virgil FP. Denison
STRAWN Wayne Denison
STRAYHORN Hubert Elmore Slater Memorial
STRAYHORN Stacy Renau Slater Memorial
STRAYHORN Vera Slater Memorial
STRIBLING Bertha Broken Bow
STRIBLING Thomas Cecil Denison
STRICKLAND Daniel A. Bokhoma
STRICKLER Sarah N. Waterhole
STRIPLIN James Kinyard Bethel
STRIPLIN Sabra Bethel
STRIPLIN Wallie E. Bethel
STROTHER Jesse N. Wright City
STROTHER T.N. Wright City
STROUD Ed Wright City
STROUP Ada Moran
STROUP Effie Moran Moran
STROUP Enda V. Moran
STROUP Marjorie Moran
STROUP Raymond D. Moran
STROUP Russell Moran
STROUT Leroy Denison
STROUT Lois Denison
STRUBBLE Benjamin F. Broken Bow
STRUBE Barbara Sue Forest Hill
STRUBE Gussie P. Forest Hill
STRUBE John Neil Forest Hill
STRUBE Mary Lucille Forest Hill
STRUBE William Forest Hill
STUART Aline Lois Moran
STUART Annie Bokhoma
STUART Avis A. Moran
STUART Clay Bokhoma
STUART Dale Hochatown
STUART Elsie Broken Bow
STUART Infant Bokhoma
STUART J.W. Bokhoma
STUART James Edward Moran
STUART Jimmy Odel Broken Bow
STUART Lillie Mae Moran
STUART Olen Broken Bow
STUART Oma Broken Bow
STUART Pawnee Broken Bow
STUART Robert L. "Bob" Moran
STUART Robinson R. Broken Bow
STUART Theadis Bea Moran
STUART William Old Valliant
STUBBS Bertie Georgia Broken Bow
STUBBS Dimples Broken Bow
STUBBS George Allen Broken Bow
STUBBS Isom Charles Broken Bow
STUCKEY C.W. Canfield
STUCKEY Floyd Canfield
STUCKEY Lydia I. Canfield
STUCKEY Nannie Z. Denison
STUCKEY Robert L. Canfield
STURDIVANT Nancy Eagletown
STURGES E.T. Wright City
SUCKLEY Julia KulliChito
SUCKLEY Julia KulliTuklo
SUCKLEY T. KulliChito
SUCKLEY T. KulliTuklo
SUGGS Clytee Canfield
SUGGS David S. Denison
SUGGS Dewey Canfield
SUGGS Eldren Henry Holly Creek
SUGGS G.W. Canfield
SUGGS Jane Denison
SUGGS John Patrick "Joe" Denison
SUGGS Margret Jaunett Canfield
SUGGS Maydona Denison
SUGGS Troy McKinley Canfield
SUGGS Walter B. Canfield
SULLIVAN Aubrey L. Pollard
SULLIVAN Bessie L. Eagletown
SULLIVAN Betty J. Ward Denison
SULLIVAN Bonnie M. Haworth
SULLIVAN Cecil Earl Pollard
SULLIVAN Charles E. Denison
SULLIVAN Chester L. Eagletown
SULLIVAN Clinton F. Denison
SULLIVAN Curtis Wayne Eagletown
SULLIVAN Curtiss Wm. Pollard
SULLIVAN Danny Denison
SULLIVAN David County Line
SULLIVAN Dennis Denison
SULLIVAN Dock C. Pollard
SULLIVAN E. B. County Line
SULLIVAN E.M. Eagletown
SULLIVAN Fannie Canfield
SULLIVAN Gus Eagletown
SULLIVAN Gussie Marie Eagletown
SULLIVAN Haltom B. County Line
SULLIVAN Hattie J. Pollard
SULLIVAN Hattie M. County Line
SULLIVAN Homer C. County Line
SULLIVAN Hortencia County Line
SULLIVAN Howard Glover
SULLIVAN Infant County Line
SULLIVAN Jefferson C. County Line
SULLIVAN Jesse L. Glover
SULLIVAN Jewel M. Denison
SULLIVAN John KulliChito
SULLIVAN John KulliTuklo
SULLIVAN John L. Denison
SULLIVAN John L. Glover
SULLIVAN Leo Geffery County Line
SULLIVAN Linda Sue Haworth
SULLIVAN Lizzie A. Glover
SULLIVAN Lloyd Ray Denison
SULLIVAN Loyd Ray Eagletown
SULLIVAN Lula F. Pollard
SULLIVAN Luther Zath County Line
SULLIVAN Marvie J. County Line
SULLIVAN Mary Lavella County Line
SULLIVAN Mattie Eagletown
SULLIVAN Mildred Canfield
SULLIVAN Nelda Mae Denison
SULLIVAN Nora B. Haworth
SULLIVAN Onis County Line
SULLIVAN Oscar M. Haworth
SULLIVAN Pauline Glover
SULLIVAN Ray Denison
SULLIVAN Ray Eagletown
SULLIVAN Roxie Ann County Line
SULLIVAN Roxie Lavada County Line
SULLIVAN Ruby Alice Glover
SULLIVAN Russell S. Denison
SULLIVAN Sherry Lynn Denison
SULLIVAN Virgil V. Haworth
SULLIVAN William Canfield
SULLIVAN William A. Haworth
SULLIVAN William D. Denison
SULLIVAN William M. Haworth
SULLIVAN William S. Pollard
SUMMERHILL Dora Bell Glover
SUMMERHILL Harse L. Forest Hill
SUMMERHILL Henry B. Glover
SUMMERLAND A. M. Forest Hill
SUMMERLAND Ader Forest Hill
SUMMERLAND Cornelious M. Forest Hill
SUMMERVILLE Kallie Nichole Slater Memorial
SUMNERS Francis Missouri Rock Hill
SUMNERS Jefferson Davis Rock Hill
SUMTER Fernley A. Crown Hill
SUMTER Veller I. Crown Hill
SURGESS Infant Rufe
SURRELL Buck Broken Bow
SURRELL Grace Broken Bow
SUTHERLAND Frank Denison
SUTHERLAND Sarah Hochatown
SUTTON Bessie Watson Memorial
SUTTON Blanche Holly Creek
SUTTON Bryant Pollard
SUTTON Clum C. Holly Creek
SUTTON John Watson Memorial
SUTTON John J. Denison
SUTTON Mary Jane Denison
SUTTON Ollie C. Denison
SUTTON Ollie S. Denison
SUTTON T.C. "Cicero" Pollard
SUTTON Vollis Earl Watson Memorial
SUTTON Wallace C. Denison
SUTTON William Watson Memorial
SWAFFORD Lena M. Slater Memorial
SWAFFORD Thomas Ben Slater Memorial
SWAN Albert Glover
SWAN L. L. (Wife) Denison
SWAN Marshall E. Glover
SWAN Nellie Glover
SWAN S.G. Sr. Denison
SWARMS Baby Forest Hill
SWARMS Frances Marion Forest Hill
SWARMS Inez Forest Hill
SWARTS Clarence Vivian Broken Bow
SWARTS Lee Denison
SWARTS Mandy Alberta Denison
SWARTS Mary Denison
SWARTS Ruby Vesta Broken Bow
SWARTS Vera Redland
SWEAT Ruby Lee Holly Creek
SWEEDEN Henry Holly Creek
SWEEDEN Laverne C. Holly Creek
SWEEDEN Mary G. Broken Bow
SWEEPER Rosie Forest Hill
SWEET Cary Elmo Denison
SWEET Flana Ann Denison
SWIFT Carol Olene Watson Memorial
SWIFT Elizabeth Jane Holly Creek
SWIFT Ewell W. Denison
SWIFT Gerald Wayne Watson Memorial
SWIFT Gerry Eagletown
SWIFT Henry Denison
SWIFT Infants Holly Creek
SWIFT James C. Holly Creek
SWIFT James L. "Boy" Holly Creek
SWIFT Leona Denison
SWIFT Letha L. Denison
SWIFT Marvin G. Crown Hill
SWIFT Otis A. Eagletown
SWIFT Patrick Henry Holly Creek
SWIFT Patsey N. "Nell" Holly Creek
SWINDLE Elbert Denison
SWINK Pansy C. Denison
SWINK W.E. "Bill-Ed" Denison
SWINK Willie E. Denison
SYDEBOTHAM Billy J. Haworth
SYKES Bessie County Line
SYKES Donna Ann County Line
SYKES Edith County Line
SYKES Hershel Ray County Line
SYKES Willie F. County Line

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