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Gene Phillips - McCurtain County Archivist

Gene Phillips - State Archivist

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Burial Index


QUALLS Annie Forest Hill
QUALLS Arch Forest Hill
QUALLS Archie Forest Hill
QUALLS Essie Denison
QUALLS Ethel V. Forest Hill
QUALLS Frank R. Forest Hill
QUALLS Millard F. Forest Hill
QUALLS R. M. Forest Hill
QUEEN Albert "Buck" Crown Hill
QUEEN Francis "Mandy" Crown Hill
QUERBACH Roy Anthony Crown Hill
QUINTO Clara Forest Hill
QUINTON Cora B. Denison
QUINTON Frank A. Denison
QUINTON Mable Denison
RABICH Ethel Denison
RABIE Charles R. Rufe
RABURN May Broken Bow
RABY Mrs. J. A. Forest Hill
RABY Mrs. J.A. Canfield
RABY Paul Broken Bow
RABY Rev. J.A. Canfield
RACHEL Henry A. Denison
RACHEL Horace F. Denison
RACHEL Meranda C. Denison
RACHEL Virginia Alice Denison
RACKEY Narcis Forest Hill
RACKLEY John W. Forest Hill
RADER Earl E. Denison
RADER Lena M. Denison
RADFORD Etta Lukfata
RADFORD Lon Lukfata
RADFORD Nora Lukfata
RAGAN Joseph Thomas Jr. Holly Creek
RAGIN Andrew T. Denison
RAGSDALE Lorene Holly Creek
RAGSDALE William B. Holly Creek
RAIBOURN George W. Denison
RAIBOURN Lydia Ann Denison
RAINES Flora Watson Memorial
RAINES Garland Watson Memorial
RAINES Gayland Thomas Watson Memorial
RAINES Lutish Franks Watson Memorial
RAINEY Elvira C. Canfield
RAINEY Fred Willie Glover
RAINEY James R. Canfield
RAINEY Paul Allen Glover
RAINEY Peggy Glover
RAINWATER Annie Gladys Redland
RAINWATER G.A. Wright City
RAINWATER Mickey Lloyd Crown Hill
RAINWATER Retha Crown Hill
RAJLIN George E. Canfield
RALEY E.H. Holly Creek
RALEY Jessie J. Denison
RALEY Jessie J. Forest Hill
RALEY M.E. Holly Creek
RALEY Virginia G. Denison
RALLS Virginia A. Wright City
RALLS Z.L. Wright City
RAMSEY Allen Lukfata
RAMSEY Baby Denison
RAMSEY Baby Glover
RAMSEY Bruce Denison
RAMSEY D. Leo Holly Creek
RAMSEY Edward Jr. Denison
RAMSEY Evelyn M. Denison
RAMSEY Fannie Holly Creek
RAMSEY Florence Garvin
RAMSEY Gustiva Glover
RAMSEY Idis Lukfata
RAMSEY Opie L. Holly Creek
RAMSEY Richard Medford Holly Creek
RAMSEY W.W. "Woody" Denison
RAMSEY William Lukfata
RANBARGER Charles Sol Rufe
RANDOLPH Anna Dillard Bokhoma
RANDOLPH Beatrice Denison
RANDOLPH Cecil Earl Bokhoma
RANDOLPH Cornealia J. Denison
RANDOLPH Delbert S. Denison
RANDOLPH Della Griffin Bokhoma
RANDOLPH Edith Mae Denison
RANDOLPH Hiram H. Bokhoma
RANDOLPH Infant Bokhoma
RANDOLPH Linard Bokhoma
RANDOLPH Maggie Rufe
RANDOLPH Martha Bokhoma
RANDOLPH Mathew O. Bokhoma
RANDOLPH Mildred W. Denison
RANDOLPH Orval E. Denison
RANDOLPH Pat L. Bokhoma
RANDOLPH Rupert Clyde Denison
RANDOLPH Will Bokhoma
RANKINS Alfred Clifton Sherwood
RANKINS Beatrice Glover
RANKINS E.P. Haworth
RANKINS Eldon Winford Glover
RANKINS Ellis Wilbourn Glover
RANKINS Ethel Glover
RANKINS Eugene Sherwood
RANKINS James E. Glover
RANKINS Martha Elizabeth Sherwood
RANKINS Robert L. Glover
RANSOM Irene Retha Broken Bow
RASSEL Baby Haworth
RATCLIFF Sarah Rose Rufe
RATLIFF William A."Jack" Denison
RAWLINGS Mona C. Denison
RAY Ambrose R. Haworth
RAY Arthur N. Bokhoma
RAY Bobby Lee Bokhoma
RAY Bonnie Thedosia Pollard
RAY Boyd G. Glover
RAY Charles H. Pollard
RAY Clovis Evelyn Canfield
RAY Dannie Canfield
RAY Dorthey A. Glover
RAY Edna Warren Bokhoma
RAY Edward T. Canfield
RAY Elmer Canfield
RAY Fannie May Eagletown
RAY Frank M. Denison
RAY George Brooks Pollard
RAY Grace C. Denison
RAY Grace Lea Haworth
RAY James E. Canfield
RAY John Mack Glover
RAY Kenneth W. Bokhoma
RAY Leroy F. Bokhoma
RAY Leslie Teal Canfield
RAY Linda Sue Haworth
RAY Mamie Ross Bokhoma
RAY Margaret Canfield
RAY Martha Ida Haworth
RAY Mary Eagletown
RAY May Bell Moran
RAY Narcissus Denison
RAY Neoma Canfield
RAY Robert H. Haworth
RAY Ronald Haworth
RAY Sam Pollard
RAY Sarah Ethel Pollard
RAY Susan A. Bokhoma
RAY Walter L. Denison
RAY William G. Bokhoma
RAY William Robert Denison
RAY William S. Denison
RAY William S. Eagletown
RAY William T. Eagletown
RAY Willie Lee Moran
RAYBE Bertha Lorene Moran
RAYMOND Jannett Holly Creek
RAYMOND Leslie Holly Creek
RAYMOND Leslie Dale Holly Creek
RAYMOND Leslie Dale Holly Creek
REA Gladys Ione Holly Creek
REA Hiram Otis Canfield
REA Raymond J. Canfield
REANS Maree Wright City
REASONER Robert C. Watson Memorial
RECTOR Annie B. Bethel
RECTOR Johnnie M. Bethel
REDD Mary Eagletown
REDD William Eagletown
REDDING Hugh Holly Creek
REDDING Nadine Holly Creek
REECE Clifton Arthur Holly Creek
REECE Dale Holly Creek
REECE George A. Canfield
REECE James Carlton Denison
REECE James Carlton Denison
REECE Stella Canfield
REED Alfred R. "Reeder Broken Bow
REED Armandy Waterhole
REED Calvin J. Hochatown
REED Dawn Yvonne Hochatown
REED Ella Mel Denison
REED Gary K. Rufe
REED Guy Jr. Eagletown
REED Hoyt Wright City
REED Ida V. Pollard
REED James Wright City
REED James M. Bethel
REED Joe W. Pollard
REED John T. Broken Bow
REED Louis Rufe
REED Louis Milton Denison
REED Nonie Mae Rufe
REED Pauline J. Hochatown
REED Robert Derrel Denison
REED Roy T. Broken Bow
REED Ruth Rufe
REED Susie D. Rufe
REED Twins Rufe
REED William M. Garvin
REED Willie E. Rufe
REESE Hurley Floyd Canfield
REESE Irl H. Denison
REESE James T. Denison
REESE John William Denison
REESE Paul C. Jr. Slater Memorial
REESE Sarah J. Haworth
REESE Sula B. Denison
REESE Thomas J. Haworth
REESE Wayne Denison
REESE William Elwood Holly Creek
REESE Zenobia Denison
REEVES Charlie C. Rufe
REEVES Flora M. Moran
REEVES Henry D. Moran
REEVES Infant Rufe
REEVES Louisa H. Eagletown
REEVES Lula Rufe
REEVES Robert Donald Broken Bow
REEVES Rona Marie Bokhoma
REIBEL Pearl Garvin
REICH Bill Slater Memorial
REICH Brenda Slater Memorial
REICH Carl Holly Creek
REICH Robert Broken Bow
REICH William Holly Creek
REID Allene Minora Crown Hill
REID Andrew E. Crown Hill
REID Barbara A. Broken Bow
REID Bennie Dail Sr. Crown Hill
REID Claudius Crown Hill
REID Eula Eagletown
REID German D. "Dan" Crown Hill
REID Harlen Lee Crown Hill
REID Jacob Crown Hill
REID John Herman Crown Hill
REID Lena Eagletown
REID Leonard A. Holly Creek
REID Levi B. Sr. Crown Hill
REID Loyd A. Broken Bow
REID Luke M. Denison
REID Mary Rosaleen Crown Hill
REID Ora Mae Denison
REID Owen C. "Grand Bokhoma
REID S.E. Crown Hill
REID Susie M. Crown Hill
RENEAU Joseph E. Jr. Broken Bow
RENEAU Joseph E. Sr. Broken Bow
RENEAU Lillie Pearl Broken Bow
RENNER Brant A. Denison
RENNER John S. Denison
RETHMAN Ashley Nicole Denison
REUTHER Evelyn Mae Eagletown
REUTHER Willard Harvey Eagletown
REVIS Peggy Jo Holly Creek
REYNOLDS Artie Pearl Canfield
REYNOLDS Avie Viola Canfield
REYNOLDS Earl W. Eagletown
REYNOLDS James C. Forest Hill
REYNOLDS James Monroe Canfield
REYNOLDS Johnny E. Hochatown
REYNOLDS Lizzie Eagletown
REYNOLDS Mary Belle Canfield
REYNOLDS Melvin Eagletown
REYNOLDS Roy M. Forest Hill
REYNOLDS Sarah Elizabeth Holly Creek
REYNOLDS Thelma L. Denison
REYNOLDS Virgil S. Denison
REYNOLDS William A. Canfield
REYNOLDS William R. Canfield
RHEA Catherine Denison
RHODEN J. Rushing Watson Memorial
RHODEN John A. Garvin
RHODEN Johnnie Dee Watson Memorial
RHODEN Kenneth C. Bethel
RHODEN Linda Dell Denison
RHODEN Lois C. Watson Memorial
RHODEN Ruel Estie Watson Memorial
RHODES Baby Girl Canfield
RHODES Elbert Canfield
RHODES Leo Holly Creek
RHODES Willie Canfield
RICE Beacher L. Slater Memorial
RICE Charles Broken Bow
RICE Charlie T. Denison
RICE Dorothy L. Slater Memorial
RICE Hattie I. Denison
RICE Jackie Wayne Wright City
RICE Julian M. Forest Hill
RICE Laura Ann Moran
RICE Laura Virginia Moran
RICE Lois E. Forest Hill
RICE Maxie Elizabeth Denison
RICE Sim A. Denison
RICE W.J. Willie Moran
RICHARDS Alpha E. Broken Bow
RICHARDS Annie Lukfata
RICHARDS Curgus Lukfata
RICHARDS Dorsey Broken Bow
RICHARDS Earl E. Denison
RICHARDS Ernest Lukfata
RICHARDS Hattie Crown Hill
RICHARDS Infant Broken Bow
RICHARDS James Lukfata
RICHARDS James Harold Broken Bow
RICHARDS John W. Lukfata
RICHARDS Jonnie Mae Denison
RICHARDS Marion Lee Broken Bow
RICHARDS Matthew Lukfata
RICHARDS Mildred Crown Hill
RICHARDS Millie Lukfata
RICHARDS Millie Lukfata
RICHARDS N. Elizabeth Broken Bow
RICHARDS Pearl Mae Lukfata
RICHARDS Pearl R. Lukfata
RICHARDS Roman Lukfata
RICHARDS Sam Broken Bow
RICHARDS T.N. Crown Hill
RICHARDS William Lukfata
RICHARDS Winnie Lukfata
RICHARDSON Agnes Rose Hochatown
RICHARDSON Alva Lee Redland
RICHARDSON Barney Haworth
RICHARDSON Bell Eagletown
RICHARDSON Bert Leroy Broken Bow
RICHARDSON Bertha Lee Broken Bow
RICHARDSON Gertrude Eagletown
RICHARDSON Infant Son Eagletown
RICHARDSON Jewel Redland
RICHARDSON Josephine Eagletown
RICHARDSON Lucille Denison
RICHARDSON Mrs. Phillip Broken Bow
RICHARDSON Percival Geo. Broken Bow
RICHARDSON Percy Crown Hill
RICHARDSON Pistol Hochatown
RICHARDSON Robert L. Broken Bow
RICHARDSON Zenobia Broken Bow
RICHARDSON Zenobia Crown Hill
RICHBOURG E.E. Holly Creek
RICHBOURG John E. Holly Creek
RICHBOURG Sallie Holly Creek
RICHBOURG Velma Ethel Holly Creek
RIDDLIN Elizabeth Bethel
RIDGE Ben I. Pine Creek
RIDGE Clara Mae Pollard
RIDGE Earl Edward Canfield
RIDGE Jacki Lynne Canfield
RIDGE John Wright City
RIDGE John Amos Canfield
RIDGE Loyd Edward Canfield
RIDGE Mandy Wright City
RIDGE Miranda Pine Creek
RIDGE Pamela Jean Canfield
RIDGE Robert Perry Pollard
RIDGE William Lynn Canfield
RIDGE Willie Zadie Canfield
RIGGS A.E. Denison
RIGGS Betty Broken Bow
RIGGS Clara M. Denison
RIGGS Claudia Broken Bow
RIGGS Harvey Broken Bow
RIGGS Henry Lawton Eagletown
RIGGS Mrs. H.A. Broken Bow
RILEY Addie A. Denison
RILEY Etta Sekon Denison
RILEY Julius C. Denison
RILEY Philip Waine Wright City
RIMMER Harry Lee Holly Creek
RIMMER Lena Harkey Holly Creek
RIND Jeff T. County Line
RIND John W. County Line
RIND Mamie "Sweetie" County Line
RIND Nannie F. County Line
RIND Pricilla County Line
RIND Robert D. County Line
RIND William F. County Line
RINEHEART James E. Pollard
RIPLEY Melton T. Broken Bow
RIPPOND John L. Eagletown
RISENHOOVER Lorilla E. Denison
RISENHOOVER Savanah J. Denison
RISINGER Aletha Denison
RISINGER Carroll Denison
RISNER Ruby Pollard
RITCHIE Bertha Forest Hill
RITCHIE Jess C. Forest Hill
RITCHIE Lelan Abraham Forest Hill
ROACH Edna B. Pollard
ROACH Eron E. Pollard
ROACH G.H. Pollard
ROACH Iva Mae County Line
ROACH J.A. Pollard
ROACH J.C. Canfield
ROACH James C. Pollard
ROACH Jo Ann Garvin
ROAN Cecil M. Eagletown
ROAN Crandle H. Canfield
ROAN Cynthia Diane Eagletown
ROAN Earl Wayne Eagletown
ROAN Elizabeth F. Eagletown
ROAN Eugene M. Eagletown
ROAN Hattie L. Eagletown
ROAN John Delmer Eagletown
ROAN Lou Ann Eagletown
ROAN Mamie Lee Canfield
ROARK Frank H. Denison
ROATH Alesha Renee Holly Creek
ROATH Alva Otto Denison
ROATH Billy Gene Watson Memorial
ROATH Glennen Dean Holly Creek
ROATH O.E. Broken Bow
ROATH Steven Phillip Watson Memorial
ROBBERSON J.T. Jr. Canfield
ROBBERSON J.T. Sr. Canfield
ROBBERSON Prudence Canfield
ROBBERSON Rev. W.A. Canfield
ROBBINS Alvis N. "Slim" Redland
ROBBINS Nellie Redland
ROBERSON Alpha L. Denison
ROBERSON April Sue Hochatown
ROBERSON Ben Holly Creek
ROBERSON Carrie V. Hochatown
ROBERSON Cecil C. Denison
ROBERSON Cynthia Ann Hochatown
ROBERSON Elza Denison
ROBERSON Ethel G. Hochatown
ROBERSON George B. Hochatown
ROBERSON J.B. Holly Creek
ROBERSON James H."Jim" Denison
ROBERSON Judith S. Denison
ROBERSON Junita Bokhoma
ROBERSON Lucian Bokhoma
ROBERSON Lucy M. Bokhoma
ROBERSON Mary Broken Bow
ROBERSON Mildred S. Denison
ROBERSON Rachel Hochatown
ROBERSON Robert J. Hochatown
ROBERSON Rose Holly Creek
ROBERSON Sam Denison
ROBERSON Sam P. Bokhoma
ROBERSON Silas R. Bokhoma
ROBERSON Trion Ashley Hochatown
ROBERSON W.H. Mrs. Denison
ROBERTS Alice Marie Eagletown
ROBERTS Arizona E. Denison
ROBERTS Augusta Viola Holly Creek
ROBERTS Ben Holly Creek
ROBERTS Bettie A. Philadelphia
ROBERTS Buddy "Shorty" Forest Hill
ROBERTS Carrie Denison
ROBERTS Carrie C. Broken Bow
ROBERTS Charles D. Denison
ROBERTS Clarence H. Watson Memorial
ROBERTS Coleman Mack Holly Creek
ROBERTS D.W.R. Broken Bow
ROBERTS David Philadelphia
ROBERTS Edwin Williams Denison
ROBERTS Ella N. Holly Creek
ROBERTS Elmer John Watson Memorial
ROBERTS Ettie Philadelphia
ROBERTS Frank Elise Crown Hill
ROBERTS Ida M. Moran
ROBERTS Infant Redland
ROBERTS J.B. Holly Creek
ROBERTS J.J. Denison
ROBERTS James Henry Glover
ROBERTS Jason Denison
ROBERTS Joe Bob Crown Hill
ROBERTS John Redland
ROBERTS John Paul Hochatown
ROBERTS John W. Denison
ROBERTS Kenneth E. Forest Hill
ROBERTS Laura Goodland
ROBERTS Leonard Broken Bow
ROBERTS Lillia Philadelphia
ROBERTS Malcom C. Moran
ROBERTS Maleta Broken Bow
ROBERTS Margie R. Moran
ROBERTS Martha E. Bokhoma
ROBERTS Mayo H. Denison
ROBERTS Nellie Lue Philadelphia
ROBERTS Noah Denison
ROBERTS Ollie Jean Denison
ROBERTS Ruby Lellian Holly Creek
ROBERTS Sally A. Broken Bow
ROBERTS Samantha Redland
ROBERTS Shelby S. Broken Bow
ROBERTS Susana Sweet Home
ROBERTS Una Philadelphia
ROBERTS Vesta Mack Glover
ROBERTS Vina Forest Hill
ROBERTS W.C. "Cliff" Jr. Holly Creek
ROBERTS Walter Denison
ROBERTS Walter C. Holly Creek
ROBERTSON Gracie May Broken Bow
ROBERTSON Infant Broken Bow
ROBEY James Monroe Crown Hill
ROBEY John E. Crown Hill
ROBEY Laura E. Crown Hill
ROBEY Lillian O. Crown Hill
ROBEY Opal Inez Crown Hill
ROBINSON Catharine Denison
ROBINSON Clarence E. Denison
ROBINSON Elbert O. Denison
ROBINSON Jessie M. Denison
ROBINSON Laura Alice Denison
ROBINSON Mary "Jane" Holly Creek
ROBINSON Rachel F. Holly Creek
ROBINSON Sallie J. Denison
ROBINSON Samuel Forest Hill
ROBINSON Susie J. Denison
ROBINSON Ward D. Denison
ROBINSON Wesley H. Hochatown
ROBY Mrs. J.A. Canfield
ROBY Rev. J.A. Canfield
ROCKETT Edward W. Denison
ROCKETT Horace W. Forest Hill
ROCKETT Infant Dau Forest Hill
ROCKETT John R. Denison
ROCKETT Ophelia Denison
ROCKETT Oscar E. Denison
RODEN Catherine Holly Creek
RODEN Charlie Hochatown
RODEN Cleve Hochatown
RODEN Deema Hochatown
RODEN Effie Hochatown
RODEN Fannie Holly Creek
RODEN Maggie Forest Hill
RODEN Pernesia S. Hochatown
RODEN Thad Morland Forest Hill
RODEN William Arthur Holly Creek
RODEN William G. Hochatown
RODGERS Ben Hochatown
RODGERS Benjamine Cole Broken Bow
RODGERS C.J. "Sonny" Broken Bow
RODGERS Edith Hunt Denison
RODGERS Emmet Haworth
RODGERS Faye Haworth
RODGERS Fletcher W. Haworth
RODGERS George Broken Bow
RODGERS Hazel C. Forest Hill
RODGERS Iva May Haworth
RODGERS J. W. Haworth
RODGERS Lela Hochatown
RODGERS Lillie Haworth
RODGERS Marvin Broken Bow
RODGERS Perry W. Haworth
RODGERS Rena M. Denison
RODGERS Thomas Forest Hill
ROEBUCK Elois Holly Creek
ROGERS Alonzo "Bob" Redland
ROGERS Beulah Bevice Denison
ROGERS Daisy E. "Lolly" Redland
ROGERS Dee Franklin Denison
ROGERS Elsie Haworth
ROGERS Glenda B."Sandy" Denison
ROGERS Guinn J. Denison
ROGERS Henry Coleman Forest Hill
ROGERS Joe M. Denison
ROGERS Lissie Bell Denison
ROGERS Lulam (Davis) Moran
ROGERS M.A. Broken Bow
ROGERS Marcus Albert Denison
ROGERS Marina Lee Denison
ROGERS Olla Redland
ROGERS Pearl Forest Hill
ROGERS R.A. Broken Bow
ROGERS Robert F. Forest Hill
ROGERS Russell H. Denison
ROGERS William Ray Denison
ROLAND Phillip Watson Memorial
ROLEN Andrew Pollard
ROLEN Janice Gertrude Denison
ROLEN Johnnie V. Pollard
ROLEN Loyd Andrew Pollard
ROLEN Lucille Pollard
ROLEN R.M. Pollard
ROLEN Richard A. "Ricky Canfield
ROLEN Sadie T. Pollard
ROLEN Samuel Andrew Denison
ROLEN Samuel Floyd Denison
ROLLING George F. Broken Bow
ROLLING George Leonard Broken Bow
ROLLING Sarah Ellen Broken Bow
ROLLINS Donald Hayden Holly Creek
ROLLINS Floyd H. Watson Memorial
ROMINE Freeman Bethel
ROMINE Henry Lee Bethel
ROMINE Linda F. Bethel
ROMINE Mrs. J.F. Bethel
ROMINE Robert Newton Bethel
RONE Donald S. Denison
RONE Hazel M. Denison
RONE Ira Denison
RONE James F. Denison
RONE Joseph Allen Denison
RONE M. Camilla Denison
RONE Virginia F. Denison
ROOS Edith Martha Broken Bow
ROSE Dillard County Line
ROSE Emma Denison
ROSE Florence County Line
ROSE Infant County Line
ROSE Infant County Line
ROSE Leroy County Line
ROSE Louise Holly Creek
ROSE Marion County Line
ROSE Mary Adeline Holly Creek
ROSE Mary B. County Line
ROSE Nicklas Octave County Line
ROSE Nicklas R. County Line
ROSE Woodrow County Line
ROSEVILLE Grandpa Hochatown
ROSON Aline Slater Memorial
ROSS Arthur R. Sr. Hochatown
ROSS Bettie Eagletown
ROSS Buddy Don Hochatown
ROSS Charles H. Denison
ROSS Grace Aleta Waterhole
ROSS J.G. Broken Bow
ROSS Jane Crown Hill
ROSS Jessie S. Denison
ROSS Jim Broken Bow
ROSS Joe Harvey Broken Bow
ROSS Joe M. "Uncle Joe" Eagletown
ROSS John Waterhole
ROSS John W. Denison
ROSS John W. Eagletown
ROSS Kelcie Denison
ROSS Laneta R. Hochatown
ROSS Leotie Hochatown
ROSS Lucky Ray Dale Broken Bow
ROSS Mahon Wright City
ROSS Mamie B. Eagletown
ROSS Mamie J. Eagletown
ROSS Marvin Eagletown
ROSS Mary Ann Denison
ROSS Mayme Denison
ROSS Miranda Eagletown
ROSS Modenia Morrisson Denison
ROSS Nelson A. Denison
ROSS Oliver Eagletown
ROSS Oreatha Eagletown
ROSS Oreatha A. Eagletown
ROSS Pamela Broken Bow
ROSS S.E. Garvin
ROSS Shawn Dale Crown Hill
ROSS Susie Lois Crown Hill
ROSS William Dale Crown Hill
ROSS William Dale "Pete" Crown Hill
ROSS William N. Denison
ROTH Norris Larry Broken Bow
ROTH Robert Darrell Broken Bow
ROTON Nettie Rock Hill
ROTON William L. Rock Hill
ROULEAU Olea Augusta Denison
ROUNSAVILLE Bertha Watson Memorial
ROUNSAVILLE Debbie L. Watson Memorial
ROUNSAVILLE Hillard Watson Memorial
ROUNTREE Corrie B. Crown Hill
ROUNTREE Ida Crown Hill
ROUNTREE Jack Allen Crown Hill
ROUNTREE Norma Gail Crown Hill
ROUNTREE Richard R. Crown Hill
ROUSEY Mabel Broken Bow
ROUTH Arselma Marie Redland
ROUTH Danny Ray Watson Memorial
ROUTH Earl Redland
ROUTH Hattie May Redland
ROUTH Roscoe Watson Memorial
ROUTH Ruby Watson Memorial
ROW Grace Helen Moran
ROW Louis I. Moran
ROWAN Charley Elmer Wright City
ROWAN Elfreda Maude Wright City
ROWAN Elmer Ferlin Slater Memorial
ROWAN Norma A. Slater Memorial
ROWAN Tyler Ray Crown Hill
ROWE J.E. Denison
ROWE Kenny Ray Denison
ROWLAND Agnes Denison
ROWLAND Eva M. Rock Hill
ROWLAND George Andrew Watson Memorial
ROWLAND Harry Steele Jr. Denison
ROWLAND Leslie L. Rock Hill
ROWLAND Merrill Keith Denison
ROWLAND Roy Cecil Denison
ROWLAND Tula B. Watson Memorial
ROY Ina Aurelious Wright City
ROZZELL A.L. Pollard
ROZZELL David Russell Hochatown
RUDD Jerry Glen Denison
RUDISILL Agnes Denison
RUDISILL Shirley Jean Denison
RUDISILL Thomas Denison
RUDOLPH Adam Crown Hill
RUDOLPH C.H. "Herbert" Crown Hill
RUDOLPH J.C. "John" Crown Hill
RUEHLEN Ernest H. Denison
RUFFIN Baby Moran
RUFFIN Francis Moran
RUFFIN John W. Moran
RUFFIN Mary A. Moran
RUFFIN Mary Jane Moran
RUFFIN Mildred Tommie Moran
RUFFIN William D. Moran
RUIZ Imogene Sweet Home
RUMMANS Maude Broken Bow
RUNELS Velma Holly Creek
RUNYAN Freda Broken Bow
RUSHING Mildred Fulmer Denison
RUSHING Robert Dean Denison
RUSSELL Effie Lee Forest Hill
RUSSELL Hazel E. Crown Hill
RUSSELL Ida D. Denison
RUSSELL J. Harold Denison
RUSSELL J.C. Holly Creek
RUSSELL James E. Denison
RUSSELL Jasper N. Denison
RUSSELL Jessie B. Denison
RUSSELL Jessie Jr. Garvin
RUSSELL Letha W. Denison
RUSSELL Perry Forest Hill
RUSSELL Velma Ruth Denison
RUSSELL Wilma "Billie" Denison
RUTH Amanda J. Holly Creek
RUTHERFORD Elen N. Lukfata
RYAN Baby Redland
RYAN Ernest Hochatown
RYAN Essie Maude Redland
RYAN Harvey J. Redland
RYAN James Jared Redland
RYAN Jared D. Redland
RYAN Martha Ellen Redland
RYKER Clarence D. Broken Bow
RYKER Mary Etta Broken Bow
RYLE George Ray Slater Memorial
RYMER Lawrence Wayman Slater Memorial
RYMER Mattie Marie Slater Memorial
RYNO Charles V. Jr. Canfield

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