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Gene Phillips - McCurtain County Archivist

Gene Phillips - State Archivist

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Burial Index


PACE Alsa Jarvis Denison
PACE Artie D. Denison
PACE Charlie A. Denison
PACE Claude F. Denison
PACE H. K. "Kelly" Denison
PACE Hiram J. "Burr" Denison
PACE Ida J. Denison
PACE Myra G. Denison
PACE Travis William Wright City
PACE Vida M. Denison
PACE Virginia C. Denison
PACK Betty Eagletown
PACK Georgia Adeline Broken Bow
PACK Henry Linsville Broken Bow
PACK V. Morine Broken Bow
PACKARD Anna Bell Holly Creek
PACKARD Arthur B. Holly Creek
PACKARD Benjamin D. Holly Creek
PACKARD Raymond A. Holly Creek
PACKNETT Allie Eagletown
PACKNETT Charles Eagletown
PACKNETT Charles T. Eagletown
PACKNETT Hazel G. Eagletown
PACKNETT Homer O. Denison
PACKNETT Jack Eagletown
PACKNETT John Reno Eagletown
PACKNETT Mary Belle Denison
PACKNETT Mrs. J.R. Eagletown
PACKNETT Sarah Eagletown
PACKWOOD Doris Gean Wright City
PACKWOOD James Leonard Wright City
PACKWOOD Leona Mae Wright City
PADGETT George W. Broken Bow
PADGETT Leona Broken Bow
PAGE John W. Glover
PAGE Lydia Ellen Glover
PAINTER Paul W. Jr. Eagletown
PAKS Arulia M. Lukfata
PALMER Aberham Rufe
PALMER Arnold Dee Canfield
PALMER Arnold Jr. Canfield
PALMER Carl L. "Buddy" Canfield
PALMER Edward Glover
PALMER Estelle Watson Memorial
PALMER Flora Glover
PALMER Florence Marie Glover
PALMER H.M. Canfield
PALMER Infant Canfield
PALMER J.C. Canfield
PALMER Jimmie C. Canfield
PALMER Joe Bill Watson Memorial
PALMER John Homer Glover
PALMER John W. Glover
PALMER Kenneth E. Denison
PALMER Lillian Glover
PALMER Luther Bethel
PALMER Mary Ann Canfield
PALMER Mary Sue Glover
PALMER Mayzillia Glover
PALMER Myrtle G. Glover
PALMER Nolen Glover
PALMER Randy Dale Watson Memorial
PALMER Richard F. Watson Memorial
PALMER Sarah A. Canfield
PANNELL Emma Erleen Broken Bow
PANNELL Everett D. Broken Bow
PANNELL Noretta Ann Broken Bow
PANNELL Pearl Broken Bow
PANNELL Richard Henry Broken Bow
PANNELL Richard Henry Jr. Broken Bow
PARDONE John Broken Bow
PARHAM Alzadia Denison
PARHAM Claud S. Denison
PARHAM George W. Denison
PARISH Ben Holly Creek
PARISH Gladys May Forest Hill
PARISH Hershel Forest Hill
PARISH Jo Ann Denison
PARISH Maggie May Forest Hill
PARISH Odell J. Forest Hill
PARK Charles Lee Wright City
PARK Clara D. Denison
PARK Eva Fair Denison
PARK Maud McCoy Wright City
PARK Orland H. Denison
PARK Samuel N. Denison
PARKER Autie M. Denison
PARKER Brown Cleveland Bethel
PARKER Eva Hochatown
PARKER Floy Redland
PARKER G.F. "Sonny" Hochatown
PARKER Gabe E. Denison
PARKER George O'Neal Denison
PARKER Harrison Dixon Canfield
PARKER Harvey D. Redland
PARKER Hazel Pollard
PARKER Henry LuGean Canfield
PARKER Jacob L. Broken Bow
PARKER Jennie J. Denison
PARKER Jesse Alexander Pollard
PARKER Johnny Ray Denison
PARKER Junior Ray Broken Bow
PARKER Kristie Holly Creek
PARKER Lena Kay Rufe
PARKER Lewis W. Denison
PARKER Loree Pollard
PARKER Lula B. Broken Bow
PARKER Maude Lela Pollard
PARKER Midde L. Pollard
PARKER Mint J. Denison
PARKER Mrs. C.M. Broken Bow
PARKER Resa Danielle Watson Memorial
PARKER Robert Gary Hochatown
PARKER Rosie Lee Pollard
PARKER Stevie B. Denison
PARKER Susan Canfield
PARKER Theodore "Ted" Broken Bow
PARKER Virgie Elizabeth Wright City
PARKER W.A. "Bill" Pollard
PARKER William Dixon Canfield
PARKINS Edna Faye Denison
PARKS Cee Ola Wright City
PARKS Charley Raymond Holly Creek
PARKS Chester Lee Denison
PARKS Clayton Wright City
PARKS Curtis Ray Broken Bow
PARKS Emma Canfield
PARKS George Glover
PARKS George Anderson Crown Hill
PARKS James Ray Canfield
PARKS Jessie Ola Denison
PARKS Jimmy W. Slater Memorial
PARKS Joyce Cotney Crown Hill
PARKS Judge J.D. Canfield
PARKS Larry Crown Hill
PARKS Larry Dale Hochatown
PARKS Louisa C. Watson Memorial
PARKS Priscilla A. Canfield
PARRIS Ralph Broken Bow
PARSONS Alice Cordia Rufe
PARSONS Beulah B. Denison
PARSONS Chester Lee Rufe
PARSONS Dorthy Bethel
PARSONS General F. Sr. Denison
PARSONS Henry A. Rufe
PARSONS Horace Lester Rufe
PARSONS James Rufe
PARSONS James W. Rufe
PARSONS Jessie Demma Denison
PARSONS Mattie B. Redland
PARSONS Robert Lee Denison
PARSONS Wilburn Lesley Rufe
PARTAIN Susie Moreland Denison
PARTRIDGE Martha Holly Creek
PARTRIDGE Richard Holly Creek
PARTRIDGE T.H. Holly Creek
PASSMORE Billy J. Broken Bow
PASSMORE Bobby Jay Broken Bow
PASSMORE Charles G. Broken Bow
PASSMORE Gladys Broken Bow
PASSMORE Jessie Lee Broken Bow
PASSMORE John Broken Bow
PASSMORE Joseph W. Broken Bow
PASSMORE Marvin Broken Bow
PASSMORE Melvin P. Broken Bow
PASSMORE Rosie Lee Broken Bow
PASSMORE Ruby Faye Broken Bow
PASSMORE W.S. Willie Sr. Broken Bow
PASSMORE Wendell G. Broken Bow
PATE Charles H. Denison
PATE Clara Crown Hill
PATE E.M. Wright City
PATE Edith Mae Broken Bow
PATE Guss Broken Bow
PATE Harold Crown Hill
PATE Lillian H. Denison
PATE Linda Crown Hill
PATE S.V. Denison
PATE Sue Garnett Hochatown
PATE T.R. Crown Hill
PATE W.H. "Bill" Hochatown
PATRICK Florence B. Sherwood
PATRICK Harold "Buddy" Broken Bow
PATRICK Harvey R. Broken Bow
PATRICK Mattie Mae Broken Bow
PATRIDGE Mary Holly Creek
PATTON Guy R. Denison
PATTON Zella M. Denison
PATTY Bassil O. Canfield
PATTY Dane Ervin Canfield
PATTY Ella May Canfield
PATTY Ernest E. Canfield
PATTY Opal Ruth Canfield
PATTY Ralph Canfield
PAUGH Jesa Denison
PAULEY Bessie Redland
PAULEY Daniel L. Forest Hill
PAULEY Helen Redland
PAULEY James C. "Jim" Redland
PAULEY James L. Denison
PAULEY John Denison
PAULEY Katie D. Denison
PAULEY Mary E. Forest Hill
PAULEY Maude E. Forest Hill
PAULEY William M. Forest Hill
PAULK Cecile Denison
PAULK Jason A. Denison
PAULK Mae H. Denison
PAULK Susie E. Denison
PAYNE Dora Osborn Holly Creek
PAYNE Elma Lukfata
PAYNE Frank Lukfata
PEAK Frank Richard Hochatown
PEAK Jessie Hochatown
PEAK Juanita Hochatown
PEAK Riley Mancel Hochatown
PEARSON Frank Denison
PEARSON Lillie J. Broken Bow
PEARSON Robert E. Broken Bow
PEAVEY William M. Denison
PEAVY M.F. Pollard
PECCIO ??? Lukfata
PEDIGO Linda Kay Canfield
PEEK Josephine Maynard Moran
PEEK Leon Forest Hill
PELT Lillian B. Forest Hill
PELT Pearl Mae Forest Hill
PELT Ross W. Forest Hill
PEMELTON Sally Denison
PENDERGRASS Fannie Broken Bow
PENDLETON Carl M. Denison
PENDLETON Minnie G. Denison
PENNER Hulen Hochatown
PENNER Lorene Hochatown
PENNINGTON Annie May Oakgrove
PENNINGTON Burl Oakgrove
PENNINGTON Glen Dale Oakgrove
PENNINGTON Irene Holly Creek
PENNINGTON Leslie Oakgrove
PENNINGTON Martha Ellen Eagletown
PENNINGTON Mary Katherine Broken Bow
PENNY Aud E. Denison
PENNY C.R. Denison
PENNY Calvin Denison
PENNY Lillie A. Denison
PERKINS Angabell Broken Bow
PERKINS Baby Girl Canfield
PERKINS Cyrus J.A. Denison
PERKINS Henry Jackson Broken Bow
PERKINS Hose C. Denison
PERKINS Infant Denison
PERKINS John Holly Creek
PERKINS Malcom H. Broken Bow
PERKINS Mary Holly Creek
PERKINS Mary Lois Glover
PERKINS Mrs. Phillip Broken Bow
PERKINS Phillip Broken Bow
PERKINS Rosie Lee Broken Bow
PERKINS Susie B. Denison
PERKINS Vesta G. Denison
PERKINS Virginia E. Denison
PERKINS William Thomas Glover
PERMENTER James G. Philadelphia
PERRIN Alva W. Broken Bow
PERRIN Cretia Wright City
PERRIN Dessa J. Denison
PERRIN Drumond Wright City
PERRIN Joseph H. Denison
PERRIN Lela Broken Bow
PERRIN Mary Frances Denison
PERRIN Mildred Sue Denison
PERRIN Napoleon P. Denison
PERRIN Raymond E. Wright City
PERRIN Rector N. Denison
PERRIN William J. Denison
PERRY Harmon Lee Holly Creek
PERRY Lula Mae Lukfata
PERRY Ruby Mae Moran
PETE Effie Canfield
PETER Lonie Bethel
PETER Milford L. Glover
PETERS Clarence Redland
PETERS Earl Francis Forest Hill
PETERS Ethel Redland
PETERS Ira "Pete" Canfield
PETERS Kelly Brian Redland
PETERS Logusta Canfield
PETERS Lorene "Rene" Canfield
PETERS Lyda Glover
PETERS Madie Canfield
PETERS Oma Lee "Pat" Slater Memorial
PETERS Rev. Arthur Forest Hill
PETERS Roy Canfield
PETERS Walter "Chuck" Slater Memorial
PETIFER Snow Blanche Eagletown
PETRE Edmund "Jack" Denison
PETRE Ona Gordon Denison
PETRE Othal Hampton Denison
PETROSS Wash Redland
PETTIFER G.O. Hochatown
PETTIFER James Burl Hochatown
PETTIFER Junior E. Hochatown
PETTIGREW George Lee Denison
PETTIGREW James W."Rev" Rock Hill
PETTIGREW Mrs. J.L. Redland
PETTUS William A. Holly Creek
PETTY J.W. Hochatown
PETTY Mrs. Bertha Lee Holly Creek
PHILLIPS Ambrose G. Denison
PHILLIPS Andrew J. Wright City
PHILLIPS Annie Redland
PHILLIPS Billy Howard Denison
PHILLIPS Bob Denison
PHILLIPS Charley E. Redland
PHILLIPS Cliffie M. Forest Hill
PHILLIPS D. Frank Watson Memorial
PHILLIPS Daniel Lawson Bethel
PHILLIPS David Lawrence Bethel
PHILLIPS Dossie W. Forest Hill
PHILLIPS Doyal Redland
PHILLIPS Elias Denison
PHILLIPS Francis M. Wright City
PHILLIPS Gladdis Glover
PHILLIPS Hattie Redland
PHILLIPS Hilton Allison Forest Hill
PHILLIPS Infant Redland
PHILLIPS Jeff Redland
PHILLIPS Jessie Denison
PHILLIPS Johnny D. Glover
PHILLIPS Kate D. Denison
PHILLIPS Lena Redland
PHILLIPS Leona M. Watson Memorial
PHILLIPS Lewis Coleman Denison
PHILLIPS Loyal Redland
PHILLIPS M.F. "Mitchell" Redland
PHILLIPS Margaret B. Denison
PHILLIPS Mary Frances Bethel
PHILLIPS Mary J. Haworth
PHILLIPS Minda Adeline Bethel
PHILLIPS Minnie Redland
PHILLIPS Mitchell Redland
PHILLIPS Odie Matterson Bethel
PHILLIPS Opal Denison
PHILLIPS Ora Denison
PHILLIPS Racey Redland
PHILLIPS Sissie Redland
PHILLIPS T.P. "Tobe" Redland
PHILLIPS Wesley Waterhole
PHILLIPS William Lee Bethel
PHILPS Luther Edgar Denison
PHIPPS Harlen Hochatown
PHIPPS Ruff Eagletown
PHIPPS Tressie Eagletown
PICKENS Carlton County Line
PICKENS Claud County Line
PICKENS Clemie County Line
PICKENS Curtis Lee County Line
PICKENS Earnest W. County Line
PICKENS John J. County Line
PICKENS John T. County Line
PICKENS Mary R. County Line
PICKERING Chester A. Denison
PICKETT Ruby Eagletown
PIEARCY Albert D. Rufe
PIEARCY Bessie L. Rufe
PIEARCY John F. Rufe
PIEARCY Robert S. Rufe
PIERATT J.S. Broken Bow
PIERATT Kathryn Broken Bow
PIERATT Richard Darrell Broken Bow
PIERCE Charlie Denison
PIERCE E.R. Eagletown
PIERCE Earnest Sr. Wright City
PIERCE Elonzo B. Philadelphia
PIERCE Ethel Eagletown
PIERCE George W. Canfield
PIERCE Griffin.L. "Giff Eagletown
PIERCE Laura B. Wright City
PIERCE Lillie L. Philadelphia
PIERCE Lora M. Philadelphia
PIERCE Malcolm Jerald Slater Memorial
PIERCE Opie E. Denison
PIERCE Ruthie Belle Slater Memorial
PIERCE Sam Birchard Broken Bow
PIERCE Sherman Crown Hill
PIERCE Thelma Eagletown
PIERCE Thomas F. Philadelphia
PIERCE Walter F. Philadelphia
PIERCE William A. Glover
PIERCE William E. Wright City
PIGG John Ellen Garvin
PIGG Lee Garvin
PIGG Manila Monroe Wright City
PILCHER G.W. Hochatown
PILCHER George W. Holly Creek
PILLOW Baby Girl Bokhoma
PINCHARD Oren J. Eagletown
PINCKARD Clifton H. Hochatown
PINCKARD Lettie Broken Bow
PINCKARD Ruby Ann Hochatown
PINCKARD Tom C. Hochatown
PINCKARD Wayne Hochatown
PINKLEY E.L. Denison
PINSON Shelby J. Eagletown
PINSON Thomas H. Eagletown
PIPER Carolyn Sue Broken Bow
PIPER Cordia Hochatown
PIPER Dona Broken Bow
PIPER Donald Ray Broken Bow
PIPER Elma Faye Watson Memorial
PIPER Fred Broken Bow
PIPER R.A. Hochatown
PIPER Sybil L. Hochatown
PIPES Martha E. Broken Bow
PIPKINS Mattie S. Canfield
PIPKINS Thomas Jerome Canfield
PIPKINS Vernon A. Canfield
PIPKINS Viola L. Canfield
PIPKINS William H. "Bill" Canfield
PITCHFORD Harley M. Slater Memorial
PITCHFORD R.O. Holly Creek
PITMAN Elias Glover
PITT Georgia Ann Denison
PITT Ira Raymond Haworth
PITT Lydia Haworth
PITT Mark Haworth
PITTMAN Charles E. Denison
PITTMAN Dora P. Denison
PITTMAN Eddie Holly Creek
PITTMAN Jesse R. Forest Hill
PITTMAN Jimmie Lee Broken Bow
PITTMAN Mary Glover
PITTMAN Mattie Forest Hill
PITTMAN Mattie Haworth
PITTMAN Robert M. Forest Hill
PITTMAN W. W. Forest Hill
PITTS Bobbie Jean Denison
PITTS John Holly Creek
PITTS Rosa E. Forest Hill
PLANT Elvy Broken Bow
PLANT J.S. Broken Bow
PLANT Lula Fae Broken Bow
PLANT Nell Broken Bow
PLASTER Eddie Ester Forest Hill
PLASTER Victor Sr. Forest Hill
PLUM Dollie Charlene Holly Creek
PLUM Harlen Ray Holly Creek
PLUM Lena Holly Creek
PLUM Loretta Billingsl Holly Creek
PLUM R.James Holly Creek
PLUNKETT Baby Holly Creek
PLUNKETT W.D. Holly Creek
POGUE Elijah Watson Memorial
POGUE Elisha A."Lish" Denison
POGUE Evelyn Denison
POGUE Laura Bell Denison
POGUE Madison Agner Denison
POGUE Ray Denison
POGUE Robert Denison
POGUE Robert Earl Denison
POGUE Robert F. Denison
POGUE Robert Richard Denison
POGUE Ruthie Mae Denison
POGUE Sarah A. Denison
POGUE Sid Denison
POINDEXTER Agnes Hochatown
POINDEXTER Alfred V. Holly Creek
POINDEXTER Andrew Watson Memorial
POINDEXTER Delmer M. Watson Memorial
POINDEXTER Eli J. Holly Creek
POINDEXTER Herschel W. Holly Creek
POINDEXTER Ivory Holly Creek
POINDEXTER Jack E. Hochatown
POINDEXTER Levi Watson Memorial
POINDEXTER Lida Watson Memorial
POINDEXTER Mary Holly Creek
POINDEXTER Mary Faye Holly Creek
POINDEXTER Obie Dyer Holly Creek
POINDEXTER Roger Denison
POINDEXTER Thelma M. Watson Memorial
POLE Elizabeth Broken Bow
POLE Jared Hochatown
POLE Mable Hochatown
POLE Sheila K. Broken Bow
POLE Vernon "Bear" Hochatown
POLK Effie Lukfata
POLLARD Alvia L. Denison
POLLARD Dr. Tildon H. Pollard
POLLARD Francis Pollard
POLLARD H.F. Holly Creek
POLLARD Hattie Bryant Pollard
POLLARD Jim P. Pollard
POLLARD John T. Denison
POLLARD Julia B. Denison
POLLARD Martha Jane Pollard
POLLARD Olin Merriell Pollard
POLLARD Verna Agnes Pollard
POLLARD Virgil C. Pollard
POND Debb Forest Hill
POND Lucy May Forest Hill
POND Virginia Rose Forest Hill
POOLE Charles Wayne Broken Bow
POOLE John Newman Broken Bow
POOLE Ledger Dee Broken Bow
POOLE Mary A. Pine Creek
POOLE Oliver G. Broken Bow
POOLE Oliver G. Jr. Broken Bow
POOLE Ozella H. Broken Bow
POOLE Robert L. Broken Bow
POOLE Terry Alan "Bo" Broken Bow
POOLE Thomas H. Pine Creek
POPE Baby Glover
POPE Clarence Walter Broken Bow
POPE Lillian County Line
POPE Marion "Big Boy" Eagletown
POPE Marion J. Eagletown
POPE Ronald R. Broken Bow
POPE Sallie Eagletown
POPE Susie G. Pollard
PORTER Elsie Forest Hill
PORTER Eugenia Philadelphia
PORTER Glen Forest Hill
PORTER J.S. Philadelphia
PORTER Jessie Philadelphia
PORTER Leon P. Haworth
PORTER Maggie M. Haworth
PORTER Robert Bokhoma
PORTER Vernon K. Forest Hill
PORTON Bill C. Denison
PORTON David E. Pollard
PORTON Dick W. Denison
PORTON Elton F. Denison
PORTON Harve Denison
PORTON Harve G. Denison
PORTON John Denison
PORTON John J. Denison
PORTON M. Marie Denison
PORTON Mattie D. Pollard
PORTON Myrtle Denison
PORTON Norma Denison
PORTON Verda Denison
POSEY Volley Pine Creek
POST John M. Denison
POST Mary J. Denison
POTEET C.D. Wright City
POTEET Robert E. Wright City
POTEET Robert Erie Wright City
POTEET Willie Edna Wright City
POTTS Anse J. Redland
POTTS Baby Boy Glover
POTTS Brazos B. Glover
POTTS C. Newt Sherwood
POTTS Charlie H. Sherwood
POTTS Ellis Denison
POTTS Esther L. Redland
POTTS Hugh S. Glover
POTTS J.B. Broken Bow
POTTS Jessie Moran
POTTS Josie Glover
POTTS Kate Ethel Sherwood
POTTS Laura I. Glover
POTTS Nora Moran
POTTS Pearl Hochatown
POTTS Pettus Hochatown
POTTS Rhoda I. Redland
POTTS Tennessee Etna Broken Bow
POTTS Viola B. Denison
POWELL Allie Glover
POWELL Annie L. Canfield
POWELL B.C. Broken Bow
POWELL Cader P. Canfield
POWELL Charlie Carl Forest Hill
POWELL Elise Canfield
POWELL Elizabeth Redland
POWELL Elton B. Canfield
POWELL Etta Denison
POWELL Guy R. Denison
POWELL J. R. Forest Hill
POWELL J. S. Wright City
POWELL Lois Marie Glover
POWELL Madie L. Canfield
POWELL Mattie B. Canfield
POWELL Roy Eugene Broken Bow
POWELL Ruth C. Denison
POWELL Sarah Todd Broken Bow
POWELL Shirley T. Forest Hill
POWELL Virginia Forest Hill
POWELL Wanda June County Line
POWELL William Cressaner Wright City
POWELL William F. Canfield
POWER Addy Milburn Denison
POWER Mattie Mae Denison
POWERS Beverly Jo Denison
POWERS Billy Joe Denison
POWERS Cora Denison
POWERS David Lee Denison
POWERS Dewey W. Denison
POWERS J.A. Haworth
POWERS Joe Denison
POWERS L. Victor Denison
POWERS Marie Norma Denison
POWERS Myrtle N. Denison
POWERS Susie Haworth
POWERS Terry G. Denison
POWERS Wahlooah Denison
PRADMORE Effie Francise Holly Creek
PRADMORE Ira Bell Redland
PRADMORE John D. Pollard
PRADMORE Weldon Holly Creek
PRATER Andy F. Philadelphia
PRATER Clarence Philadelphia
PRATER Hardy Philadelphia
PRATER Leona Broken Bow
PRATER Lewis Philadelphia
PRATER Mark "Billy" Philadelphia
PRATER Rildia J. Philadelphia
PRATOR James Henry Old Valliant
PRATT Angela Broken Bow
PRATT Clara A. Broken Bow
PRATT Howard Broken Bow
PRATT Leona Broken Bow
PRATT Maude Broken Bow
PRATT Nuel Floyd Broken Bow
PRATT Olen Frye Broken Bow
PRATT Otto Broken Bow
PRATT Ray W. Broken Bow
PRATT Wilma L. Broken Bow
PRESLEY Irene C. Broken Bow
PRESLEY James L. Broken Bow
PRESLEY R. W. Redland
PRESSON Bertha E. Haworth
PRESSON Chester Clyde Haworth
PRESTON Willey H. Garvin
PREWITT Carl S. Broken Bow
PREWITT Fred I. Broken Bow
PREWITT J.R. Watson Memorial
PREWITT James Richard Watson Memorial
PREWITT Juanita Watson Memorial
PREWITT Lillie Vergie Broken Bow
PREWITT Mary Lena Broken Bow
PRICE Charles E. Broken Bow
PRICE Clara Marie County Line
PRICE Edith Stalcup Watson Memorial
PRICE Glenda Gale Broken Bow
PRICE J.E. Denison
PRICE John Denison
PRICE Mary Broken Bow
PRICE Melissa Redland
PRICE Nettie Emily Denison
PRICE Ollie Denison
PRICE Thomas Redland
PRICE Winford Odell County Line
PRICE Winfred County Line
PRICE Wyley Jefferson Broken Bow
PRICKETT Charles K. Holly Creek
PRIEST Bessie Capps Denison
PRIM Eliza J. Denison
PRIM William H. Denison
PRINCE Mary Old Valliant
PRITCHETT Walter Forest Hill
PROCTOR Cecil Leroy Sweet Home
PROCTOR Earl Elester Bokhoma
PROCTOR Effie Jane Bokhoma
PROCTOR Infant Sweet Home
PROCTOR Infant Daughte Bokhoma
PROCTOR Jean F. Hochatown
PROCTOR Jim Pollard
PROCTOR Mary Pollard
PROCTOR Monroe Pollard
PROCTOR Mother Bokhoma
PROCTOR Noey Pollard
PROCTOR Troy J. Hochatown
PROCTOR Walker L. Bokhoma
PROCTOR Walter C. Sweet Home
PROCTOR Warney Floyd Bokhoma
PROPPS Edward Clair Denison
PROPPS Lucia D. Denison
PROPPS Pete Denison
PROPPS Robert Booker Crown Hill
PROVENCE Arthur B. Rufe
PROVENCE Dora M. Denison
PROVENCE Edgar A. Denison
PROVENCE Elbie Martin Denison
PROVENCE Foster Pollard
PROVENCE Hattie Rufe
PROVENCE Ila Alice Rufe
PROVENCE Jett Foster Denison
PROVENCE Lee N. Pollard
PROVENCE Leonard Deberry Rufe
PROVENCE Leslie Rufe
PROVENCE Madge Pollard
PROVENCE Minnie L. Pollard
PROVENCE Rufus O. Denison
PROVENCE Thomas J. Pollard
PROVINCE Elma Jean Canfield
PRUDHOME Mary Philadelphia
PRUETT Annie Bethel
PRUETT L. B. Redland
PRUITT Billie Lynell Moran
PRUITT Dovie Glover
PRUITT Jo Slater Memorial
PRUITT Malty Lee Moran
PRUITT Margarette Ann Moran
PRUITT Mary Holt Sherwood
PRUITT Randy Slater Memorial
PRUITT Stanley J. Moran
PRYON T.M. Pollard
PRYOR Martha Holly Creek
PUCKETT Carman L. Denison
PUCKETT Dwight Milford Denison
PUCKETT George Albert Denison
PUCKETT Grady Clifford Denison
PUGH Easter Denison
PUGH Geneva Glover
PUGH Larry Don Denison
PUGH Martha Denison
PUGH Norma Faye Denison
PUGH Rosie Denison
PUGH Velmer "Dee" Glover
PUGH William C. Denison
PULLEY James Edward Denison
PULTE Donald Redland
PULTE Gladys E. Redland
PULTE Melba Redland
PULTE William Redland
PURSELL Dail Redland
PURSELL John Lee Redland
PURSELL Ruby Irene Redland
PURVIS W.S. Canfield
PYLAND Bell Wright City
PYLAND Hubert Wright City
PYRON Aleene M. Canfield
PYRON John Henry Denison
PYRON Tommy C. Canfield

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