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Burial Index


LA FORCE Ed R. Denison
LA VALLEY C. Stuart Denison
LA VOICE Ziffie M. Denison
LACEFIELD J.L. Eagletown
LACKEY Charlie C. Broken Bow
LACKEY Columbus Harrison Sweet Home
LACKEY Dellie M. Denison
LACKEY Ethel M. Broken Bow
LACKEY James C. Sweet Home
LACKEY Lottie L. Crown Hill
LACKEY M. Ella Crown Hill
LACKEY Mary Helen Broken Bow
LACKEY Susan E. Sweet Home
LACKEY Sylvester S. Denison
LACY Ira W. Denison
LACY Kate Haworth
LACY Ocie L. Haworth
LACY Ollie J. Denison
LADEN J.W. Denison
LAFEVERS Earie B. Glover
LAFFERTY Earl E. Broken Bow
LAGASSE Annie Crown Hill
LAGASSE Della Fae Crown Hill
LAGASSE Ella Mae Crown Hill
LAGASSE Frances M. Crown Hill
LAGASSE M. Pauline Crown Hill
LAGASSE Susie B. Crown Hill
LAGASSE Wilbur D. Crown Hill
LAKE Clyde Edward Bethel
LAKE Dixie Lee Bethel
LAKE Earl C. Denison
LAKE Ernest Clyde Denison
LAKE James Ernest Bethel
LAKE Jennie Lewis Denison
LAKE Sallie P. Denison
LAMB Delle Lee Denison
LAMB G.W. Morgan Denison
LAMB James Henry Denison
LAMB John A. Denison
LAMB Martha Elizabeth Denison
LAMB Mary Anna Denison
LAMB May G. Denison
LAMB Sallie Moran
LAMB William Bryan Denison
LAMB Winnie F. Denison
LAMBE John A. Denison
LAMBERT Andrew W. Redland
LAMBERT Anna Lee Crown Hill
LAMBERT Arvaline Martin Denison
LAMBERT B.B. Crown Hill
LAMBERT Benjamine Early Crown Hill
LAMBERT Bernice N. Hochatown
LAMBERT Bertha Broken Bow
LAMBERT Bess Eagletown
LAMBERT Bill V. Redland
LAMBERT Carrie Redland
LAMBERT Christopher Cody Forest Hill
LAMBERT Clint Denison
LAMBERT Columbus Forest Hill
LAMBERT D. C. Forest Hill
LAMBERT Donaleona Glover
LAMBERT Effie Ann Redland
LAMBERT Estelle Frey Crown Hill
LAMBERT Exie Crown Hill
LAMBERT Frank Eagletown
LAMBERT G. Pat Glover
LAMBERT Glenda Sue Canfield
LAMBERT Helen Hochatown
LAMBERT J.D. Hochatown
LAMBERT Jack W. Denison
LAMBERT James Milton Eagletown
LAMBERT Jim Wallace Redland
LAMBERT John F. Eagletown
LAMBERT Josephine Eagletown
LAMBERT Laura Mae Holly Creek
LAMBERT Lena Eagletown
LAMBERT Lena C. Eagletown
LAMBERT Lena Dale Redland
LAMBERT Leon L. Forest Hill
LAMBERT Letha M. Crown Hill
LAMBERT Lillian B. Forest Hill
LAMBERT Mary Redland
LAMBERT Matt H. Eagletown
LAMBERT Nathanial Benj. Crown Hill
LAMBERT Nora Eagletown
LAMBERT Nylon R. Canfield
LAMBERT Paula Sue Denison
LAMBERT Pearl Denison
LAMBERT Preston Redland
LAMBERT Richard Albert Redland
LAMBERT Roe "Ponk" Denison
LAMBERT Roy Herman Redland
LAMBERT T.A. Wright City
LAMBERT Thelma M. Redland
LAMBERT Viola F. Glover
LAMBERT W.B. Eagletown
LAMBERT W.L. "Bill" Crown Hill
LAMBERT W.M. Eagletown
LAMBERT William Ray Hochatown
LAMBERT Willie C. Forest Hill
LAMBERT Winnie Matilda Redland
LAMBETH Lyle L. Broken Bow
LAMM Alva Wright City
LANCASTER A.L. Mrs. Denison
LANCASTER James Eldred Canfield
LANCE Minnie Leiva Canfield
LAND ?? Rufe
LAND Elizabeth Philadelphia
LAND Elmer Haworth
LAND Eugene Haworth
LAND Fate Rufe
LAND Florence Haworth
LAND Hugh L. Denison
LAND Lizzie Bell Haworth
LAND Lula Rufe
LAND Perry Haworth
LAND Raleigh Haworth
LANDERS Jerry Keith Lukfata
LANDRETH Baby County Line
LANDRETH Charles E. Canfield
LANDRETH Donald R. Canfield
LANDRETH Ellen L. Canfield
LANDRETH Infant Daughter Canfield
LANDRETH John W. Canfield
LANDRETH Ollie Mae County Line
LANDRUM Lillie Alma Broken Bow
LANE Clara Jewel Redland
LANE Clarence Henry Holly Creek
LANE Edison Denison
LANE Eunice A. Holly Creek
LANE George L. Holly Creek
LANE Infant Son Holly Creek
LANE Infant Son Holly Creek
LANE J.L.B. Holly Creek
LANE Jerry Pollard
LANE Joseph Pollard
LANE Lee Redland
LANE Leola Pearl Redland
LANE Loree Pollard
LANE Martha Rebecca Holly Creek
LANE Opal Pollard
LANE Ora L. Pollard
LANE Phyllis Anne Holly Creek
LANE Pollie Denison
LANE Steven Bradley Holly Creek
LANE Trinna Lee Pollard
LANE Trinver Pollard
LANEY Auston Ira Pollard
LANEY Charley Pollard
LANEY David Wayne Denison
LANEY Earl Pollard
LANEY Flake Hall "Red" Denison
LANEY Glendon Pollard
LANEY Hattie Ellen Denison
LANEY Martha Elizabeth Denison
LANEY Mary E. Pollard
LANEY Newt Denison
LANEY Willie "Bill" Denison
LANGHAM A.J. Holly Creek
LANGHAM Alfred S. Crown Hill
LANGHAM J.K.P. Crown Hill
LANGHAM Jessie Crown Hill
LANGHAM Julia A. Crown Hill
LANGHAM Hochatown
LANTROON Angela LeAnn Wright City
LANTROON Tiki Rena Wright City
LANTROOP Angela Lynn Slater Memorial
LANTROOP Ludie B. Wright City
LANTROOP Tiki Ranea Slater Memorial
LAPPIN Bernard J. Broken Bow
LARCADE Bettie E. Holly Creek
LARCADE Charlene Broken Bow
LARCADE Herbert C. Broken Bow
LARCADE Herbert C. Sr. Broken Bow
LARCADE John Franklin Broken Bow
LARCADE Oscar John Holly Creek
LARCADE Robert M. Broken Bow
LARCADE Ruth Broken Bow
LASSITER Infant Haworth
LASTER Billie Jean Hochatown
LASTER Carl Delbert Eagletown
LASTER Cecil Thomas Eagletown
LASTER Charles E. Hochatown
LASTER Charles G. Hochatown
LASTER Cressie Faye Eagletown
LASTER Dora B. Eagletown
LASTER Emma Glover
LASTER Jeffery J. Denison
LASTER Jerry Lynn Glover
LASTER Jim Glover
LASTER Joe S. Eagletown
LASTER Larry E. Bethel
LASTER Myrtle L. Eagletown
LASTER Ocie L. Hochatown
LASTER Rebecca Louann Wright City
LASTER Sybil Louise Eagletown
LASTER Thomas J. Eagletown
LASTER William Allen Eagletown
LATHAM Emery L. Slater Memorial
LATHAM Emery L. Wright City
LATHAM Geneva "Jean" Slater Memorial
LATTA James A. Broken Bow
LATTA Monroe Hochatown
LATTA Ossie Broken Bow
LAUTZENHISER Grace Holly Creek
LAVENDER Clone H. Moran
LAVENDER Harvel Weldon Moran
LAVENDER Mary Pauline Moran
LAWLER Ader Pollard
LAWLER Beadie A. Holly Creek
LAWLER Cal H. Pollard
LAWLER Deloris Marie Holly Creek
LAWLER Flora Edna Holly Creek
LAWLER James Philip Holly Creek
LAWLER John C. Holly Creek
LAWLER John Charles Holly Creek
LAWLER Leon Pollard
LAWLER Leonard Lee Eagletown
LAWLER Myrtle Eagletown
LAWLER Odie Kent Pollard
LAWLER Percy Allen Holly Creek
LAWLER Percy Allen Jr. Holly Creek
LAWLER Robert "Bob" Broken Bow
LAWLER Ruby Mae Holly Creek
LAWLER Victor W. Holly Creek
LAWLER Wilma E. Eagletown
LAWRENCE Alice Earlene Denison
LAWRENCE Gracie L. Pollard
LAWRENCE Jewell Watson Memorial
LAWRENCE Joshua Waterhole
LAWRENCE Lorena M. Glover
LAWRENCE Nancy V. Bethel
LAWRENCE Ranson W. Holly Creek
LAWRENCE William Frank Bethel
LAWSON Dorothy H. Canfield
LAWSON Dorothy H. Forest Hill
LAWSON Harry B. "Jack" Broken Bow
LAWSON J. Lynn Denison
LAWSON J.P. "Pat" Denison
LAWSON Mandy Glover
LAWSON Marie Broken Bow
LAWSON Mary Frances Denison
LAWSON Mollie A. Denison
LAWSON Willie Mae Denison
LAXTON Beulah Bethel
LAXTON Dearl Lee Broken Bow
LAXTON James F. Broken Bow
LAXTON Jimmy Bethel
LAXTON Junior Ray Bethel
LAXTON Lillie M. Broken Bow
LAXTON Lon Forest Hill
LAXTON Ray Jr. Bethel
LAXTON Willie Broken Bow
LAXTON Willie "Bill" Bethel
LAY Lester Holly Creek
LAY Vernon L. Wright City
LAY William Olis Wright City
LAY Willie Irene Wright City
LEAGATES William M. Holly Creek
LEATHERS Clarence B. Slater Memorial
LEATHERS Clifford W. Slater Memorial
LEATHERS Clifford Wayne Wright City
LEATHERS Sophia E. Slater Memorial
LEBOW Blanch Rufe
LEBOW Gyles Vernon Rufe
LEBOW Henry Richard Rufe
LEBOW Maurice R. Rufe
LEBOW Myrtle Rufe
LEBOW Ora L. Rufe
LEBOW Ruby Rufe
LECLAIR Gladys Denison
LEDBETTER Jess Dee Sr. Forest Hill
LEDFORD Bee Wright City
LEDFORD Cecil H. Jr. Forest Hill
LEDFORD Laudis "Buck" Broken Bow
LEDFORD Norma Lavonn Broken Bow
LEDGERWOOD William Broken Bow
LEDSWORTH Raymond C. Holly Creek
LEE Alf Crown Hill
LEE Anna Crown Hill
LEE Bruce G. Crown Hill
LEE Donald N. Holly Creek
LEE Emma J. Denison
LEE Fannie Holly Creek
LEE James Henry Broken Bow
LEE Lena Ruth Holly Creek
LEE Lissie Mary Haworth
LEE Lona Avery Eagletown
LEE Lonnie Holly Creek
LEE Luther L. Denison
LEE Marie A. Denison
LEE Martha Emma Denison
LEE Melinda E. "Granny" Broken Bow
LEE Mrs. Bertha Holly Creek
LEE Nora Helms Hochatown
LEE Robert Edward Denison
LEE Robert Noah Eagletown
LEE Rosa Broken Bow
LEE Rosie L. Crown Hill
LEE William Zadoc Holly Creek
LEEPER William Fay Hochatown
LEFLORE Charley Denison
LEFLORE George P. Waterhole
LEFLORE Louis M. Waterhole
LEFLORE Louise Denison
LEFLORE Selena Waterhole
LEFLORE Selina Waterhole
LEFORCE Albert Broken Bow
LEFORCE Homer Leonard Bethel
LEFORCE Julia Ann & Baby Broken Bow
LEGATE Georgia Denison
LEGATE Martha E. Canfield
LEGATE Maston M. Denison
LEGATE Samuel E. Denison
LEGATE Susan M. Denison
LEGATE W.H. Canfield
LEGATES William M. Holly Creek
LEGER Ruby D. Redland
LEMLEY James Henry Broken Bow
LEMMONS C.J. "Charley" Slater Memorial
LEMMONS Diannia Slater Memorial
LEMMONS Ethel I. Slater Memorial
LEMOINE Clarence Glover
LEMOINE Docia Glover
LEMOINE Ivalee Glover
LEMOINE William Glover
LEMON Hudson KulliChito
LEMON Hudson KulliTuklo
LEMON Lula Glover
LEMON Robert S. Glover
LEMON Tommie Dale County Line
LEMONS Virginia Wright City
LENOIR Cora Bell Broken Bow
LENTZ Annie M. Denison
LENTZ Elbert Denison
LEONARD Albert Moman Eagletown
LEONARD Carl J. Eagletown
LEONARD Carl James Eagletown
LEONARD Cathrine V. Denison
LEONARD David D. Eagletown
LEONARD Doyle "Chuck" Eagletown
LEONARD Irene Eagletown
LEONARD Jack Eagletown
LEONARD James Edward Eagletown
LEONARD James Howard Eagletown
LEONARD John Eagletown
LEONARD Lessie Eagletown
LEONARD Mary Eagletown
LEONARD Mary E. Eagletown
LEONARD Rodney Wayne Eagletown
LEONARD T. Janice Eagletown
LEONARD Terry L. Eagletown
LEONARD W. Ed Denison
LEONARD W.E. Jr. Denison
LEONARD William T. Eagletown
LESLEY Erica Lee Watson Memorial
LESLEY Jack Wayne Denison
LESLEY Melissa D. Denison
LESLIE Miriam Amanda Watson Memorial
LESTER Chris C. Haworth
LESTER Joe L. Haworth
LESTER Nannit O. Haworth
LESTER Ree Haworth
LESTER Thomas Eagletown
LEVER Martha Rose Denison
LEWIS A.B. Lukfata
LEWIS Aaron J. Jr. Hochatown
LEWIS Aaron J. Sr. Hochatown
LEWIS Adel Lukfata
LEWIS Altus Canfield
LEWIS Bill G. Denison
LEWIS Caroline NunihChito
LEWIS Charley E. Broken Bow
LEWIS Clentie C. Lukfata
LEWIS Delcine Govin Lukfata
LEWIS Durwood Denison
LEWIS Edward Harvy Denison
LEWIS Edwin H. Denison
LEWIS Edwin H. Denison
LEWIS Effie M. Denison
LEWIS George Earl Denison
LEWIS Infant Forest Hill
LEWIS John B. Garvin
LEWIS Lon Lukfata
LEWIS Lycugas Lukfata
LEWIS Mabel NunihChito
LEWIS Margaret D. Broken Bow
LEWIS Martha Ann Denison
LEWIS Mary S. Denison
LEWIS Maude Denison
LEWIS Naomi Hochatown
LEWIS Orlena Leone Hochatown
LEWIS Oslin Delmer Denison
LEWIS R.M. Denison
LEWIS Randall Denison
LEWIS Robert Lukfata
LEWIS Rosevelt Lukfata
LEWIS Russell Keith Broken Bow
LEWIS Thelma Hazel Watson Memorial
LEWIS Wilson Philadelphia
LICK Ora Essie Hochatown
LICK William Henry Hochatown
LIGGETT Allen Denison
LIGHTFOOT Effie Jo Haworth
LIGHTFOOT Savanna L. Forest Hill
LIGHTFOOT William T. Forest Hill
LIGHTSEY J.D. Jr. Denison
LIGHTSEY Robert H. Denison
LIGON Bessie Vera Hochatown
LIGON Eva Hall Denison
LIGON Florence Maree Broken Bow
LIGON Frank Nathaniel Denison
LIGON Frank Stuart Denison
LIGON Fred C. Crown Hill
LIGON Genevive Broken Bow
LIGON Homer Percy Hochatown
LIGON John C. Broken Bow
LIGON Jon Kevin Shane Hochatown
LIGON Viola Broken Bow
LIGON Willa Florence Denison
LIMBAUGH Arthur Eagletown
LIMBAUGH Elsie Eagletown
LIMBAUGH Geneva Eagletown
LIMBAUGH James Denison
LIMBAUGH Michael Ray Denison
LIMBOCKER Dogan H. Broken Bow
LIMBOCKER Lecy L. Broken Bow
LINDSEY Bulah Redland
LINDSEY Guy Waterhole
LINDSEY Kirby Haworth
LINDSEY Margaret E. Waterhole
LINDSEY Mildred Haworth
LINDSEY William M. Waterhole
LINSLEY Charles Collins Crown Hill
LIPSCOMB Addie Broken Bow
LISENBY Tom H. Denison
LIST Anita Louise Denison
LIST Louise Denison
LITCHFORD James Aborn Redland
LITCHFORD Lucille Redland
LITCHFORD Silenna Redland
LITTLE Ermma Denison
LITTLE George R. Denison
LITTLE Myrtle M Denison
LITTLE Tom Broken Bow
LITTLETON Alger Denison
LITTLETON Baxter M. Broken Bow
LITTLETON Elbert Allen Broken Bow
LITTLETON Ida Broken Bow
LITTLETON John Sweet Home
LITTLETON Olga Esther Broken Bow
LITTLETON Roy Broken Bow
LIVINGSTON Dorthie Junita Holly Creek
LLOYD Durwood H. Moran
LLOYD Nell Grace Denison
LOCKS Francis Bethel
LOFTIN Elma Love Denison
LOFTIN Pearl L. Denison
LOFTIN Samuel Joseph Denison
LOFTIN W.A. Jr. Denison
LOFTIN William A. Sr. Denison
LOGAN Ben F. Forest Hill
LOGAN Bethel Forest Hill
LOGAN Clemmie M. Forest Hill
LOGAN Clyde B. Forest Hill
LOGAN Curtis Forest Hill
LOGAN Fannie Mae Wright City
LOGAN Jewell M. Forest Hill
LOGAN Leslie F. Forest Hill
LOGAN Lorene G. Slater Memorial
LOGAN Minnie Denison
LOGAN Odessa Lukfata
LOGAN Oma Forest Hill
LOGAN Seward C. Denison
LOGAN Vernon V. Slater Memorial
LOGGAINS M. C. Forest Hill
LOKEY George B. Denison
LOKEY James P. Denison
LOKEY Mabel Y. Denison
LOMAN Bessie A. Mountain Fork
LOMAN Oscar T. Rev Mountain Fork
LOMON Thomas Waterhole
LON C. Canfield
LONDON Anderson Eagletown
LONDON Eugene Eagletown
LONDON James Newton Eagletown
LONDON Lula Eagletown
LONDON Myrtle Eagletown
LONDON Othel C. Eagletown
LONDON Robert "Bob" Eagletown
LONG Alf Tilson Pollard
LONG Bobby Rufe
LONG Charlie H. Denison
LONG Edgar P. Pollard
LONG Essie Hochatown
LONG Euzora D. Denison
LONG Harry J. Denison
LONG Henry Rufe
LONG Ida Denison
LONG James M. Denison
LONG Jim Rufe
LONG Jimmy Ray Rufe
LONG John Forest Hill
LONG Laura E. Denison
LONG Lena Louise Haworth
LONG Leo Forest Hill
LONG Lizzie Pollard
LONG Maggie Denison
LONG Mary Rufe
LONG Minnie Lou Rufe
LONG Nannie Dee Rufe
LONG Oner Rufe
LONG Thomas C. Hochatown
LONG Walter Ben G. Rufe
LOPE David Joe Watson Memorial
LOPE Lizzie Bell Watson Memorial
LOPE Nellie May Watson Memorial
LOPE Virgle H. Holly Creek
LOPE William M. Watson Memorial
LOPE Winford "Pete" Watson Memorial
LOTT Jerameah Chane Forest Hill
LOTT John Douglas Hochatown
LOTT John Marion Forest Hill
LOUCHS Katelyn Michelle Redland
LOUIS Alice Garvin
LOUIS Allin Garvin
LOUIS Asaline Hochatown
LOUIS Bond Hochatown
LOUIS Ida Lukfata
LOUIS Infant Hochatown
LOUIS Leona Hochatown
LOUIS Mary Virginia Garvin
LOUIS Rafe Garvin
LOVE Anita M. Hochatown
LOVE Charles T. Hochatown
LOVE George W. Denison
LOVE Hallie D. Canfield
LOVE Harry S. Sr. Denison
LOVE Kate Denison
LOVE Lillian D. Canfield
LOVE Mary Dixon Denison
LOVE Mrs. William Broken Bow
LOVE Ola Denison
LOVE Randall Keith Denison
LOVE Robert M. Denison
LOVE Sidney B. Sr. Denison
LOVE Vertie E. Denison
LOVE Willie S. Broken Bow
LOVELACE Mike & Mark Denison
LOVELIS Owen Tuck Denison
LOVELL Robert N. Broken Bow
LOVIN Grace Moss Rufe
LOVING Coy Joe Forest Hill
LOVING Crystal Broken Bow
LOWDER Lillie E. Canfield
LOWE Raymond Canfield
LOWERY Ivan "Big John" Rock Hill
LOWERY Marcelene Rock Hill
LOWRANCE Lee Huston Canfield
LOWRANCE Lena Leota Canfield
LOWRANCE Mary E. Waterhole
LOWRANCE Sam H. Waterhole
LOWREY Martha Pollard
LOYD C.L. Canfield
LOYD Francis A. Denison
LOYD Georgia B. Denison
LOYD Isabell Canfield
LOYD Lea Eagletown
LOYD Roy Neal Glover
LOYD Vera Eagletown
LUCAS Georgia Anna Broken Bow
LUCAS Johnson M. Broken Bow
LUCAS Marvin E. Denison
LUCAS Minnie County Line
LUCAS Robert Lee Denison
LUCAS Rosa Lee Denison
LUCAS Zelda Ruth Denison
LUCE Clem S. Denison
LUCUS Cleo D. Hochatown
LUCUS Guy R. Hochatown
LUDLOW Billy Joe County Line
LUDLOW Cameron Rydell Watson Memorial
LUDLOW Joel Rev. Philadelphia
LUDLOW Johnny Ray Watson Memorial
LUDLOW Linda Joann Watson Memorial
LUEPKE Herman Louis Denison
LUEPKE Mary Virginia Denison
LUNDREY Bobby Lee Pollard
LUNDREY Donald Wayne Pollard
LUNDREY James Doyle Pollard
LUNDREY Melveda Darlene Pollard
LUNDREY Willie Mae Pollard
LUPER Richard H. Lee Forest Hill
LUTRELL Joe Lee County Line
LUTTRELL Anna Lucy Eagletown
LUTTRELL C.B. Eagletown
LUTTRELL Clide Vernon Eagletown
LUTTRELL Emma Eagletown
LUTTRELL Jennings Bryan Eagletown
LUTTRELL John "Boss" Eagletown
LUTTRELL Lela Eagletown
LUTTRELL Mildred M. Eagletown
LUTTRELL Ralph Eagletown
LUTTRELL Rosa Eagletown
LUTTRELL Vickie Susan Eagletown
LUTTRELL Victor H. Eagletown
LUTTRELL Violet Eagletown
LYNCH Ellen L. Haworth
LYNCH Frank Herman Redland
LYNCH James A."Curley" Denison
LYNCH Mary E. Haworth
LYNCH Opal W. Denison
LYNCH Ozella S. Redland
LYNCH Walter "Wat" Denison
LYNN Ronnie William Redland
LYNN Wm. A. Redland
LYON Alwyn E. Jr. Eagletown
LYON Louise Eagletown
LYONS Ethel A. Wright City
LYONS Joseph H. Broken Bow
LYONS Mary E. Broken Bow

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