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Burial Index


KAMPHER Erwin Forest Hill
KANIATOBE Cordia May Waterhole
KANIATOBE David K. Forest Hill
KANIATOBE Rhoda Waterhole
KARNES Herman H. Moran
KARNES Mollie Myatt Moran
KARNES Phill Moran
KAUNDART Vivian "Ping" Holly Creek
KAYLER Corlie Rufe
KEEGAN Emma Garvin
KEELIN Tom Watson Memorial
KEELING Darlis Darnel Haworth
KEELING Ollie M. Garvin
KEELING Purrin L. Garvin
KEELING Thomas W. Garvin
KEENER Thomas Fredrick Broken Bow
KEENEY Simon P. Eagletown
KEIRSEY Dashiell Crown Hill
KEIRSEY Harry Francis Crown Hill
KEIRSEY James Justin Crown Hill
KEIRSEY Juan A. Crown Hill
KEIRSEY Justin Denison
KEIRSEY Ola V. Crown Hill
KEIRSEY Parham Crown Hill
KEIRSEY Parham Jack Crown Hill
KEIRSEY Sallie Crown Hill
KEITH Doyle Jewell Broken Bow
KEITH Emma Broken Bow
KEITH Hardy Broken Bow
KELLER Opal Crown Hill
KELLER Scott Bethel
KELLEY Betty Jo Watson Memorial
KELLEY Delila Jane Forest Hill
KELLEY Doyle Holly Creek
KELLEY Effie Forest Hill
KELLEY Effie B. Bethel
KELLEY Elijah Sampson Forest Hill
KELLEY Harvey Forest Hill
KELLEY Herriette M. Forest Hill
KELLEY James Hoyt Watson Memorial
KELLEY John D. Bethel
KELLEY Melvin Dewey Forest Hill
KELLEY Minnie Mae Forest Hill
KELLEY Nathan A. Bethel
KELLEY Nova Bell Forest Hill
KELLY Hunice Levicy Denison
KELLY James Monroe Pollard
KELSO Bradley J. "Bubba" Oakgrove
KEMP Aline Maude Eagletown
KEMP Altus Bethel
KEMP Arthur Earl Bethel
KEMP Baby James Rufe
KEMP Edwin Wayne Rufe
KEMP Ellis Rufe
KEMP George W. Eagletown
KEMP Hugh Bryan Rufe
KEMP Isaac Jerd Eagletown
KEMP Jannie Laura Sherwood
KEMP John Edward Sherwood
KEMP Marian G. Eagletown
KEMP Mary E. Eagletown
KEMP Mary Ella Eagletown
KEMP Melvin Buddy Bethel
KEMP Ollie Lee Rufe
KEMP Sam R. Rufe
KEMP Shirley Gene Broken Bow
KEMP Stella Izore Bethel
KEMP Tessie M. Broken Bow
KEMP Topsie O. Broken Bow
KEMP Velma Marie Broken Bow
KEMP Wanda June Bethel
KEMP Wilburn Theodore Sr. Broken Bow
KENDRICK Carl Hochatown
KENDRICK Edna A. Broken Bow
KENDRICK Isaac F. Broken Bow
KENDRICK Marion Hochatown
KENNEDY Addie L. Eagletown
KENNEDY Barbara Hochatown
KENNEDY Emmett Lee Broken Bow
KENNEDY Fred M. Crown Hill
KENNEDY Fred W. Broken Bow
KENNEDY Henry Edward Broken Bow
KENNEDY Kathleen V. Crown Hill
KENNEDY Leola Broken Bow
KENNEDY Sarah E. "Sally" Broken Bow
KENNEDY Zelkirk Eagletown
KENT A.T. Buck Garvin
KENT Dora F. Garvin
KENT Mrs. Buck Denison
KERNEY Tullie Forest Hill
KERSEY Charles County Line
KERSEY Golda O. County Line
KERSEY Parhym Broken Bow
KIDD Marcelene L. Denison
KIGHT Joseph B. Crown Hill
KIGHT M. Lucia A. Crown Hill
KIGHT Oma Elizabeth Eagletown
KILGORE E.A. Denison
KILGORE Hattie Denison
KILGORE W.A. Broken Bow
KILGORE W.R. Denison
KILKENNY George Eagletown
KILLIAN Alfred Holly Creek
KILLIAN Augustine Broken Bow
KILLIAN Baby Holly Creek
KILLIAN Henry Holly Creek
KILLIAN Henry Jr. Holly Creek
KILLIAN James C. "Jack" Holly Creek
KILLIAN Lula Holly Creek
KILLIAN Robert W. "Bob" Broken Bow
KILLIAN William Bokhoma
KILLINS Ruby Corene Haworth
KIMBELL Claud E. Holly Creek
KIMBELL Elva Holly Creek
KIMBRO Anna Marie Denison
KIMBRO Cora A. Denison
KIMBRO Theodore L. Denison
KIMBRO William M. Denison
KIMBROUGH Charles A. Denison
KIMBROUGH Hester B. Broken Bow
KIMBROUGH Hugh Roy Denison
KIMBROUGH Julia Estelle Denison
KIMBROUGH Lillie Wright City
KIMBROUGH Patrick Henry Broken Bow
KIMBROUGH Polly Holly Creek
KINCAID Arnold Hochatown
KINCAID Baby Hochatown
KINCAID Bea Hochatown
KINCAID Ben F. Hochatown
KINCAID Bessie G. Hochatown
KINCAID Dora Etta Hochatown
KINCAID Jack Hochatown
KINCAID James Henry Hochatown
KINCAID James William Hochatown
KINCAID Katrina Hochatown
KINCAID Lance Hochatown
KINCAID Lennell Herman Hochatown
KINCAID Margarette F. Hochatown
KINCAID Mary Orah Hochatown
KINCAID Noba Hochatown
KINCAID Paul D. Hochatown
KINCAID Teddy Hochatown
KINCAID Vera Hochatown
KINCAID William B. Hochatown
KINCAID William B. Jr. Hochatown
KINCHEN A. W. Forest Hill
KINCHEN Alice G. Forest Hill
KINDLE Will Broken Bow
KINDRICK Tildon Broken Bow
KING Albert T. Jr. Denison
KING Allie C. Denison
KING Alphonso B. Denison
KING Barbara Grace Forest Hill
KING Clyde S. Forest Hill
KING Dwain Bartee Crown Hill
KING Ernest Wright City
KING Eron James "Jimmy Broken Bow
KING Eugene H. Denison
KING Evia L. Denison
KING Frank Lukfata
KING Glenn Mason Jr. Holly Creek
KING Ida Sweet Home
KING Ida Watson Memorial
KING Infant Wright City
KING James Denison
KING Joel Elbert Broken Bow
KING Martha Rene Forest Hill
KING Mary Bates Eagletown
KING Mattie "Laura" Denison
KING Milion Wright City
KING Nina Elizabeth Denison
KING Offie J. Forest Hill
KING Oscar Watson Memorial
KING Rophus Goodland
KING Wesley Broken Bow
KINNEY Eliga F. Denison
KIPFER John Thomas Holly Creek
KIRBY Alice M. Denison
KIRBY Billy Bruce Bokhoma
KIRBY Earl Lester Bokhoma
KIRBY Edward M. Denison
KIRBY Ethelbert Wright City
KIRBY Fred Oliver Bokhoma
KIRBY Jackie Broken Bow
KIRBY James David Denison
KIRBY Jessie Bokhoma
KIRBY John H. Bokhoma
KIRBY Joseph A. Wright City
KIRBY Joseph S. Wright City
KIRBY Lewis Willie Bokhoma
KIRBY Pervie Ingram Bokhoma
KIRBY Purtum H. Denison
KIRBY Tealy Bokhoma
KIRBY Vester D. Bokhoma
KIRBY Viola Denison
KIRK Gabrella G. Garth Waterhole
KIRK George L. Jr. Denison
KIRK George Marshall Denison
KIRK Geraldine Virginia Denison
KIRK James Wood Waterhole
KIRK Joe B. Rev. Denison
KIRK Joe Henry Denison
KIRK Little Lewis Waterhole
KIRK Louis Denison
KIRK Lucy Loma Denison
KIRK Lurlie Lee Denison
KIRK Mary Denison
KIRK Mary McBrayer Ju Denison
KIRK Nelle Denison
KIRK Nelle Elizabeth Denison
KIRK Ola Denison
KIRK Rufus C. Denison
KIRK S. S. Mrs. Denison
KIRK Sarah Waterhole
KIRK Stephen S. Denison
KIRKLAND Mary E. Denison
KIRKLAND Troy C. Denison
KIRKPATRICK Clara D. Denison
KIRKPATRICK Harrison M. Denison
KISER Cecil Slater Memorial
KISER Pauline Slater Memorial
KITCH Baby Etta Haworth
KITCH Eugie E. Haworth
KITCHENS Homer B. Eagletown
KITCHINGS W. Mitchell Denison
KITCHINGS Wanda Irene Denison
KITTS Carrie M. Eagletown
KIZER B.W. Garvin
KIZER Marvin Garvin
KIZER William C. Broken Bow
KNAPP Carl Denison
KNAPP Infant Denison
KNAPP Kate Denison
KNIGHT Beedie A. Pollard
KNIGHT C.W. Pollard
KNIGHT Charles A. Glover
KNIGHT James O. Broken Bow
KNIGHT John W. "Jack" Pollard
KNIGHT Joyce Broken Bow
KNISELEY Beulah Denison
KNISLEY Elmer L. Denison
KNISLEY Margaret Denison
KNOBLOCK Sarah Moran
KNOSLEY Ruby M. Denison
KNOTT George Hochatown
KNOWLES Charles Edward Denison
KNOWLES Charles Elmer Redland
KNOWLES Nancy Pearl Denison
KNOWLES Sue Redland
KNOX Ella Mae Slater Memorial
KNOX Fletcher R. Eagletown
KNOX Robbie G. Eagletown
KNOX Ruby M. Denison
KNOX Sue F. Eagletown
KNOX Tom H. Slater Memorial
KNOX William F. Denison
KOLB Allen Carrie Broken Bow
KOLB DeWitt "Dee" Broken Bow
KOZARK Will Denison
KRUEGER Margaret Broken Bow
KRUSE Patricia Ann Denison
KUFFER William W. Rufe
KUHNS Elijah F. Forest Hill
KUHNS Lizzie Forest Hill
KUPKE Charlene Cecil Redland
KUPKE Fritz Redland
KUPKE Hope Angel Redland
KUPKE Louise Redland
KUPKE Otto Redland
KUPKE Vera Jane Redland
KURTH Betty Jo Eagletown
KUYKENDALL Alice Broken Bow
KUYKENDALL Edith L. Denison
KUYKENDALL Elbert Broken Bow
KUYKENDALL Maxine Broken Bow
KUYKENDALL R.D. "Bill" Denison
KUYKENDALL Wilbur D. Broken Bow
KYKER Blanche Slater Memorial
KYKER Thomas H. Slater Memorial
KYNISTON Lillie Holly Creek

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