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Gene Phillips - McCurtain County Archivist

Gene Phillips - State Archivist

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Burial Index


JACKMAN Susan Hochatown
JACKSON A.D. Philadelphia
JACKSON A.J. Watson Memorial
JACKSON Alice Philadelphia
JACKSON Allen J. Philadelphia
JACKSON Alta Stover Bethel
JACKSON Andy J. Holly Creek
JACKSON Anna Belle Hochatown
JACKSON Annie Philadelphia
JACKSON Annie Pauline Redland
JACKSON B.B. Haworth
JACKSON Billy Ray Glover
JACKSON Bobby Gene Denison
JACKSON Carl Edward Philadelphia
JACKSON Chester Philadelphia
JACKSON Chester D. Glover
JACKSON D.J. "Dink" Philadelphia
JACKSON Danny R. Glover
JACKSON Della Philadelphia
JACKSON Edna Beatrice Watson Memorial
JACKSON Effie M. Glover
JACKSON Eldon Delane Denison
JACKSON Eliza Philadelphia
JACKSON Elsie Mae Redland
JACKSON Emma Elsie Denison
JACKSON Emma V. Philadelphia
JACKSON Fannie Philadelphia
JACKSON Frank Holly Creek
JACKSON Frank J. Glover
JACKSON Fred "Ed" Redland
JACKSON Garland Hochatown
JACKSON Gilbert Broken Bow
JACKSON Hazel Holly Creek
JACKSON Ida M. Holly Creek
JACKSON J. C. "Lum" Denison
JACKSON Joe David KulliChito
JACKSON Joe David KulliTuklo
JACKSON Joe Henry Philadelphia
JACKSON John Leslie Watson Memorial
JACKSON Johnnie Faye Glover
JACKSON Joseph Broken Bow
JACKSON Joseph F. Glover
JACKSON LeEllen Glover
JACKSON Lige Glover
JACKSON Louis Glover
JACKSON Lucinda Glover
JACKSON Margie Ellen Redland
JACKSON May Bell Denison
JACKSON Michael J. Glover
JACKSON Mourine Hochatown
JACKSON Octavia "Tava" Philadelphia
JACKSON Orgaree Glover
JACKSON Robert Lee Philadelphia
JACKSON Rosa E. Glover
JACKSON Sammy Jo Rufe
JACKSON Son Glover
JACKSON Steve Redland
JACKSON Thomas J. Redland
JACKSON Verne May KulliChito
JACKSON Verne May KulliTuklo
JACKSON Virgie Edith Glover
JACKSON Virgil County Line
JACKSON Virgil "Jobe" Glover
JACKSON W. F. Dr. Redland
JACKSON Walter Philadelphia
JACKSON Wilma V. Glover
JACOB James S. Jr. NunihChito
JACOBS B.R. "Bully" Hochatown
JACOBS Beverly Hochatown
JACOBS Brazil Hochatown
JACOBS Burton Hochatown
JACOBS Daley Hochatown
JACOBS E. Baxtor Broken Bow
JACOBS George Thomas Denison
JACOBS Georgia Ann Hochatown
JACOBS Infant Broken Bow
JACOBS J.R. Broken Bow
JACOBS J.S. "Colonel" Hochatown
JACOBS Katie Hochatown
JACOBS Linnie Canfield
JACOBS Lovida M. Hochatown
JACOBS Mable Broken Bow
JACOBS Mamie Hochatown
JACOBS Marion E. Hochatown
JACOBS Mary L. Moran
JACOBS Mary Madona Broken Bow
JACOBS Minnie Hochatown
JACOBS Mrs. B.R. Hochatown
JACOBS Oliver Hochatown
JACOBS Rev. Tommy T. Moran
JACOBS Rhoda C. Broken Bow
JACOBS Royle L. Haworth
JACOBS Sterling Price Broken Bow
JAMERSON Maudie Lukfata
JAMERSON Robert Lee Forest Hill
JAMES Callie Broken Bow
JAMES Daryl J. Slater Memorial
JAMES Davis A. Goodland
JAMES Dovie Ann Bethel
JAMES F.L. Holly Creek
JAMES Harriet Holly Creek
JAMES Iles Denison
JAMES Infant Bethel
JAMES J.O. Holly Creek
JAMES J.W. Holly Creek
JAMES Jacob C. Jr. Moran
JAMES Jacob C.I. Moran
JAMES L.G. "Marcus" Holly Creek
JAMES Lester L. Hochatown
JAMES Lizzie Holly Creek
JAMES M. H. Holly Creek
JAMES Marcus Allen Holly Creek
JAMES Marion Hamilton Bethel
JAMES Mary Ollie Eagletown
JAMES Mrs. Woodrow Bethel
JAMES Norma Jean Holly Creek
JAMES Pauline Moran
JAMES Ruby Garland Hochatown
JAMES Shub NunihChito
JAMES Thaddeus I. Broken Bow
JAMES Theodore Clay Denison
JAMES Tom Eagletown
JAMES W.M. Moran
JAMES William C. Rufe
JAMES William Martin Holly Creek
JAMES William Noel Holly Creek
JAMES Willie Moran
JAMESON Bertha B. Canfield
JAMESON Leslie Edward Canfield
JAMISON Baby Boy Forest Hill
JAMISON Eyma Myrtle Forest Hill
JAMISON Francis Marion Forest Hill
JANTZ Cleo Denison
JANTZ Hattie Isabel Denison
JARVIS Eldna Lee Denison
JARVIS William A. Denison
JASPER Bessie W. Sherwood
JASPER Clifford Clinton Sherwood
JEANES Ada A. Denison
JEANES Miles H. Denison
JEANS Denzie Pollard
JEANS Henry E. Forest Hill
JEANS Hoy C. Pollard
JEANS Jasper Frederick Haworth
JEANS Marie Pollard
JEANS Myrtle Coldoney Haworth
JEANS Nettie Pollard
JEFFCOAT Donna Jean Pollard
JEFFCOAT Rev. John W. Broken Bow
JEFFERS Gary Ben Glover
JEFFERSON Christy M. Slater Memorial
JEFFERSON Davis Goodland
JEFFERSON Diana S. Slater Memorial
JEFFERSON Efferine Hochatown
JEFFERSON Fay Wright City
JEFFERSON Faye Geneva Slater Memorial
JEFFERSON Fred Hochatown
JEFFERSON Hotey A. Hochatown
JEFFERSON Johnnie Slater Memorial
JEFFERSON Lee Wilmon Holly Creek
JEFFERSON Leo Wilson Goodland
JEFFERSON Lottie Lee Hochatown
JEFFERSON Lowina Hochatown
JEFFERSON Maderson E. Goodland
JEFFERSON Mary Goodland
JEFFERSON Mary Hochatown
JEFFERSON Minnie Hochatown
JEFFERSON Rena Slater Memorial
JEFFERSON Ruth Hochatown
JEFFERSON Sampson Hochatown
JEFFERSON Siemon Hochatown
JEFFERSON Thomas Hochatown
JEFFERSON Timothy Cephis Denison
JEFFERSON Walter Hochatown
JEFFERSON Willard Hochatown
JEFFERSON Wilton Hochatown
JEFFUS Ronald Dean Jr. Slater Memorial
JENKINS Bennie B. Broken Bow
JENKINS Bessie L. Rufe
JENKINS David A. Broken Bow
JENKINS Ervin L. Moran
JENKINS Fennis H. Rufe
JENKINS Florence M. Forest Hill
JENKINS George Rose Denison
JENKINS George W. Broken Bow
JENKINS Gladys Rufe
JENKINS J.S. Holly Creek
JENKINS Jack Holly Creek
JENKINS Jerry Forest Hill
JENKINS Jess Bokhoma
JENKINS John J. Broken Bow
JENKINS John J. Denison
JENKINS John M. Broken Bow
JENKINS John M. Denison
JENKINS Johnnie V. Rufe
JENKINS Josephine Bokhoma
JENKINS Leon E. Broken Bow
JENKINS Maggie Moran
JENKINS Mamie O. Denison
JENKINS Martha J. Broken Bow
JENKINS Matilda Rufe
JENKINS Nancy Broken Bow
JENKINS Nona Lee Holly Creek
JENKINS Oscar Broken Bow
JENKINS Robert S. Forest Hill
JENKINS Susie Lukfata
JENNER Henry Forest Hill
JENNINGS Aline Denison
JENNINGS Calvin G. Rock Hill
JENNINGS Essie Eva Canfield
JENNINGS Ivadell Harkey Holly Creek
JENNINGS J. L. Redland
JENNINGS James Augustus Canfield
JENNINGS Sanora L. Rock Hill
JENSEN Robert J. Eagletown
JENSEN Ruth Eagletown
JERNIGAN Emma E. County Line
JERNIGAN Wesley W. County Line
JESSIE Elizabeth Neoma Garvin
JESSIE Guston KulliChito
JESSIE Guston KulliTuklo
JESSIE Jack P. Garvin
JESSIE Marrian Garvin
JESSIE Sellin Bokhoma
JESSIE Willie KulliChito
JESSIE Willie KulliTuklo
JETER Athel Bokhoma
JETER Bernice Broken Bow
JETER C. A. Forest Hill
JETER Carl Evans Broken Bow
JETER Frank J. Broken Bow
JETER George W. Wright City
JETER Infant Broken Bow
JETER Ira Edward Broken Bow
JETER James Glen Broken Bow
JETER Jess E. Broken Bow
JETER Larry Evans Broken Bow
JETER Lennie E. Broken Bow
JETER Rosa Lee Broken Bow
JETER Triplettes Wright City
JETER William Willis Broken Bow
JETTON George O. Pollard
JEWELL Benjamin F. Hochatown
JEWELL Huston Fate Broken Bow
JEWELL Jesse Edward Hochatown
JEWELL John Henry Holly Creek
JEWELL Katy Broken Bow
JEWELL M.C. Broken Bow
JEWELL Maggie F. Hochatown
JEWELL Ralph Nathaniel Watson Memorial
JEWELL Rodney Hochatown
JEWELL Rosie L. Holly Creek
JEWELL Shirly Broken Bow
JEWELL W.J. Holly Creek
JEWELL Wilburn Broken Bow
JOHANNSEN Herta Louise Redland
JOHANNSEN Jens B. Redland
JOHN Amos KulliChito
JOHN Amos KulliTuklo
JOHN Audrey Lynn KulliChito
JOHN Audrey Lynn KulliTuklo
JOHN Cornelius KulliChito
JOHN Cornelius KulliTuklo
JOHN Florence H. KulliChito
JOHN Florence H. KulliTuklo
JOHN Gabriel R. Goodland
JOHN Israel KulliChito
JOHN Israel KulliTuklo
JOHN Myrtle Canfield
JOHN Olen KulliChito
JOHN Olen KulliTuklo
JOHN Rayson Goodland
JOHN Sullivan KulliChito
JOHN Sullivan KulliTuklo
JOHN Susan KulliChito
JOHN Susan KulliTuklo
JOHNS F.J. Broken Bow
JOHNS Lawrence Broken Bow
JOHNS Lenord Broken Bow
JOHNS Orlena A. Broken Bow
JOHNSON Albert E. Denison
JOHNSON Alice Denison
JOHNSON Alma Hochatown
JOHNSON Alma Irene Wright City
JOHNSON Annie Bethel
JOHNSON Annie M. Holly Creek
JOHNSON Arlene Forest Hill
JOHNSON Aubrey Owen Haworth
JOHNSON B.L. Hochatown
JOHNSON Baby Boy Bokhoma
JOHNSON Beatrice Holly Creek
JOHNSON Bernice Watson Memorial
JOHNSON Betty Lou Holly Creek
JOHNSON Beverly Ann Slater Memorial
JOHNSON Bill Watson Memorial
JOHNSON Billie Mae Canfield
JOHNSON Billy Ray Holly Creek
JOHNSON Birtie Broken Bow
JOHNSON Bobbie Karen Denison
JOHNSON Bonnie Kay Eagletown
JOHNSON Brenda Joyce Wright City
JOHNSON C.C. Pollard
JOHNSON C.W. Earl Holly Creek
JOHNSON Carrie Bethel
JOHNSON Celia Lukfata
JOHNSON Charlie W. Holly Creek
JOHNSON Clara Denison
JOHNSON Claud A. Canfield
JOHNSON Claude Hochatown
JOHNSON Clinton Bethel
JOHNSON Cora E. Watson Memorial
JOHNSON Coy H. Watson Memorial
JOHNSON Daisy Denison
JOHNSON Dane Denison
JOHNSON David Leon Holly Creek
JOHNSON Delbert Earl Watson Memorial
JOHNSON Demoria Broken Bow
JOHNSON Dennis Dale Hochatown
JOHNSON Dennis Dent Hochatown
JOHNSON Donna Rhea Denison
JOHNSON Donnie B. Broken Bow
JOHNSON Doris Helen Denison
JOHNSON Dovie L. Holly Creek
JOHNSON Dovie M. Denison
JOHNSON Ed Denison
JOHNSON Eddie Crown Hill
JOHNSON Edna Hochatown
JOHNSON Edythe Ola Denison
JOHNSON Elbert Hiram Denison
JOHNSON Eliza Jane Canfield
JOHNSON Ella Mae Bokhoma
JOHNSON Elzie T. Denison
JOHNSON Emma Evon Crown Hill
JOHNSON Emma Lee Hochatown
JOHNSON Enoch Hochatown
JOHNSON Ethel Eagletown
JOHNSON Ethel Forest Hill
JOHNSON Euing B. Wright City
JOHNSON F. Hazel Denison
JOHNSON Fletcher A. Holly Creek
JOHNSON Florence Etta Denison
JOHNSON Franklin S. Forest Hill
JOHNSON Gammie? Holly Creek
JOHNSON George Redland
JOHNSON George W. Denison
JOHNSON Georgia Ann Eagletown
JOHNSON Gracie Lucille Pollard
JOHNSON H.R. Jr. Broken Bow
JOHNSON Harvey F. Holly Creek
JOHNSON Hattie Old Valliant
JOHNSON Hazel B. Broken Bow
JOHNSON Henry Holly Creek
JOHNSON Hiram Canfield
JOHNSON Homer A. Holly Creek
JOHNSON Howard Hochatown
JOHNSON Howard Greely Hochatown
JOHNSON Howard M. Denison
JOHNSON Hugh Page Hochatown
JOHNSON Ida S. Forest Hill
JOHNSON Infant Denison
JOHNSON Infant Boy Haworth
JOHNSON Infant Daughter Eagletown
JOHNSON J.H. Canfield
JOHNSON Jack Hochatown
JOHNSON Jack Watson Memorial
JOHNSON Jake Forest Hill
JOHNSON James B. Eagletown
JOHNSON James E. Denison
JOHNSON James E. Slater Memorial
JOHNSON James O. Redland
JOHNSON Jay Stanford Holly Creek
JOHNSON Jess William Holly Creek
JOHNSON Jesse D. Hochatown
JOHNSON Jim B. Denison
JOHNSON Jim E. Philadelphia
JOHNSON John E. Broken Bow
JOHNSON John W. Eagletown
JOHNSON Joseph H. Broken Bow
JOHNSON Joseph Wesley Broken Bow
JOHNSON Josie Denison
JOHNSON Joy Fay Rock Hill
JOHNSON Karen Ann Bokhoma
JOHNSON Kathleen Forest Hill
JOHNSON Katie Lee Denison
JOHNSON Ken W. Denison
JOHNSON Kenneth Charles Denison
JOHNSON Kirstin Lee Slater Memorial
JOHNSON Lake Era Bokhoma
JOHNSON Larry Warren Holly Creek
JOHNSON Laura Lee Hochatown
JOHNSON Lavada Hochatown
JOHNSON Lee Earl Wright City
JOHNSON Leo P. Holly Creek
JOHNSON Leon Hershiel Eagletown
JOHNSON Leon M. Eagletown
JOHNSON Lester Alanzo Forest Hill
JOHNSON Lettie Cora Broken Bow
JOHNSON Lizzie Redland
JOHNSON Lizzie A. Hochatown
JOHNSON Lloyd Foch Crown Hill
JOHNSON Louie Hochatown
JOHNSON Lucy Broken Bow
JOHNSON Madaline Hochatown
JOHNSON Madie Holly Creek
JOHNSON Maggie Lee Watson Memorial
JOHNSON Marjorie Ann Denison
JOHNSON Mary Belle Pollard
JOHNSON Mary C. Glover
JOHNSON Mary D. Philadelphia
JOHNSON Mary F. Holly Creek
JOHNSON Mary J. Denison
JOHNSON Maudie Ella Holly Creek
JOHNSON May Broken Bow
JOHNSON Michael P. Holly Creek
JOHNSON Mrs. T.A. Broken Bow
JOHNSON Mrs. Warren Holly Creek
JOHNSON N.M. Eagletown
JOHNSON Nancy A. Holly Creek
JOHNSON Nathan B. Denison
JOHNSON Nellie Hochatown
JOHNSON Oma Kansas Holly Creek
JOHNSON Opal Broken Bow
JOHNSON Opal Hochatown
JOHNSON Opal L. Crown Hill
JOHNSON Orville Broken Bow
JOHNSON Ozella "Zeck" Holly Creek
JOHNSON Park McCoy Wright City
JOHNSON Paul Morris Jr. Rock Hill
JOHNSON Pearl Broken Bow
JOHNSON Phillip R. Broken Bow
JOHNSON Randall Lee Sherwood
JOHNSON Raymond L. Denison
JOHNSON Reece E. Denison
JOHNSON Rena Maze Holly Creek
JOHNSON Riley Holly Creek
JOHNSON Riley M. Broken Bow
JOHNSON Robert B. "Bob" Denison
JOHNSON Rosalee Redland
JOHNSON Ruby Broken Bow
JOHNSON S.J. Canfield
JOHNSON Sammie Holly Creek
JOHNSON Samuel H. Watson Memorial
JOHNSON Sandee L. Holly Creek
JOHNSON Sarah E. Broken Bow
JOHNSON Sarah E. Denison
JOHNSON Seaborn Earl Denison
JOHNSON Seia Elizabeth Broken Bow
JOHNSON Shirley F. Holly Creek
JOHNSON Sidney C. Broken Bow
JOHNSON Sollie "Sol" Holly Creek
JOHNSON Sopia A. Holly Creek
JOHNSON Theo Dell Denison
JOHNSON Tom Denison
JOHNSON Victor E. Hochatown
JOHNSON Violet Watson Memorial
JOHNSON Virgil O. Denison
JOHNSON Virginia Holly Creek
JOHNSON Vivian Hochatown
JOHNSON Wayne E. Holly Creek
JOHNSON Wilburn Jr. Denison
JOHNSON Wiley C. Bethel
JOHNSON Willa E. Denison
JOHNSON William David Wright City
JOHNSON William E. Broken Bow
JOHNSON William F. Holly Creek
JOHNSON William Louis Holly Creek
JOHNSON WIlliam S. Holly Creek
JOHNSON Willie Holly Creek
JOHNSON Willie Slater Memorial
JOHNSON Willie Watson Memorial
JOHNSON Willis Louis Holly Creek
JOHNSON Wm. A "Wayne" Holly Creek
JOHNSON Zackery Kyle Hochatown
JOHNSTON Allie H. Denison
JOHNSTON Cleo Eagletown
JOHNSTON Emily Ellen "Nell" Denison
JOHNSTON Emma S. Denison
JOHNSTON Henry G. Broken Bow
JOHNSTON Jack Denison
JOHNSTON Johnnie R. Slater Memorial
JOHNSTON Joseph E. Denison
JOHNSTON Meredith A. Slater Memorial
JOHNSTON Robert L. Slater Memorial
JOHNSTON Thelma E. Slater Memorial
JOHNSTON William David Wright City
JOINER Adam Wright City
JOINER Cecil Jr. Eagletown
JOINER Cecil Sr. Eagletown
JOINER Edna L. Eagletown
JOINER Jo Eagletown
JOINER Lorenzo D. Eagletown
JOINER Moss Addis Eagletown
JOINER Otho Eagletown
JOINER Ricky Lynn Eagletown
JOINER Travis Wayne Eagletown
JONES Aaron F. "Buck" Eagletown
JONES Adell Broken Bow
JONES Alan J. PonkaBok
JONES Albert Wade Bethel
JONES Althea Gay Watson Memorial
JONES Alvie Edmond Canfield
JONES Alvis Jr. Watson Memorial
JONES Anna Ree Hochatown
JONES Annie Lee Holly Creek
JONES Baby Denison
JONES Bennie Denison
JONES Bessie Holly Creek
JONES Bessie Mae Crown Hill
JONES Bob "Uncle Bob" Denison
JONES Bonna Canant Denison
JONES Brenda Wright City
JONES Caroline Rebecca Holly Creek
JONES Carolyn Watson Memorial
JONES Charlie L. Lukfata
JONES Clarence Holly Creek
JONES Clarence D. "TBo" Denison
JONES Claude H. Redland
JONES Claude Henry Jr. Redland
JONES Cleve Holly Creek
JONES Clisty M. Canfield
JONES Cornelies Waterhole
JONES Coy B. Denison
JONES Curtis Wesley Redland
JONES David Watson Memorial
JONES Della Julia Denison
JONES Deward Elmer Eagletown
JONES Dillard Denison
JONES Dixie Hochatown
JONES Dovie L. Eagletown
JONES Earl Wright City
JONES Earl F. Eagletown
JONES Edgar C. Holly Creek
JONES Edith Godbold Denison
JONES Edna Dale Denison
JONES Edna Jane Canfield
JONES Ella Wright City
JONES Elrena McClain Forest Hill
JONES Emmett Everett Denison
JONES Emmitt Sherwood
JONES Emmitt Frank Holly Creek
JONES Ernest S. Denison
JONES Eula Jane Broken Bow
JONES Eva Mae Holly Creek
JONES F.M. Holly Creek
JONES Forney Eagletown
JONES Franie Forest Hill
JONES Frank Waterhole
JONES Freda L. Denison
JONES Gene L. Holly Creek
JONES George Canfield
JONES George Anderson Holly Creek
JONES George B. Broken Bow
JONES George Kelsie Denison
JONES George W. Denison
JONES Geraldine County Line
JONES Gertrude Denison
JONES Hannah Waterhole
JONES Henry E. Denison
JONES Henry E. Hochatown
JONES Homer Wright City
JONES Ida Gaught Denison
JONES Ila Angie Crown Hill
JONES Iona Holly Creek
JONES J. Louis Hochatown
JONES J. T. Redland
JONES J.D. Holly Creek
JONES J.D. Wright City
JONES J.L. Canfield
JONES J.W. "Jimbo" Denison
JONES James Finley Denison
JONES James Henry Holly Creek
JONES James Rodney Hochatown
JONES James Scott Denison
JONES James T. Crown Hill
JONES James W. Holly Creek
JONES Jap Holly Creek
JONES Jason Rex Holly Creek
JONES Jean F. Broken Bow
JONES Jessie F. Denison
JONES Jim D. Forest Hill
JONES Jim Lewis Sherwood
JONES Jimmie Tanzel Redland
JONES Jodi LaGasse Crown Hill
JONES Jodie D. Holly Creek
JONES Joe Jeffery Denison
JONES John Dosson Forest Hill
JONES John Harvey Denison
JONES John L. Holly Creek
JONES John Richard Denison
JONES John Richard II Denison
JONES John Silas Denison
JONES John William Denison
JONES Joseph Broken Bow
JONES Josie Eagletown
JONES Judy PonkaBok
JONES Julie LeAnn Watson Memorial
JONES Junie B. Denison
JONES Lawrence Calvin Canfield
JONES Lela E. Denison
JONES Leonora Denison
JONES Leroy "Rusty" Rock Hill
JONES Lina L. Redland
JONES Lois "Honey" Hochatown
JONES Lucille E. Holly Creek
JONES Lucy Ann Lukfata
JONES Lushes Earl Holly Creek
JONES Luther Pollard
JONES Lydia Ruth Rock Hill
JONES M.J. "Buck" Denison
JONES Mahelia Waterhole
JONES Marie Denison
JONES Mary E. Broken Bow
JONES Mary E. Holly Creek
JONES Mattie Denison
JONES Maude Lee Denison
JONES May Crown Hill
JONES May Denison
JONES Minnie Ruth Hochatown
JONES Mollie M. Denison
JONES Mrs. A.J. Forest Hill
JONES Mrs. J.T. "Betties" Broken Bow
JONES Myrtle Tabb Denison
JONES Nancy E. Holly Creek
JONES Neta Denison
JONES Nolas Blanch Denison
JONES Oscar Clyde Waterhole
JONES Paul G. Rock Hill
JONES Pearl H. Holly Creek
JONES Pearl Stroud Denison
JONES Pearlie Ellie Canfield
JONES Randolph Bethel
JONES Robbie E. Eagletown
JONES Robert D. Canfield
JONES Robert Moore Canfield
JONES Roy Jock Bethel
JONES Ruby Garland Hochatown
JONES Ruby Linda Rock Hill
JONES Sally C. Pollard
JONES Sam Rock Hill
JONES Sam Paul Forest Hill
JONES Samuel Benton Broken Bow
JONES Sidney H. Holly Creek
JONES Stella Denison
JONES Sue H. Canfield
JONES Susie A. Canfield
JONES Tandy Redland
JONES Terri Lou Watson Memorial
JONES Tiney Tilty Redland
JONES Tula Pearl Holly Creek
JONES Vera Mae Holly Creek
JONES Vernon Franklin Canfield
JONES Vicki D. Glover
JONES W.B. Crown Hill
JONES W.H. "Henry" Canfield
JONES W.P. Canfield
JONES Walter Wright City
JONES Walter Scott Broken Bow
JONES Warren Jr. Hochatown
JONES William Henry Crown Hill
JONES William M. Canfield
JONES William M. Holly Creek
JONES Willie O. Canfield
JOPLIN Amanda E. Eagletown
JOPLIN Delbert F. Eagletown
JOPLIN Gladys L. Hochatown
JOPLIN James Wesley Hochatown
JOPLIN Wanda Sue Broken Bow
JOPLIN Wm.Thomas Eagletown
JORDAN Alpha Holly Creek
JORDAN Alvie E. Eagletown
JORDAN B. F. Forest Hill
JORDAN Beulah Forest Hill
JORDAN Edna Holman Forest Hill
JORDAN Elizabeth Forest Hill
JORDAN Ella Mae Bokhoma
JORDAN Frank B. Oakgrove
JORDAN Grover Forest Hill
JORDAN Hersteen P. Wright City
JORDAN Infant Boy Eagletown
JORDAN Infant Son Broken Bow
JORDAN J. Hollis Forest Hill
JORDAN James N. Wright City
JORDAN Leon Forest Hill
JORDAN Margie Monroe Slater Memorial
JORDAN Martha J. Wright City
JORDAN Mrs. B. F. Forest Hill
JORDAN Reg Slater Memorial
JORDAN Rueben A. Eagletown
JORDAN Tutle F. Forest Hill
JORDAN Verda Ann Forest Hill
JOYCE John W. Wright City
JOYNER William Coy Rufe
JUNDLES Sarah Elizabeth Wright City
JUSTUS John Charles Denison

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